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    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Okee dokee
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    Trump is a Monster of Hitlerian Proportions

    OK... I will cut your anonymous shill ass some slack with respect to your sailing knowledge as itbis chest you don’t Sail and certainly have never hosted regattas, built fleets, or run a class association. Nobody pushed me out of anything. Others wanted to be in charge of the North American Laser Class Association and decided it would be easier to take over if they assasinated my character. I never left my position as a person who builds the game and manages events. In fact TODAY I sold three Lasers to two people. One is going for a ride on her new to her toy this afternoon at 3:30 and probably racing at 6 if I can get her ready enough to feel confident enough. You, will be at your computer shilling for Gropenfuhrer and racking up downvotes. You sure are avoathetic human. I wouid feel sorry for you but, I can’t do that for an anonymous shill.
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    Trump is a Monster of Hitlerian Proportions

    If I did that and sixteen years later it is still remembered I suppose it was brilliant!!!
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    Trump is a Monster of Hitlerian Proportions

    Finally!! The shill admits it!!
  5. Gouvernail

    Trump is a Monster of Hitlerian Proportions

    Says the chickenshit shill who is so embarrassed about his posts he refuses to identify himself....
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    Thanks James Madison /PA Father’s Day

    As I said... I am operatingnpn fifty year old history class memories... these guys reinforce your view https://constitution.laws.com/who-wrote-the-constitution
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    Thanks James Madison /PA Father’s Day

    Hell... I have been certain and wrong many times... the key is being willing to slap the palm to the forehead and do a 180
  8. Gouvernail

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Just for Happy Malarkey Jack Hillary Again Big-Wave Too!!!!!
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    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    All I know for certain is Everybody will becat Wurstfest. This link will eventually update ... or not, but here is the link to the 2017 event and there are lots of great photos!!! http://www.lcyc.net/wurstfestregatta.html Lets have another best year ever for the best Fleet ever to welcome Texas Centerboard Sailors.
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    Think happy thoughts.....

    All hail Das Gropenfuhrer
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    Thanks James Madison /PA Father’s Day

    Sure stubby Bob.... Yiu could write anything you wished about your emperor in your part if the world with no repercussions. Yeah Riiiiight
  12. Gouvernail

    Thanks James Madison /PA Father’s Day

    Tom... I was mistaken about Madison being out of the country. It was Jefferson and Adams who were off on diplomatic missions while the actual document was put to paper. Please note: I haven’t had a school history course since 1973. I am a tad rusty. I suppose I should have Googjed for an hour or two but I am pretty certain about Hamilton writing the Constitution and Madison “fixing” it.
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    Thanks James Madison /PA Father’s Day

    As followers of principles first put into real government rules by those men
  14. Gouvernail

    Thanks James Madison /PA Father’s Day

    Actually... Hamilton wrote the Constitution. Madison was out of the country at the time. There is little doubt Hamilton was heavily influenced if not entirely inspired by Madison’s writings. the Bill of Rights was entirely penned by Madison and viewed as a “proper correction of my oversight” by Hamilton. I guess we have read differing accounts of the history. I am comfortable admiring both men and the many others who contributed.
  15. This fucking looney tunes guy needs meds and a cage. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/amp/Is-Texas-ready-for-another-Harvey-12972164.php
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    Immigrant Children

  17. Gouvernail

    Immigrant Children

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    rs aero

    I have lost count but I have sailed the boat almost every day but Wednesday and missed only a couple evenings. Maybe the number of two to three hour rides is ten i finally found some lightweight sneakers with soles that Grip well. Those help a lot. Sailing barefoot didn’t work as I was constantly concerned about ripping skin off my feet. In fact I did do a number on the side of one foot. I wore knee pads one time they bothered me . I don’t slide my knees around and generally prefer to be on my feet or sitting . .... except when one knee down feels right. It took a while to get comfortable with S curving down waves and I need to go to the coast and work on that in real waves. I suspect the fastest trip downwind is the lowest you can sail without falling off plane. It certainly leaps forward when it decides to plane and I am certain a lot of distance can be gained by getting a little extra planing to occur. It wont be long until sailing alone starts having diminishing returns. I really need to get next to somebody so we can try things and see what works. Last: jumping on the Laser for the Wednesday night races has been interesting. ***It is a lousy analogy but it feels a lot like steering a J-24 after steering a J-22. Each is a wonderful responsive sailing toy. I have sailed hundreds of races steering a J-24 but only a few dozen J-22 races. The bigger heavier boat is the one where, because of my years of experience, I am totally at home but I like driving the lightweight one better. **** summary: Just as not all J-24 sailors would jump to the J-22 and just as the J-24 game is more established , the other part of the comparison is, lots of Laser sailors would simply love Sailing an AERO and with six billion people on the planet, there can be huge fleets of each boat.
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    @a pretty face

    Whoever writes lonesailor contributes nothing but noise to these forums. I look forward to her permanent departure.
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    Manafort. Do not pass Go direct to jail.

    What Gropenfuhrer could say: ”If the accusations have any basis in fact, i am truly embarrassed I had someone as shady as Manaforte on my staff or even in my inner circle. I appreciate the fact he has been revealed as suspected swamp dweller material. I ran a Campaign where I bragged about bring sufficiently wealthy no one could buy me. Apparently, at least two men in my inner circle were selling access to me. We are draining that swamp. If the investigation turns up more swamp dwellers, I look forward to firing and even prosecuting them. “ But... Gropenfuhrer has made no such statement.
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    Comey "Insubordinate"

    The older and hopefully more wise I become, the more I understand how few people there are who truly excel at their jobs. The FBI is not like the Baseball major leagues where there are various levels of minor league cop and only the best are on that staff. . Certainly tte FBI is staffed by folks who are a few steps up from security guard, campus police , or small town Barney Fife. But most who work for the FBI are simply folks who did well in cop school, maybe worked on other police departments or served as military police but.. they are absolutely NOT like the NBA players who really are the best 300 basketball players they are humans who pretty much all are dedicated to doing their best to be FBI agents. When the job gets tricky, ( like investigating the Secretary of State of the USA) most of the everyday dedicated agents are at the limits of their talents And training... or past it . I have ZERO doubt Comey thought he was doing the best thing every time he did anything. (note:last week I worked on a J-22 whose beautiful epoxy bottom was peeling off in sheets. The epoxy primer was applied over some antifoulant which was applied over epoxy barrier coat which was applied over VC 17. I have no doubt the incompetent twits who applied those layers THOUGHT they were doing a great job) People who do not know what they are doing have little or no ability to judge their competence. Summary: The FBI has its share of incompetent people and those incompetent people are blissfully unaware of their incompetence. and the FBI is ultimately supervised by the politicians who have no personal expertise in law enforcement and those politicians are elected by voters half of whom have below average IQs it is AMAZING they do as well as they do
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    Who is the most tiresome and boring poster here?

    Nice avitar!!! . What a good looking fella!!
  23. Let’s suppose you are a Mexican kid living an a small rural community. You have “finished school” at the top end of your class. The career options in your community look pretty bleak. Everybody in town is dirt poor, lives in crappy housing, and barely scrapes by. You know you are pretty smart and hard work doesn’t scare you. In fact, you enjoy the feel of being tired from accomplishing a task like building a building. You have spent enough time helping to fix cars and trucks you know you could be a good hand at any auto repair shop. You know, “If I could get a job in the USA I could show them how great a mechanic I am.” ..... This is for all of you who suggest “they ought to do it the legal way.” How does this ambitious young upwardly mobile Mexican get the chance to chase the American Dream?? Describe the steps! How long will it take?? Hiw would you improve our system ? Or is it perfect??
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    Who is the most tiresome and boring poster here?

    No!! Fake is absolutely not written by the same author as the author of Gouvernail proof?? Fake never downvotes Hillary Jack Killery Malarkey Again Man Too.
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    Should Trump Be Treated As Hillary Was? Equally?

    Do not feed the troll