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  1. The owner of a boat i race on tends to buy a bunch cigars for most races. Problem is 5 or 6 get smoked and the others end up getting tossed in a drawer and we all know how shitty of an environment a boat is for a cigar. So by the next week or two they get pretty tired. So i ordered one of those small Cigar Caddy plastic 10 cigar travel humidors so I don't need to pick pieces of crumbling tobacco off of the charts. Of course after I ordered it I started thinking it's probably a snake oil type device that's going to work for a week (but hey it's rescue orange and will at least look cool.) Anyone have a experience with these or have a working solution.
  2. Glass lenses. They shatter but don't scratch. I used to go through a pair of sunglasses every few months because I ended up scratching the shit out of them. Or use them as eye protection when sanding or using the grinder. A friend who runs a gun shop happens to be a retailer for Costa Del Mar and convinced me to buy the glass ones, "significantly discounted" to try out. They have lasted more than a year and I only have one tiny scratch. I leave these things to float around in my duty bag with no case and let them slide around the dash. Lenses are Incredible but the frame hinges got really loose and won't tighten up. After owning a pair I would definatly pay full retail instead of a $40 pair of plastic ones ever again.
  3. OD is typically the day after graduating rehab/getting out of prison.
  4. Yea but it's 2017. I should be able to post tit pics full sized.
  5. What can be done here so I can snap a photo with my IPhone and upload it like most other forums. Kinda stinks having to crop everything.
  6. You usually use the same size roller for everything. Thickness of the kiwigrip depends on what type of spreader you use. Your typical notched square like the west system 809 has 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4. 1/8s will be a thin fine coat with small dimples, 1/4 is thick and aggressive depending on temperature when it's rolled. i used 3/16ths on my J80 over my recore job, and I'm hoping that 3/16ths thickness will hide the stress cracks as the 1/8ths will not.
  7. Personally I hope that the numbers of registered boats continues to shrink and the cost of the damn things come down. I just turned 26 and bought a J80 for PHRF and one design as I couldn't reasonably afford anything in the $$$/Fun scale. I would love to see something affordable for me in the larger inboard racer cruiser catagory like a quest 30, J105, etc. But I don't anticipate that happening anytime soon.
  8. A Catboat upwind.
  9. Finished recoring both chain plates and around almost everything bolted thru the deck on my J80. The previous owner believed that KiwiGrip would seal everything adequately. I admit I am surprised that it did succeed in sealing a pair of cam cleats, but other than that a total soup sandwich. So now I'm ready to roll on new kiwigrip. Waiting for a day without rain or wind blowing crap all over the boat...
  10. Get the photo printed on one of those metal prints for him before someone else does. The colors look better than real life and make that photo look surreal. We all know that firefighters have an unusual passion for collecting work related pictures and antique gear, can't go wrong.
  11. Thinking of buying this pair. Probably would give me that hands on weekend warrior image. Maybe a tad pricey. But better than my epoxy and oil covered workpants. http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/prps-barracuda-straight-leg-jeans/4457245?origin=category-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=INDIGO What do you guys think? http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/04/25/nordstrom-charging-425-fake-mud-jeans-mike-rowe-social-media-reacts
  12. Surprising how warm a thin pair of rubber gloves are. In the fall when I'm working on the truck, boat, or welding I usually wear a pair on cold days.
  13. Percy Fawcett, Cmon man how did you die? Head used as a soup bowl? Bitten by a fer-de-lance? Malaria?
  14. The origins of the mystery part are still unknown. Furler and swivel check out. At this point I'm wondering if it came out of the tool bag or one of the riggers dropped it.
  15. What's the difference between Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez?? Hernandez knew when to hang it up...