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  1. This reminded me of the story I heard about Brian Bosworth - the big Seahawks bust from years ago. I Wasn't sure if my memory was playing tricks on me so I Googled Brian Bosworth, and here is an extract from a Wiki article on him: ...Bosworth was quoted in Sports Illustrated magazine's 1986 fall football issue as saying that at a summer job at GM's Oklahoma City plant, co-workers taught him how to insert the bolts in hard-to-reach places so they would rattle."If you own a Celebrity or Century made in 1985 in Oklahoma City, that car is (messed up) if I had anything to do with it," the 6-foot-2, 240-pound linebacker told the magazine. He said each bolt carried a note that said: "Aha! You found me!" Bosworth told the magazine: "I love the thought of people going absolutely crazy, saying "Where is that ... rattle coming from?"' Some of Bosworth's former co-workers who read the story wrote letters to Bosworth and to university officials at the Norman campus.[12] Bosworth reportedly retracted the statement, although it was also reported that he denied the retraction.[13]... And you wonder why American built cars were such crap during that period.
  2. 12 metre

    Round Saltspring

    I see your point. Also, when I previously posted, I forgot that the Canuck May long weekend is a week before the American one. So it works out well for Canadians. Take Friday or Fri afternoon off to deliver boat to SS. Do Round SS. Deliver boat to Vic on Monday. Logistics are tricky but doable. Take WA State Ferry to Sidney, then short cab ride to BC Ferry terminal in Swartz Bay. Regular sailings to Fulford Harbour on SS and I think there are a couple of sailings to and from Long Harbour daily as well. Both would then require cab rides to Ganges. Anyways, if you're interested, here is the BC Ferries Southern Gulf Islands routes and schedule: https://www.bcferries.com/schedules/southern/
  3. 12 metre

    Round Saltspring

    I think for a lot of lower mainland and Van Island racers that's kind of the point. Treat it as a feeder race for SS and splits a 2 day delivery into 1 day chunks.
  4. 12 metre

    Catalina 27 motor help

    If you're gonna go with an ob on a sailboat, Yamaha T9.9 is the way to go. Swings an 11" prop with a lot of blade area and 2.92:1 gearing. They produce a lot of thrust - probably better than a 12-15 hp ib diesel.
  5. 12 metre

    Keel trailing edge bevel

    Couple of thoughts on this, although both arrive at similar conclusions. First one is from PYD, second is from S Thompson: Bimmers input is similar to Thompson's. Basically for width >2mm, go with a radiused bevel.
  6. 12 metre

    How Big Is Your Shaft?

    Mine is a bit of a beast. Aluminum rectangular tube & channel, so may not be relevant if you're talking wood tiller, Anyway, 2.25" w x 3" h OD x 3/16" thick at that point Dash 34. 6,000 lb disp
  7. 12 metre

    Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    That looks like the old "Knock Out". Basically a big sister to the M242. Except with bulb keel and proportionately bigger rig (Donny likes big rigs). While the rig may look huge, it was actually chopped down several feet by a previous owner back in the late 80's/early 90's IIRC. May have been bumped up again, IDK. Has always done well on the race course no matter who owned her.
  8. 12 metre

    Tabbing in bulkhead, advice on cloth

    I can see using peel ply if you goober the epoxy on with a brush. My experience has been that by the time I've finished with the spreader and lay on the peel ply, it won't thoroughly wet out because of the relatively low resin content. Mostly tiny air pockets with some wet out at the fibre peaks. Maybe I"m just using it incorrectly, IDK. Another issue I have with peel ply is much the same as vacuum bagging - it really prefers to be applied on a flat surface and is more difficult to work in corners or inside edges
  9. 12 metre

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Meh... This is his typical MO. When he reaches his "landfall" there is a brief flurry of social media activity complete with photos of freshly donated sailing props or Starbucks in hand - followed by silence until someone announces he has been towed out.
  10. 12 metre

    Removing a bulkhead and keeping it out!

    Thought I would provide a couple of photos of an I 30 showing the bulkheads so others can provide some feedback. I know very little of these boats but the aft main bulkhead has the compression post attached and I assume also has the shroud chain plates. The forward one I assume has the forward lowers attached. In front of the second one is a partial one tied to the aft end of the v-berth (If I am interpreting the photos correctly) On the whole, I agree with ScowVegas. I would never want to reduce or eliminate structural components of any type.
  11. 12 metre

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    I've always liked the idea of foaming epoxy for rudders. Would work well if you have a mold or in this case, a shell. Definitely wouldn't use standard foaming PU. Sicomen supplies it in various densities, but may be hard to source in North America. Pro-Set makes a foaming epoxy as well; https://www.compositesworld.com/products/pro-set-two-part-expanding-epoxy-foam May be easier to source. Places like Jamestown Dist sell Pro-Set products. While I don't think they list it on their site, they may be able to acquire it. Pro-Set claims it has a density of 15-19 lb/ft3 Which makes for a dense foam, but that is what you want in a rudder. Many rudders are built with 8 lb foam, but I would want 16 lb. My guess is this is more cost driven than anything since a sheet of 16 lb foam gets quite expensive.
  12. 12 metre

    Kirby 30

    Here ya go Dash:
  13. 12 metre

    Kirby 30

    i am guessing the jumpers were to support an oversized kite. I think you may be able to see an exit block above the jumper spreaders - maybe not. I think there may be other photos showing it more clearly, but I'm not certain of that. Diamonds may have made more sense. Bigfoot (custom Hotfoot 33) had such an arrangement.
  14. 12 metre

    Kirby 30

    Yes. Actually XS was a modified Hotfoot 31 cut down for MORC with bit less freeboard as well. Kind of a J/30 to J/29 type of conversion - except faster Grey hull with some red paint over the scoop area when they later stretched her again.
  15. 12 metre

    how fast is it?

    If the owner is Peter Morton, I assume it is the same guy who restored Swuzzle Bubble and a few other IOR tonners