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  1. Gouvernail

    Laser C5 Rig

    The Laser achieved success as the least expensive, reasonably durable, simply rigged, functioning, fun, sailing toy. If has slowly morphed into a more durable, conveniently rigged, not quite as inexpensive but way less expensive than most sailboats toy. The original market in which Lasers and Sunfish prospered is being served by no one. The AERO is chasing the market held by the current rendition of the Laser. in North America, LP is operating in a fashion which makes the concept of AERO’s success appear reasonable. I would like to see someone go after the market originally chased by Laser, Sunfish, and a myriad of other similar “everyman’s” boat designs. On the meantime, I own both an AERO and six Lasers. They are the necessary tools for the singlehanded games being played in Texas. Price: Both AEROs aNd Lasers are at the least expensive end of the current “must have this much $$$ to play.” and: the failure to grow fleets is ABSOLUTELY NOT about the cost. At my home club we have two fast growing fleets. In the last year out Pearson 26 fleet has added eight $15,000 boats. Our J-80 fleet has added a dozen boats complete with hydro hoists for about $35,000 each. I could sell four more J-80 tomorrow if i could find them. Meanwhile, over 200 new powerboats averaging over $100,000 each were just sold at Austin’s winter boat show. There are plenty of people with plenty of money to buy sailboats. The problem for the Laser on Notth America is simple .... THERE ARE NO STOCKING DEALERS!!!!!! SUMMARY: O am still racing my Laser and hosting a Laser regatta but I bought an AERO and I am building as rapidly as I can so we will all have a game to play when the last bunch of our old Lasers wear out.
  2. Gouvernail

    The Case For Impeachment

    Pussy grabbing
  3. Gouvernail

    Occasional/special tools for club to share

    Years ago I figured out the fact those in the rental business have put a lot of thought into their pricing. Rental tools also tend to be of the sort that are designed for durability even if that durability inhibits function. example: my DA sanders have lightweight discs that send virtually no vibration to my hands but fracture if dropped. A person who uses my tools MUST understand it is imperative to ALWAYS unplug the airline IMMEDIATELY so it won’t get snagged by a passing ankle . I have a few tools I will allow a few selected others to use but virtually every one of those individuals is a self employed mechanic or dentist who fully comprehends not just the price of the tool but the annoyance of having to repair or replace a damaged tool. I must admit, loaning my tools to those guys is almost always a positive experience. They often sharpen, lubricate, clean, or otherwise “pay “ for the convenience of using my stuff instead of driving home to get their own or having to buy and store theirs. My club has a hoist, lifting straps, electrical outlets, water spigots and hoses, ladders, and wheel chocks. EVERYTHING else we have left in the work area for communal use has been destroyed. They don’t “not care.” They don’t know how to care. They have not had tools of their own or even been supervised and taught while they used others’ tools. They don’t know the difference between , “It didn’t work right” and “I used it to do something it couldn’t do.” last: most sailors are bright folks. I offer access to my shop and tools to those who will enjoy following my directions but I have absolutely ZERO reservations about stopping them from hurting themselves, screwing up my tools, screwing up my shop, or or damaging their toys. Every accountant, when reminded, remembers his teacher showing him or her how to hold a pencil. You not only have to show a person how to use a tool, you probably have to repeat yourself and be insistent. Ok. I lied ..,.. one more thing. It really isn’t nice to set oriole up to fail. Leaving tools out where incompetent folks can use them to mess up thrir boats isn’t actually a favor.
  4. Gouvernail

    Laser C5 Rig

    It really wouldn’t take much to build the Laser @40 kilos with a reshaped deck removing the need for a core and durable well reinforced laminates in the hull. As the Laser’s entire construction is of materials and shapes that absolutely become non-competitive over a few years of hard use, the fantasy of “keeping the old boats competitive” accomplishes nothing except the eventual death of the entire game. The current question, no one can answer, “Can the Laser be updated in a fashion that keeps the door closed to boats like the AERO?” The well known well entrenched Laser game needs to survive only two obstacles: 1. The design and creation of the updated version of hull laminated, deck design, rig, and sails 2. The seduction of a new investor who is willing to build and market the modern toy. ***+* Currently the Laser game has neither and the AERO game has both. Assuming RS continues to vigorously seek the singlehanded sailing market, after some period of time, the AERO may possibly replace the Laser as the singlehanded racing toy. It could take another ten years of LP to allow RS to steal the Laser market. Sailors who want to start playing in modern boats currently can purchase an AERO but the most top level singlehanded competition is still only found in the old established Laser. There is another factor which may hasten the rise of the AERO and perhaps contribute to the demise of the Laser. AEROs are fun new toys many of us can afford to purchase and for everyone but those who are capable of winning in 100 boat fleets, the competition is already there. In North America, the AERO is already to most available new pretty ready to use toy. I am going sailing on mine tomorrow.
  5. None of it matters. The faithful are deaf, dumb, and blind
  6. Gouvernail

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    @.22 Tom makes a very interesting accusation about the use of drug sniffing dogs. I could set up appropriate tests to determine whether the dogs react accurately. I am not willing to accept a government commissioned test or a test by druggies. A couple things to test: a. Do clean cut people who are carrying drugs get past the dogs? b. Are false positives more common in those who “look like druggies?”
  7. Gouvernail

    The Wall

  8. Gouvernail

    The Wall Truth

  9. Gouvernail

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Another week of volatility
  10. Gouvernail

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Had to post this somewhere
  11. Gouvernail

    The Wall

    Yeah. The international treaty mentions wars. I remember an America that welcomed those who came here to try to create a better life. With respect to WWJD, which was the context of my comment, your question has no relevance.