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  1. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

  2. Loopholes in the new Tax Scam Bill

    It wouldn’t matter. Gropenfuhrer’s faithful kakistocracy simply has no interest in anything any non faithful heretic says
  3. Does it piss you off ...

    I do not take the Gropenfuhrer’s statements seriously
  4. Trump Hands Mueller Another Criminal Charge

    This thread opened with a post suggesting the recent request for firing was an illegal act. The thread was immediately hijacked. The discussion should be about whether there should be investigation and prosecution. If that answer is yes, then we would defer to the court system and with conviction on the charges defer to the Congress to onsider impeachment. as I see it the question to be addressed by this thread has to do with whether WE THE PEOPLE plan to continue to take the POTUS seriously or dismiss him as a crazy buffoon who says Crazy buffoon things.
  5. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    You simply cannot claim to be the party of family values while suggesting a creepy teen stalker fellow should be your party's Senator. This support if the old perv is way past ridiculous!!
  6. I Study Liars

    Elections have consequences
  7. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    More damned immorality here.... Mikey and Leftie are gambling!!!
  8. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    Is it proper to summarize your position as: No politician, no matter how heinous the crime, should be held accountable for that crime until... Hillary Clinton is jailed for her use of a personal email account. ***** That is the policy your posts seem to promote.
  9. Jimbo Fischer just signed to coach at Texas A&M for 7.5 MILLION bucks a year what does that mean ?? $20,947.95 PER DAY!!! $150,000 PER WEEK $3,750 per hour on a 40 hour week If we still had a 99% tax bracket he would still take home $750,000 per year . His weekly AFTER TAX check would be $15,000 ****** He works at a government school. He has ZERO investment or personal funds at stake. His business sucks on all sorts of public systems ... obviously on game day but there is more: the public funds the farm system for his semi pro players. The public pays for other staff members. . The public pays for the scholarships and , uniforms. tte public oats to get in and watch his entertainment product. it is mighty expensive for the public to run a program that allows a guy to take $15,000 fur himself every single week. . If he isn't motivated to be a big time football coach by the prospect of keeping $15,000 per week, he certainly won't be motivated by millions or billions. The concept of giving millionaire football coaches tax cuts so we can do more deficit spending and leave debt for our kids and their kids seems mighty screwed up
  10. College Football 2017

    Dang is right!!! Some bean counter probably figured out it cost the stockholders a penny a year.
  11. Bloomin Fakery

    Shy wouid someone CRITICIZE a news company for PUBLICLY CORRECTING an error?? What is next?? Would you vote for a vsndidate who refuses to admit his lies are lies??
  12. College Football 2017

    @Shootist Jeff Annual personal beg for the pickem
  13. Elections have consequences.
  14. Boobs Are Not Speech

    Waste of a topic. I want my five minutes back.
  15. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    @LaserPerformance Customers do not wish to wait two or three months for replacement parts. People who want to play in May certainly do not wish to wait for August delivery. Certainly competitors will see this market and consider jumping in. The people who like to play on sailing toys will certainly gravitate to toys that are available for immediate purchase. For the last fifty years, those who have wished to play on small dinghies have walked into stores to look at merchandise or ordered from catalog suppliers who shipped that same day. Sunfish, Laser, and Hobie dealers virtually all have kept boats on hand and supplies of every sail, fitting, line, spar, blade. They have stocked books about the boats, bumper stickers, and even logo bearing clothing. Most dealers also have stocked extra goodies and upgrades like gear boxes, dollies, roof racks, covers, gelcoats, life jackets, foul weather gear, hiking pants, hats, wind indicators, compasses, sailing watches, tell tales, .... and on and on. Dealers count on sales of impulse buy items to pay their overhead. The franchise for selling official gear for Lasers, Sunfish, and Hobies has been a guaranteed cash cow dealer business survival tool for decades. Companies like Amazon and their competitors are all delivering within a day or two. LP abandoned its dealers years ago and now is “guaranteeing” delivery fall deliveries for summer orders. Good luck with your when we get around to it if we feel like it for a higher price than our competitors business model. It shall be interesting to see if anyone decides to supply the Dinghy sailing market you abandoned.
  16. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Just some considerations: When the Class that manages the game played in the 14 foot Alcort boats was formed many different names were used and have since been replaced by names we use today. The Houston Colt 45s just won the World Series..... I guess Astros hasn’t killed their game Stanford’s football team was called the Indians and changedvto Cardinal in 1972 The University of Texas wouldn't let Negroes play football but they recruited black man Earl Campbell and now have many African Americans on the team North American Sailors Racing the 14 foot lateen rigged boats had NAYRU which changed its name to Us Sailing... shortly therereafter the Anerica’s Cup was lost One Design Yachtsman was the name of the popular sailing rag. It added “and Offshore.” And continued. Then it became Sailing World snd went all to hell The 240z was a Datsun. People still buy the numbered vehicle as a Nissan Cassius Clay? Walker Smith Jr? Lew Alcindor? Bobby Moore ? The name changes sure didn’t stop them ( Welcome back from looking up Sugar Ray Leonard) Enron Field is now Minute Maid Park Makarkey has changed his name repeatedly without losing his reputation Idlewild and Cape Canaveral seem to have stayed busy Backrub wasn’t around yet back then but you could Backrub it’s new name. ******* The absolute only part of the Lateen rigged 14 foot boat game that is controlled by LP is the direct result of the association’s self imposed restriction on the equipment supply. Guess how the Sailors could remove the control of LP over their favorite game??
  17. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

  18. Gods Plan for Mike Pence

    Didn’t ask me but I am answering anyway: ANYONE of ANY RELIGION who believes he is doing God’s work because he believes he knows what God wants is on my list of dangerous crazy people. If that isn’t crystal clear to you and you don’t entirely share my concern / view, please consider the following: Peehaps there is a zealot / faithful follower of some other religion than your own who you consider to be a dangerous person. I bet you also do not share their religious beliefs. I bet you do not wish to have that person or those people who agree with him in a position where they can exercise power over you. I do not share Pence religious beliefs.
  19. Melania is trying to tell us something

    My guess is a certain fellow views himself as one of the Three Kings. In fact, he would have loved to visit the manger he would have tried to fuck Mary he would have moved on her like a bitch he would have grabbed her pussy She wouldn’t have stopped him because, after all, he would have been a king bearing gifts from afar
  20. College Football 2017

    But thevreal most important and compelling question... will JBSF set us up with another fabulous pickem???
  21. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Intensity sells sails for Sunfish. intensity ABSOLUTELY does not claim to be selling Sunfish sails. Intensity does not sell a bootleg product and your insinuation is certainly libelous.