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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    The only thing that surprises me is the number of people who thought he was fish food. Let's see now - it's been about 6 months since he departed Hilo and he allegedly had 6 months of provisions. Yup, the Whack-a-Mole has popped up with perfect timing. Any time he announces a broken something from his rolodex , i.e. rudder, mast, etc. etc. it doesn't mean the part is actually broken and that he is in danger, it means "where the fuck is my free tow."
  2. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    If that is your concern, then basically yes for bluewater sailing (as Ish mentions) But for coastal cruising, I would be inclined to opt for stiffness over LPS. But that just may be me.
  3. Craigslist! What do you think of this boat?

    You have to realize that a low LPS does not necessarily mean a tippy boat. It is mainly a function of waterline beam, or rather it varies inversely to waterline beam. Lots of stiff beamy boats have a low LPS. IIRC an Express 37 is somewhere around 113. On the other hand, a tender lightweight like a Dash 34 with a waterline beam of under 8 ft has an LPS of 124. It is definitely not an offshore suitable boat - although it can roll over a long way and still maintain positive stability. I'm not saying the LPS is meaningless - you just have to understand what it really means.

    If you didn't say this, then what exactly was the purpose of your saying "That hasn't been shown wrong" and "This hasn't been shown wrong either" I don't refute that global warming exists, but I am ambivalent to the cause. Statements like "is getting warmer because of greenhouse effect" is unfalsifiable IMO

    Cool...makes me sound like a freedom fighter.
  6. Yup, that works. Often recommended for stiffening solid glass hulls. For stiffening a flat surface like this, I would go the extra step and use the cardboard tube as a male mold and glass up some stiffeners from that, then glass those in place.
  7. blooper time!

    Using a blooper in Wed night RTB racing, or any RTB racing would have been a complete waste of time - especially since in the 70s and 80s all RTB was triangles, so one downwind leg out 6. There was a decent local fleet of IOR 1T and 2T at the time, and I don't recall any of them flying bloopers in RTB races. We carried a borrowed blooper for a couple Swiftsures- and it proved it's worth the one time we hoisted it - but it was perfect blooper conditions high teens WS, about 160 AWA

    You're position is kind of analogous to saying "there is no proof Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster don't exist - ergo they must exist"
  9. Black Widow

    Fair enough - but what is the evidence so far?
  10. blooper time!

    If you're racing PHRF, better make sure your local board allows bloopers. We found the blooper had a fairly narrow range of wind angles it was effective at and wind probably had be in at least the mid to high teens. It was a quite effective sail in Swiftsure on the long run down Juan de Fuca Strait. Not quite DDW so near ideal conditions
  11. SCIENCE!

    Local media story from a year go about the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation that covered a large swath of BC Interior Forest. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/climate-change-bc-forest-mountain-pine-beetle-1.3530301
  12. If you can swing a trip up to Canada, I know Strait Marine http://www.straitmarine.com/ has done several ePaint applications to boats like Raven (CM1200) and Dominatrix (X-119) They may be able to provide provide contact info for the respective owners (Ian and Richard) so you may be able to get opinions on ePaint from them. For some reason they seem to only use EP2000 rather than the EPZOHP. Not sure if they think it is better or if the ZOHP is not available in Canada (possible labelling issue). Strait seems to be the local go to place for a lot of local performance boats. There is also a decent rigger with a shop in the same yard (or at least did a few years ago) http://www.oceanrigging.com/
  13. A diver here in Van says ePaint bottoms are the cleanest. Caveat is that the ePaints are known for adhesion issues. Very finicky in its application and prep. If you plan to apply it outdoors, your window of opportunity in PNW is over until next summer - unless it is applied indoors in a shop. Which is what you should do anyway with this paint. I think the EP2000 (water based one) is a bit more temperamental than the EPZOHP. This info is from a few years ago - perhaps in the interim they have improved the formulation to help with adhesion.
  14. Foam deck

    Fisheries Supply carries an assortment of Raptor Deck products - although they don't seem to be able to supply the large sheets any more, so maybe what they have is just remaining stock (assuming Raptor Deck is no longer produced) https://www.fisheriessupply.com/safety/non-slip-products They also carry Treadmaster (pricey) and Vetus (slightly more $ than Seadek)
  15. What Is It? NW Salvage- One HellOf A Rig!

    Bingo. Wylie 3/4 ton design. Nothing special. There have been a few in Van area. PHRF about the same as other local 70's era 3/4 Tons.