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  1. I sail with a team that won the worlds years ago, our secret was more twist sail flat and fast other wise you are stalling both the blades and sails! and yes we had the best coaches money could buy
  2. Pro looper

    Gluing batten to Tape Drive Sail...

    dacron insignia tape
  3. Pro looper

    There is

    No Tits in this thread
  4. Pro looper

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    Per your first post you just need a slider splice
  5. Pro looper

    UN 30 Project

    Looking at the photos I think that if you have a hinged mast base that they are not necessary you can just make them inline like the Moore PL.
  6. Pro looper

    UN 30 Project

    Hey Ballard, Mario from Santa Cruz you know the one stoked for you guys I know you will do a good job with your new ride after what you did with UFF DA I sailed plenty of miles on Special Ed back in the day W/the boys fun ride for sure. PL. ps. bummed that the PCC's didn't happen so you guys could make your annual migration to the place that both boats were built
  7. Pro looper

    Laying 1708 overhead

    I got this info from one of the best in the business, always use mat against balsa core it will give you a better adhesive bond do a test some time as I did, the lam without the mat peeled off like a band aid the one with not so much PL.
  8. Pro looper

    505 Resto

    your gaskets are probably fine, at the front of the trunk you should install two pizza shaped pieces of bike tube so they form a gasket PL.
  9. Pro looper

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    Great story, It looks to me that you need some weather striping on the lazorett hatches to seal the channel from dripping into the inside PL.
  10. Pro looper

    Free Peterson 1/2 Tonner - Scorpion

    FF Looper here, hope things are well if you get back to Santa Cruz check in maybe we can go for a sail PL.
  11. Pro looper

    Non Skid that works & doesn't look crap?

    Use Shark grip by H&C products it made for concrete but it stays suspended very well in paint also to keep it form being slick you need to use flattening agent to a satin finish per paint manufactures instructions , Just did a deck and it came out like a Pro did it PL. Oh and tint the primer so you don't have to put to many coats of paint
  12. Pro looper

    How tight do you make your reefing lines?

    on our race boats we always used bungy cord for gathering the sail in the cringles
  13. Pro looper

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I think that what we see is batten tension adjusters not leech cords if the mast rotates you must tighten the leeward batten and loosen the windward we had a system like this on a land sailor @ 30 years ago
  14. Pro looper

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    I just talk to FF glad he gave me a call, very happy he and the boat are safe I plan on going to help him tomorrow and bring him back to Santa Cruz for a Thanksgiving dinner.
  15. Pro looper

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    PT , thank you for the accolades I was mentored by some of the best sailors ever many follow this site. I have been lucky to be a professional sailor for most of my life with some of the top teams and I am happy to pass on what I can