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  1. I will be interested to see how the used market builds and if the prices to come down a bit. A lot more well rounded than my J80. Pretty much everything one could want in a small boat.
  2. Breeze was probably 12-17 and dying. To be fair the 27 was smaller than the boats that caught up. A couple 105s a tartan 33'. J97 and a NM 30. The closest boat in size was a J29 in a different class which pulled away quickly. The SS24 rated the exact same as the J97 the 27 was a bit faster. Only 15-20% of the race was upwind. The rest was downwind. I would like to see a head to head with a few boats in its range. But the waves did appear to slap the wedge sideways more than other boats of its size. Either way it's a cool boat and I would love to sail one.
  3. Raced against a 24 and 27 in a distance race. During the downwind they both looked quick. We caught them during a pursuit start almost immediately (J105) but the 27 picked up speed and stuck close to us for the next couple hours. The 27 actually rounded the mark to head upwind right in front of us. The other boats in the fleet caught a different shift and were probably 10 mins behind. Watching the seascape head upwind in chop was painful to say the least. It was instantly apparent they would get rolled by the horde of Jboats they had got such a good lead on. They ended up getting passed by 6 boats and only beat the seascape 24.
  4. I laughed way to hard at that
  5. Eh find a wrangler. At least the parts are cheap and can be replaced by a monkey.
  6. I'd love a dehumidifier, but it's on a mooring and the electric system wouldn't support one. Maybe I'll stock up on the chemical ones if the vent doesn't work well.
  7. So I bought a J80 last year, did some repairs still get some water coming in, via the mast and when sailing. I only get out 2-3x a week and can't leave it open to air out in between as my schedule is unpredictable. It's gotten mildew towards the end of the season. The plan is to put a fin style vent in the washboard and another vent in the Lewmar front hatch. I want to put a passive lewmar style retrofit vent, but I'm not sure it will be enough. Do I need a solar powered vent in the front hatch? I'd say average wind on the mooring is between 10-15.
  8. Not the cops... the politicians. By and large cops cops believe that firearms bans and mag restrictions won't do squat...
  9. Not sure if you chose a firearm yet as I stopped reading after the first half of the page. For what your looking for I would recommend a smaller firearm such as an LC9/380 revolver in an on the belt holster covered by a tshirt. A model without an external safety. Any compact act size like a G19 would likely be to big for you to be comfortable carrying around as a person not used to carrying a firearm. Then you wouldn't end up carrying it. Also Inside the waistbands suck for outdoors if you walk more than 1/2 mile. Dont get a firearm with a safety if your carrying it, unless you train repeatedly with a safety at a pro-place like the sig sauer academy. Any situation when you will be required to use it your hands turn into blocks your brain will be incapable of thinking no matter how attuned to stress you are, and you will never take the safety off unless its muscle memory. A good holster will be your safety, if it's not in the holster it's unloaded or down range. So my recommendation for camping/hiking is a smaller sub compact size. A decent holster I prefer leather pancake styles with a thumbreak for outdoor concealment. And of course https://www.thegunbox.com/pages/echo for storage. My battery in mine has gone 8 months on one charge and you can check on your phone. But it if you want a range/carry gun, I'd lean towards a sig p320 as they come with night sights and sig quality. Although If I didn't have a M&P for carry I would definatly buy the CZ10c.
  10. We can use a Remus to search the backside of the reef for Rimas. Naming cannot be a coincidence.
  11. He would be better off, just saying.
  12. Nautical miles and we assume the wikpedia average shlong size of 4.8 inches. That's a significant amount of cocks a mile.
  13. So how many miles of cock have been in or around her mouth?
  14. I would assume his rolls of shit tickets are expended or damp. Probably why he goes through sails so fast. The diet of olives and powdered starch could be a tactical deduction to back him up enough so he rarely poops.