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  1. We have a winner!! Open style boats are cool but should have made them their own class. 70 foot. Wanting to sell them off after they are spent to the IMOCA crowd seems very short sighted. Cats inshore, while it will be good to watch, seeing the Offshore boats race inshore is fun and will be missed. Overall grade for this idea: C-
  2. I had a lot of good school teachers. I really do appreciate all of them but I can't think of one who 'changed my life' by teaching. My Careers guidance teacher did help me my first Marine Industry job at 15. More by luck than anything. Happened to be cycling on the same cycle path on a random Saturday and struck up a conversation about a summer job. Nice fella and it set my life on a certain path but I wouldn't say it was his tutelage that 'changed my life'.
  3. The boat has a lot more control now days but the super low freeboard means that when the bow buries, it keeps on going.
  4. Still have the Viper, haven't traveled to regattas in a while. House ownership killed that.
  5. Sailed on MacX my first year in Newport, a long time ago. Bill came up to me in the IYAC and asked if I wanted to go sailing the next day for a lap of Jamestown. Didn't even think to ask what the boat was or what the conditions would likely be. So its blowing stink and I roll up to Ft Adams and see the yellow rocket. Super excited. All is going well, sailing great in flat water. Nice down wind leg from Newport to the top of the Island. The we fetch up the westside of Jamestown, hauling ass, hiking our guts out. The standard Rhode Island Sound swell is really kicking up off Beavertail. After a tough bear away, we pop the chute, a symmetrical back in those days. The boat surfs down one wave and we pop over it. Going like a scalded cat. Next wave we surf down and the bow buries. Massive broach. On our side, I just hear Bill yelling "we're sinking! We're sinking!" As we go to get the kite down I ask one of the regular guys, are we really going to sink? His reply really got me nervous. Nah, we added some buoyancy over the winter, we think she won't sink anymore....I'm thinking that maybe I should have left all my stuff in a car onshore instead of throwing my bag below. The spin halyard gets let go, we pop upright and she still floats. Relief! We retrieve the kite and sail to the finish under main and jib. Still in the high teens. No need for a kite. Moral of the story; When strange men walk up to you in a bar and ask if you want a ride? Always say yes!
  6. Just curious. Why do you say that you favour "more mixed teams than dedicated women's" teams? After all the sport isn't exactly short on dedicated men's teams. Teams put together because they all fall into a certain demographic is uninteresting to me. Male or female teams, youth teams, geriatric teams, nationalty, yawn. I want to see Skippers and team managers put together the best group they can in any sport and all go at it on a level playing field. (no I am not into the OD VOR - designers and builders are part of that "best team") About half the offshore racing I have done has had females on the team. I wish it was more. I like sailing with a team of all demographics. The team is generally better off and I find it personally enjoyable. Racing with a bunch of 25-45 year old men gets boring. Our weekly Shields team is 25% female and this year probably 50% female. With my Viper in the past I had regular female crew. One who often drove, when I could get my white knuckled grip off the tiller. If I am putting together a pro team, I want a stack of Resumes and it damn well better have female candidates in it. It is then up to their abilities to make the team.
  7. Your post just about sums up the reasoning which men always use to avoid giving sailing opportunities to women. You can't simply deal with the question, "is she the best available person for the job?", because you are afraid the answer is "YES". I don't know Sophie Ciszek personally do you? If not then how can you answer if she is the best person for the job?? If you do, have your checked every other foredeck resume out there? I am all for women in sailing, more mixed teams than dedicated women's teams. I know a couple of the the sailors on Team SCA who I am very big fans of. My point was would you put Ciszek in that position or pick another sailor, regardless of gender?
  8. Sophie Ciszek works the bow. She is 6ft tall, exceptionally fit and obviously very good at her job. However, how does she stack up against her male counterparts? There are a shitload of 6ft tall exceptionally fit male foredeck crew. Forget gender for a minute. You are looking for the best crew member for the spot. Does she have more talent than they do? If you are putting a female orientated crew together, on paper, she is an obvious pick. If gender isn't an issue, is she top of the pile?
  9. Tracy Edwards and Maiden did a great job as a low budget underdog campaign. A lot of national pride in Maiden back in the Whitbread days. Since her later ventures haven't worked out so well, it took a while to find the funding to get the boat back to the UK. So a regional newsworthy story that was probably ran as a national feel good piece. What's the issue with it?
  10. Hopefully two Carkeek 47's doing the A2N.
  11. is it just me, the lack of depth perspective in the video or is the boat struggling? seems like the sailplan wants to go but the hull won't let it. Thought that as well. Right at the end of the video it appears to get over the hump and get going. Would be annoying having to work it every time to get up and going. Reminds me of surfing waves down hill (in the old days) instead of planing.
  12. I also love third world, just have to get in the mode (not wearing any jewlery and only robbery cash) and then everything is OK I'm not in Canada, just for a stopover. But do you recommend to get some USD also from the ATM in Antigua, or just carib dollars? I hope you're taking the piss. If not, use no cash machine in Antigua. Get all USD before you leave. Down there its called EC (eeesee), calling it Caribbean Dollars just waves the tourist flag higher.
  13. Thanks for the info. Its another expensive option to add on to the expanded list of options on our new nav system. As far as coverage is concerned: For Sirius radio, it normally crapped out about half way between St Maarten and Antigua. It may be a big assumption that the weather coverage is the same.
  14. OK so the Caribbean is essentially third world. While I love it, life can get difficult quickly. Work out you budget for the week, double it. Go to the bank before you fly and take out that amount in USD. I understand you are in Canada. Then go to the money echange and get the USD. Make sure you get at least 50% of your cash in $20 bills. Everyone there takes USD generally they give you EC in change. If you want some EC to spend, do it with a local from your supply of USD and negotiate the rate. Most local shops will swap your USD to EC especially towards the end of the day. Don't rely on local cash machines at all. Once you land, forget you have credit cards, cash rules. When out at night I didn't mean you had to walk with big tough sailors but just don't walk on your own. Take only enough cash for your night out and leave the rest and your wallet hidden in your hotel room. (I recommend in dirty clothes). Wear a cheap watch and cheap jewelry. Also make sure you have travel health coverage. It gets expensive down there for more than a broken finger.
  15. Rudders need to be designed for tip deflection when reaching. Probably around 15% of length. Got an endoscope screenshot of a maxi with what appears to be around 2ft deflection while going 18 to 20 broad reaching with an A3 up.