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  1. teamvmg

    Multi 50 specs/payload

    There's one .......
  2. teamvmg

    Multi 50 specs/payload

    There are a few out there and come up on the market now and again. Rayon Vert has just finished the Route Du Rhum
  3. teamvmg

    Trimaran mooring system

    Make a launching trailer and haul her out each time.
  4. teamvmg

    Multi 50 specs/payload

    I always liked the Pulsar 50
  5. There was a little earthquake in Christchurch NZ just now! He would have had a bit of satisfaction that you went into it with your eyes wide open though. How about some pictures? Paul
  6. teamvmg

    What [Hobie] is it?

    Nice one, thanks. It looks like a 20 with daggers is a Miracle and one with boards is a Formula, but the beam mounts are different too - totally different boat! Marketing gone mad!
  7. teamvmg

    What [Hobie] is it?

    Out of curiosity; This old beast is advertised as a 21 Pacific - not sure that that ever existed. Beams and mounts are wrong for a 21 Hulls look like a 20 Miracle but it has got centre boards
  8. teamvmg

    what is it?

    Something that is fully foiling and the load is taken by the bulkheads not the skin of the hull.
  9. teamvmg

    dutch ac entry

    BOSKALIS? then they can clear up the mess afterwards?
  10. teamvmg

    Advice on replacement ruddercase for 30' tri

    Went to the effort of making the kick-up version of the F32 dagger board rudder. Glad I did - broke the sacrificial bolts twice
  11. teamvmg


    So... how did the Frog fare?
  12. teamvmg

    F7 Folding Trimaran...This is interesting

    Best way that I know to make a boat tack slower! [Apart from having me helm it!]
  13. teamvmg

    New Nacra 15

    So youth sailors aren't good enough for the latest tech?.... You can tell 'em if you like!
  14. teamvmg

    New Nacra 15

    Go and get a price for 4 DNA A-class foils
  15. teamvmg

    Route du Rhum 2018

    NO NO NO! you beat me to my edit! All is well with Phil SORRY!