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  1. Sailors Powerboat

  2. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    Yep, and specifically Bad Owners of Killer Dogs kill people. This is why people shouldnt be allowed to get their hands on these dogs. With 10,000 dog breed to choose from, people need to choose a different breed, since they are likely to be bad owners... a bad owner with a Shitzu or German Shepard doesnt cause anywhere near the damage that a bad owner of a pit can cause. Thus, any civilized society should ban these dogs.
  3. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN http://cbs12.com/news/local/pit-bull-in-deadly-park-attack-euthanized
  4. University of Colorado Sailing Team

    The key is to reach out to successful (ie rich) alumni that sail, who can get a fleet purchase going with one stroke of a pen...
  5. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/02/05/richmond-pit-bull-attack-5-year-old-girl/
  6. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN! Another wonderful little pooch has gotten into the hands of a bad owner! https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/679194/pit-bull-attack-florida-yasmin-adam-dog-assault-warning Pit bull dog attack costs woman her ARM after 'gentle' pet SNAPS A WOMAN lost her arm after a vicious attack from her "gentle" pit bull of nine years. By David Rivers / Published 2nd February 2018 Yasmin Adams was mauled by her pit bull Sir HinklesSWNS Yasmin Adam, 45, was left lying in a pool of blood after her beloved pup, Sir Hinkles, mauled her in a savage assault. It took place after she tried to break up a fight between Sir Hinkles and her two other dogs, but instead the pet bit her ear and tore off flesh from her arms. Sir Hinkles then chewed on the bone in her arm for nine minutes before cops arrived and shot him dead. Yasmin, who moved recently to Florida, said: "I guess there was tension after the other dogs were fighting. Next thing I know he jumps up and bites my ear. "I knew what was going on but I didn't feel any pain. I guess I was in shock. "Sir Hinkles went back in his cage then, but all I can think of was that he got a taste of blood because he came right back out and bit me on my right arm. "After that he attacked me on and off for nine minutes. The dog ripped all the meat off my lower left arm, and that's gone now. "I just stopped fighting the dog. I figured I was going to die. He kept trying to pull the bone out of my arm." Luckily a friend also living in the apartment alerted police who pepper sprayed the dog before shooting him. Doctors battled to save her arm for three weeks before amputation. She added: "It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life. "I could see the bone clear as day. Eventually, they amputated it from just above my elbow on December 26. "I'm just working on getting my right arm functional again. He ripped that arm apart too, but not as badly. "I can't move my wrist and I have limited movement in my fingers. To be honest I thought I was going to die so to have just lost my arm I feel lucky." Yasmin, who is unmarried, was in hospital for six months after the attack, and during that time her two other dogs were put down. Yasmin Adams makes recovery from dog attackSWNS RECOVERY: Yasmin Adams said the pain was excruciating While Yasmin was upset she couldn't save them, she now warns people about the dangers of owning this breed of dog as, prior to the attack, Sir Hinkles had never shown signs of aggressive behavior. She said: "I loved him so much. He slept with me in my bed, he never was out of line. "He was always so gentle with children and really friendly. He never snapped at cats or little kittens, he never touched a kitten. "I didn't even have to put him on a leash because he was such a good-natured dog. "I loved Hinkles, I had him for nine years but he turned on me in nine minutes. Now I warn people against these types of dogs. ATTACK: Sir Hinkles was described as 'gentle' before the attack Dog attack victim needed 200 stitches in her face "People always say 'It's how you raise a dog that matters', and I was one of those people. "And I do believe to a certain extent that's true. But animals have an instinct they can't overpower and that's what happened with my dog. "I thought he would never do anything like that and look at me now. "Don't be tricked into thinking they aren't capable of doing something like this."
  7. opti's (sic) rule

    The boat sucks, some of the parents are worse, but at this point i look at racing them more as a rite of passage. If the lad can keep the little shitter going in light air and chop, better boats will be far easier for them down the road... Santa brought my nearly 3 year old son a decent used opti. gonna splash it on the bay next weekend, we'll see how a little doublehanding w/ dad goes...
  8. Sailing World Cup Miami (aka MIAMI OCR)

    World sailing did a pretty good job w/ the regatta village and jumbotron. It will be interesting to see if the US team can make some improvements over the next couple years and win some medals.
  9. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN http://www.ajc.com/news/local/neighbor-saves-georgia-boy-from-vicious-dog-attack/J98pJr4phvF6Z9gBMCFGJN/
  10. what's wrong with this picture

    Hey Alan maybe "life happened" and this was all they could muster? Maybe they're working on an update, and it will be ready next month?? Or maybe they have really shitty equipment, little actual talent, or maybe just too busy churning out 3-5 podcasts per month? hahahahah
  11. Sailing World Cup Miami (aka MIAMI OCR)

    The conditions look good, guv. this regatta should have some light days, medium days and heavy air days if the forecast holds. oh and the high temp is 78 tomorrow.
  12. well said. it kinda relates back to the overall cause of the decline in racing-- sailing is hard and people suck. so people are spending less time on the water, and more time at home on their computers being whiney losers/a-holes
  13. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN https://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/crime/2018/01/18/child-attacked-pit-bull-melbourne/1044937001/