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  1. What Tools Did You Use?

    We were having a discussion today about overhead and how much it costs to be the boat shop we are. Many of our “must have” equipment sits for days or even months between uses. The same goes for materials. Having right clevis pin , screw, color of paint, hose, piece of plywood, or whatever a job needs means having a huge amount invested in inventory. So here is a partial listing of what we used today: gallon of VC Offshore blue masking tape roller cover roller handle and extension 1”throw away paintbrush roller pan and liner wax paper for trailer pads two 10,000 pound Sailboat trailers one 15,000 pound Sailboat trailet 3/4 ton 4wd pickup truck four- 5 tin chain hoists four spreader bars for those hoists four 30 foot x4 inch lifting straps Hutchins DA sander Mikwaulkee buffer Local yacht club mast raising pole local yacht club launching ramp ( they spent $180,000 extending it for low water levels a few years ago) our outdoor hoist (20,000 lb capacity) upon which those chain hoists hang 80 pounds of lead blocks to balance boat in hoist eight tie duwn ropes to steady two boats in the hoists gasoline fir pressure washer presdure washer Water hose coverslls carttidge masks hearung iritection muffs gloves 15/16 and 3/4 combination wrenches fior trailer adjusting 3/4 inch by 20 foot keel retention line fir trailer safety 36 inch exhaust fan floir push broom brush and dust pan roughneck gstbage can our indoor 12 ton hoist upon which two more of those chain hoists hang three compressors that power the Shop air paint shaker some xylol tweezers (fucking splinter) ten - ten foot lengths of 5/26 braided nylon fir tie down lines. Tie down straps —33 foot 10,000 lb capacity two by six for mast support on bow pulpit 80 foot by 1 1/2 tow line for ramp hauling of keelboat 80 foot one inch goldbrsid for bow line while hauling keelboat four Tire chocks 16 foot extension ladder Air hoses and extension cords (we rigged one boat and droooed tge mast on another) 2-vice grips 2-pliers wire cutter , stripper, crimpet tool three sets of spade connectors for mast lightsubricsnt fur turnbuckles paper towels 24 new cotter pins for shroud clevis pins and turnbuckles screwdrivers a roll of electrical tape new spreader boots —two sets for double spreader rig I write anbestimatecabdvteo this novices onntgein Shop computer and printed them out we also used the bathroom and grabbed cold drinks from the shop fridge That list isn’t complete and it does represent a fairly typical day. there is another thread about favorite tools... we needed all of the above I would love to see some other posts about other shop or do it yourselfer typical days
  2. Flag Burners and Hate Speakers

    A flag is a hunk of cloth. It is not a person. it is not a god. That hunk of cloth can most certainly be property. It can even be valuable property. Certainly none of you may burn my flag without my permission. Certainly I may not burn anyone else's Flag without the owner’s permission. Try as I might, I simply cannot find a reason anyone should be able to tell me how I am allowed to treat a flag I own. Sure, I cannot litter. I cannot break “open fire” bans. But... if I choose to see a flag I OWN as the perfect hunk of cloth to polish my car, dry my dishes, make a bikini, serve as placemats, wave flaming as a protest against the behavior of my government, wave after winning a race at the Masters NA Laser Champs, fly at half mast after a tragedy, drape over a vet’s casket, or hang on a pole to celebrate July 4?? it is my hunk of cloth To suggest otherwise seems to be a form of religion and In my view, asks me to violate God's Commandment about worshipping other gods. —-. if you do not want to give attention to causes raised by those who burn flags, don’t pay attention!!!!
  3. @Hillary Sorry I missed Monday. Apparently it was a doozie!!
  4. Wow... I am humbled.. please understand ... these photos of down days are simply aimed at Happy Jack... certainly there are up Days. Certainly every politician does and says things with which I agree. The ENTIRE point of these posts is to remind Happy Jack Malarkey Killery Man Again Hillary—— there are undeniably bad days under his infallible hero just like under every POTUS. ~~~~~~~~~ Don’t let the next post bother you!! it isn’t for anybody but the guy who started the thread
  5. Why did Trump pay $130,000 to silence a woman?

    If adultery is a crime if the non-disclosure agreement is about an adulterous act wouldnt that be grounds for prosecution? wouldnt it at least make the contract into a conspiracy?? would it even be legal to be a lawyer who wrote such a contract? non-disclosure agreements are generally used for and are difficult to enforce with respect to company secrets . Is he claiming a special proprietary method of intercourse? Comparing to business related non-disclosure: a. Can a company deny (lie) about the existence of a proprietary process while claiming to be damaged by someone who talks about they claim does not exist? B. Can a company use the government to enforce a policy against reporting illegal acts? ...... it seems to me there are so many holes in and illegalities related to the Gropenfuhrer’s position his lawyers would be shredded in a courtroom.
  6. never fuckin' mind

  7. This is Mr E. Bunny Himself sending NOR to the world : 35th EASTER LASER REGATTA March 31-April 1, 2018 The Austin Yacht Club, Laser Fleet #22, Schroth Fiberglass, and the Easter Bunny Himself are the proud sponsors of this event . (This is the 35th event and 34 years since the birth of the event) The race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, The Laser Class of North America, and the regatta Sailing Instructions. Entry: $40 to Fred Schroth, 15605 Checotah Drive, Austin, Texas, 78734 Or at the Regatta site after 8:30 and before 9 am March 31,2018 Information: Schroth Fiberglass…512-659-0694 or KEELDUDE@sbcglobal.net classes and divisions: Laser Full rig, open, apprentice, master, grand master, great grand master, female, Reynolds, others as necessary Laser Radial, junior, female, geezer, punks, others as necessary 4.7: Open, 100 kilo kids, bearded 12 year olds, fuzzy headed giggleboxes Sailing instructions and Skippers meeting: 9 am Saturday, March 31, 2018 Austin Yacht Club Clubhouse First race as soon as possible after Skippers meeting. Other races to follow. Up to five on Saturday. Eight races are scheduled. No race will start after 2 pm Sunday or be completed after 3 pm Sunday April 1 Trophies include the Perpetual Easter Laser Regatta trophy which remains on display at the Austin Yacht Club and the best assortment of other trophies to be found anywhere in the United States at any regatta, and we aren't bragging. Unless an eighth race is completed there will be no scores discarded. Each competitor will be able to discard one worst score if an eighth race is completed and only if the following condition is met: The winner of each fleet must also be the same individual who would have won had all the races been included in the scores. Application: The winner of the event for either fleet shall be the sailor who would have won in the absence of a discarded score or no competitor in that fleet shall discard any score. Directions: Find Texas Ranch road 620 west of Austin. From the north, cross the bridge below Lake Travis, turn right at the first light after the bridge on to Hudson Bend road, drive one mile to Beacon drive, landmark for Beacon drive is Los Pinos Restaurant, turn right and drive to club entrance .8 mile. From the south and Highway 71, drive on 620 approximately 11 miles, Turn left on Hudson bend road, turn right at Shamrock / Hudson Bend Grocery/ Los Pinos, go to club. You must check in at our Saturday morning registration and sign the official waiver forms or you will not be allowed to launch and sail with us. In an effort to make certain you understand exactly what that means, here is some of the wording. It is published here so you may show it to your favorite advisors and fully understand what you are signing before you sign. The official form will say something like the following: To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby waive any rights I may have to sue the race organizers (organizing authority, race committee, protest committee, host club, sponsors, or any other organization or official) involved with the event with respect to personal injury or property damage suffered by myself or my crew as a result of our participation in this event and hereby release the race organizers from any liability for such injury or damage Mail the entry early so we can plan for food…we like to feed sailors Name…………………………………………………sail number…..……… Mailing address……………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………phone…………………………. Email…………………………………..boat name contest…………………p
  8. Craigslist Finds

  9. Michelle Obama

    What a lame assed thread !!!
  10. My favorite boat repair tools.

    Pocket blower.... we have a 36 inch chicken coop fan that runs mostbif the time as an exhaust fan. It has a box in front of the intake with ten, 20” X 20” filters. Most of our dust ends up on the floor between the job and the fan or in the filters. Part of stopping for lunch, the end of the day, or even a break is to blow all the dust toward the fan filters and sweep up the pile on the floor. We blow the dust off all the lights at least daily because ifbit sits on the bulbs it has to be sanded off. that sticking dust problem may change as we have switched msnynif our fifty )four foot( Shop lights to LED. We have substituted 16 LED tubes (15 watt 6500 K) for T-8 (32 watt 6500k) and love the light and saved power but we are waiting to see if the plastic tubes covering those lights will get dirty and be impossible to clean Lights of America makes four foot LED Shop lights in 34 and 40 watt versions that are very bright and we have switched 20 of our old T-12 fixtures to the 40 watt Lights of America Shop lights mikwaulkee... all four of our buffers are the. big old heavy duty Milwaukee beasts. None is newer than 1985 we also have two of their 15 amp beastly fisc grinders. My “new one” from the nineties isn’t as nice as the old one I bought used in about 1980 but nobody local has parts for the old one so I bought the new one. Now that there is an Internet, parts for the old beast are available the post above sold me on Milwaukee battery powered stuff. When my dewalt stuff finishes dying I will probably go to Milwaukee
  11. never fuckin' mind

    So what?!?
  12. My favorite boat repair tools.

    Sorry I can’t answer this thread by naming a single tool. I do carry an air blower in my pocket. Mostly?? I have been collecting tools for fifty years. If I see a tool and it seems to be something I might use, I generally buynit. I am always sorta surprised when I buy a specific tool we haven’t ever had before for a specific job and that tool becomes one we use quite regularly. .. The favorite “tool” is probably a big organized place to store lots of tools. The most commonly used tools in my shop?? The DA... we have a bunch of Hutchins Air tools. I like them. I very much like dealing with the company. In fact I like the way the folks at the company respond so well, I don’t much care if there are better tools. I am a very happy customer. Vice Grips... we probably have a hundred of their tools. The deep throated clamps that are about 18 inches long can be so very useful but the medium sized locking pliers that are about 7 inches long get used all over the place. Ratcheting combination wrenches . We have the Craftsman sets with the same angle as a standard non ratcheting combination wrench and tiny little levers that change the direction. The 7/16 seems to be innuse constantly 3/4 and 15/16 combination wrenches... they fit the pinch bolts on our trailers battery operated drills and drivers. They get used and used until they die. It seems the various companies have no interest in settling on universal batteries. We have had makings, Porter Cable, dewalt, Milwaukee, and seem to be starting a new round of Porter cable. tge tools and chargers and batteries all seem to start dying about the time there are new improved tools and batteries. If I had spent big bucks on really durable stuff, I am Not certain the old tools would be as good as the modern stuff. We have four of these utility lights. They are bright and last all day inside a boat. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005I19A4I/ref=asc_df_B005I19A4I5409468/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=394997&creativeASIN=B005I19A4I&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167155426463&hvpos=1o30&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11105295027175785861&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9028300&hvtargid=pla-309379957393 The shop wouldn’t be the Shop without the hoist. We have great spreader bars and the indoor hoists are on trolleys. My fleet of trailers took me fifty years to assemble and I am almost happy enough to stop buying more. You can’t work on Sailboats if you can’t move them around. Every single one of the trailers has acme thread screw jacks. I give up
  13. Drip Drip Drip

  14. The president's health

    They are for the nation.