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  1. MikeR80

    South Florida Winter racing?

    What is the offshore racing scene like at Lauderdale YC?
  2. MikeR80

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    Are these guys legit? https://booking.roadsurfer.com/en/rent/pick?station=1&pickup_date=2021-01-20&return_date=2021-01-25 PS- Isnt Pilsner more of a czech thing?
  3. MikeR80

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    Thanks, I want to go to Frankfurt to connect with my cousins just west of there. I've taken the train all over Europe previously, so I get it. This trip would be with a few young kiddos, so a rental van would be awesome. Does anywhere in Germany rent a VW pop top or similar?
  4. MikeR80

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    My plan would be to take a couple weeks to make my way south after the regatta, maybe cut over to czech republic as well, and then eventually make my way to the South. Is there any highways between Prague and Frankfurt?
  5. MikeR80

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    Is this regatta in Palm Beach still happening in February?
  6. MikeR80

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    Sick! what time of year were worlds?
  7. MikeR80

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    town looks cute, btw. enough stuff to do to keep the family entertained or should i have them meet me after the regatta? thinking of doing a road trip across Germany afterwards, and hopefully hook up with some of my Krass cousins in Rüdesheim....
  8. MikeR80

    Warnemünde, Germany typical conditions?

    Awesome, thanks guys. Sounds like my fat ass needs to get skinny and expect some light airs!
  9. Hey all, Anybody ever raced out of Warnemünde? I see the 2022 Laser Masters Europeans is there, and was thinking of trying to race that but was curious on the conditions. I assume the regatta would be in June or July? Cool town? Thanks in advance Cheers, Mike
  10. MikeR80

    Repowering Small RIB, looking for insight

    I have a 2.3hp Honda on my Hunter 170. I have never had it past half throttle. Its amazing how easy small sailboats are to push
  11. MikeR80

    New sail order headache

    Trolling. Makes zero sense otherwise.
  12. MikeR80

    Repowering Small RIB, looking for insight

    the 40hp pushed the Zodiac to a max of 22kts at full throttle, so i dont think 40hp is terribly overpowered for this size rib. I believe it is rated up to 50hp. Its easy to simply not throttle up 99% of the time, but its nice to have the ponys if you need em for towing. we also do a lot of very shallow boating in the FL keys with this zodiac, so I'm still not ruling out the jet, but i do get that they have severe limitations...
  13. Looking to repower my little but sturdy 14 Foot CC zodiac RIB. Currently powered with 2008 40hp Suzuki 4-stroke-- POS engine w/ weird electrical issues etc. I actually didnt realize that Yamaha, Honda, etc were all doing jet outboards-- they are under consideration because i have little kids and the RIB is used for Opti coaching. Any experience w the jet outboards? Whats the most durable gas engine for salt water / shallow water all-around use in the 35-45 hp range?
  14. MikeR80

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    u sold an opti to a grown man? WTF?
  15. MikeR80

    Vanguard Nomad

    very cool, garth. my boys are 5 and 4 so we're in the same boat