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  1. MikeR80

    whats up with West Marine?

    Lol wut? Lauderdale is the super yacht capital of the world, but lots of sailing talent in that area as well. We are actually considering a move to there soon, there are actually semi-affordable homes on the waterway w/ a dock, unlike the Gables down here in Miami-Dade.
  2. MikeR80

    Online Prescription Eyeglass Retailer?

    Agreed. I have Prada and Kaenon polarized prescription sunglasses that were paid for with an employer funded health reimbursement account. Both 8 years old and going strong. For regular eyeglasses, the differences appear much more minute-- I have plastic Prada regular eyeglasses that appear to be the same or even lower quality than these Zennis. I also have a pair of Cartier eyeglasses made of platinum and african wood that were like $1400 (one of my kids stepped on em and snapped em, and they appear un-fixable. Cartier refuses to sell me the part I need to fix them... Fuck you Cartier!) Again, all of these were paid for with somebody else's $. These high end eyeglasses would not be worth the cash if it was my own $ I was spending. The sunglasses? Yes, I suppose I would say they were worth the money, although they were outrageously expensive with the high-end lenses I chose. Would be much cheaper to just get contact lenses and wear non-prescription glasses over them.
  3. MikeR80

    Online Prescription Eyeglass Retailer?

    16 days to get to my mailbox. straight single vision w/ the blue block coating. $47 all in.
  4. ive seen a lot of varying types of nips in my day, but those are very odd looking nips. pass.
  5. MikeR80

    whats up with West Marine?

    doubt it. he was probably in his mid 60's back then so he's mid 80's at this point. dude was a power boater as well. id bet you there aint a lot of 85 year old power boaters that troll these forums...
  6. MikeR80

    whats up with West Marine?

    I very briefly worked at the WM on Townsend street in SF (across from PacBel park) in the early 2000's, mainly for the discounts and such. The manager was a weird old retired coast-guard hard ass, total dick. I think it was towards the end of my third week he asked me to clean the bathroom. I said, no thank you and walked out, and my WM career was over. LOL
  7. MikeR80

    US Postal Service USPS

    take it to PA, ya muppet
  8. MikeR80

    Living Aboard in Caribbean

    Setting aside the whole Covid shitshow, assuming things get back to normal... what are the best places to live aboard in the Caribbean? I do have kids, so safety is key. bonus points for places near cities with direct flights to miami. Boat will be 45-50ft beneateau-ish (but hopefully something beefier if i can get the cash together) I know this is a very general question, we are open to potential marina or living on the hook or mooring options. The logistics of storm season are of course front of mind as well...
  9. MikeR80

    Wilford Brimley DTS

    I cant find the thread but I had him in my death pool!
  10. MikeR80

    Online Prescription Eyeglass Retailer?

    Just rec'd my glasses in the mail from Zenni. All good. Outstanding value. Thanks, all
  11. MikeR80

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN! Mother of Pit Bull Victim: Dog Wouldn't Release Her Son https://www.lcbcradio.com/wlpo/mother-of-pit-bull-victim-dog-wouldnt-release-her-son/article_5f1d5d44-d124-11ea-8389-df6a8c56e77d.html
  12. MikeR80

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    If the GPYC and Bayview had a love child, it would be DYC. Is the Scot fleet still going there or what?
  13. MikeR80

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Spent a day at the pool a year or 2 ago, it's a lovely club still. The harbor is currently packed. The club is doing quite well from what I understand.
  14. MikeR80

    Online Prescription Eyeglass Retailer?

    Order placed w Zenni. Found a coupon code online, under $45 out the door. Thanks, Mike