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  1. MikeR80

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN! Infant Critical After Being Mauled By Pit Bull In Woodland Hills October 2, 2018 at 8:12 amFiled Under:Woodland Hills WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA) – An infant boy is in critical condition after being attacked by a pit bull in Woodland Hills Monday afternoon. According to Los Angeles police, the incident took place at around 12:45 p.m. at a home in the 22600 block of Clarendon Street. A mother was home with her two children, age 2-years-old and 2-months-old, when the attack occurred. The children were both asleep in a room in the house, police said. The 2-month-old was in a car seat on the floor. The pit bull, meanwhile, had been locked in a gated area in the backyard. When a delivery person knocked on the front door of the house, the dog broke out, somehow got into the room where the children were sleeping and began to bark, police said, which caused the 2-month-old boy to cry. The dog then bit the infant boy several times, along with the mother. The boy was rushed to a hospital in critical condition but is expected to survive, police said. Los Angeles Animal Services is investigating. It is unclear what will happen to the dog. (© Copyright 2018 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. City News Service contributed to this report.)
  2. MikeR80

    Managing my Retirement Nest Egg

    I dont think this strategy "avoids the strikeouts" nor makes much sense, to be frank and honest
  3. MikeR80

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    is ad space more expensive on the butt or SA?
  4. MikeR80

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    OP: Its really not that hard, tell Bob Perry what you want, he'll design it and consult on the build. Now pony up some $ and put your $ where your mouth is!
  5. MikeR80

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    ITS HAPPENED AGAIN https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/2018/09/19/father-girl-who-nearly-lost-her-arm-pit-bull-attack-bitten-pit-bulls-himself/1358388002/ Four years after his daughter was mauled, father also bitten in pit bull attack Editor's note: This story has been updated to include the correct owner of two dogs attacked by a pit bull in Wilmington. While the rabies vaccination once required as many as 30 shots in the stomach, it now requires at a maximum four. The father of a Delaware girl who nearly lost her arm in a 2014 pit bull attack was bitten by two pit bulls himself on Saturday and is undergoing a series of rabies shots. "I just turned around, and they just were on me," Todd Ruckle said in a video recorded from the hospital and posted on Facebook. "One was on my leg, and the other one came up to my face and got my lip, but that's not bad. My leg's the really bad one." His daughter Emily Ruckle was mauled by a pit bull named Frank while at the family's home in Newark. It was four years ago, this month. At the time, she was 8 years old. Emily's brother, Jack, had moved in with the Ruckles two months before, bringing the dog with him. It belonged to his father, who had recently moved out of state. Maria and Todd Ruckle weren’t really happy about the pit bull being in their home, but Jack was attached to the dog, which almost died before moving in. In the first 12 hours after the attack, Emily essentially bled out four times. She underwent more than two years of surgeries and rehab to restore function to her arm. After a final surgery in 2016, she regained some of the function in her right hand. The Ruckles have been trying to move on from the attack, but on Saturday, Emily's father, Todd Ruckle, was bitten by pit bulls himself while showing a house in Wilmington's Little Italy neighborhood. He and his wife are real estate agents. The dogs were down the street, running loose. The first dog grabbed onto Ruckle’s leg, he told The News Journal on Wednesday. As he worked to take that one off, he said, the other pit bull went up his chest, lunging for his face. “I had jaws coming at me,” he said. “The jaws were so big. It was as big as my head coming at me.” Ruckle said he was able to push the second pit bull away before it bit his face. “They just snapped like a millimeter from taking my face off,” he said. The dog continued fighting Ruckle, striking the former Newark councilman’s face. “I’ve got a big fat lip over it.” Ruckle said his daughter was doing well, but she, too, was shaken up. “She wouldn’t even talk to me about it,” he said. “I don’t know what to do. How could this happen?” “I’m just very emotional. I’ve got a lot of flashback stuff going on."
  6. MikeR80

    strange thought while commuting

    a quick hack to scale the image down easily in iOS is to email the image to yourself in the default apple mail program on your iphone-- it will prompt you to select an amount of scaling- small, medium, large, etc...
  7. MikeR80

    Old Sails

    If anybody has a largish old/rag main or jib in south florida they don't want, or would let go for cheap, PM me.
  8. MikeR80

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Sounds like the dog got too expensive for you, i get it. PS- not sure why I need to look inside myself, but I suggest you look inside a dictionary: big·ot·ry ˈbiɡətrē/Submit noun intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.
  9. MikeR80

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    Ah, no. He gave a weak reason for killing the dog
  10. MikeR80

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    In other news, ITS HAPPENED AGAIN! https://www.idahostatejournal.com/news/local/man-dead-after-pit-bull-attack-inside-his-oregon-home/article_f88f1baa-3b58-5ea4-b986-71c44e6da718.html Man dead after pit bull attack inside his home BAKER CITY, Ore. — Authorities say a 53-year-old Oregon man was killed when he apparently tried to break up a pit bull fight in his home. Idahonews.com reports that Mitchelle Dean Segerdahl was found dead in his home in Baker City on Sept. 9. The cause of death was listed as a dog bite to the neck. Two pit bulls were also dead in the house, while Baker City police impounded and later euthanized four others found there.
  11. MikeR80

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    you should be locked up
  12. I'm willing to pay for the old sails and/or shipping costs. Plus, you're welcome to come have a beer under the shade next time you're in Coral Gables...
  13. The project is teaching the kids about reusing and repurposing materials, and about skin cancer prevention. Need a shade over the kids play area, and not looking to spend thousands on a proper patio canopy...
  14. MikeR80

    Renting a RIB for Orange Bowl?

    Thanks Martin, I'm local-- where exactly is the notice board you're referring to CGSC?
  15. MikeR80

    Renting a RIB for Orange Bowl?

    No way. Seriously? I am talking about a bare boat. Not a RIB w/ driver... and I mean something small like for 4 adults.