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  1. soliverg

    Bull 7000 - Help

    Hi Mambo, just may be one day we will catch up again to have that drink. Hope you enjoyed your drive around the southwest. The north of the state is just as spectacular, just a lot further between sites. I use to work up north and would drive 18 hours straight to get to Perth. Its a big place. Glad you didn't bump Skippy (kangaroo), they really are stupid things, and very unpredictable. Keep sailing Geoff
  2. soliverg

    Bull 7000 - Help

  3. soliverg

    Bull 7000 - Help

    Ha Ha, Its a small world. I was the short little fat man going bald that you spoke to in the lower car park at Princess Royal Sailing Club in Albany. And yes they breed them tough down here, you should see our Opti juniors go. In T shirt and shorts. Nest stop is Antarctica. cheers Geoff
  4. soliverg

    Bull 7000 - Help

    Hi Mambo, you are correct, the first picture was at the "Rumble in the Reach", a sports boat invitational event at East Fremantle yacht club in Janyary. This year they had 21 sports boats racing in about an 800m course using a handicap start. Gets quite busy, and is a fantastic event. The other pictures was at the Walpole Regatta. We put the boat in at the town jetty and motor around to the course. There's plenty of water there in the inlet. We simply put a temporary mooring down for the weekend, saves pulling the keel up each day. No we can't use the club boat ramp, not enough water, we need 500mm to get it off the trailer. Wont try that caper again. The Walpole regatta also has a fleet for old gaffers and trailer sailors. (no spinnakers though, for safety,), but its a lot of fun, great company and the organisers do a great job, and it has the support of the whole community. Albany also started its Easter regatta again this year so hopefully we can get a travelling thing going. Great to hear you liked Western Australia, there's plenty of great sailing areas all along the coast. Like everywhere we need more people to get into the sport. Attached is a link to a drone video of the Walpole race I. We start at about 10.15 into it. ' cheers Geoff
  5. soliverg

    Bull 7000 - Help

    Some pics of Excitabull in Western Australia