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  1. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Liar Loser Twice Impeached Lame Duck’s toll for Saturday Just think how many more he could kill if he didn’t have those debilitating bone spurs. Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 23.8M +202K - 396K +3,353
  2. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    The Liar Lame Duck continues to kill a small town a day Cambridge Springs PA pop 2639 Edinboro PA pop 6438 Fairview PA pop 3099 North East PA 4108 Wesleyville PA pop 3185 Girard PA pop 2175 Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 23.6M +241K - 393K +3,744
  3. Many of those categories where the US has fallen down the list are those categories where the foundation of success is built. We have become a society with a huge sector of people who just don’t even try and it isn’t my job to lift others.
  4. Gouvernail

    shop vacuum anarchy

    Every couple years I buy whatever is on sale Black Friday. They work until they don’t. My favorites are the 5.5 to 6.5 Hp vacs on as small a container as possible. How often does anybody actually fill up a shop vac?? Who wants to lug around a great big bulky tank that never gets used??
  5. Gouvernail

    Absolutely positively ILCA

    I am old enough but the dumbasses running the Texas Distribution system just cut off supplies to the health care company I use. they are Austin’s largest medical group and so far have given more shots in this area than the combined next three entities... WTF... How can these people in charge be so damned incompetent???
  6. The question isn’t about falling out of first place. The very real concern is by 2030 the USA won’t be in the top ten
  7. That sucks. Back when the Game had a well funded enthusiastic North American builder sharing promotion efforts with the NA Class we gave all our officers pens and paid airfare as necessary to be certain a Class officer was present at every major championship. Sometimes we even got t shirts My guess is fewer Laser sailors are passing The triple super secret toll booth as and nobody is collecting 200-400 membership fees at CORK. .
  8. Has ANY POTUS ever had his own Cabinet members deliver such scathing remarks??
  9. Gouvernail

    Rudy and Sidney Disappear

    A person would have to give a shit about FAUX news to care.
  10. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    The Liar Lame Duck’s incompetence and deliberate deceit has killed 12,000 in three days. what a fine legacy. Location Cases Recovered Deaths United States 23.4M +238K - 389K +3,973
  11. Gouvernail

    How Serious were the events of Jan 6, 2021

    When the first person bashed upon the first window he should have been shot dead by multiple bullets. The first person to breach the building should have been exterminated. If it is true the POTUS or ANYONE was celebrating the event, the Secret Service should have immediately arrested that person. When the Capitol police were overrun, the reinforcements should have arrived as SWAT and immediately started exterminating those who were doing anything other than fleeing the building and rounding up thisecwho were fleeing for prosecution. and I am generally a pacifist
  12. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    @PeterRoss didn’t like this post . I wonder what it is he didn’t like about it?? Maybe the truth bothers him?? I could understand that. I find the truth about how one man has caused the deaths of untold thousands to be quite bothersome.
  13. Gouvernail

    J-80 mainsheet systems

    Last Saturday we sailed all afternoon in EXTREMELY puffy variable breeze that at some time came from every direction and varied from near zero to a steady 15 after the east wind from the approaching front finally took charge . it wasn’t also interesting as the temperature would rise into the eighties with puffs from the south snd dive into the fifties whenever the winds from the north and east took over. Also, for most of the afternoon the wind at the southeast part of our sailing area was from the south, the wind at the far north west was east or north, and the center of the sailing area was full of confusing swirls. as there was no race, we decided to sail in the confusing air snd try to learn how to adjust the sail trim for the many changes. I am pretty certain I have arrived at the summit