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  1. 2008 4Runner

    I love my Toyota truck 17 years old and 250k still more reliable than the 2015 forester not kidding. Only recurring unusual issue I have is that the exhaust is more sensitive (and expensive to fix) than a domestic car. The 02 sensors and gaskets act up and fail semi regularly. Think iv done o2 gaskets 4 times in 9 years ($7 part but still) I had one Cat fail at 200k not the end of the world but it would have been a $1500 job if I didn’t use aftermarket. I only used after market because I don’t know if I will own it for another 200kx
  2. Tether clips

    Muscle memory doesn’t help fine motor skills that much. Only gross movements. Your fingers manipulating anything is a fine movement where moving your whole arm is gross. In tough conditions you cannot perform fine motor skills (hypothermia, stress, fatigue). critical tasks you need to remember should be instilled so they are gross movements as much as possible. IE grab with whole palm v. Only thumb and forefinger.
  3. Tether clips

    Devils advocate, that is really a fine motor skill to manipulate. When your fatigued, cold and panicked. You lose fine motor skills and dexterity. That will be very difficult to manage. either way every product has its ups and downs. But I’m with you locking ones are much better.
  4. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Hes Really been pushing his luck for years now. Either that or he really wants his grave to be at Sea.
  5. Hypothermia Survivor Account

    What kind of investigation do you think is necessary? There is obviously a police report on it probably stating exactly what is said in the article (where do you think the news got the info) All medical records are private. She tried to kill her self due to a medical/mental condition. So it’s not a criminal matter unless you want to charge her with attempted suicide or some sort of negligence. I would doubt they will charge her with much as she was mentally ill and in crisis. Might send a bill for deployment of resources.
  6. To smock og not to smock

    I have an old Gill keelboat smock. Love it, best of both worlds. Hood and neck warmer with a hoodie style waterproof pouch to keep hands warm and room for anything. Still has a seal around the neck. Wore it on on dingys in the spring and fall no issues except when the collar got soaked it had to be folded down like a polo to avoid neck chaffing. I still wear it frequently as a light offshore spare or on really wet miserable days.
  7. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It wouldn’t be out of character for him to sneak out of town to avoid fees. Maybe he got a plane ride to his next free boat.

    Quest 30 or 33s. Couple on yachtworld I would suspect will actually sell nearer your target amount.
  9. Home security camera anarchy

    There are so many products avaible I’ll probably go with the Arlo as it seems less tech involved. I don’t really need to see more than 60’. If someone wants to watch me in my own house naked, they will be the one clawing their own eyes out in pain not my problem. Their funeral.
  10. Home security camera anarchy

    Looking at getting a few cameras. I want two outdoor cameras to get my driveway and boat. And I think can get away with a single interior camera as anyone breaking in will walk through one common area. Motion sensor on inside would be a plus but I have a 90lb Dog. want to get some I can install myself and are not battery powered so once it’s set up it will never need maintenance or fucking with. Want to network all 3. dont want to pay a monthly fee, and need to be able to access it via my phone. Anyone have any luck or products to avoid? Seems a lot of the products avaible have mixed reviews.
  11. First boat at age 50

    Congrats! If it’s storing a decent amount and slowly draining I would suspect that it is coming from a limberhole of sorts that’s is partially obstructed by dirt. Water that comes down my mast sometimes stays in the forward bulkhead because paint flakes will block the tiny limberhole. Or it could be a wet deck core due to leaking chainplates, but usually those stay saturated and don’t leak for days. Either way I would sound out the deck (if it is in fact a cored deck) and rebed the chainplates.
  12. Sheet bag design

    I have been looking for sheet bags with cup holders attached without luck. Anyone know of a place?
  13. Some decent deals https://gillna.com/default.aspx
  14. Why don't more people race?

    That’s true, it would be refreshing to see a racing video with some entertainment value added. Most seem to be grainy go-pros and music.
  15. Why don't more people race?

    I think you see all the videos about cruisers because most of the people in that scene spend time preparing and sitting on the dock and day dreaming. They have the time to fantasize and watch. Most of the people who race actually race as racing tends to be accessible and easily achievable without serious time off. Racers are more interested in a 5 minute video on sail trim or technical videos on how to longboard a hull. Plus no one wants to watch a vid on a 5ksb doing PHRF unless they own the same boat.