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  1. Soley

    Sydney to Hobart 2019[0]=68.ARBpYnfyj9bNxh_Uqg9a_QMVs8NiNTm7LnwUEoGBn5phoamCYIE3624yRDqAgOHqUo07ryTdKkbgS5EKmmguD2rKjg9N7Gf5LeXCedEP4iFuPwqvpK-8o03_7eBNJ7_QxidpQdk8XILn6M-3rZvtd_VnnG2dV-lYzP-6AMqeNnWUCa59DpJAR6uFkcDySjQ3RiS4L8losgVnJJ7nkEq_1Tx2GFUzL8UYKVDDgSw8dnqxIu_Fcqz3-gXvYlkibPd1HPyqiUqFUoYiGBvxCdd7e2EHwBq7tJ6_A9csgsUXkVSyFIn6ygbRwORhlENxIfrXF0zvxjkpY0NGCRtS-rSKOstzplD8jDc5
  2. Soley

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    you in aus??
  3. Soley

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    glad it wasn't just me
  4. But way less than a paint job on the yacht.
  5. Soley

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    If you do leave it on the forestay, make sure you do a loose downwind furl. The looser the furl the better.
  6. Soley

    Radio controlled sailing

    Perhaps you should buy a couple of the Dragon Force65's from I personally sail an IOM but the DF65 looks a cheap way to test the sport.
  7. Soley

    America's Cup 1980 Oil Painting

    How about contacting the NYYC. Pretty sure they have a staff or elected Curator. They may either want to buy it or know where it would sell.
  8. Soley

    F1 2019 and E too

    That is a good series on Netflix. The absence of Mercedes and Ferrari is noticeable but the depth of the midfield stories is so much more because of it. The brutal honesty of the teams, drivers and producers was refreshing when it is hard to get past the polished image during the season. Also I always wondered about the radio transmissions that the F1 world feed puts up. Always late and not too frequent. Now you hear the swearing going on I can see how they have a hard time letting viewers hear the transmissions. Well done to Liberty Media getting this produced.
  9. Soley

    Go Fund My fuck up.

    This Go Fund Me popped up. These guys build a home built boat. A shocker at that. Don't finish the project but launch any way. Have a myriad of incidents that would tell any one with less ego to stop and finish the boat properly. Then cry when it goes tits up and want random strangers to pay for the next fuck up. Totally negates the good that this site does for many around the world.
  10. Soley

    Caribbean 600 2019

    Anybody know which Volvo70 E1 is?
  11. Soley

    Haynes DTS

    I love my Haynes manuals. Did plenty of work on my MG Metro and Vauxhall Astra with them. I have them for the Passat and Grand Cherokee but Youtube is a better resource now.
  12. Soley

    F1 2019 and E too

    William Storey was an F1 fan from a kid mesmorised by the JPS lotus livery. Probably a Brexiteer as well. Even their logo is stolen from the bike company Whyte USA. I hope Haas got the cash up front.
  13. Soley

    Food Processor Anarchy

    We use a DLC-7 and a DFP-14 in a semi-commercial purpose. Great tool. Bowls interchange for the most part. I don't think I would switch to a different manufacturer. The originals are pretty good. As for sharpening the blades. You could throw the blade out of balance. May not be the biggest deal but I expect that is why the manufacturers don't want you doing it.
  14. Crew accommodation during a haul out is a valid and standard insurance expense. Owner is not and likely dock gossip.
  15. Every owner - Captain relationship is different. Some owners don't want to know, others such as Tony Buckingham are hands on. Damage to the yacht that involves an insurance claim will at the very least always be mentioned to the owner. Everyone has the right to quiet enjoyment of their property and if you park your boat in a marina you have every expectation that it will not be damaged by others. Remarks made here that it is 'just a kid' that did the damage overlook the onus on the Corageous Sailing Center's management to continuously assess risk. In fact risk assessment is part of the job from management to the instructor. Ngoni doesn't blend in when it pulls up. It is obvious and should immediately gain the attention of a person in charge. The program manager should have made it crystal clear to instructors not to let their on the water users anywhere near the boat. The fact that 'just a kid' got close enough to cause damage is a failure of management of the program. Is it right for Courageous Sailing Center to be on the hook for the whole side to be painted? Probably not. I doubt the paint job at that point was 100% blemish free but they should have to cough up way more than $1000. Insurance premiums will go up and put it down as a club learning experience.