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  1. teamvmg

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Sodebo seems to be better at downwind VMG sailing?
  2. teamvmg

    Vendee Globe 2020

    nice one, thanks
  3. teamvmg

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Another fine broadcast. What do you reckon he is trimming and based on what input [He's not looking up at the sails]? What is the very lightly loaded line that he adjusts with his left hand?
  4. teamvmg

    Corsair folded stability

    It wouldn't fit under the bridges, the beams stick up too high and at the widest part of the boat.
  5. teamvmg


    Good luck with insurance next year Pete!
  6. teamvmg

    How to remove this pulpit

    Cut the pulpit in half on the centre line. Should be able to roll each pair of feet together. Weld and/or sleeve the pulpit back together
  7. Its either an A or an R not both
  8. teamvmg

    New winner - boom height/LOA ratio

    That would be a good looking boat without the top floor.
  9. teamvmg

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    2.271 - hard to live with
  10. teamvmg

    Wingmast Cat in Alphalock bump on Frontpage

    Did you listen to it?
  11. teamvmg

    Capsized tri off the UK

    It was Olmix/Gamin 50 trimaran [Theoriginal Crepes Wahoo]. She's back in France now
  12. teamvmg

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas

    10mm 60kg/m3 airex foam with 300g cloth either side [Could go down to 200g but is tricky to work with] Use epoxy, no need for vac bag Use peel ply which would save weight and give finish good enough to paint or at least, need minimal filling/fairing for super glossy paint job Lightweight filler in the cut edges and around hole for fixings
  13. teamvmg

    Dreamin' and window shopping

    I just "boosted" the saloon seats in ours by 100mm and it makes a world of difference. Can't get a single soduko done now cos there's always something going on through the window
  14. teamvmg

    Accidental embalming in epoxy

    Flies do seem to be attracted to epoxy more than polyester for some reason