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  1. It used to be that the GMI20, but the other small displays couldn't. I think that is still the case.
  2. Ex F-14 pilot ...
  3. They are NMEA 2000 based, so won't work with H2 or H3. If using with Exp and H5000 (using an Actisense NGT-1 and ethernet), you want to Exp to ignore most/all NMEA 2000 sentences from H5 since you are getting those from the websocket.
  4. Most of us gave up on BT for this years ago for reliability and range reasons. It might have improved though ...
  5. You could also just have an ad-hoc network.
  6. I have this functionality in Exp from back when we tried these as backup compasses. The main problem with them was they didn't like roll, which isn't much use on a sailboat. 3.2 Installation-Offset Correction After installation and successful deviation calibration, it is important to perform installation-offset correction so that the displayed compass heading, pitch, and roll match the actual vessel heading, pitch, and roll. Installation-offset correction is done using one of four possible procedures. 1. Maretron Display Product Initiated (Section 3.2.1) 2. Manual Installation-Offset Correction (Section 3.2.2) 3. Through the NMEA 0183 Interface (Appendix A) 4. Through the NMEA 2000® Interface (Appendix $PMAREXE,SSC200,,24,”known heading in tenths of degrees”,,,<CR><LF> This is the command used to perform installation-offset where the compass is aligned to a known heading and the pitch and roll are zeroed to the vesse’ls current attitude. If the current or known heading is 177.0°, then a value of 1770 should be programmed.
  7. You can set the offset.
  8. If you have a connection to your computer, you can use that to initiate the compass swing etc
  9. Yes, you can do HLink over Wifi with something like a Moxa. You can even do NMEA 2000 over Wifi. In the H5 case, the preferred option is to use the Websocket (which is definitely not HLink) over Ethernet or Wifi.
  10. The old Silva/Nexus paddle was also quite good. I had a German magazine article from last century with some test data on a range of paddles.
  11. That is there for future proofing. I don't think H5 supports it yet ...
  12. You might also find the Signet has a nicer pulse ...
  13. Whether or not the Expedition help file is what you want it to be, the point behind the NorthU webinars, Will's book, Ocean Drivers etc is that a few people have acquired significant skill sets over the years that most will never have the opportunities to replicate and are willing to share them.
  14. Thank you for your comments. From my perspective, it is rather hard to teach someone to sail and navigate in addition to making the software, especially as everyone does things differently. Which is why the Exp help is designed as a reference. The philosophy is that it explains what each function is for and how to use it rather than being a how to navigate guide.
  15. Yes, or an RS232-422 converter