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  1. Soley

    Land Speed Record Car for Sale

    I think those rockets are pricey one time use things. Probably 500k for a test run.
  2. Soley


    There is a good chance that its an automated program. If any age restricted item is rung up, the POS system will not complete the sale without the ID being read. So even if you just used it and needed some cigs its a whole new process for the POS system.
  3. Soley

    Land Speed Record Car for Sale

    Considering all the knowledge they had from Thrust SSC it is shocking that 11 years later they haven't achieved the goal. Feels like they dragged the money out as long as possible so they could tinker in a shed.
  4. Soley

    New imoca boats

    She spent large chunks of her life in France and is fluent. Alex did not.
  5. Soley

    New imoca boats

    Some people have a nack for languages, others don't. After spending many months immersed in France in a low english speaking area I could have short conversations and understand most things but there is no way in hell I would tackle a technical press conference in French. I don't blame Alex for not giving it a go.
  6. The Commodores cup was supposed to be amateurs. I see the creep of professionals and pro organised boats. Not really what this even needs. I don't see their Solent based format as a bad thing, just needs snazzing up to bring in the big money names.
  7. Soley

    Jeep Factory Build

    I have only seen German and Japanese vehicle plant videos before. Surprised that there are no uniforms or clean room style methods in place. More robots are needed.
  8. Soley

    Mast pump fixes?

    Since he is in the ICW I assume he is not sailing.
  9. Soley

    New imoca boats

    The Vendee Globe is an East About race like 90% of them. Pretty obvious the sun shines out the north.
  10. Wile e Koyote (I think was the name) played a part in upsetting a lot of people but I don't think it killed the cup I think the inshore nature of the well funded teams killed the cup. Taking away the fastnet and replacing it with the Wolf Rock race took away a lot interest as well. Historically it has always had an offshore component. If this was changed to coastal races and the current TP52's and Fast 40's could put teams together I could see it coming back. None of those boats are doing the Fastnet in current trim. My choice for the Admirals Cup based in Cowes would be: TP52, Fast 40, Melges 32 With the following schedule: TP52 F40 M32 Day 1: 3 WL 3 WL 3WL Day 2: Coastal Race Coastal Race 3WL Day 3: Around the Island, all classes Day 4: 52's+F40 Short Coastal Race + WL 3WL Day 5: 3 WL 3WL 3WL Plenty of variety in a small package, lots of points on offer in a high point scoring method.
  11. Soley

    New imoca boats

    Since you spend a lot of time on Port tack around the bottom of the world and the relatively high heel angles, it could make solar generation very in effective.
  12. Soley

    Mast pump fixes?

    Guarantee there is not enough backstay tension for the roller furled jib on the forestay. Ease off the backstay, lube up the turnbuckle and tighten that thing up! 90% of pumping at the dock comes from the heavy sail pumping on the forestay in a side breeze. Also the block and tackle arrangement is not suitable for the babystay. There should be a connecting piece of rod with a turnbuckle. What you have there was probably cobbled together by the previous owner.
  13. Soley

    How much speed am I losing?

    Question is why would you raise it? What would that benefit be? I sometimes like to raise the tack to give the car adjuster some more room to work. I do try to keep part of the foot on the deck.
  14. Soley

    FTFP - blue water bullies

    Of course its being elitist. Yacht ownership is not for the common man. This is the only regularly scheduled race coverage I know of. What in the AC world has a regular schedule?