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  1. Gouvernail

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    Seems to me there are a myriad of possibilities and believing chemicals are not involved, especially without seriously investigating, seems foolishly shortsighted.
  2. Gouvernail

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    Sorry to quote myself but I am deadly serious about the above. the APA would love to describe the problem as one they could solve with psychological modifications, the politicians would like to use the government and laws, religious people want to solve it with their churches . Most of the responses above come from people with an agenda who don’t like the way society is going and want to blame any problems on the fact that it’s not going the way they would like it to go . I get back to the simple lead paint analogy or comparison . I believe it is quite likely that the many new mankind generated chemicals in our atmosphere are very likely culprits at which we should look . The billions of tons of toxic hydrocarbons floating around in the atmosphere Could easily be modifying how our brains work . The simple act of driving in traffic and breathing the fumes from all the other vehicles could very well modify how our brains function for days if not weeks or years . The more we learn about the operation of the brain the more we know that it is severely affected by minuscule changes in the chemical composition of our bodies. Some chemicals can destroy our brains in a single whiff. The idea that are developing humans are not being changed by atmospheric chemicals seems much more Ludacris then the idea that their brains are being modified by those chemicals . it very well may be that we are growing in entire generation right now whose brains will not function in 50 years because of the build up of whatever chemicals they are ingesting today . We already know as fact, clinical psychoses are often caused by interaction with chemicals . Clinical psychoses are not caused by excessive trophy distributions. Brains are destroyed by sticking noses in bags and sniffing hydrocarbons. I believe we can rest assured that 50 years from now humankind will have discovered ways to measure and will have quantified exactly what happens to the human brain when it is exposed to exhaust fumes during the busy rush-hour of the 2000s hell knows what the radiation from our cell phones does!? which food additives are killing us all? I suspect we will know exactly why some people’s brains do not function correctly and I suspect the primary cause will be encounters those brains have had with toxic chemicals (blame any weird words in Siri. I didn’t edit much after reciting into the phone) https://youtu.be/JPrAuF2f_oI
  3. Gouvernail

    So, now they break the law to get Trump?

    Awww let Happy Hack have his fun. He is shooting for #1000 downvotes by Tuesday. Can you help??
  4. Gouvernail

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    I am glad you are done!! My goal is to make certain my repairs NEVER fail while spending as little effort and material as possible . Without focusing on this thread or disparaging the contributions of anyone ... but generalizing... Far too many answers offered in these and similar forums are written by people who thoroughly enjoy describing expensive and complicated solutions. Complicated and expensive solutions are the last resort
  5. Gouvernail

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    There never was any structure across that seam. The structure is elsewhere. Odds are you could get another forty years out of it if you just painted it and splashed it . If you want to feel like you did something good, lay some fresh glass over that seam. ( note: I would do the following as part of a normal bottom Job and probably not even bother to itemize it on the bill... or maybe charge $25 to $50 ) it is already sanded pretty well. If you have some good quality ISO resin it would be fine. offs are I would use a few squirts of West System as my resin i would use 1.5 ox chop strand may I would tear three strips .... no scissors as I wouldn’t want any sudden edges the mat strips would be three widths the length would be a couple inches longer than the crack , three inches then four inches. the width would be about an inch and a half ,.... a little wider and a little wider than that I would probably brush on a couple extra layers of the West resin after the glass layers kicked. problem solved... maybe 15 minutes of my time including set up and clean up. as the rudder is showing zero signs of any actual failure, the repaired rudder would be stronger than the one that made it through the last forty years. oh yeah... the extra resin is so, before applying fresh antifoulant, you can rough up the surface without destroying the structure of the band aid My apologies to those contributors whe spent so much effort trying to describe unnecessary and extensive solutions to the non-existent problem!!
  6. Did he collude with Okies?? Time for an investigation!!
  7. Gouvernail

    Trump Says Illegal Immigrants Are Animals Not People

    It would be deplorable.