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  1. MikeR80

    BYC-Mac Weather

    Congrats to Eliminator, 1st in Class, 2nd overall.
  2. MikeR80

    BYC-Mac Weather

    Eliminator leading class H. No surprise there. It will be interesting to see if they can get into the top 10 overall.
  3. MikeR80

    BYC-Mac Weather

    remind me what year it was that clean got thrown in the pokey up at mackinac?
  4. Yeah, I'd rather my favorite sailing supply stores stay in business, and offer an occasional sale, rather than cater to some pseudo-big spending knucklehead that can't follow directions.
  5. MikeR80

    2018 Fishing Thread

    cool. what kind of set-up?
  6. MikeR80

    2018 Fishing Thread

    what should i be fishing for in and around biscayne bay?
  7. we know that $225 is a big deal to you. and we know that you think spending $4k in 8 years at a store is a big deal. im curious, whatever you did to earn the money that afforded you this boat, did you approach that profession w/ this half-ass level of diligence that you exhibit for boat purchases?
  8. MikeR80

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    Family sailors-- yes, i looked at those. Hobie- which brand did you go with?
  9. MikeR80

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    its a 40hp suzuki. 50hrs on it. seems to run great. its a 4-stroke. there are certainly advantages for the 2 stroke, but I got the 4. Now what about those propeller guards? the boat is super peppy, its just a 13ft zodiac cc. i dont mind a loss of power...
  10. What brands are people using these days? I am ok w/ adding a safety feature and sacrificing a bit of performance, given what I'm using the boat for... I'm looking for one for safety reasons on my rib that has a 2014 hp suzuki 4-stroke OB. 30 years of boating has taught me that there will always be risks when you're on the water, but I will do everything reasonable to minimize those risks.
  11. MikeR80

    Jet-powered RIBs?

    I ended up going with a RIB w a regular outboard, since it was a suzuki w/ 50 hours on it. After driving a few, the problem with jet RIBs are noise and reliability, they make sense for certain people such as people that have a space limited yacht garage on the back of their 100' footer... Anywho, need to fit a bimini on the zodiac (with new after-market tubes) need prop guard. are the prop guards specific by mfg? what are the best prop guard companies?
  12. MikeR80

    2018 Fishing Thread

    How do you like that suzuki outboard? we just got sorted out on a RIB, w a 2014ish suzuki 40hp
  13. MikeR80

    SUV anarchy

    nice purchase. congrats. a good friend of the family is a fairly well known automotive guru-- pulitzer prize winner, on cnbc all the time, etc-- he drives a subaru. and he can drive anything he wants. if i was going to get a small gas SUV, i surely would have considered a subie.
  14. MikeR80

    Trailer-able performance cruisers under 5k?

    trailerability depends more weight and width, boss I'm pretty sure he's not into spending 300-400 a month on a slip in the SF bay area for a $5k boat.
  15. MikeR80

    Trailer-able performance cruisers under 5k?

    pass on that. structural issues are deal breakers for me. the thing should probably be cut up and turned into an artificial reef.