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  1. +1....try it, I can see boats entering who may not be fully crewed less than existing boats dropping crew....Even if existing racers drop crew doesn't that increase the possibility of adding another short handed boat ?
  2. rmdanko

    Black Lifeline Stanchions

    are the black lifeline stanchions powder coated aluminum or stainless steel ? does anyone know of a supplier specializing in the black versions ?
  3. rmdanko

    Cleaning Sails

    That probably explains the light blue sails I noticed out on the lake this year
  4. rmdanko

    Fairing Mix

    Thanks !! for the quantity I need, I will probably just get another can of Interlux, I don't have any of the ingredients. To purchase I will exceed the water tite cost, but I appreciate the knowledge
  5. rmdanko

    Fairing Mix

    what would be the appropriate filler to add to west systems epoxy to approximate Interlux water tite ? Thanks in advance
  6. rmdanko

    caption contest

    Guy claimed to be the best helmsman ever, I told him to put the tiller where your mouth is I didn't expect a literal interpretation
  7. rmdanko

    USS Midway 1, Sea Esta 0

    Using the logic exhibited by the SeaRay blog in regards to the Annapolis incident........ The Midway may have appeared to be under power giving the sailboat r.o.w.
  8. rmdanko

    Spirit of Hungary Imoca in flames

    well they probably had the "energy" to sail non stop
  9. rmdanko

    Favourite Boat pic?

    What type of boat is Fusion ?
  10. rmdanko

    oh Craigslist, you don't disappoint

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sailboat-sale-of-the-century/253717094659?hash=item3b12b7a103:g:kZ4AAOSwbShbNPmV ebay....close enough ?
  11. rmdanko

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    If you really aren't that new, you should know that the answer is both
  12. rmdanko

    caption contest

    Grandpa !!!!! when is it OUR turn ?????
  13. rmdanko

    Snowflakes and sailing

    there is a reason the line is "swear like a sailor" the world is a tough place the sooner people acquire coping skills, the better off they will be if you don't like what someone is saying, just don't listen
  14. rmdanko

    by the numbers

    I totally missed the dual mast set up, no boom to mess up lounging in the cockpit
  15. rmdanko

    by the numbers

    instead of a removable bowsprit, they went with a removable bow ? what does it rate ?