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  1. Gouvernail

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Beautiful?? a person mourning her dead husband is beautiful?? what?? and what does a war casualty have to do with the the kneeling. What does her loss of a husband have to do with bringing awareness to police violence against black men??
  2. Gouvernail

    Happy Memorial Day!

    I hope she is able to cope
  3. Gouvernail

    Happy Memorial Day!

    I hope the photographer sat down and offered some comfort. There probably isn’t any but the gesture would probably help a little.
  4. Gouvernail

    Happy Memorial Day!

    One of my group leaders at MFG Boat company (who shall remain nameless) had spent time in Viet Nam. One day there was a Big Bang in the shop and I found him a half hour later crouched and shivering under a mold. We left for the day and spent the evening at Layden’s bar. The bartender (Francis) had been infantry in WWI and had all the right things to say. It wasn’t enough but it was absolutely appreciated. I brought everybody in for a meeting the next day and explained (as well as a well protected college boy who never served could) our new noise policy. “You WILL go find him and let him know before creating a Big Bang. If a hull or deck is coming out hard, go get him so he can help create the noise. You may not shut off the forklift that always backfires except when it is outside or in the warehouse.” A couple months later some guy found the forklift idling in the hall outside my office and shut it off. It backfired. I didn’t even look. I yelled, “Whoever just shut that off had better go find (our veteran) and apologize for scaring the hell out of him.” A while later our veteran’s head popped in my office and he said, “Robert Morrison just spent a half hour apologizing to me.” Robert Morrison: the guy who came up with fiberglass Corvette bodies and owned the eight Molded Fiber Glass Co. divisions.
  5. Gouvernail

    Flynn exonerated, apologies from the left?

    Nothing to see. He CONFESSED!!!!! Sensible people remain immune to the gaslighting.
  6. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

  7. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

  8. Gouvernail

    Flynn exonerated, apologies from the left?

    Sorry fella. You are woefully misinformed. No one KNOWS Flynn didn’t commit crimes. There are some CLAIMING there is a certain path of convoluted reasoning used by some politically motivated apologists whereby those investigating and prosecuting had not reason to do so and any resulting confessions do not count. Flynn confessed to very real crimes
  9. Gouvernail

    The MAGA Church

    There is no American left. There is the Murdoch right And centrists.
  10. Gouvernail

    The MAGA Church

    Holee fuck!!! Rightie whack jobs are super welll organized
  11. Reach back, grab the material, and pull your Wadded up panties out of your ass cracks!!! No matter what you decide to do or not do, the other side will whine. Fuck em!! Do that which you know to be right.
  12. Gouvernail

    Twitterer In Chief