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  1. The Ed wants us to be upset that a YC is barring him from a race, based on a his behavior at a previous regatta awards party. The Ed will not tell us what the behavior was at said awards party that the YC is upset about. Um, ok.
  2. which division winners scored watches?
  3. yikes
  4. Got it. That is beyond lame. The 49er coverage has been entertaining. Bizzare from a journalistic / copyright perspective to post so much stuff without attribution...
  5. Yes, the "Have SA be pissed off at you" bullet point is the dead give away that its craig, because it doesnt make any sense on its face... One of the many things that I find weird about the 'butt is that they often post articles with no author listed. does this mean craig wrote it? like this 49er worlds article for example: http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2017/09/01/max-conditions-49erfx-worlds/
  6. Hey Guvacine, hows that article for the FP about the barnacle encrusted 2kt shit box w/ rag sails coming along???
  7. I heard a rumor that the CGSC will soon be evicted to build some sort of high-rise in the near-future as well? There is so much space at that park, no idea why the fuck they would need to evict this sailing school in order to put in a restaurant / bar... I will ask around and see if I can get the lowdown as to what is really going on here.
  8. wow, great story! btw, who was the other guy?
  9. if you had a rig and some rags, id be interested, but i'll pass on just the hull... thanks though!
  10. yep. I am absolutely 100% intolerant of neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the like. I'll be sure to let my non-white wife and mixed race children know that I'm a bigot
  11. not nearly as dumb as someone who thinks Donald Trump is a good president (or good enough to imply support by the putting a Trump bumper sticker on their Japanese car)....
  12. I normally would agree w/ this sentiment. but fuck donald trump and his supporters
  13. Yikes. RIP to the lost souls (but hopefully the missing are found alive)
  14. speaking of which, im looking for an old dinghy in south florida... can anybody help me out???
  15. Do you consider the official class legal Mk1 sails a high quality product? I have never met any laser sailor that considered them anything but grossly overpriced "disposable garbage"