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  1. SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Yes, some guys seem to have confused de-rigging with dis-mantling!
  2. Rushour on its roof.

    Offshore? Its about 4 meters deep and some guy was posting photos that he took from the shore
  3. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    Put your rotation controls onto the redundant jib winch on the windward side. That way, it has to be let off before the tack [To get the new jib sheet on]
  4. Anyone done all four boards

    Wow that reminded me that I used to have that poster - happy days!
  5. Jesus shackle

    Yes, but not as freely. Remember that the leeward shroud will always be slack
  6. Jesus shackle

    yep, looks like that is ready for the Jesus shackle. Use a bow shackle not a D shackle and pack each side of the pin to stop it rocking on each tack
  7. Deck Sweeper on a Tornado

    There is a black band at the top and gooseneck area of the mast, the sail has to be between these
  8. Remember that if you cant the mast, you can't play or dump the traveller any more. this is a performance and [most importantly] a safety issue.
  9. Water in spinnaker pole, how to remove

    Because a bit of tape over a hole won't qualify as a 'sealed mast' in the class rules - but fine for this job
  10. In house construction, anything curved costs 3 times as much as anything straight [Purposely of course!], so that's a bargain
  11. Water in spinnaker pole, how to remove

    Had this with 'sealed' masts. drill hole, drain it, put aluminium rivet in so that it is easy to drill it out when the f---er fills up again!
  12. NACRA I20 Mast Repair

    Sticking that little strip back on just isn't going to last no matter what epoxy you use. One impact to the foot of the sail and the bolt rope will pull out You will need to overlay a strip up the edge of the slot lapping about 30mm onto the mast. or [if you want it to look right] bond a strip of glass tape [carbon is no good for abrasion] up the inside of the groove. I have done this by getting the laminate in there and inflating a length of bicycle inner tube behind it [like a reverse vac bag], then routing out the groove again once it has cured
  13. DIY Wing Mast Questions

    Nice, but its not gonna rotate very well