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    Today’s Trump Deaths

    We need a daily reminder. The names of “people Trump killed today” should be read aloud every day on Radio and TV. 89,420. Dead Americans So far +1,231 Were killed Saturday
  2. Gouvernail

    What the fuck is down with

    Unfortunately it doesn’t mention voicing your opinion about the quality of BBrraavvoo’s posts Rules × I give up, This forum is for all aholes who cannot keep their little opines to themselves. Do not report any posts in this forum, I am tired of recieving them. If you don't want to be attacked, Do not post here. As long as you do not post users real names, have fun
  3. Gouvernail

    What the fuck is down with

    Nailing Punjackie Hillary Killary Happie Two certainly thought so
  4. Elections have consequences
  5. Gouvernail

    Lady G

    No!!! The problem needs both thoughts and prayers
  6. Gouvernail

    What the fuck is down with

    Perhaps Bbrraavvoo should post by mail
  7. Gouvernail

    Systematic racism

    Certainly we all know it is a photoshop sort of photo. On the other hand it looks real. The face and arms absolutely go with the rest of that creature
  8. Gouvernail

    What the fuck is down with

    A few days ago I suggested you might be campaigning to replace happy malarkey Hillary jack puns linger as the bearer of -666 If I remember correctly, you suggested I work on it. To that end, I have downvoted a few of your posts. Gouvernail is @keeldude ‘s 2006 SA replacement and has no sock puppets.
  9. Gouvernail

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    2019 finished off with a bang at Wurstfest . It is time for the 2020 planning to start rolling big time!! I wonder what interesting news boats will join the gang in 2020. Here is a link to the 2019 page Complete with @Fishingmickey’s wrap up. I stole his photo and added the Wurstfest results.
  10. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Additional testing is certainly a factor. People getting sick is another measure. As it takes a while for people to go through the process and die, the increased death numbers follow weeks after any increase in infections. When, either by testing of noticing increased numbers of sick people, we have an indication the increased death rate may follow, we can use that information to attempt to manage the pandemic. Another thing we could do is point at the fact “no one seems to be dying” yet and continue as if there is no problem. During the first three months of 2020, most countries around the globe reacted to infection rates and put societal controls in place. Most countries has great success in slowing the spread of the disease and had very low numbers of deaths. In countries where “no one seems to be dying” so we can live as usual, was used as a policy, there have been huge numbers of deaths. One country where the chief executive Keith insisting there was no problem in currently killing over 1000 of its countrymen each day. @Dog I pose this to you: Should the USA manage the societal reaction as the USA did during the first three months of 2020 or should the USA study how Viet Nam, Korea, China, and Japan handled the situation?
  11. If you LIE and say you are sailing a Laser, you are a cheater. I have no problem with an honest guy who asks permission to use some other toy in an event. My point: Don’t claim you are racing a Laser unless you believe the bust meets 100% of the Laser rules.
  12. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths United States 1.91M +19,699 437K 110K +1,004
  13. Apparently Happy Malarkey Jack May not post while on duty
  14. Gouvernail

    The Top/Bottom Eleven

    Don’t forget Happy Jack, Killery Man Again, Nailing Malarkey, Hillary, Nailing Malarkey Too, Cleveland Steamer, Nanny Government Sucks, Folding Prop, Grumpy,
  15. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Nationwide, Approximately the entire population of Woodstock New York got sick today About as many people DIED as the ENTIRE population of Waterford Pennsylvania. Groprnfuhrer’s incompetence is killing the equivalent of about one rural American town per day .’
  16. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths United States 1.89M +20,073 426K 109K +1,039
  17. This thread is polluted by Hudson’s river of writing In 1969 a guy wearing threads wrote about the polluted Hudson
  18. Why is it different sailing a1969 boat today vs sailing a 1918 boat in 1969?
  19. Barry Bonds was in kindergarten in 1969
  20. In 1969 George Floyd wasn’t going to be born for four years.
  21. Hey Wess!!!! Why aren’t you responding???
  22. Want to comment 2969 style?? Why not write a letter to everybody here, run it off on your mimeograph machine, and mail letters to each of us??
  23. Are there any Olympic bike races on 1969 bicycles?
  24. Anybody here making long distance trips in a 1969 auto?