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  1. Soley

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    I am curious about Zennström's thought process. I think he enjoys the design and build process more than sailing. He always seems to burst on the scene with a boat ahead of the curve, crushes it then plays elsewhere. It's fun to do if you have the coin but must be frustrating for the classes he plays in. I wonder if successful he will jump back into the Maxi72 class with a similar design.
  2. Soley

    Compass headings on board comparison

    A man with a compass always knows where he's going, a man with two is never sure. Now 9 sources of information, he better lie down and take a zanex....
  3. Soley

    New sails

    Only the best and most trusted customers...... they shouldn't even blink at putting down a 50% deposit.
  4. Soley

    best 2018 Handheld?

    Used Uniden hand held radios for years, no issues. Used to have their handheld that sat in a cradle with a spare battery charging behind it. Ideal for working on yachts where your VHF could be switched on and on your person for 16 hours a day. Went to buy a new VHF recently at WM. Couldnt find a Uniden. Sales guy pointed out that WM VHF's are exactly the same models as Undien just rebranded. So I bought a WM 75 which is an Atlantis 270. Had it for 4 years with no issues. Love Icom radios but tough to justify the extra coin for recreational use.
  5. Soley

    F1 2018...

    Glad it wasn't just me who was disappointed with ESPN. Crofty is plain average. Brundle has always been good. I grew up in the Murray Walker era of commentating so Leigh Diffey was fine for me. I actually enjoyed the NBCSN coverage. I have never thought that Sky did anything to stand out from NBCSN considering I watch F1 both sides of the Atlantic. Considering Liberty thought that the NBCSN deal was bullshit you would have thought they would put together a solid package of quality coverage to grow the US market. Instead they have totally half-assed it. Critical parts of the race were missed by ads and no review. Always fun when they refer to Brundle's turn 3 crash in 1996. I went back and watched it. A few things stood out. It was the first race using the overhead starting lights instead of a national flag. Also the cockpit sides were raised to provide extra protection. Jordan (Brundle's team) caused controversy by making the cockpit protection part of the drivers tub and not in the main structure of the car. After Brundle's crash Jordan changed their cockpit protection quick smart. The mid 90's car look so good but even with the extra protection the drivers look very exposed compared to 2017 cars.
  6. Soley

    Is Clean gone ?

    Just because it had the SA logo on it, do you really think Scooter coughed up for it???
  7. Soley

    Radio controlled sailing

    Serious money?? I doubt it. Like anything else in the marine world. Just because its expensive doesn't mean anyone is getting rich. Boats are labor intensive.
  8. Soley

    Mellow Yellow...

    This thing reminds me of the last IMS Med Cup boats. Going slower to go faster...thanks ORC!
  9. Soley

    ORC inclining test method

    Leave as much weight as high as possible in the boat. Bone on runners and backstay. Run halyards with full covers and oversize. Reeflines in the boom. Weight up high is your friend.
  10. Soley

    ORC inclining test method

    400lb on a halyard pushed out by a spin pole is not much load on the pole or your stanchion base. Especially considering the set up is slowly loaded up as you add additional weight. For the measurement it is critical to know the lever arm length. The pole length to the stanchion is easy to measure and repeatable on either side. Using the boom, the lever arm may not be as long and unlikely perpendicular to the centreline of the boat, therefore harder to get the exact lever length. Using a pole is a standard method that works.
  11. Soley

    Radio controlled sailing

    Did you buy it from someone sailing in the Sable Pines fleet? Realizing now that it has a blue hull, its probably the same boat.
  12. Soley

    Radio controlled sailing

    How the hell did you find that listing if your'e in Utah???
  13. Soley

    Radio controlled sailing

    In my first foray into IOM's in Florida, I think one of the guys had one of these. The wide transom doesnt really work. Way too much volume back there. It was bow down upwind and nose diving downwind. Its the sort of design that works well at 4.5m with two people hiking or trapezing but doesn't translate well into a fixed ballast boat.
  14. Soley

    Radio controlled sailing

    With the A rig in it ( I think thats how you weigh it) my boat was 75g light. Two other boats are around that mark and the fourth is new and no idea where its at. Very collaborative feel in the group right now. I expect the boats will be measured and going to events long before we get too competitive with each other.
  15. Soley

    Chicken Chute

    Yeah, the kite you use to decide how long you can survive with a kite up....