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  1. Gouvernail

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    @WCB i seriously doubt there is a soul contributing to this thread who honestly disagrees with my perceptions or the reasoning behind my effort to establish an AERO fleet in Texas and at my home club. For whatever reasons LP has chosen not to support the old Sunfish / Laser dealer network and it is not doing a competent job of supplying the North American Singlehanded Sailing game. The lack of marketed and available equipment is already making it extremely difficult, at least in Texas, to keep our game vibrant. I care a lot about Sailboat racing. I can guarantee no individual has spent a larger percentage of his income on the organization and promotion of Laser Sailing than I have . I continue to do that because I know how to make the game happen and I feel obligated to do so. I last served on Sunfish /Laser Race Committee just five days ago. I repaired a kid’s Laser last week (gratis) and rigged a woman's, new to her, sunfish today. But... Why the AERO?? I do not see any other available options that has ANY chance of rescuing our game. I believe, if LP continues to control the supply and continues to fail to serve our sailors, we will need another fleet into which we can jump sometime after 2020. We need 10,000 of some sort of singlehanded Sailboat that are in RACE READY CONDITION. We need new ones. We need parts at dealerships. We need used ones. We need fleet captains. We need Regatta schedulers. We have some SERIOUS WORK to complete. The 100,000 Laser Hulls currently in NA are either worn out or being sought after to be used up by those of us who are scrambling to keep our game going. I personally found, refurbished, and put at least a dozen ready to sail Lasers under People this year. The Dallas fleet has found about a dozen more. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF WAYS TO KEEP OUR SAILORS ON TOP QUALITY LASERS!!!! Our Sunfish sailors are having the same problem!!!! We put at least 20 Sunfish on the course EVERY Wednesday all summer and lots of our sailors are annoyed they cannot replace their old worn out toys. I think the AERO is a reasonable option for both Sunfish and Laser Sailors. If I do not do my job and build a fleet, I fear we will be looking back from 2022 and complaining about the fact I knew I had a job to do and I failed to do it. . If you have a better solution than starting all over again in an entirely new boat offer your solutions. All I want to do is show up at the lake and find a great fleet. @VWAP Who is doing any such thing? That post is entirely made up garbage!! Seriously, I have no idea what demons drive your behavior in these forums but your snide remarks and personal attacks contribute absolutely nothing to either these forums or the game of sailing. It certainly would be wonderful if you could find a way to focus your energy and efforts on building the game and friendships with the other participants.
  2. Gouvernail

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    At the risk of starting a series of attack posts from VWap: 1. Neither of the dealerships who have supplied boats to San Antonio, Houston, Corpus, Austin, and the surrounding areas has been able to acquire stock for years now. 2. LP sent a fleet of charter Lasers to the Nationals in Houston and did not coordinate that effort with the Houston dealer. 3. LP set up a retail truck at Houston Yacht Club (5 miles from the Houston dealer’s Shop) and sold Carbon spars, new sails, any parts anyone wanted, and even offered to make post Regatta deals on the charter boats. ( note: the Fleet’s Next stop was the youth world’s in Corpus and the boats purchased were for delivery AFTER that event) 4. LP sold at least five boats to parents of Clear Lake Junior sailors BEFORE offering post regatta charter boats to the Houston Dealer. 5. AFTER the Youth Worlds were complete and everyone who found out LP was selling parts and boats from their truck had had a chance to make a purchase, LP offered to supply the Houston dealer with some parts and boats. (For those unfamiliar with the North American Boat business, sales come nearly to a stop around July 4 and do not pick up again until energized by midwinter sales and spring fitting out season. Stocking the shelves in August is not something North American boat dealers have EVER done. Manufacturers hold dealer shows in the fall, offer HUGE discounts to anyone who will take delivery before January or even March and focus on building boats for the spring rush.) The Houston dealer declined to load its shelves and storerooms with product it could not reasonably expect to sell until spring. 6. The sponsoring company of Dinghy Anarchy is doing everything it can manage to get its products recognized by North American sailors. There is a trailer of their charter boats curently touring Texas regattas. The Houston dealer is sending as many as three of its employees with personal boats to sail and a dozen “try it out” charter boats to at least four events in Texas this fall. 7. My opinion: I believe the well financed supportive local dealer is any sailing fleet’s Very best friend. It is certainly possible to have a fleet without that special dealer but..... It is soooooo very much easier to prosper when there is somebody spending money on organization and promotion and with Lasers and other similar boats a huge percentage of the new blood has always been those who bought a boat at the dealer and were subsequently introduced to the fleet and racing. When Rod Malone’s Sail and Ski Center in Austin celebrated the sale of its 500th Laser we only had about 100 on the grounds at Austin Yacht Club. (In fact, our fleet has survived the last ten years largely by finding old Sail and Ski Lasers stored in various garages and boat houses. I just found a 1984 unused boat for my own use. ) It takes a HUGE number of boats to maintain a forty boat fleet of moderately active sailors that averages 15 to 20 boats per event. My concern is the lack of brand new equipment from the local dealer will cause our local fleets to lose critical mass. Our club is generally more active than it has been in years. Our junior program is more active and in greater numbers than ever. Our keelboat fleets are growing. Because there are boats available and enthusiastic fleet member organizers, our J-80, Ensign, and Pearson 26 fleets are each putting over ten boats on the starting line every time the RC sets a course. Our radio control night is booming. 150 new people move to the Austin area EVERY DAY!!! They have jobs and they need to recreate. New people come to our club every week. but we do not have anyone in town selling new Lasers or Sunfish and the necessary parts and sails. So... in an effort to have a vibrant local Singlehanded game in 2020 I am working to ADD an AERO fleet to our club’s sailboat racing options. I still hope to host at least another fourteen so I can establish, “Hosting fifty consecutive years of a one design regatta” as my Lou Gehrig /Cal Ripken sort of longevity standard for sailing. I have no idea yet whether the AERO fleet is going to achieve sufficient participation to satiate my personal lust for big fleet racing. I am, however, reasonably confident we will have lots of 20 boat AERO regattas in Texas Next year. I would take the bet, “there will be at least one 30 boat AERO event in Texas in 2018.” if Lasers still had active well supplied Texas dealers , there absolutely would not be an AERO fleet starting this rapidly. but... As the AERO is absolutely a different animal than the Laser and interesting in its own way, the AERO game is probably going to happen in Texas Whether Lasers become available again or not. Summary: I think any strong sailing fleet helps all other sailing fleets. When any fleet dies, all sailing loses something. I hope in ten years we have fleets of 100 Lasers, Fleets of 100 Radials, Fleets of 100 AEROs, and even fleets of Finns.
  3. Gouvernail

    Gay Test

    What a bunch of snowflakes!! Get over yourselves!! Hillary lost!! According to the leader of the free world, “When you see something like that you move on her like a bitch.”
  4. Gouvernail

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    How could your post a photo like that?? If you had a son would you post that?? It doesn’t pass the son test.
  5. Gouvernail


    I bought two new pairs of Nike Sunday afternoon. May all of you who have been objecting to Kaepernick’s stand against racism rot in hell!!!
  6. Gouvernail


    Our POTUS paid $130,000 to fuck a pickup
  7. Gouvernail

    'I'm going to replace you.'"

    It is impossible for a rational person to support the current POTUS.
  8. Gouvernail

    Gay Test

    Your outrage is downright silly. All I see in the photo is a good looking athletic young female scrambling back onto her sailboat. People in my part of the country sail on our local lake wearing much less or even nothing. Those of you who are all wrapped up in the fact she is barely clad are not seeing her photo as I see it. My post was intended as humor. “If you are looking at the boat rather than the pretty girl you might be gay.” Let me add to that: If you felt compelled to rage about the post, you are not fully comfortable with your sexuality.
  9. Gouvernail

    College Football 2018

    Oh where oh where oh where is Bull Gator when we need to discuss KENTUCKY!!!!!!!?!