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  1. Advice for first time Grenada bareboat?

    If heading to Tobago Cay, expect to spend some money with the boat boys. Don't just shoo them away. Produce and trinkets will be a bit more expensive than in Union Island but it is fun to buy from them. Haggle with them a bit. Also have them cook you lobster on the beach. They do it well and saves you a lot of hassle. In St Georges, we ate at the Nutmeg restaurant a lot. We were parked in Port Louis Marina and was on the way home from exploring. Quality local food that is inexpensive.
  2. Well that is a short lease they signed in Annapolis. However I am sure the group who initially got it to Annapolis are just using Newport to leverage a better lease deal in Annapolis.
  3. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    I race for fun but being competitive is part of it. Where is the fun slogging up hill for two days knowing that you will come DFL or close to it.
  4. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Its a charter shitter. The was a pic of it at the start. Shitty old sails, waste of time it being out there. A decent VO70 would be well ahead of the VO65's
  5. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Melbourne has no claim to Fletch. He's a true Tassie from Hobart. Now part time roaming from Regatta to regatta, part time living in Dubai.
  6. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Adding these TSS exclusion zones are dumb. I can understand in some places but those that are passed in this race are hardly used. This is not the Strait of Dover.
  7. Shoes for big boat racing

    Given up with 'Boat shoes'. I just wear the newest pair of sneakers I own. Always buy non-marking. I just check them for stones and dirt before going sailing. Flame away
  8. Turbo Etchells

    Its an old etchells, its never going back to OD. Cut the skeg off and do a proper rudder. You may have to build a a new custom genoa, with such a wide shroud base unless it is designed to fit, you will never go upwind properly. Good luck with the project, sounds fun!
  9. Soto 40 - still sailing somewhere

    In that size range OD boats still need to rate well. Soto40 was punished for the wings. The move to be the second class at the med cup was a killer blow. Costs exploded and the boats looked slow (even though they weren't). The Farr40 crown appears to be staying vacant for some time.
  10. Black Jack

    So other than it was on Alfa originally, whats the story behind the F1 decal?
  11. volvo goes both ways

    We have a winner!! Open style boats are cool but should have made them their own class. 70 foot. Wanting to sell them off after they are spent to the IMOCA crowd seems very short sighted. Cats inshore, while it will be good to watch, seeing the Offshore boats race inshore is fun and will be missed. Overall grade for this idea: C-
  12. Teacher Appreciation Day

    I had a lot of good school teachers. I really do appreciate all of them but I can't think of one who 'changed my life' by teaching. My Careers guidance teacher did help me my first Marine Industry job at 15. More by luck than anything. Happened to be cycling on the same cycle path on a random Saturday and struck up a conversation about a summer job. Nice fella and it set my life on a certain path but I wouldn't say it was his tutelage that 'changed my life'.
  13. Spotted in a backyard, Newport RI

    The boat has a lot more control now days but the super low freeboard means that when the bow buries, it keeps on going.
  14. Spotted in a backyard, Newport RI

    Still have the Viper, haven't traveled to regattas in a while. House ownership killed that.
  15. Spotted in a backyard, Newport RI

    Sailed on MacX my first year in Newport, a long time ago. Bill came up to me in the IYAC and asked if I wanted to go sailing the next day for a lap of Jamestown. Didn't even think to ask what the boat was or what the conditions would likely be. So its blowing stink and I roll up to Ft Adams and see the yellow rocket. Super excited. All is going well, sailing great in flat water. Nice down wind leg from Newport to the top of the Island. The we fetch up the westside of Jamestown, hauling ass, hiking our guts out. The standard Rhode Island Sound swell is really kicking up off Beavertail. After a tough bear away, we pop the chute, a symmetrical back in those days. The boat surfs down one wave and we pop over it. Going like a scalded cat. Next wave we surf down and the bow buries. Massive broach. On our side, I just hear Bill yelling "we're sinking! We're sinking!" As we go to get the kite down I ask one of the regular guys, are we really going to sink? His reply really got me nervous. Nah, we added some buoyancy over the winter, we think she won't sink anymore....I'm thinking that maybe I should have left all my stuff in a car onshore instead of throwing my bag below. The spin halyard gets let go, we pop upright and she still floats. Relief! We retrieve the kite and sail to the finish under main and jib. Still in the high teens. No need for a kite. Moral of the story; When strange men walk up to you in a bar and ask if you want a ride? Always say yes!