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  1. What if he HAD been wearing this?? Where is @Bull Gatorwith answers ??
  2. Fat Fucking Shithead??
  3. His insanity is on display in the brightest of lights every day
  4. My he stay constantly stressed out by his new job!!
  5. Note: I doubt Gropenfuhrer will resign. I believe our nation's best chance is the fact he is an old fat guy.
  6. The anti Vietnam war protests generally had great music and with all the pot , mushrooms, and booze, it was super easy to get laid. What brings the 20,000? Is it still a fantastic party??
  7. This thread's OP is the first and only place I have seen or heard any suggestion the fight has racial undertones. In fact I would call " utter and Complete nonsense" if i based my response onntge fact it is upstart brawl fighting seeking respect vs the established boxing. But the local redneck bar mentions the new fighting on its list of sports it has on its big screen TVs. Maybe the fight has some element of "po white folk" vs "inner city gym." i hope that is only true for a tiny minority.
  8. Usually, when I see reports of an attack I consider , "What would I have done had I been there?" The answer is rarely simple. I am certain I would consider self preservation at least to the point of living through any attempt to play hero. No way I am charging without a really good endgame plan. But i have been at a shoreside park when a crazy fucker pulled a knife. It was 35 years ago. He wasn't attacking me or my group of friends. He was attacking a sub group of his large party. I had been loudly made clear to him and those of us 100 feet away he was bothering a certain woman and his fellow partiers wanted him to leave. Anyway, he started waving his knife and chasing another guy. As he headed our way three of us picked up softball sized rocks and all three of us hit him on the first throw. He fell down. We took his knife and restrained him until the cops showed up. I didn't see any available rocks or bricks in the Finland photos. My arm is no longer that of an all star catcher. I wouldn't fight the knife weilding guy who is aware I am coming with a baseball bat but ... I sure as hell would risk taking a shot at him from behind with any number of potentially lethal tools from my work truck. (24" Pipe wrench, 15" Crescent wrench, various receiver hitches, 18" -3/4 inch drive extension, 24" breaker bar, various chains) but I wouldn't have my truck in Finland. --// There are parts of Austin where I would never go at night. These people were in a common tourist area. What a mess
  9. I cannot find a single word in this post to criticize. There are plenty of TM posts on this site I can quote and then refute. This isn't one of them. and... when I do refute a TM post he comes back with fresh arguments rather than mindless name calling . I find many of the posts in this thread to be the sort of unreasonable personal attack shit that detracts from the discourse summary: be nicer
  10. Considering what has saturated the media for the entire week, How could anybody possibly miss the fact it was a simple typo. As for the fight.. I am looking froward to it happening !! It can't come soon enough. It means the end of the constant insipid hype. In fact, I was pretty much sick of the hype before the fight was even officially announced. at least Wilt and TooTall had The sense not to go through with it
  11. And people criticize my lousy typing ....
  12. Who is running against him? I am all for Al Franken stepping up, but he hasn't yet. he is good enough smart enough and by golly people like him
  13. Not really. None of it is suggesting removal of the rights inntge first amendment the suggestion is the rest of us should vigorously oppose those who suggest we should abridge those rights. The response to: Get those niggers out of American government is: all humans are equal in the eyes of our society and your request is unconstitutional