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  1. Trimaran Foiling Systems

    Couple of new raw videos up on YouTube:
  2. I've worked in the marine industry since I finished school in 2011. I started off as an apprentice sailmaker for the first 2 years and learnt all sorts of good stuff there that still helps me today. Whilst doing that I volunteered as the test-sailor for a company building A class cats, another opportunity that caused me to learn a lot about foils and what goes into building a boat. I then decided I would like to try and work in a sales-type field, so I went and worked in a chandlery for a year and a bit, until a job with one of the hardware companies came along, where I still work two years later. I get to talk boats to customers every day and never wake up thinking "how long till the weekend?". Lots of opportunities to sail all sorts of boats come up too. I was told since I was 5 to stop obsessing about boats and to focus on getting a normal job as per above, but I didn't listen and it turned out better then I could have imagined.
  3. Fun Daysailing - Nacra 5.7 vs. 5.8 vs. Hobie Getaway

    Great boats, I had mine out in some good breeze and it always handled it well. Very quick and light enough to handle on land easily. That seems really cheap for a boat that new too. Just use truckloads of Cunningham!
  4. Harken 57mm or 75mm ratchet block?

  5. Foiling: Controlled Jumping?

    The drugs in Hobart must have been good. 😎 It's just been pestering me for a long time that this topic exists when we could be discussing things that could actually be useful to multihull sailing
  6. Foiling: Controlled Jumping?

    Think about the tactical options available if you could jump...come around the offset mark in a line of boats, initiate jump mode, glide for a few boatlengths in the air, taking full advantage of the complete lack of sideways resistance to gain a deeper line on your opposition. You'd have to jump high and far otherwise your just putting yourself in everyone's bad air. Then when it is time to gybe, gybe on top of the remaining boats that went around the top mark ahead of you, initiate jump, landing both ahead and to leeward. Go on to win the race. Seriously though, whilst the kitefoil and windfoil tricks they are starting to do (flat water backloops and those full 360 turns) are very cool, I'm not sure I can picture a situation where it would be fun to jump a foiler designed for VMG racing. Is it even legal to leave the water completely whilst racing?
  7. Dinghies, in order of difficulty

    I wouldn't say the A class is a 1 on the fragility scale once you get used to them. Obviously don't crash them into a fence in the yard and be careful when you put the mast up but they are very easy to handle in the boat park since they're so light, so perhaps the 1 could be a 5?
  8. 18' Whisper Production Foiling Cat

    Sail-world reporting the Viper will have Z foils: www.sail-world.com/151078
  9. If you think about it from the point of view of designing something to an existing rule I think that is a pretty awesome soloution, even though a simple 21 foot trimaran would probably be faster. There's no point arguing against foiling monohulls, due to space constraints in most marinas there will continue to be more and more of them, provided the foils can be retracted most of the way in. I wonder what contribution the wing rig has? Does anyone know more about it?
  10. Maserati on Foils

  11. Maserati on Foils

    Latest Facebook video from Sodebo has a C board with a tip installed on on the ama foil: https://www.facebook.com/thomas.coville.9/posts/10210402549889695
  12. Maserati on Foils

    I'd be interested to see a translation of the Italian in the new video posted Maserati posted on Facebook an hour ago, looked like they were talking about the foils as the boat sailed along.
  13. What this Isnt

    It isn't a 2.4m in one piece?
  14. 2016 A-Class North Americans in September

    I've got a 2006 German Flyer I'm planning to convert soon, I'm hoping it should be stiff enough to be a semi-decent foiler. I figure it's going to have cost about 15k AUS by the time it's all done.