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  1. That's just the latest chapter in this ridiculous saga. The whole thing began with him somehow managing to impale a San Juan 24 on a beach in Alaska while allegedly on a voyage to Japan to visit some woman IIRC. The photo of the SJ 24 on the beach has to be seen to be believed - no normal sailor could replicate that in several life times. From those humble beginnings he has gone through several excursions and several boats. The worst thing about this clown is he always relies on the CG or other emergency unit to get towed in I still suspect the "no food or water for 3 days" thing was just a ploy to get a free tow.
  2. You're right. I was wondering how this thread drifted off into the realm of longboarding - which seemed like a stretch given the type of boat and the reason you bought it. But since it had been brought up... I wouldn't use one on bare fiberglass or gel coat - but they work great on fairing compounds.
  3. But like I said, with a longboard you not only get a smooth and fair surface, I think you will find it a lot quicker than an RO sander - at least an electric one. I've never used an air one so I can't say about those.
  4. The Hutchins? That's not a longboard....now this is a longboard Not as painful as it looks. Actually not that much effort required once you get the rhythm down pat since you use most of your body in the motion rather than just your shoulders and arms. For flatter portions of the hull I've made my own from about 36" x 6" strips of 1/2" ply - and everything in between, depending on the amount of curvature. Used spray adhesive to attach strips of Norton floor sanding paper. One problem with a RO sander is that you will get the surface smooth - but not fair. the other issue is that it is much slower than a longboard. With a proper longboard, one swipe will take off quite a bit of material just because of the surface area of the board.
  5. How much epoxy do you think you will need? Unless you're doing some serious laminating - a gallon at most should fill any deck holes. For deck holes quart size should do you. For a small quantity like a gallon, it's probably not worth your time searching out the best deal just to save $40-$50 A couple of notes, when I said I paid $60/gal, that was for epoxy formulated by US Composites (Florida), not WEST. You'll never find WEST at that price. You also mentioned you have WEST pumps - keep in mind these will only work with WEST epoxies which are 5:1. If you use these with a 1:1 epoxy you'll end up dispensing either 5x too much resin, or 1/5 the required hardener. Either way you are screwed. Better off just measuring out with a 1:1 MAS and S3 are both good epoxies and both have their fans. Again, unless you are doing some serious laminating, get their regular epoxies rather than laminating ones. The laminating resins are less viscous making wetting out cloth easier - but are also more expensive (the S3 product is called Silvertip IIRC). The System3 website also has an excellent epoxy users guide you can read full of excellent info.. I don't think I've ever seen MAS anywhere in the lower mainland, but if you're are in Van, Fibertek carries S3 but it is more expensive than WEST
  6. ...home? Under which bridge is that?
  7. Besides control, in certain circumstances a Blooper helped with speed. One of those circumstances was the typical run down Juan de Fuca Strait coming home during Swiftsure. Not quite DDW, but a very broad reach. The year we won our IOR Div and 3rd overall (back in the days of a fleet of over 300) a Peterson 35 sistership with their blooper up had been hunting us down for several hours when we finally hoisted our borrowed blooper. That put an end to that and we slowly started pulling away again.
  8. MAS used to be cheaper, but it has become quite pricey. On the Defender website, the 1 gal MAS Flag resin is $80 and .5 gal hardener is $80 which works out to $107/gal mixed epoxy. The 1 gal WEST105B is also $80 and the corresponding 205B hardener is $46, which works out to $105/gal mixed. I've been very pleased with the epoxy I bought from US Composites last year. 3:1 mix ratio. Very similar to West. Gel and hardening times about 50-100% longer than WEST. Wets out about the same or better. Doesn't seem as sticky as WEST I find, so you don't get as many loose wet fibres stuck to your gloves or yourself. Of course the best part was the price - About CAD 500 for 7.5 gal of resin and hardener so about CAD 67/gal (USD 50/gal). This included freight charges from Florida to Blaine, WA and the required pumps. For fillers, the WEST stuff is good, but about the only unique or proprietary fillers they have might be the 404 High Density filler or 410 Microlight. Anything else can be bought generically for about 1/3 the cost. Locally, for most fillers I go to either FiberTek or Industrial Plastics, whichever is closer at the time. I did buy a gallon bucket of micro balloons from US Comp for less than USD 20.
  9. It's probably okay as it is - I think the point of most of the posters is that the SS304 structure probably took a lot of time and effort - and is a waste of time. Other than to attach the bulb as some have pointed out. The carbon skins look to be 6-7mm thick so are likely sufficient on their own - IDK, I haven't done any calculations But to answer your question - it is probably not okay to leave out the carbon and use E-Glass - at least with this.particular one. The problem with the design of the current steel structure is twofold: 1) circular rod is used and 2) the diameter looks to be about half the foil thickness. Both of these factors end up resulting in a much lower "I" value than if square rod as thick as the foil were used. Heck, even a couple of square tubes (like in the sketch back in post #13) of similar outside dimensions would probably be better as far as "I" values go. Square tubes would also greatly increase the "I" along the transverse axis
  10. Close - but the first step is actually to find a class sailed mainly by wankers.
  11. Quite possibly. When I referred to the attached photo, I was referring more to having FRP sheathing - but not 7 mm as the included drawing suggests. If one did elect to go with steel, you would want to design it so that the steel members alone would be sufficient for the design loads. If one used 7 mm FRP, empirically I would say you are pretty much right back to where you were with the carbon.
  12. Why FRP? It is just a sheathing to keep water out. If carbon is used, you go back to the original issue of the carbon skin trying to take most or all of the bending moment, and if it is just a thin sheathing, is much more likely to fail than an Epoxy/Glass one.
  13. if you want to use carbon - then Pulpit has the right solution, use a wood core. If you want to use steel members use regular FRP for sheathing - like in the photo you've attached. You will note that in the photo and drawing you attached, the other fins (that haven't failed) are using square steel tubes sheathed in FRP. Which brings up another point, when using steel tubes, square (or better yet rectangular) ones are more efficient due to the superior "I" values for a given OD and the OD should come close to matching the foils max width.
  14. Years ago, I was playing around and encased a piece of about 1/2" x 2" x 3" Corecell with about 1/4" cover of epoxy. Threw it in the oven after a few days at about 250F to see what would happen and in less than 15 min, the epoxy cover had split wide open. Wasn't sure if it was the air or foam trying to expand that exerted the pressure, but something did. In hindsight, I was probably lucky it was just encased in epoxy and not epoxy/carbon. In any event, I would be leery about heating in anything that might approximate a pressure vessel.
  15. Thankfully the builders of my previous boat already thought of that.