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  1. After waiting many days for Gropenfuhrer to show up José continues to rain directly on the UN building. Meanwhile, the fact Gropenfuhrer is not a fan of Cuba seems to be saving that country from the wrath of Maria.
  2. I sure hope you are correct aboutbtge next few weeks. i saw a team give USC all they could handle at USCs home field. USC kept doing the same stupid running plays over and over but I didn't see much difference between the two teams that day. Maryland got Texas on its first game with the new coach. We shall see very soon whether Texas played over its head or the new coach is organizing his very talented horses i am not betting against them any time soon
  3. We elected "I live in a gold lined penthouse and enjoy daily decadence." Nobody who voted for Gropenfuhrer gives a shit about anybody but himself. Republican = selfish
  4. Today's polls are nuts. How can a voter put USC in the top five and not consider Texas worthy of a vote. Even as a "Texas Sucks and I love to see them lose" guy, I would drop them at 15 this week and make another adjustment after the OU game. Texas didn't even get an "others receiving votes." That is nuts. I doubt there is a coach in the country who wants to see Texas face his team right now. They have hired as good of players as any of the srmi pro college teams and Herman seems like a capable supervisor.
  5. Let me remove the ethical dimemna: Your participation in the bidding will increase the price either by however much you pay more than the fellow who would have bought or however much more you cause him to inflate his bid to buy what he would have otherwise bought for less.
  6. I would go get the one with a trailer right now if I didn't already have one in stock
  7. Holee shit!!! USC just refused to lose. Oklahoma better bring its A game to the Red River Rivalry.
  8. Enemy?? Did Congress declare war? Of we are going to nit pick about process, we need toook at everything. We are not at war with ISIS or anybody else on the planet. what we have is a bunch of vigilantes running amok and killing without first seeking Constitutional authority to do so, I would like to see my Senators and Congressmen vote to go to war against ISIS but no such vote or declaration has happened. Just like Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, Afghanistan, and Iraq, our soldiers are killing without the constitutional authority to do so.
  9. One damned Hurricane after another is being brought upon us by Gropenfuhrer's administration. Just wait 'till you see the blizzards this winter. Can the free world withstand four years of God's wrath ? earthquakes anyone??
  10. OK State and OK beatdown of PITT and Ohio State might indicate the Big Eight is a little better this year. As Pitt gave PSU a pretty good contest last week, the mighty BIG looks s little kess formidable as well. Michigan did pound Florida but Florida hasn't been worth a shit since the Sandusky sanctions were put in place
  11. Which is why you are dumber than a fifth grader
  12. This post was soooo fifteen minutes ago
  13. The problem is fools who pay attention to her. She is a media troll. Just like Gropenfuhrer Paying attention to trolls has consequences