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  1. Dystopian creep

    The kakistocracy is kicking the intellectuals asses
  2. Have we hit bottom yet?

    The press is not leftist . There is done leftist press. There is done right supporting press. There are fringe nutjob press. the centrist media is being attacked by Gropenfuhrer and his kakistocracy that should scare the hell out of everyone but those who are against a free and powerful press
  3. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    There is no fun in that. What do you want us to do until spring?? Get night jobs? Order one of those three to six month delivery LP products? Make enough to pay for it when it arrives? Quit the job and Sail next summer? Give the boat to a homeless person and start the process again next winter?? Sorry... much more fun to bitch
  4. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    And they don’t play on powerboats, join golf clubs, takevregular ski vacations, own big camoer trailers or RV, but Audi’s, Beemers, Corvettes, or huge suburban homes... Huge numbers of people have plenty to spend on recreational activities that are much more expensive than singlehanded Sailing and do so in numbers that far exceed the participation numbers in singlehanded Sailing. if you think a person cannot afford $8000 for a brand new piece of equipment that will last for many years, you are thinking about a person who cannot afford to play. You cannot lower the price of singlehanded Sailing below the cost of some very fundamental base expenses: a. You must be able to afford to spend entire days and evenings. b. You must have transportation to and from the water c. You must be able to afford access to the water d. You must be able to afford storage either by the water or on your licensed and maintained trailer at some other location. ,,,,, Restated: there is a 36 foot sailboat for sale here on our lake for only $3000. (https://austin.craigslist.org/boa/d/26ft-ericson-sailboat-updated/6415983764.html) the slip rent is about $5000 per year. It might be a Fine batchelor pad but it sure as hell isnt an “entry level” Sailboat. ***** Sorry if my honesty bursts your bubble but if you can’t afford a new Laser, AERO, or Sunfish, you are not in the target market for ANY builder of any recreational toy. Used boats are wonderful. It is great to be able to pick up a cheap toy and come play with the Fleet but no fleet of any boat is sustainable without a supply of available reliable toys that an “entry level” player can simply purchase and go play. For most people the purchase of a fully functional $8000 brand new toy is much more realistic than searching Craigslist for a junker and spending weeks spending money on parts and materials trying to make it work before being able to play on a substandard second rate toy. ... May target market is those people entering triathlons, tennis players, golfers, and everybody who would be having a great time competing until they are eighty in a sport that is sometimes a bit physical but one in which a sixty five year old guy can often compete heads up full on with a fifteen year old . $8000 isn’t the barrier. Lack of an opportunity to be exposed to the sport is the ONLY barrier stopping millions of potential players who are wasting their money on much less satisfying endeavors. *** Forget about getting the people who can’t afford $8000 toys into the game. If you want to open up sailing for them, you are going to have to help them make more money so they can afford the time and funds to recreate. That is some serious scope of mission creep.
  5. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    If $8,000 is a deal breaker then the entire sport is dead. Of course powerboats, motorcycles, campers, cars, etc etc ... certainly are even deader. sailing Lasers and Sunfish snd any smalL boat is CHEAP by comparison to virtually any other equipment based sport or hobby. No!!! RK.. You cannot compare owning a brand new racing Laser to what it costs to race a J-24. Maintaining a J-24 in competitive condition exceeds the price of annual purchase of a brand new Laser. If you compare the cost of hitting tgreebor four nearby local J-24 regattas per year to hitting a few Laser events on the opposite side of the country ... the Guy Sailing all the biggest Laser events needs less money to participate. If you believe the target group for singlehanded Sailors is minimum wage earners and homeless guys, I guess a new boat is just too expensive however... anybody who can afford a jet ski, snow skiing, waterskiing, golf, bowling, curling, tennis, bass fishing, hunting, .... can afford a Laser or Sunfish
  6. Climate news

    Global warming models universally describe increases in severe weather. This includes larger snowstorms and longer droughts. Global warming is a process that began with the pollution and land clearing caused by the industrial revolution and is expected to take hundreds of years to warm the planet a few degrees. As global warming has barely begun to significantly change weather patterns, your snowfall experiences are likely quite similar to those people who lived in your geographic area during the previous century. About all you will see during your life will be a steady stream of new record highs that come at a rate which will be a little more regular than you might expect from random placement of hot days over the two hundred years those local records have been kept. ( as years are 365 days and Records have been kept for 200 years you might expect each year to have a couple record highs. Ten record highs in a year would not be a statistical surprise. Ten or fiftern record highs in consecutive years might be interesting. A run of years with ten plus. We highs per year certainly wouid indicate something is changing ) summary: your big snowstorm does not confirm the “bigger storms” theory. Your big snowstorm is “just a big snowstorm.”
  7. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Entry level boats are brand new toys sold by supportive dealers. entry level is not finding a diamond in the rough in sonebody’s Back yard. few people know how to fix up an old boat and make it race worthy. Fewer still have the tools and facilities a few of them might have the time a few of them may feel like doing it entry level is a person who buys a pretty toy from the showroom floor Entry level also is not , “Go down to the boat dealer and order a boat the dealer doesn’t stock .” entry level might take a ride on a charter AERO and write a check for $8,000. If LP doesn’t want to serve the market, someone else will
  8. Have we hit bottom yet?

    I love this gif
  9. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    But don’t let that stop anyone from forging ahead.
  10. Are You Tougher Than Me?

    My shoulders were both pretty well destroyed with respect to violent use by the time I was 30. My life as the catcher who could throw out anybody who dared try to steal second base ended in 1977 and with it went the one stroke toe to top of head mainsheet pump. i learned to play third base and I do the biggest trim stroke I can across my body rather than vertically. i hope you can work out similar “different muscles and joints” solutions so you can continue to play
  11. Climate news

    Bybthe and bybthe are effective detector tools. Each is used to replace “by the” for the same purpose. Certain people feel obligated to comment. The technical term for these phrases and others like them is “asshole detector.” I cannot honestly say, “ Your feedback is appreciated.” But You have once again demonstrated how wonderfully this detection system works.
  12. Tax “Reform”

    You anti free market communist piece of scum!!!! The profits of robot labor in the free market rich man’s world will go to the stockholders who own the companies that built those robots... note.... there shall be nothing but minimum wage for any laborers who are GIVEN jobs making those robots.
  13. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    Perhaps Dog meant: Look at meeeee!! I am writing foolish shit again!!!
  14. backlash?

    Here we are on a website called Anarchy discussing the merits of simplistic rules. Relationshps between humans are always complicated and multilayered. Neither any of the rules mentioned above or Anarchy offers a totally functional solution. Sorry for the interruption.. grabbing hat and coat... enjoy your bickering
  15. Obama compares Trump to Hitler YCMTSU

    There ya go insulting winch handles