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  1. Tasty is a very quick boat that's sailed extremely well. The guys know the boat and the setup and they're pretty handy at sailing around Sydney Harbour too. We've enjoyed some great racing against them on the MC31 and look forward to more next summer too. The Super 30 fleet has a wide range of boats and any of them can win on their day, but the racing is so close that any mistake is punished.
  2. The boat has been on the market for well over a year now at an unrealistic price, I don't think it was ever really for sale. I agree about the dummy spit after day one of the last regatta, but the boat wasn't put up for sale because of that... the price might be lower now though.
  3. Menace has been for sale for quite a while. No story really.
  4. A mate got a massive override on the primary winch in a tack and there was rope everywhere. Another crew member said "We'll need a metal detector to find the winch again" Another line from the great Harold Cudmore, "Don't worry about the halyard, just hoist the fucking staysail!"
  5. The stupid thing about this whole incident is that an RMS boat approached us before the start and warned us not to make too much wake for the race boats. The skipper of our powerboat is an experienced yachtsman and ex Commodore of the CYCA. To see footage of an RMS boat in the way really contradicts everything that they were preaching to us. I think that the ferry master should have enough experience to know where the leeward layline is, he actually split the two boats Beau Best and Scallywag that came off the pin. Until I saw the video, I didn't realise how many boats were way too close to the fleet. A great day on the harbour watching some awesome yachts racing.
  6. We just need to take up 730 turns on the port cap shroud and she'll be perfectly in column!
  7. Why not use a fractional A sail in those conditions? Before I get flamed, I already know the answer.
  8. Guys, Thanks for all of your interest and comments about the MC 31. There are a few reasons why we haven't come to play with the Super 30's yet, even though every time we so you guys you have a go at us. The boat is brand new. There's a problem with the halyard lock on the main that can't be resolved without removing the rig. Last Saturday we sailed with the main on the horn cleat on the mast and by the time we started it had dropped to the point where we could just pull the cunningham on. By the end of the race the cunningham eye was 50 mm below the gooseneck.... pretty ugly really. It also has quite an impact on the luff round/mast bend. The mast is out of the boat and goes back in on Thursday, so we hope that issue is resolved. The other consideration is trim/ballast. We removed some lead from the bulb as an experiment on the two Sydney boats. Having sailed the boat for three weekends now, we're going back to the original setup. The boat is awesome downhill and the additional lead will make the boat way better upwind. The plan was to just sail the boat and see how she felt. If we racked up against the Super 30 fleet and got smoked, all of you would be saying the thing's a shitter. I agree with ColinG's comments. We were really quick down the run and passed most of the division one fleet that started 5 minutes ahead of us. The Sydney 36CR's hauled us in up the beat. The weight off the bulb certainly made it a tough beat for us and that has been addressed. The other points that Colin didn't mention was the 15 degree shift that most of the 36's picked up on the left hand side coming out of Manly really smashed us. The other important point is the boat's only 30 feet long, of course a 36 footer is going to nail us upwind, especially the Sydney 36, which is an awesome upwind boat. We'll be doing some racing this winter. Not sure of where, the CYC winter series is a bit of a lemon because they don't have scratch starts, so how do you really know if you're going OK. We'll probably do some racing at MHYC, SASC, RSYS and the Combined Clubs event up river just to get the boat around the traps. We're really enjoying the boat and want to race against similar boats, but give us a chance to iron out the bugs and learn how to sail the boat before you gang up on us. See you on the water soon. Cheers, Halfie
  9. RIP, what a legend in yacht design.
  10. Hi Guys, The last few days have been interesting on this forum. I made the decision a few weeks ago that we would not race the MC31 against the Super 30 or Super 11 fleets because the boat would be untried. Mitch White contacted me and asked me to race with them but I declined for the same reasons. If you sail your first regatta against some great crews who know and sail their boats really well and get your arse kicked, everyone says the boat is a dog. That was the last thing I wanted. As is always the case, things go wrong and delays occur. We actually had our first sail on Friday night after work and then rolled into the regatta on Saturday morning. As richiec said in his post, Sydney Harbour laid on some classic sailing conditions and even though we were racing some very different boats, we enjoyed our first regatta very much. We topped out at 19.8 knots yesterday on the final run of the first race, it was great fun and the boat was wet but under control. The MC31 will come and play with the other boats now we have our stuff sorted. I think the SHR was a great event, even if we didn't play well with others. We all need to support the regatta and one last thank you to all of the volunteers who gave up their time for us to go racing. Cheers, Halfie
  11. I heard who had passed away on a news report a few minutes ago. Though he wasn't a dear friend of mine, we'd known each other for 20 years and always had a chat when we crossed paths at RPAYC or a regatta somewhere. This terrible accident shows how easily things can go badly. RIP DB, fair winds and following seas mate.
  12. The Proving Ground was the last book to come out and is the best researched. Rob Mundle's book is pretty good too, but it was a little rushed and has a touch of sensationalism about it.