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  1. teamvmg

    Capsized tri off the UK

    It was Olmix/Gamin 50 trimaran [Theoriginal Crepes Wahoo]. She's back in France now
  2. teamvmg

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas

    10mm 60kg/m3 airex foam with 300g cloth either side [Could go down to 200g but is tricky to work with] Use epoxy, no need for vac bag Use peel ply which would save weight and give finish good enough to paint or at least, need minimal filling/fairing for super glossy paint job Lightweight filler in the cut edges and around hole for fixings
  3. teamvmg

    Dreamin' and window shopping

    I just "boosted" the saloon seats in ours by 100mm and it makes a world of difference. Can't get a single soduko done now cos there's always something going on through the window
  4. teamvmg

    Accidental embalming in epoxy

    Flies do seem to be attracted to epoxy more than polyester for some reason
  5. teamvmg

    On a 500kg diet

    Dyneema lifelines
  6. teamvmg

    Reefing a Multihull

    yes, you will pretty much stop to reef. You can use the jib to keep things pointing in the right direction ready for when the power does come back on
  7. teamvmg

    Centerboard Trunk Repair

    Assuming that you are doing a rigid repair [Not flexible ] Resin thickened with colloidal silica or any other dense filler. Chuck in some graphite powder to cut down on centreboard friction
  8. teamvmg

    Dreamin' and window shopping

    If you put the Seawind 1600 up against the F-45, then you've got a problem. If its the 1260 that you are looking at, the F-45 wins all the way.
  9. teamvmg

    F-9RX wood core questions

    Can it be designated an 'R' if its balsa? the F-32R couldn't
  10. teamvmg

    workshop heater ?

    put an electric tube/convector heater inside the boat and cover it in some type of thermal blanket/insulation or silver bubble wrap and set up a thermostat in your power supply. This works for work on the outside of the boat too [heating from inside] I permanently stand my can of epoxy and hardener above a tube heater too - keeps it nice and runny Give the workshop a blast with one of those gas flamethrower things just before you start to take the chill off.
  11. teamvmg

    Slab Reefing Line Boom Attachment

    Yes, always spend money, add more weight, mix materials and drill holes if you can
  12. Been back to work for a couple of weeks so the lockdown project has dragged on a bit. Had to keep telling myself that it's just a rowing dinghy and i'm not gonna be racing it! Will splash it this weekend
  13. teamvmg

    Joining cut down carbon mast

    Used colloidal silica / West to join this one at the spreaders
  14. teamvmg

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    But in Europe, you would have to add 20% Vat which would make it 720,000 euros. Australia is cheaper!