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  1. College Football 2017

    I graduated from PSU over 43 years ago. My wife finished her masters degree there five years later and, because she was there, after a two year break, I visited most weekends until mid 1979. Each of us interacted quite a bit with football team members. She did a lot of tutoring. I lived in the same building with a lot of players and regularly played basketball, golf, raquetball, squash, handball, and even went bowling with friend players. On a few occasions, when I was trying my hand at the sport, I was invited to use the fencing team locker room, but I never entered the football team facilities near their practice field. I didn't play football. One hit from one of those guys might have killed me. THEY were on the football team. I wasn't. Had I referred to the team as "we," my friends who knew I was not would have thought me a fool. I fully understand those who want to brag about their school football teams. It is fun to be able to claim, "My school's team is better than yours." My school team record is already on the books. While I was a student PSU went 40-6 with one undefeated season. Of course freshmen couldn't play back then so "my class" went 33-3. I guess I could add the years I visited while my girlfriend finished school and then came back a couple years later after we got married while she chased her masters degree. Those seven total years the Nittany lions went 72-10. Or I could leave out my freshman year and claim 65-7. As an undergrad My wife was there for 43-5 and the team went 22-2 while she was obtaining her Masters. Her bragging rights do not include the 7-3 season when Larry Czonka and Syracuse beat PSU at Beaver Stadium with (Eventual NFL Punter) Bob Parsons playing his last game at quarterback. John Hufnagle took over after that and PSU pretty much quit losing until after he graduated. Anyway, her "record" is 65-7. Summary: If you want to start a bragging contest about "your" team, I can play that game almost as well as my wife.... but Unless you went to or are going to one of the schools who have had or are enjoying similar success you are not going to impress me a bit. Example: Colt McKoy won over 40 games as a starting college quarterback. Now THAT is impressive and he can say, "We did that."
  2. College Football 2017

    Why?? Are you a coach? Are you a player? Are you a scout who is paid by the team? Do you work for the Georgia Bulldogs flagship radio or TV station? Are you at least someone enrolled in the University or someone who works there? Are you a merchant who caters primarily to the student body? Do you at least live in the community which interacts with those who attend and work on campus on a daily basis? Are you a recent alum? Are you a well known supporter with fifty yard line seats or a skybox? Seriously!! Rational adults have reasons for calling a team "We." I just wonder what makes you feel like you are sufficiently personally contributing to claim in print to be part of the Georgia football program.
  3. College Football 2017

    Are you a coach or player??
  4. College Football 2017

    2slow. 1. I don't play college football. Never did. There is no "y'all." That includes me 2. PSU has played only one team that currently has a losing record and that team beat Clemson the last time they played. Personally?? I think PSU is currently over rated and I believe they will be very fortunate if they remain unbeaten after their next three games. Georgia may be awesome. They too have some pretty good teams ahead. Apparently the two Washingtons and Clemson aren't as invincible as I thought
  5. Craigslist Finds

    http://m.sailboatlistings.com/view/39800 These boats were by no means wonderful. Most of those built were to supply dealers who bought exactly one. The ONLY reason I posted this ad is the photographer's obvious lack of rigging knowledge. The mainsail has a luff bolt rope and the boom is not designed to sail loose footed either
  6. Bill4 Outed in Austin

    You mean this??
  7. College Football 2017

    #2 has to play get past next three Saturdays before I can legitimately claim its spot. Getting by Michigan at home will be a challenge. At Ohio State looks like a mighty big challenge. Mason Rudolf and his gang pulled it off but OSU has been an entirely different animal since Week three is Michigan State who whumped Michigan. If they do all that, the number 2 is a reasonable rating but Georgia certainly has a great resume. TCU?? They play in the Big 12
  8. College Football 2017

    Just Wow!! Pitt last year and Syracuse this year?? It has been 40 years since Dorset and 47 since Csonka made those teams hard to beat. And WSU left the championship chase tonight as well.
  9. Bill4 Outed in Austin

    He is in town for the Austin City Limits music festival. He told me he is from $€#£+=¥€# and his real name is €{{#%€*'!!!
  10. http://www.businessinsider.com/rose-mcgowan-says-ben-affleck-knew-about-harvey-weinsteins-behavior-2017-10 Rose McGowan says Ben Affleck knew all about Harvey Weinstein's behavior: 'You lie' Nathan McAloneOct. 10, 2017, 5:28 PM
  11. Can you be any dumber?

    And these guys vote
  12. More, from Pennsyltucky.

    When I was in fifth grade in Western New York, our history books informed us the Kentucky Long Rifle was actually build in Pennsylvania but marketed as a Kentucky Long Rifle. I got a giggle from my classmates by suggesting it should be called the Pennsyltucky Long Rifle. My family later moved to PA and I lived there for 14 years. I never again saw the word Pennsyltucky or heard anybody say it until seeing this thread this morning
  13. Yamaha 9.9 Timing Question

    Fifteen minutes at Geico can save money on car insurance
  14. The Atlantic Gets Its Info Here In PA

    Hell!! I got the word from another fellow's post here in SA. I have never claimed it was mine . Arlo damn certain didn't write this either
  15. Craigslist Finds

    Yeah baby!! Let's start a fleet!!! https://eugene.craigslist.org/boa/d/classic-wooden-traditional/6279701453.html