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  1. Cape_taco12

    Greta Rides Again?

    27 pages... How can we not all agree that global warming is a good thing? Oceans rise-> more places to sail to->more marinas->more boats-> better technology and volume-> lower prices Weather worsens-> more wind all the time-> stronger faster boat designs-> potential global catastrophe-> less people less people, better cheaper boats I can’t find any downsides.
  2. Cape_taco12

    TP 52 Deal?

    I like how the listing photo has someone with their dick out pissing into the wake.
  3. Cape_taco12

    Melges 24 Single Handed

    I single hand my J80 in up to 15knots with the spinnaker and no autohelm. I have single handed it in the 20s with the jib. Up above that it’s main only but still doing 10knots down big waves. Close to the same size boat but fixed keel hard to launch yourself so you would need a mooring, or a marina that would crane it off the trailer everyday. Not really a lake boat.
  4. Cape_taco12

    dead cat mystery...advice

    Could also be a non intentional poisoning as well. Say one of your neighbors is a DIYer who has a bucket In their backyard with some chemical in it. My friends dogs got sick as well as several other pets in their street. They live on a small dirt road well off the beaten path, everyone lets their pets wander. Well guess all the dogs would visit one of their neighbors who would give them treats and their kids would play with them. They had a 5 gallon bucket in the backyard that had a small amount of anti-freeze in it that then filled with rain water. Vet figured it out and the dose was small thankfully.
  5. Cape_taco12

    What's your favorite multitool and why?

    Gerber Flik, they don’t make them anymore but they can be found here and there. One handed opening and mine is 5 years old and is still going strong. Strangely the little scissors on it are very sharp and incredibly useful, for cutting even canvas. cons: no replaceable wire cutters, can be a bit of a learning curve to use the pop out pliers (anyone you lend it to will inevitably jam it) Pro’s: sturdier than the wave I am never afraid I will break the pliers off with it to the point it’s been so abused the teeth are stripped off. It holds up to saltwater better than my wave. But both need to be cleaned and lubed from time to time. One handed operation is awesome one you get used to it. One handed only applies to Gerber, I bought a leather man OHT as a backup and it rusts and jams pretty frequently and the blades break easier.
  6. Did you watch the other clips?
  7. Food for thought. “Adults taunting and harassing kids, followed by kids acting douchey and arrogant. That’s what happened here.”
  8. Cape_taco12


    Not worried about the drivetrain. The same motor 3.6 is used in the Durango which has a higher towing capacity. Rear end is a Dana 44 which has been used in millions of cars and trucks. I suspect the neutered towing capacity is related to something else but maybe im wrong. A Durango can tow 6k plus while the 4dr wrangler is at 3500. Dunno if it’s the hitch mount, brakes, convertible top or what.
  9. Cape_taco12


    anyone have a new JL 4 door? Getting tired of waiting for the truck. May end up going with the 4door and landscaping trailer. My boat (J80) is basically right on the towing capacity with trailer not that I plan on towing much farther than the .5miles to my house. A weight distributing hitch will probably solve any issues if it have to hit the highway.
  10. Cape_taco12

    Replace Balsa J92

    I did the core around the chainplates on my 80. Replaced with corecell the next size/thickness down from the balsa. That allowed me to get it very close to the original thickness no bulging. Did it from the top 1.5’ by about 1’ sections. Then covered the whole deck in Kiwi grip. Looks good.
  11. Cape_taco12

    J80 PHRF setup

    Interesting how regional ratings work in NE we are at 120. However my biggest concern of late (driven by the crews demands) is a way to make beer more accessible and easier to drink. Guess no one likes digging under the spinnaker in the hatch and chugging it before the next mark rounding. My bow guy wants me to put a small hatch on the cockpit floor directly in front of the traveler with a cooler under it. For PHRF it would be great but is that a class legal mod? At this point I’m actually considering it as it would be a fun and useful project.
  12. Cape_taco12

    Looking for a performance singlehander

    I have a J80, easy to sail and it’s quick. In 15knkts or less I have no problems running the kite singlehanded. Haven’t tried in over 15 knots. I’ll have to get a tiller tamer to do that.
  13. Cape_taco12

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    I have a single spin halyard and I have to run the sock on it. I found if I hoist the sock and then put a bunch of twists in it and attack the tack line to the bottom of the sock I can erase all the fluttering except the top 4 inches. With the tension in the sock i will probably have to have it patched along the seams every season or two.
  14. Have a new 3DI raw jib on the way to replace the old string sail on my J80. Now I know that storing the previous generations for an extended time on the furler diminished it’s life and performance. Curious what experience has been with the newer Raw for small boats. Obviously storing it down below with no tension is a far better option. But putting a headsail on and off single handed in the typical wind velocity here is a pain. The condom is much easier in a breeze. The big boat stuff seems to have a decent reputation think this will apply to lighter cloth?
  15. Cape_taco12

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    “There I was sailing off the coast of Alaska. Surrounded by swimming grizzly bears... I jumped the boat and placed the fin keel directly into the chest of the leader. The added drag and current forced my fine vessel ashore.” or ” If i mix my buttery mashed potatoes with Starbucks coffee I get two meals in one!”