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  1. How did your Melges 20 mainsail work out? I'm looking to do the same to my SR 21 this winter. Any tips? 

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    2. rmdanko


      he charged me $75 to redo the jib luff

      main will be a bit more work probably $100 to $150

      small family owned loft near detroit good service and prices

    3. Sir Max

      Sir Max

      Ok great, thank you!

    4. rmdanko


      this past weekend I flew my melges 20 jib, hard to say much as there was no wind

      gusts to 4.....

      Joe Waters of Waters Sails was on an SR Max that moved better than everyone else

      you may want to check in with him

  2. Craigslist Finds

    too bad it's in florida, I have heard wavelength 24's are pretty nice when set up correctly
  3. New England Bzzz line

    Thanks for the info, I will try sewing
  4. caption contest

    Trailer sailing road kill trophy ???
  5. Holder 20 Mainsail swap

    main pic rsz_3m_20_mainsail_2.pdf
  6. Holder 20 Mainsail swap

    Hoisted the mainsail and jib on the hard, jib is close, mainsail would need work I have a local sailmaker looking at minor mods to both right now photos attached rsz_3melgers_20_jib.pdf
  7. New England Bzzz line

    Thanks, but I meant to ask any other way to splice, splice nuts or something similar ?
  8. New England Bzzz line

    I like the feel, look and price of this line plan on using it on a vang and outhaul on a 20' Holder I also hate knots, eyesplices are so much cleaner Bzz line is not spliceable, any other alternatives ??
  9. Holder 20 Mainsail swap

    I have all of the parts, Melges 20 main and jib, new masthead crane and flicker I just haven't had a chance to try them out yet, maybe next weekend Should be interesting, I will take some photos and post em
  10. Another which is better question........ "sporty" boat trailer sailed need lifting keel and spartan room to occasionally overnight phrf raced great lakes harbors and large inland lakes avg wind 10 to 15, crew up to 5 or as few as 3 Tripp 26, antrim 27, carrera 290, B25 or ??
  11. Mystery Mainsail

    Yep, I think you nailed it that was quick, wooden boom with a bolt rope foot
  12. Mystery Mainsail

    I recently purchased an old Buccaneer from a craigslist add part of the "package" included a mainsail wrapped up on a wooden boom wrong sail for the buc, but similar dimensions 19' x 9' give or take sail has a very large solid red dot/circle as insignia any ideas what it was intended for ?
  13. Buccaneer Mainsail

    Hello, looking for a budget mainsail for a chrysler buccaneer new or used, any ideas ? Thanks !!
  14. Craigslist Finds

    Well, against my wife's wishes I bought it, another project for me owner pulled it out of the weeds, aired up the tires and evicted the wildlife which was squatting in the hull Everything is there, newer (not new) harken hardware stored in a tub, mast, boom and spinnaker pole all straight sails are probably worthless, but what can you expect for $250 Trailer made the 30 mile trip home no sweat Buccaneer hull #547
  15. Craigslist Finds

    Think this is a deal ? it looks to be complete https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/boa/6154298013.html