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    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Bouncie bouncie Over a five hundred point range today.... It has turned into a full on casini!!
  2. Gouvernail

    An example of proper decorum

    1. We would like to figure out how to help our non-functioning veterans. A. Those who are physically damaged B. Those who are mentally damaged 2. We would like to schedule appropriate maintenance on our roads and bridges. 3. We would like to figure out a way to lower the number or eliminate robocalls to those who have placed their phone numbers on no call registries. 4. We would like to make identity theft an unattractive business / crime. 5. We would like to cause individuals to care about their personal health and take steps to eat, exercise, and sleep such that their physical health would be better.
  3. Gouvernail

    Kelly quits

    60,000,000 people voted for Gropenfuhrer. Virtually every one of his faithful would be thrilled to work with god's Chosen one.
  4. Gouvernail

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Friday. hey!!! . @Nailing Malarkey Too Are you paying attention??
  5. Gouvernail

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

  6. Gouvernail

    Meuller wasn't worth it

    Simply identify yourself!! Your name. Where you live. What you do for a living.
  7. Gouvernail

    Voodoo Economics!!!

    When running against Reagan in the 1989 primaries, GHWB described Reagan’s spend and spend more while slicing taxes as VOODOO ECONOMICS. He was right. Reagan, who promised to “present a balanced budget to Congress in 1982,” instead presented a budget with over $300,000,000,000 in deficit spending. Four decades later we have yet to pay off a penny of the debt run up by Reagan’s voodoo economics. Thanks for trying Mr Bush!!
  8. Gouvernail

    Presidential Overlap

    While we are at it: During the Nixon Administration, after LBJ died two days into Nixon's Abbreviated second term, there were no living past presidents.
  9. Gouvernail

    Bottom job costs

    We are fiddling with Black Widow. We have VC Offshore and VC 17 fans. But most cruisers??>>>. Lots of Petit Cooperguard
  10. Gouvernail

    Dow surges over 600 in trading today

    Nice chart!!! It certainly makes your claim look foolish
  11. Gouvernail

    Dow surges over 600 in trading today

    600 up 800 down... every time Gropenfuhrer opens his fat yapped the market goes nuts
  12. Gouvernail

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Just Wow!!! If it were not for my loyalty to @Nailing Malarkey Too And paying attention as he asked, I would not even look on a day like this.
  13. Gouvernail

    Best Cartoon Ever

  14. Gouvernail

    More Fake NEWS- This time from NPR

    The headline of this thread Addresses a mistake that was corrected before the headline was written. The suggestion to us seems to be: We shouldn’t care about the fact the mistake was both owned and corrected by the news organization. NPR is BAD!!! You may count this writer as one with an absolutely opposite view. ***We WANT our news organizations to publicly correct. *** The news outlet shouid be praised, appreciated, and somewhat trusted because it l has a reputation for falling on the sword and, in a very public manner, correcting any of its improper statements found by themselves or anyone else. Summary: I believe this thread is based upon foolish inflammatory nonsense.
  15. Gouvernail


    Really?? I live in a town described by many who create such lists as the best place in the USA for business or jobs opportunities. 150 new people come here EVERY DAY!! Waitstaff in popular upscale restaurants do pretty well. Many of the new unfilled jobs do offer better pay and benefits FOR THOSE WITH THE RIGHT RESUMES. What jobs are open for those whose resume says: washed dishes, promoted to cleaning tables, promoted to day shift waiter, promoted to dinner shift waiter?? note: Congressman is NOT an available answer as the Texas Legislature gerrymandered the districts such that Austin does not have its own congressman
  16. Gouvernail

    Dow surges over 600 in trading today

    @J28 will make all this clear when he proudly identifies himself.
  17. Gouvernail

    Dow surges over 600 in trading today

    No kidding?!?!! Welcome to the contributing part of the community What is your name? Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What kinds of boats do you own? What kind of sailing do you do?
  18. Gouvernail

    making a bigger hole

    Northern Tool has a variety of $2.50 flap wheels that fit a 1/4 once drill or die grinder. Wvery time I go in that place I pick up a handful. There are Soooooo many things they do well.
  19. Gouvernail

    Bottom job costs

    But..... unless you plan to race in a large fleet of otherwise identical boats, you will never be able to measure the difference in performance because your bottom has had those extra hundreds of hours spent on it. and... what you really need most?? >>> somebody who actually understands foil shapes and understands enough about your particular boats sailing characteristics to design a contributing modification and you need someone who actually knows how to accomplish the work On the other hand... it really is simple what is your complaint? Modify the boat to fix it usual best fix?? Get a boat that does what you want if it bothers you that your J-70 won’t pull waterskiiers, buy a ski boat!!!
  20. Gouvernail

    Best Cartoon Ever

    Not even close to best ever and not even among the best political cartoons.
  21. Gouvernail

    Dow surges over 600 in trading today

    @J28 You have lots of opinions about why I post what I post and how I post. You choose to publish your opinions as my motivations. You are mostly wrong and that which you are stating as fact is flat out wrong. Example: I NEVER claimed I published that photo of this morning’s market as some sort of public service. i said, “others would respond.....” My motivation has yet to be described!!! here ya go>>> I posted the photo of this morning’s early small dip simply to annoy J28. I posted it to cause you to respond with your usual vigorous complaints, improper description of my motivations, personal attacks, and loss of personal control. It worked!! in fact I pulled your marionette strings for FOUR big fat whining complaining loaded with false assumptions and personal attacks posts!! You still are undoubtedly Grumpy.
  22. Gouvernail

    Dow surges over 600 in trading today

    The above post demonstrates the chasm between @J28 ‘s perception and reality. I simply reported the news of the morning. The market is currently quite volatile. Yes!! It went up close to a thousand points at closing time this week but it also has bounced like a Super Ball for the last couple months. According to J28, this messenger hates various groups because he has the temerity to disseminate information. Many readers would respond to my post as it was intended: “Don’t get too excited about yesterday and make poor financial decisions.” Get a grip J28. I don’t hate anybody.
  23. Gouvernail

    fresh water racing bottom paint

    We burnished a Black Widow bottom last summer. Fuck that shit!!! I am never doing that again!! That Fine black powder went around the edges of my masks ( that keep out the fumes of Awlgrip) into every fucking pore on my body, and generally tried to kill everybody in the shop. we had to pressure wash the walls and floors. Every light bulb had to be cleaned. If my spray job isn’t smooth enough for you, you can take your boat somewhere far far from my buildings, as in miles, and land (DOWNWIND) and do your own attempted suicide.