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  1. Gouvernail

    F35 to ditch entire logistics system.

    Corrected for accuracy
  2. It sure was nice to see Colorado folks at Wurstfest and Texas folks at the Colorado champs. now if we could just wake up Oklahoma!!!
  3. Absolutely!! Everybody with a life has pretty much stopped wasting time posting. great Laser regatta in Dallas coming up this week!!
  4. Gouvernail

    Trump Admin Caught Manufacturing Fake News

    My fingers wee getting sore. I could have gone for hours describing the most fun to visit IMPOTUS library ever.
  5. Certainly you can!! Whenever you walk up to any group, EVERYONE that group ALWAYS has a look of disappointment.
  6. Gouvernail

    Hard for Dems to swallow a MAGA Pill

    If this fellow wins his suit, IMPOTUS and his friends will read more!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/deaf-man-sues-pornhub-lack-closed-captions/story%3fid=68354500
  7. He’s on for a big surprise!! https://m.chaturbate.com/anna220019/
  8. Gouvernail

    Sanctuary cities are good and righteous

    IMPOTUS is hiding out in Austin today.... He thinks he is taking advantage of the safety from federal enforcement
  9. Gouvernail


  10. Remember back when Nobody was hurt?? IMPOTUS tells the very best lies
  11. Gouvernail

    Trump Admin Caught Manufacturing Fake News

    Oooh!! I left out the Foolaide stand!!!
  12. Gouvernail

    Trump Admin Caught Manufacturing Fake News

    IMPOTUS Library would feature People Magazine, The National Enquirer, his twiddles, his thousands of lawsuits, rooms where you could pay for a half hour with a porn star, lying Trump dolls where the visitor can punch a button and hear his best lies, a Sharpie room with weather maps visitors can modify, Tv screens with Saturday Night Live Opening skits, hairpiece displays, a spray tan (orange) room where visitors could pay to get sprayed, a Real life jail section s Wess here visitors could pay to hang out with his very best people... And the best part??? The whole place would be surrounded by a 30 foot wall and entry will be denied to everyone but white folks