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  1. Cape_taco12

    Severe Hull Damage

    Agreed looks like the bulkhead behind the keel is torqued a bit. So check the area all around the keel, and the rest of the bulkheads for tearing apart from the hull.
  2. Cape_taco12


    Iv had a couple of Princeton tec headlamps for camping/ sailing a few years now. I have the Apex with CR123 bulbs and another one with a AA pack. I would highly recommend one with the CR123 battery’s, they don’t lose power in the cold, much lighter and if you lose your headlamp in a locker on the boat or in a closet for 6-8months they won’t leak battery acid and ruin your headlamp. Apex is good because it has a very bright mini spotlight that can reach pretty far, most other headlamps only have a flood option. also they have/ used to have a lifetime warranty and I used it a couple times on my older AA model due the battery compartment issues related to the leaking AA battery’s.
  3. Cape_taco12

    J80 - Harken 32.2A WInch replacement

    I have one of their V grip clutches on my 80. Good quality.
  4. Cape_taco12

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    So it’s a kind of A Pun except I think it’s actually pretty cool. Name a bit cheese but the execution was great. Powerboat called “ The DockSide” obviously the name is on the stern in star wars font. Gave me a good laugh to see it backed into the slip.
  5. Cape_taco12

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Just curious wouldn’t the yards insurance pay if they dropped it off the lift? With the survey i would assume it would be a shorthaul. And the delivery of the boat could in theory be handled by the yard as well no?
  6. Cape_taco12

    PTSD and First Responders

    I actually just did a CISM training that I highly recommend for any first responders or retired ones. The stats and history laid out in the course is pretty depressing. But the theory is prevention is worth a pound of cure. PTSD is kind of a catch all. Based on the clinical definitions, every single cop, firefighter and Emt who has been on for more than 8 years Meets the definition period. There is a reason why career 30 year+ first responders statisicly only live like 5 years after retirement. The rest of the public averages something like 78 years old or so (must be nice.) The psychologists believe that if one debriefs and vents about a critical incident within 24hrs after it, can help prevent some PTSD. Like reciting the whole song to get stuck lyrics of a song out of the mind. Only so much having people and kids die in your hands, deaths of coworkers and shootings a person can take. What gets to you Is different for everyone. Good news is that having a hobby/adrenaline sink outside of work like Sailing might just help us live longer. So less overtime’s when you want an adrenaline boost and more time sailing should help.
  7. Cape_taco12

    Home security camera anarchy

    Big City life? That doesn’t happen here, in person reports and for a B&E county BCI investigates. Have had 3 B&Es into properties on my street in the past couple years (only 7 houses). Because the street backs up to railroad tracks and hiking trails. Seems part time construction workers and roofers love to break into houses on lunch break to supplement their income. I figure I’m lucky that no one has tried to pry the instruments off my boat yet.
  8. Cape_taco12

    Home security camera anarchy

    I ended up going with the nest outdoor sets (should have done near IQ for facial recognition but I didn’t read the fine print that far) Skipped the Arlo as I don’t want to climb a ladder to recharge them. The Nest Aware system sold it for me. Nest easy install only downside is the $$$ for subscription to have the aware system and 5 days storage. Still less than $100 a year and no harddrive at home to worry about. and the aware notifications are pretty awesome. You can have it send an alert for any motion or Just people. It detects people very accurately. Or voices, ect. Makes convient highlighted clips of events so it’s very easy to quickly pick out when cars drive by, people come and go or even a squirrel runs by. Coolest thing is it Ties into my phone so It only alerts when I’m not home. only downside is the subscription which I didn’t want to do, but it seems worth it in less irritation.
  9. Cape_taco12

    duck and cover / Front Page

    Agreed but people do it.
  10. Cape_taco12

    duck and cover / Front Page

    For the record both of my posts are intended to be satirical or semi satirical. That’s why I threw in the rhyme of the ancient mariner reference about the albatross and then the clog thing. For the sake of argument “unsafe” would mean a place where you could legally possess a firearm probably because there is no real rule of law. The type of place you would end up getting beheaded by Abu Sayyaf.
  11. Cape_taco12

    duck and cover / Front Page

    I’m still hung up in the tacks idea. Now in order for this idea to work he would need to put them down from bow to stern. It would need to be a decent density for it to really work. One poke would be chocked up to a splinter, you would really need to get a painful dance going to justify flight. With wind and waves surely they would be blown all about and overboard. Maybe he put tar on them and wore clogs about the deck? Otherwise I think he would need to carry a very large amount of tacks and take care to sweep them up and reuse them. What if he got himself he would likely get an infection. I suspect this is creative story telling and its bullshit.
  12. Cape_taco12

    duck and cover / Front Page

    Kind of a weird rant. Advocates common sense and assumes that having any form of a weapon on board means you don’t think rationally? If you have 6 armed pirates on your boat that’s a fight you cannot win. If your in Africa and a skiff with a deck mounted machine gun is on your stern not really a prudent choice to fire with your .38 special. Maybe if there is an albatross in your spreaders you can shoot it with a rifle instead of a crossbow. I heard Slocum died and went missing because he covered his deck with tacks. Some pirates tried boarding and torched his boat out of spite. Sailing out of safe waters is inherently dangerous. Who knows what fate has in store for you. Plenty of people who didn’t fight back died agonizingly. Plenty of people who fought back died much the same. If you think shooting at everything is the right answer your wrong. If you think you can rationalize with everyone you meet, also wrong.
  13. Cape_taco12

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    I have a single spin halyard and I have to run the sock on it. I found if I hoist the sock and then put a bunch of twists in it and attack the tack line to the bottom of the sock I can erase all the fluttering except the top 4 inches. With the tension in the sock i will probably have to have it patched along the seams every season or two.
  14. Cape_taco12

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Now I am far from a marine architect but how the fuck would the happen? All I can picture is the cabin separating from the hull. I couldnt manage to crush a fiberglass hot tub with a Bobcat skid steer successfully, I had to use a sawzall. Is the water that turbulent or is the build that poor?