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    R2AK 2020?2021?2022?, LOWISA 54,
    Finally finding a cheap small boat that holds my camping gear and goes faster than the keelboats owned by the smug bastards at the yacht club.
    Currently stuck in the swamp of a well paying job that I can't afford to leave

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  1. Vaeredil

    Countdown to Hawaii 2020 - prep?

    As you already know, I'm not experienced enough to have any advice for you, but just wanted to say good luck and go for it!
  2. Vaeredil

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Yeah, I think that for just PNW cruising you could probably take out a bathtub, and with enough skill get it pretty much anywhere you wanted to go. Offshore there's more concern about weak points but I mean, look at R2AK: almost anything goes.
  3. Vaeredil

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    I really like the look of those too Have one laying around?
  4. Vaeredil

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    There's literally nothing in Dryden to be had. I'm resigned to travelling for my next boat
  5. Vaeredil

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    It's a Van Der Stadt Buccaneer 23, and here's a fantastic video of one working downwind in some pretty awesome conditions. I wish I could win the lottery. 15k and I'd be debt free, own the boat I posted, and have enough money for multiple years worth of food.
  6. Vaeredil

    Craigslist - Not mocking A neat design from the 60's that was supposed to be very weatherly. I love the interior design and the fact that's it's plywood. Another boat I would just immediately jump on if I was about a year less broke. there's an add on another website that seems to be older and asks for 1k$ more. I assume this one has been sitting for a year or so. Here's the old ad (with better pics): Maybe I should start a Patreon.....
  7. Vaeredil

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Finding Simon: The saga continues. the first 4:30 is just sponsor talk about a watch. He rescues some of the batteries that fell out of the boat when the cabin floor broke through, and cuts one apart cause his subs have been keyboarding about their danger. Not much sailing content in this one :/
  8. Vaeredil

    An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    That's the one! Should really have remembered Eos, I met John the first time three years ago in false creek when he and Eos accidentally cut my anchor line :P He was a true gentleman about it, and I got a (much needed) winch handle out of the deal as well as my anchor back. He's a stand up guy. And I wasn't sure if that's an intentional change or not, I thought maybe the waves/beaching did that. Amrak is "karma" backwards, but I've never heard of "Yarma" before.
  9. Vaeredil

    An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    While I absolutely agree that you can do a lot with designs that aren't "optimal", the old owners do seem to have put a lot of money into upgrades. Is that a set of custom sails? Interior doesn't look like the standard buccaneer either. That picture in front of the glacier is incredible though. That boat's had some really great adventures. Amrak could do the same for someone with a little bit of money and a fair bit of motivation. She sailed well even with the wobbly homemade tiller I had on her and that bagged out mainsail.
  10. Vaeredil

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I don't think this should be mocked, it's actually an extremely reasonable price for what the boat is. $200 Neglected, but not yet a zombie. Someone hop on this!!
  11. Vaeredil

    An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Going to have to keep a close eye on the teams for this year. Interesting to see the "Seaforth"' 's more organized approach to the race. Wonder if that'll become more common? I will as usual be rooting for the smallest or least likely candidate That's really incredible, I've read a few of the logs from his website in the past and damn has that man had some incredible adventures. Going through the NW passage particularly. Berrimilla is a very neat boat to boot. Definitely will be looking up both of those recommendations. I did. That's very disappointing indeed, I had hoped she was going to be taken care of. It looks like they did do some work on her before the neglect set in: I scraped the bottom in a half-sized wetsuit sometime last June, but the bottom looks much cleaner than what I was able to do just diving under with the plastic paddle. Also, I could have sworn that the waterline and boot stripe were both dark green, not blue? I'll have to go back and look at past pictures. Does anybody by chance have the new owner's phone number? I had it but lost it when I soaked my phone sailing the dinghy this summer. Jud, if you don't; do you know John, the owner of the big (like 45-50') sailboat who is always anchored out in deep bay, on the north side? Can't remember the boat's name but John has a cabin up middle of the island. He might have some kind of contact. I'd love just to ask the fellow to take even get her off the rocks and moored again. That's heartbreaking, Amrak doesn't deserve this. I feel kinda responsible.
  12. Vaeredil

    An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Will do! Any suggestions for a knot that'll work for tying to pillings with a really long line? I ran into that problem a lot last time I was going up the coast, I had to have super long docklines for trying to shore in anchorages, but then when you're close to something you've got to pull like 50 feet of line through any knot you make Thank you very much I really hope so too. And with any luck, maybe I can! If nobody else, at least some of my siblings. Took my 10-year old brother out last summer and he loved it (even after we got caught in a small downburst/thunderstorm getting back). There's always R2AK 2020..... or 2021........
  13. Vaeredil

    An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Thank you both! And learning to splice sounds pretty practical. I probably should expand my repertoire of knots, too. can't do everything with square knots and a bowline :P
  14. Vaeredil

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    That was really heartbreaking, Gotta be one of the most emotional thing's I've seen on youtube, ever. The guy really loved his dog.
  15. Vaeredil

    An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Had to turn down two chances to crew for R2AK next summer because I just got a job paying about double minimum wage here and a cheap apartment. Winter sucks so far and sailing withdrawal has me taking up crochet to keep out of boredom. I know it's a necessary evil but I'm kinda depressed about having to say no to offers like this. Won "Cruiser of the Year" at the local yacht club for being out on the water the most of anyone this summer, that was really encouraging and pretty great.