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  1. Gouvernail

    PA Described ( pardon me if someone else posted)

    There is No need to see yourself on a video of this sort. There is a need to look at the set counterproductive behaviors and compare them to your own set. If the two circles overlap toomuch, you might consider modifying your own behaviors. In fact, for many who post here, the video will serve as a lesson packed with new ideas and descriptions of skills those posters will strive to develop.
  2. Gouvernail

    “Ranked - Choice” vote counting

    ANYBODY but Gropenfuhrer or Chelsea's mama.
  3. Gouvernail

    PA Described ( pardon me if someone else posted)

    I am surprised more folks have not commented something like, “This would be funnier if it weren’t so true.”
  4. Gouvernail

    Trump lies in Trump's mind

    I took a few abnormal and clinical psychology courses from an interesting professor 45 years ago because he was the singular best speech maker teacher I ever had the chance to enjoy. The classes were not in my primary section of the field but there wasn’t a lot to do during State College winters but drink or take extra courses and I never have been much of a party guy. I designed a multiple set of degrees having to do with applying Psychological and sociological principles to factory and school management. Dealing with crazies is not my interest nor was it my field of study. So.. I am ABSOLUTELY NOT qualified to diagnose individual mental cases or design treatments Having said that; I lived for a number of years in a situation where I had to rely on a manic. ( She didn’t do the depressive side) I became “the canary inntge coal mine” for that situation before I was in high school. I could recognize the beginnings of an episode and tell the other adults “It was time for her to start taking her pills again.” The adults hated to hear it but learned to listen to me the very first time they didn’t. “He called it three days ago and by the time I could tell she was all the way wound up.” Anyway, sixty years later, I can still spot a friend having mental problems long before anybody else is willing to go through the difficult efforts associated with insisting the person get some professional help. So... back to my Psychology professor. ”The only real difference between a crazy person and a normal one has to do with whether the person can function in society. There is almost never any individual behavior you can use to define crazy.” The POTUS is a unique individual who exhibits many behaviors commonly associated with diagnosis of insanity. People regularly point at those behaviors, but he continues to function. The surgeon who always has to take one last look before seeing up the wound exhibits compulsive behaviors but as long as she doesn’t let patients bleed to death her compulsive behaviors may be what makes her a great surgeon. I watch the a Gropenfuhrer as closely as I care to watch someone whose personality and behavior annoys and disgusts me. Sometimes he starts to get a little more out of control and my hopes rise that he may finally go clinically nuts. He has sufficiently reeled himself in every time. My guess is he will not go full on nuts unless he is removed from office. Min other words, I do not see a situation happening where he is removed because he has gone nuts... unless.... His ancient body starts depriving its brain of sufficient nutrients and oxygen. As he is a big fat out of shape guy in his seventies, the odd of him seeing 80 is significantly diminished. However, he does have superb medical care. i think our best bet remains voting him out.
  5. Gouvernail

    Keep America Great 2020

    Only mindless AM radio trained right wing whackos use such terms.
  6. Gouvernail

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    For those keeping track. Here is my first post in this thread made nearly eight months ago. Obama never had an eight month period where the stock market lost
  7. Gouvernail

    Keep America Great 2020

    King Asshole Guilty??
  8. Gouvernail

    KAG Krusty Anal Goo

    Keep Assholes Governing
  9. Gouvernail

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    What drugs did the Crabster ingest before starting this thread??
  10. OK So this one is less gross.
  11. Gouvernail

    KAG Krusty Anal Goo

    You guys are soooooo fucking lame. Al we need to do is google KAG and choose this thread. Repeatedly. Pretty soon it will be at the top of all google searches for KAG. How could a protest of the Gropenfuhrer be any less violent??
  12. Gouvernail

    KAG Krusty Anal Goo

    It is time to grab the early offensive. What is KAG?? KAG— Krusty Anal Goo The morning leftover after anal sex! Start googling!!!!!
  13. Gouvernail

    Keep America Great 2020

    Kickout America’s Gropenfuhrer