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  1. teamvmg

    Furling Spinnakers on beach cats?

    When we first put spinny poles and chutes on beachcats, it was calculated that there was a 5% upwind speed penalty [That might have even been pre-chute times too}. Anything furled is going to hike that penalty up a lot
  2. teamvmg

    Farrier F-85SR

    "What is the best way to get extra sail area on the shorter (NZ 8.5) of the two masts, and not get issues with weather helm." Make the jib proportionally bigger at the same time. Masthead rig? Jib tack further forward? Move daggerboard back?
  3. teamvmg

    Rusty stainless

    Is the SS part touching carbon?
  4. teamvmg

    Older fast Aus multies

    Have you got a license for that weapon sir? Congrats!
  5. There was also a place that looked like rental hobies on the way into La Grande Motte on the etang
  6. teamvmg

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    Nobody wants to. You can stop and put them on a launching trolley if you like............but this is about winning the Worrell1000! Inter 20s have survived the race well and are built the same as F18s
  7. teamvmg

    carbon mast - mounting forestay-tang

    Bond on a low-friction eye with uni carbon fanned out around side and back of the spar
  8. teamvmg


    Thanks for putting Hancock's name at the top of this one. Then I don't have to read more of the 'Back in my day' stuff
  9. teamvmg

    Trimaran beam cases - details

    So the water that fills the socket is not the problem - its just that it is filling up the end of the beam through the drain hole. Can't really see how to stop this - you are never going to seal the beam to float joint. If you had another hole in the beam near the hull, and blew air into that hole - it might force the water out of the end of the beam and up through the socket. Not a cure, but it might mean that you could almost dry the inside of the beam between sailing/rain sessions edit; Then again, a drain plug in the socket that you can reach from inside the float would drain more water. PITA to do though
  10. teamvmg

    Banque Pop capsize

    Where you goin' La Grande Motte?
  11. Hell of a fleet for the '85 race: the mighty Novell Network Apricot Sebago Umupro Jardin Gordano Goose Colt Cars Spirit of St Kitts Travacrest Seaway British Airways My favourite was Paragon - she didn't seem to want to get her belly wet and sat ON TOP of the water!
  12. teamvmg

    post removed your fence will fall over!
  13. teamvmg

    Any info on this cat?

    That section of flat deck between tramp and front of the coach roof is distictive Choy 38?
  14. teamvmg

    Vinyl Removal on Awlgrip

    Pick it off with a bit of heat then use acetone to get rid of the adhesive. awlgrip is frickin' bullet-proof