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  1. Gouvernail

    “It’s the economy, stupid.”

    Nobody cares
  2. Interrupting the asininity : Absolutely nothing about US Gun laws will be changes in the next decade. Nothing!! End hijack Please resume your display of absolute ignorance
  3. Gouvernail

    The Ignored Elephants in the room

    Elephant?? A well to do person says he wants an organization to spend funds on certain projects. He convinces the members to let him be in charge of operations. He uses loopholes in the organizations member funding rules to avoid making any personal contributions to the organization He uses huge numbers of the organization’s funds to go on 300 golfIng trips. When asked about his failure to contribute to the organization, he proudly announces, “I don’t contribute because I am smart.” He asks the membership to extend his term as chief of operations.
  4. Gouvernail

    Melania TRump to vote for Joe Biden

    ^^^*******Just because m case anybody missed this^^^******
  5. Gouvernail

    Melania TRump to vote for Joe Biden

    You folks do realize a Donnie gets paid POTUS salary and benefits for life ?? doncha?? and Joe has both VO aNd Senate pension
  6. Gouvernail

    Presidential Debate #1

    Exactly. Are you busy the next four years?? We could use a POTUS
  7. Gouvernail

    Peel ply - unwaxed polyester resin

    Every marina has boats that are just sitting year after year after year. Go git ya self a chunk
  8. Gouvernail

    axial crack in rod head

    GET NEW WIRES!!!!!!
  9. Gouvernail

    Interesting Motor Mount for Wayfarer/Small craft

    Did somebody say motor mount??? http://www.schrothfiberglass.com/j24_racing_motor_mount.htm
  10. Most sports have an ideal size. 300 pounds to be an NFL Lineman 100 is huge for women’s gymnastics the sailor on the trapeze needs to be tall with big shoulders and skinny legs a NFL lineman could not serve as helmsman in a J-24 There are no 300 pound soccer players or 125 pound sumo wrestlers. It even takes a certain size of body part to be a porn star. *** Various sized folks have various advantages in life. I am about eighty pounds too heavy to be competitive over a full season on our local lake. Some days I win because I am the biggest. If all that mattered were winning, most of the fleet’s sailors would rarely or never have a great experience. The fact is most of us just go out to Sail and be with our friends. I start every race with the intention of finishing so far ahead I can’t tell who is in second. I have the most fun when five or six of us cross the finish line so close together we have to ask who won.
  11. Gouvernail

    Trump’s Taxes

    Consider a we’ll to do person who claims to support annual spending of $750,,000,000,000 on our military (Congress cut it back to $738,000,000,000) Assume every person in the country would contribute the exact same share. EVERYONE!! That includes newborn babies, people on death row, lunatics in asylums, You, me, and even rich old men like Donald John Trump. Each of us would have to contribute about $2000. but wait!!! There is more!! The same fund from which the Food and clothing for our troops comes is used to pay for Golf trips By the POTUS. The spending, from the same source as military funding, of a single golf trip is about $1,300,000. Donald John Trump’s recent annual payments to the general fund have been $750. At that rate he will pay for one golf trip in 2,000 years!!! Since his inauguration Donald John Trump has taken 300 of those $1,300,000 spent from the fund that pays for the military golf trips. At his rate of contribution, it would take 600,000 years to refund the money he used from the public funds ( instead of letting it be spent on equipping our soldiers) Certainly numbers do not describe the behavior of someone who thinks military funding should be $750,000,000,000 per year.
  12. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Back to 194th place Location Cases Deaths United States 7.18M +37,262 205K +344 India 6.15M +82,170 96,318 +1,039 Brazil 4.75M +13,155 142K +317 Russia 1.17M +8,135 20,545 +61 Colombia 818K +5,147 25,641 +153
  13. Which South Florida Bay??
  14. Gouvernail

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    Why does anyone give a shit??
  15. Gouvernail

    Your Question For The POTUS Debate

    Each of you likes to claim you support our military. How much of your own money did you send to the government last year to that effort?