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  1. Hey all, I know of lots of folks that need RIBs for Orange Bowl and the OCR (Sailing World Cup Miami). Let me know if you are interested in making $200-300 a day for your hard bottom inflatable. Sail Fast, Mike
  2. MikeR80


    speaking of not buying an ad, if anyone needs a hand moving a j/70 across FL, my diesel jeep (9,500lb tow rating) and I are available. Also have a RIB available for the j70 events (we're booked for orange bowl, and OCR)
  3. MikeR80

    Nasty Ballpark Food

    im confused i thought MB stadium was in N.O.?
  4. MikeR80

    Nasty Ballpark Food

    hey, im 6' and 175lbs and I cant go 3 hours without stuffing my face, how would you expect a corpulent fan to?
  5. MikeR80

    Nasty Ballpark Food

    The two parks i regularly attend are some of the cleaner on the list-- hard rock and marlins park. I still miss the garlic fries at AT&T in frisco though...
  6. MikeR80

    Nasty Ballpark Food

    where does your squad's stadium rank? http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/25316231/health-inspection-reports-find-critical-violations-nfl-nhl-nba-mlb-stadiums-2018-espn-lines
  7. MikeR80

    505 vs. 470

    its totally unnecessary and silly. theres no legal or practical reason why this needs to be done... as there's no reasonable expectation of privacy in this case, and you would need access to a government database to determine who owns the vehicle. but in the case of that blue BMW above, i can understand it considering that hideous spoiler on the back. sail numbers tie to people's names as well, and can usually be googled and the owner can be found pretty easily if theyve ever raced. yet people post pics of those all day...
  8. MikeR80

    505 vs. 470

    As an aside, I am curious why people block out license plates on vehicles when they post pictures on this site, anybody know why? I can't imagine any scenario where a plate would need to be concealed, or what purpose that serves...
  9. MikeR80

    More FP stuff - Olympic Offshore?

    bled the life out of our sport, huh? Question for you sportscar-- have you ever held an olympic gold medal in your hand? have you ever witnessed an olympic gold medalist show up in a boat park and let the young blokes check out their medal? if you've ever witnessed these things, your views would likely change
  10. MikeR80

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    LOL at the dummies that pay to join a club that allows the general public in!
  11. MikeR80

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    The answer is clear here: Foiling Moth
  12. MikeR80

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Banned? lol. you foolish pseudo-anarchists just dont get it. Espo is clearly of questionable lineage-- perhaps that is the root of his insufferable personality and anger issues, the abuse is not unfounded-- people like him are bad for the sport
  13. MikeR80

    Kingston Ontario regatta advice

    Btw, for the real CORK/ Kingston regatta experience ya gotta car or tent camp. The dorms are dusty and hot, very little air circulation. It will be hot, and it will be windy. Since you are coming from abroad, I'd fly into montreal or toronto and rent an RV or big van, and sleep in that.
  14. MikeR80

    Kingston Ontario regatta advice

    There used to be a bomb-ass little greasy diner very close to CORK-- the Healthy Habit I believe it was called. They had these grilled tuna sandos that were awesome. Even more tasty after checking out the LYRA RV.