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  1. Ever shot someone?

    This isn’t quite the answer he was seeking. Personally?? I think I might give a little extra attention to tge opinions of those who have participated in events where the tools were performing the task for which they were designed. I have killed a few skeet. And I may have shot Dr. Pepper’s can.
  2. Laser Performance?

    TOO bad LP doesn’t do business in the great state of Texas. Life would be much simpler for me if I could just continue HELPING OUR TEXAS DEALERS promote Lasers
  3. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Are you allowed to use surmise here??
  4. Ever shot someone?

    Actually?? I find this to be one of Random’s better discussion OPs. Unfortunately the thread went PA shithole almost immediately. Also I am surprised: Your STFU is out of line and out of character considering your usual well presented arguments. The only way to learn about a desired subject is to seek knowledge... I have stated elsewhere my thoughts about additional factors in the recent shootings. I believe gun ownership in combination with the lack of personal interaction with the results of using one makes it much easier for an upset and confused mind with non-functioning inhibitions to start shooting. I am not aware of reports any of the shooters had previously been shot or even been present when others had been killed. In fact, folks who hunt deer and similar actually see and deal with the very real results of shooting a a living creature. My guess is those with such experience are far less likely to open fire on a crowd of humans. Unfortunately, no one who can has chosen to answer the questions posed by Random in his OP.
  5. Are the bots damaging this forum?

    Sorta like the Yacht Club bar keeps a lot of trash off the race course.
  6. I recently had to pay a parking ticket, security was crazy

    Because the bureaucracy has access to itself.
  7. FINALLY!! You agree Gropenfuhrer’s performance is insane!! Congratulations?? That's a giant step towards humanity!! Sane people have been hoping Gropenfuhrer has gone as low as he can since he first announced his candidacy. Unfortunately, I doubt your assessment is correct. Gropenfuhrer has a certain ability to lower his performance faster than anyone can adjust his standards.
  8. Are the bots damaging this forum?

    Quit picking on Malarkey Hillery Man Again Jack
  9. Community Reputation Points

    Whee... I just gave Lark his 100th like!!
  10. Ever shot someone?

    Built devices that saved soldiers lives. On my draft card they called me “Essential Stateside Personell” or something like that. It has been 47 years since I looked at the card. It DID NOT say bone spurs
  11. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    We have Gropenfuhrer, Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, Ingram, Robertson, ... aw fuck... check the hate radio list for yourselves https://www.conservativeusa.org/talk-show-mega-list
  12. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    As the making of many hundreds of downvotes is necessary to properly comment on Dumbass, The right to suck puppets must not be infringed,
  13. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    It is much harder to downvote him ic he is on ignore
  14. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Many share your interpretation. i do not. my opinion is the Second Amendment absolutely bans the US Governmrnt from causing a scintilla of infringement on the right to keep and Bear arms. To that end, I believe the wording of the Second Amendment is do absolutey clear and prohibitive that it is unconstitutional for any public official to even ask a question such as, “Have you ever seen a sword.” Why? because listening to that question takes a moment of a person’s lifetime That is an infringement !!! * The Amendment really needs to be amended or replaced. !!!
  15. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Let me preface this: i believe the 2nd Amendment needs to be amended or replaced : having said that: the 2nd clearly covers ANYTHING that can possibly be considered to be a weapon and absolutely forbids the Government from imposing any regulations what so ever. And having said that: let me remind any reader ; i am not happy the Secind Amendment is written as it is because I would like to have a few sane regulations in place. Especially!!! Except with respect to the right of citizens to participate in armed resurrection, I would like to be able to regulate where and when guns may be carried.
  16. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    And this is good too
  17. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Wow!! Twice in one day!! That is a beautiful description of what the 2nd says. It is perfectly clear to me “infringed” means I can keep and Bear ANYTHING that might be a useful weapon against tyranny.
  18. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    My very first “like” of one of your posts. In fact I stored it in my photo album for my own use.
  19. Bronze Nuts?

    In any hundred nut bolt installations one or two will “lock up” on the shaft rather than tighten or ( when removing fittings” screw all the way off. I am perfectly comfortable with nylocks everywhere. It is obvious to my touch when the nut has galled itself in place rather than properly tightened., When it is time to remove the fastener, sometimes they lock up part way off and need to be cut or broken. My take: The rate of incidence, and associated effort and expense, is not sufficient to justify the extra effort to avoid its occurrence.
  20. Laser mast step repair

    Yeah... in these forums, when the name is different from the posting ID, It is bad form to refer to the name of any author. i cannot object on “outing” grounds because I make ZERO effort to hide my identity. I have no problem intention of posting anything here that is so different from my own opinions that I feel the need for the protections afforded by anonymity. but... I also do not wish to be somehow “special” in the SA community. Use of Fred has a certain tone of, “I am one of the cool guys in the clique who knows who this guy is.” Even if it has zero to do with the writer’s intent, I feel it. That clique part of my impression doesn’t sit well with me. It isn’t about me. It is about having a community where EVERYBODY can feel equally as welcome as those here and the next to visit. We go by our posting ID. In fact, if someone chooses to use multiple posting IDs, I prefer to treat each one as a character created by the author. Translation: If Berkeley Breathed were to post here as Opus, I would respond to Opus. If he also posted as Milo, Steve Dallas, and Bill The Cat, I would play along and reply to those characters. I might point out the fact I might think all four are authored by the same fellow but I wouldn’t write, “Berkeley writes all four.” *Semantics. and they May only exist in my head. None of the above describes any “site owner” rules of which I am aware but they are MY INTERPRETATION of the social rules of this community summary: i think I would prefer if my name be Gouvernail in these threads.
  21. Laser mast step repair

    The described leaking concerns me. Lssers buiot inntge last few decades have a stainless disk at the bottom of the mast tube. I should have begun my remarks with.... “Did you check to see if the stainless disk is still there? “ And “Where EXACTLY do you see the hole / crack in the mast tube which is allowing the water to drain?” and I didn’t bother to ask if the tube drains all the way to the bottom. For all I know the tube has chunks of granite sitting in it or the side walls of the tube may be broken from pressures applied to a partially inserted mast. ****** About repairing with better resins, In Polyesters: i stock nothing but iso resin. Most boats are built with ortho. So the resin we use is always equal it better and generally has the benefit of decades of the chemical companys’ improvements since whenever whatever I am repairing was built. Yes! Epoxies and even vinylester have slightly better adhesive properties than polyesters but 99% of adhesion has to do with proper surface preparation and proper application of the repairs. Unless the bottom of the tube has been worn away or it’s perimeter fractured such that it is no longer attached to the side walls , there are no loads on the described repair where the ultimate adhesion quality of the patch is of concern. If the tube bottom is no longer transferring loads to the walls, my diagnosis and suggested repair is entirely different. When that happens I generally chip out the glob of original bonding goop. jack the deck up a bit. Wrap fresh material around the end of the tube, and rebuild the tube to hull attachment.with a slurry if glass and resin , ttennwrso it as shown in the photos because .... I am already working in there and I love a little overkill. Tom is right... there are all kinds of possibilities and ways to fix things. i believe the simplest cheapest last forever fix that looks perfect and provides the desired services is always the best repair. 100% of the money comes from the sailor’s sailing budget. My life goal is to die knowing I never knowingly have wasted a penny of anybody's Sailing money.