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  1. MSM? Is the singular most listened radio show with 13,000,000 listeners tuning in during a tryical week MSM? Is the top rated cable news network with 1.4 million viewers on any given day MSM?? I am trying to understand what makes a media outlet “mainstream.”
  2. I will humor you and do one His economic performance: OK. Let’s go with that 1. The national debt is growing at a more rapid pace thanninntge six years before he took office 2. It took a year for him to kill the Obama bull market but he has now caused 14 months of stagnation
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    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    And so ends another week of the flat market. It took Gropenfuhrer a year to stop the Obama rally but he certainly has been great at keeping the market capped at end of 2017 levels
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    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I thoroughly enjoy sailing.
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    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Holy hell!! As you requested, here is yet another reminder Your chosen leader certainly does reign over a volatile yet overall STAGNANT market. I sure miss the days of Obama’s policies where the market tripled in just eight years.
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    Work Photo Outs PA Regulars

    Interesting stuff here ; A Russian 'troll slayer' went undercover at a troll factory and found that hundreds of Russians were working as paid trolls in rotating shifts https://www.businessinsider.com/russian-troll-slayer-went-undercover-at-a-troll-factory-2019-3?utm_content=bufferb804d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-ti
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    Work Photo Outs PA Regulars

    I don’t judge... If I remember correctly the head honcho deity reserves that job for herself.
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    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    @J28... See what you did!!?!?!?! YOUR goddamned bragging ruined a perfectly good winning streak.
  9. Here we go again!! May this be the best year ever!!
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    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Nice work fool!! Every time you start your bragging about a few good days, the market IMMEDIATELY goes diving. Why do you so hate prosperity?? Just STFU!!!
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    Two man rule

    Poster with extended sign of the demons starts thread about end of world thoughts and irsyers to those who took this thread seriously
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    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    Thanks to Obama’s fully running deeply supported bull market, wall atreet’s numbers rose for eight straight years and kept improving for a full year after his term ended. It took a full year for the mismanagement of the new administration to kill off the bull run but since this thread was started over a year ago the market, which had tripled over the previous nine years has been virtually stagnant. As of yesterday’s close the DOW was up only 300 points in that 14 months. That miniscule insignificant raise can easily be wiped out in any given trading session. In fact 300 points is well within the typical daily variation in the now extremely volitile market. Considering the current situation, all savvy investors know, “One tweet from the economic fool who infests the White House could easily send their portfolios into a tailspin.” Don’t count your chickens until the fox has been captured and removed.
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    Laser C5 Rig

    The original Laser was designed to use readily available materials and parts. certainly some performance was sacrificed because there was not the desired readily available item or material. a great example is the 3.2 oz Dacron cloth. It was super cheap and it was easy to find. Today, 3.2?oz cloth is hard to find. Different kinds of cloth are readily available. The goals of those choosing the Sail design have changed from “We will use the cheapest kind that makes the bost ssil pretty well.” now the goal is to provide a sail that works about as well as the sails currently in use. A lot of money could probably be saved by using the old parameters butbtte new sails eoujd almost certainly perform much differently. ******* Extruded Aluminum tubes can be very inexpensive. I wonder if there are readily available aluminum tubes sufficient to create a very inexpensive three or four piece Laser style mast.?? i wonder if there are readily available carbon tubes? Quite simply: the use of specialized equipment for which we must pay many times the price is exactly what the Laser was NOT!!!
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    O'Dork or

    Question to @J28 : Do you express similar criticism for: Raphael Cruz Donald Drumpf Marion Robert Morrison Issur Danielovitch Demsky
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    Shooting at a Mosque in Christchurch NZ

    Hmmmmm... Just minutes ago, @J28 posted the following in the Occasio thread: (Answer a) “question rather than deflecting with your very subjective and/or completely incorrect observations.”
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    Decisions, Decisions. Opinions Requested.

    OK...No time to edit. This shall be a stream of consciousness post>>> There are a ton of $5000 boats but the necessary maintenance on those boats usually is double that amount. They all need bottom jobs, lines, have leaking hardware everywhere, rotted pieces of wood, cranky or non-functional motor, tired sails and the electronics are ancient and non-functional There are various boats abandoned in storage yards and back yards....FOR GOOD REASON!!! Somewhere around $8000 you start to find lots of boats the owners have loved but simply cannot keep anymore. Your budget cuts out $3000 shy of that number so you are going to have to SHOP and shop some more. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE!!! The person selling it doesn't love it for a reason. The person selling it probably paid $40,000 to $100,000 When somebody sells a boat for a low figure THAT PERSON knows and freely admits the boat is only worth that much. In fact, they almost always know EXACTLY why their boats are only worth a little. OK...I have an exception. Down on Lake Amistad they are closing the last public marina. Only the military marina will remain open. People are selling their boats for bargain basement prices. BUT!!!!! Moving a boat hundreds of miles across the desert and the central Texas hills and the prairies between here and you is EXPENSIVE!!!!! THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS A SALES PITCH. IT IS TELLING YOU WHAT ONE GUY KNOWS ABOUT WITHOUT EVEN TRYING. YOU NEED TO SHOP!!! I do know of a Catalina 30 on another lake you can have splashed in to your lake for about $10,000 I have not seen it yet, but I am considering buying it as an investment. Why? Because I can move it myself on my own trailer and not pay $3000 of that to somebody else. I would have to go get it and spend both time and lot of money and beat the hell out of my towing vehicle, but...I would sorta like a nice Catalina 30. I think there is a San Juan 7.7 here in Austin we could make happen at your lake for about $5000. That owner has taken pretty darned god care of it but he cannot be out in the sun anymore and wants out. Hell, we might even make it show up there for $3500 but that would be with its three year old bottom job There are plenty of J-24 available. I used to sleep on mine all the time but it sure as hell isn't a cruising boat most people would enjoy. There is a J-24 sitting in my yard that could be dropped in the water and sailed tomorrow. It wants a paintjob. It wants some new lines. The sails are old but barely used. The guy lost use of his legs twenty five years ago and it was rigged with all brand new stuff about then. It needs lines , it needs lots of cleaning. I dont remember if cushions are in there but we can figure that out later. I will make that boat show up at your lake if you will part with $2500. We could probably leave a trailer under it for an additional $1500 It has sat in my yard since 2009. I want my space back. If you come get it I can probably give it to you on a trailer for $3000. If you will come prepare the trailer for the road yourself AFTER paying for the boat and trailer, I would gleefully accept $2500 There are literally hundreds of deals like this al over texas. Look for one you like. I could tell you about at least a dozen more boats sitting around at various Lake Travis Marinas. shop!!!!
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    2019 Texas Centerboard Circuit!!!

    There is a new fellow about to show up here asking about Laser Twos and the fleet. Please prepare your welcoming remarks!!!
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    Laser C5 Rig

    OK...My comments can be easily confused. 1. Cost is not a problem because many sports are much more popular and cost m ore than owning and maintaining a Laser 2. Cost is a problem because there are lots of potential players who don't have the full price of a new laser. I couldn't afford the $700 when lasers came out I was a college kid whose tuition , room and board for an entire year was about the same as two Lasers. Today at $10,000 Tuition room and Board at Penn State is estimated slightly over $30,000. Lasers are comparatively less expensive but still a whole lot of money a kid like me wouldn't have. fact is FREE wouldn't have put college me in a laser because I was too busy working may way through. 3. A $3000 boat today would be as revolutionary as the $700 laser was compared to the least expensive similar sized wood toys . I think the technology is there to build a $3000 or even a $2000 Laser if the sailing politics were properly manipulated to set the new boat up as THE SINGLEHANDER for real competition. With a virtually guaranteed market of 3000 to 10,000 boats per year, a manufacturer could set up some very efficient building systems and stamp out some fabulously consistent and durable toys. I have been harping about this for years because I believe it is true. 4. The 2019 Nissan Versa has a list Price of $11.900 Compare to a Laser with Dolly, top and bottom cover, carbon top section, carbon tiller, carbon extension, full race rig, centerboard brake, C Vane, Compass, hiking pants, life jacket, blade bag, Versa has two more wheels, brakes, heater, radio, windshield wipers, windows, windows that crank up and down, Engine, transmission, springs, shocks, head lights, parking lights, turn signals, locking doors, back seat, adjusting front seats, not to mention the frame and body. One Laser excuse for the outrageously prices simple rags has been the so called tight tolerances. There is not a single tolerance ANYWHERE on a Laser that compares to ANY engine part tolerance. Seriously?? Laser sails cost more than tires?? The versa comes with four tires an a spare each of which is much more difficult to create than a Laser sail. The upholstery is far more difficult to manufacture than a laser sail. The fact so few lasers are built and sold has a lot to do with a lot of things, but the absurd cost for such a simply toy simply has to be the biggest turn off. You simply don't get didly for your money compared to virtually anything else sold by anybody. This absolutely is not to suggest Laser builders rip us off. This is not to say they don't try. This is to say, WE DONT TRY!!! we don't even TRY to invent a new super cheap toy that will suffice for our game. Kirby did it. McAlpine Downey certainly tried. All sorts of sailboat designers and sail boat companies tried. The Snipe was conceived as a two person sailing toy that could hit the water for $100. They built Snipes and it quickly became the world's largest class. In fact Snipe sailors and builders did a lot of what the laser sailors and builders have done.. They kept making the boat work just a little better until the price became absurd. The first lasers worked. They had a whole lot of " man this is a pain in the ass" problems but about 60,000 were sold before anybody started seriously messing with the "problems." And...with the new fancy easy to use gear coming in, the super cheap simple bat for everybody sort of slipped away. AEROs fill the vacant North American market for the spiffied up laser NOTHING has replaced the original Laser, Copperhead, dagger, Butterfly, Sunfish, US 1, Banshee, Force Five, whose goal was to be the simple boat every sailor could afford. The laser won that contest fifty years ago. Since then, nobody has even tried I simply refuse to to accept it cannot happen again.