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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    The wiring alone looks like a list of violations.........I can only imagine how inadequate the ventilation probably is
  2. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    Thanks for the input, it is appreciated
  3. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    whoops, meant to stay why WOULDN'T I use Vulcan 5 instead of Triton 2
  4. Triton2 vs Vulcan5

    Unless I am missing something, and I do quite often, why would I use a vulcan 5 to display instrument values instaed of a Triton 2 vulcan is cheaper and has more potential uses, I think
  5. Caption Contest

    The new sign for Yacht World is almost complete
  6. caption contest

    Exclusive stealth photos of the experimental bio-mass canting keel
  7. Instrument Question

    I understand the difference between Vulcan/Zeus and Triton/H5000 I am asking what is the benefit of having individual instrument displays over using the vulcan/zeus to display instrument values not much difference in the cost when using either as a display
  8. Instrument Question

    new to me Tripp 26 came with raymarine st40 instruments that aren't working do I replace with newer instruments or get a B&G Vulcan or Zeus and display values on it plus gain chartplotting ? what are the pros and cons ?
  9. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    Used to have one, moved up to a Holder 20, now on to a Tripp 26, getting closer to a sporty with each jump 525 was great to learn and not too slow, but not really a sportboat
  10. caption contest

    DEA announced today that smugglers are getting increasingly innovate in their attempts to import weed......
  11. How did your Melges 20 mainsail work out? I'm looking to do the same to my SR 21 this winter. Any tips? 

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    2. Sir Max

      Sir Max

      Ok great, thank you!

    3. rmdanko


      this past weekend I flew my melges 20 jib, hard to say much as there was no wind

      gusts to 4.....

      Joe Waters of Waters Sails was on an SR Max that moved better than everyone else

      you may want to check in with him

    4. Sir Max

      Sir Max

      Just saw this, thanks for the update. I'm moving forward with my own set of M20 sails. So far everything fits but it's not pretty. 

  12. Craigslist Finds

    too bad it's in florida, I have heard wavelength 24's are pretty nice when set up correctly
  13. New England Bzzz line

    Thanks for the info, I will try sewing
  14. caption contest

    Trailer sailing road kill trophy ???