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  1. Craigslist Finds

    In virtually all cases of abandoned boats: Whoever put the boat there knew what it was worth.
  2. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Wess: Consistency is the foolish hobgoblin of a lazy mind The original Kirby vs LP fight was about an established uniquely successful game whose success, in my opinion, was largely driven by the shared promotion by the builder, association and sailors. Funding for that promotion was built into the price of the product. Funding was assured by an agreement to use only those toys snd parts supplied by those who funded the game. LP decided to abandon that successful system and showed no intentions of replacing that system with some sort of new and improved system. My opinion of LP and the class officers who were duped into supporting LP has not changed. As years have passed and LP has abandoned the North American Market, I would love to see some entity replace the Laser with a generic toy. If that entity shows it deserves to have the same monopoly as LP used to enjoy, I might support the formation of a contract. I think it is much more likely a financially adequate business model is Possible if the builder can count on sales. With multiple builders, whoever happens to have the best sailors buying their toys will be the only builder supplying those wannabe sailors and in short order ... everybody
  3. I'd vote for this guy!

    I have no view. I have no inspiration to gain the information necessary to form a view. In fact let me add the accusers of George Bush to your list. Neither man will ever again hold public office. They are not in the same category as those who wish to be trusted with public power. If there is reason for criminal prosecution, I think that prosecution should go forward. If you want to add the information to history books.... by all means complete the story that should go with their reputations. Otherwise?? Stuff about Clinton or Bush is just dustractive shit that is irrelevant to the current discussions.
  4. I'd vote for this guy!

    There is a well funded attempt by the Republican owned media to equate all the improper sexual events. Franken's hirseolay is in no way equal to Gropenfuhrer's teenage dressing room voyeurism or crotch grabbing Moore's chasing of teenager pussy is not in any way similar to the Hollywood casting couch antics Gropenfuhrer has been accused of raping a drugged teenager. His behavior is well documented yet totally un-prosecuted. Why would the country be more concerned about the old comedian Cosby than the POTUS?? focus on the actual crimes!!!
  5. Trump: I Should Have Left UCLA Players in Jail.

    Trump should have left those punks in jail. UCLA. Certainly should have booted them out of their institution. Shoplifting while representing the university in a foreign country?? Really?? in what universe do punk ass chumps get to stay in that school?? basketball $$$ how fucking absurd
  6. Don't annoy faux Hillary with facts
  7. Craigslist Finds

    If it is wood..Too much paint. That pile of firewood will generate nasty fumes. If it is fiberglass a sawzall would be a great match
  8. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    I hope the maker space guys find a way to stay open and make a living doing so. Guys I know who gave used such facilities have loved them.
  9. Clearcoat repairs?

    Clear coats make it harder for the observer's eyes to find the surface. It is possible with clear to Make a slightly wavy surface appear to be perfectly fair. the trick does not fake out passing air or water molecules. i can't imagine why someone would do that to his own boat's bottom.
  10. Resin wont harden...

    Drops of catalyst?? generally mekp needs to be used between 1% and 3% more will degrade the finished product less will make it difficult to get adequate dispersion to cause a consistent chemical reaction. My guess is you spread some poorly catalyzed mush all over your board. you can probably use a gallon of acetone and a roll of paper towels and pretty much rinse that mess off.
  11. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    Space in building costs a Lot of money. Realtors regularly tell me my 2400 sq ft building could rent out for over $3000 per month. Assuming all thirty days of each month were in play you would need four of those $25 / day members using it every single day just to pay for the bare space. Then you need to pay for somebody to be there and manage. If you are open only 12 hours a day and pay $10 for some teeny bopper to run things, you need over a couple hundred bucks a day ( there are other government fees beyond that $10 ) or eight more members there each day. 12 people in a 2400 sq ft shop is might close quarters and you still need to pay for electricity, phone lines, water, heat, and tools!! the numbers sure don't look very attractive to me
  12. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    I have a shop and great experienced employees. One way to look at running a shop is "everybody is a do it yourselfer who chips in to cover the price of the facility." On a typical labor and materials bill, less than half of the $$$ goes to the guy's doing the work. The labor money pays for the shop, truck, electricity, water, phones, tools, maintenance, trailers, insurance, and all those pesky property taxes. Pretty much all repair shops for boats, cars, appliances, or whatever bill customers at about $100 per hour. Generating five billable hours a day might be a reasonable pace so let's use $500. That means guys like me charge experienced employees who know how to properly use the tools and facilities $250 per day "rent." i don't see how a visiting temporary fellow can use the facilities for less. Further think about this: 1. The full time employee has to wonder, "Why do I pay $250 a day to use this place when some guy off the street gets to pay less? 2. The repeat regular reliable customer has to wonder, "Why does my bill reflect the full cost of running the shop when do it yourselfers get to use the place for less? " 3. As an owner, why do I want to assume the risk of having an inexperienced guy making mistakes and abusing my expensive equipment 4. Reputation . The work done in my shop ALWAYS reflects on my shop's reputation. Even do it yourselfers must be supervised and it takes way more time to supervise the inexperienced guy. +++++ i occasionally let a do it yourselfer accomplish a project at our shop but it is always a charitable contribution experience.
  13. M Mel Tillis DTS

    Wwwwwell ththththat's jjjjjjust awfffffful
  14. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    OK Let's make it official!! As of today, Bill Clinton shall never again be allowed to be President of the United States!! next....
  15. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    The current strength of the Sunfish and Laser games comes from the availability of toys. The huge dealer network built those fleet's and the thousands of still functional toys and occasional new boats have been preserving those games. Example: (As I understand it, there are similar stories to be told about clubs all over North America) Austin Yacht club has as many as fifty sailors playing in Sunfish and Lasers on any summer Wednesday night. No toy used this summer was built after 2010. Also, no sailor except juniors took up sailing in those fleet's after 2010. Most have sailed in those fleets since before 2000 and a large number since before 1990. The games are certainly being played and compared to any other singlehanded fleet's, the games are vibrant. I am 100% certain the games would be much more vibrant if we had a stocking dealer with boats and parts and who used the local fleet as a selling tool and a market. Since 2010 we have had no such dealer. Currently, there are no new laser/ Sunfish boats or parts available within 1000 miles. The games continue. On any given night, ten of the Lasers and Sunfish are from former group /fleet purchases. Another five are from world championship leftovers. Another few are from events where there were supplied boats. Unless new toys become available again the fleet absolutely will slowly and surely die. If the new toys are not compatible with the old games, the new game will need many years to develop and mature to resemble that which is currently in peril. This old fart REALLY does not wish to attempt to start from scratch again. The masters sailors I so enjoy aren't going to buy into and learn about a new boat. Financially, our game is severely threatened as many of the players can barely afford the current game. They cannot buy a new toy. Back to Austin; many of the players are old enough such that many of them have insufficient incentive to invest in new toys for the old fleet and have zero interest in the purchase of a new toy for a fledgling fleet. New toys of a new type absolutely will not save the Austin game. The best we could hope for with new different toys would be a new group in new boats and maybe a few of us from the old fleet's would join in. As I see it, the only future ( ten years out) for Lasers and Sunfish sailing comes from having a great supply of NEW toys and parts. It would be best for each game if a new owner who valued racing could take over the "franchise " currently controlled by LP. ( yes! I know franchise is the wrong word. I don't have a better one ) i also believe their is a sufficient market for single handed Sunfish / Laser racing toys such that a small company could serve that market while making money. The problem is the continued insistence by the class associations to allow only brand name Sunfish and Lasers. Whenever that that restriction is lifted, the games MAY have a chance to survive.