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  1. I'd rather actually sail, I hate motorsailing. Only reason I would on the last boat was because I had only a shitty main and an 80%, roller-furling jib. Really hard to make good time in light wind (But it worked great in heavy stuff! Up to 22-23 upwind with the reef in the main and the jib, or about 33-34 (That's the worst I saw) downwind. But luckily, my new boat has a 100% jib, as well as a gennaker-looking thing! Light air, here we come. I said wooden project, that's not a redundancy. Wooden Nightmare, now that's the truth. It's what I meant at least
  2. I don't have a clue what that could be. The lines look decent enough honestly but that cabin and especially the pilot house thing look terrible. A later addition maybe? Anyhow my boat's still afloat, so no wooden project for me
  3. Mission: successful Yeahhhhh that would be nice but no such luck:P The wood stove is diesel, I think, and doesn't come with the boat....... fortunately I have an eye on a bo-jang $100 wood stove that should fit the bill. I've got a friend who has a rudder key so I'm hoping to get it on and fixed soon. It hasn't sunk yet (knock on wood). It IS skeg mounted which is maybe the reason, I'm not sure what the inside of the rudder post looks like.
  4. Here she is. No name yet, all the halyards are all the way up the mast, and missing a spreader. Anyone have any idea how to climb a mast without a halyard to tie off on? I'm reasonably strong and fit but not superman. The 4 horse in the pictures doesn't come with the boat (and is royally fucked), so I have no engine power yet There was soot and charcoal everywhere from a barbecue, I've already hauled off close to four bags of trash. It's going to take a few days to even be able to sleep onboard. There is a head, but it seems to be a composting one? Or something, there's no direct pumpout to the ocean (ok by me :P) and it has a tiny built-in holding tank thing. I've found a nice little gennaker kinda thing, a jib, and the main is on the boom but no sign of the roller furling for the jibs. There's a few whole lockers I can't even reach through the trash yet though too. The pictures make it look better than it is.
  5. Might be the wrong year then, definitely the 28-1, from looking at http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=992 Thank you. I think i'll definitely need all the luck I can get.
  6. Well the Coronado 27 was in typical cheap boat condition but the guy wouldn't go low enough to make it a deal. I've bought the Pearson 28-1, I believe it's 1971? Will upload pics when I can. Its full of shit at the moment (in some cases literally) so I'll be a few days getting it even liveable. Fun times!
  7. That's most of the reason I'm thinking no on that. On equal ground The Pearson is a much better boat than the Coronado but to be honest I just need something that'll keep me clean and dry for the next winter. Gotta have a few dollars for pasta too. I've heard the same about the A-4 before, but this might be an edge case. There's gotta be a quarter inch of rust scale on some bits of the block. The fellow swears up and down it's not seized but I'm sceptical. Haven't been able to confirm that yet. Ill shoot you all an update tomorrow about that Coronado 27. Looks like a two hour bus ride each way so I'm hoping that it's decent.
  8. Hmm, might be worth looking at one or the other then. I've heard they're good boats, even been some offshore stuff done in them. I just assumed since both mentioned decks and rot they were the same I've found a Pearson 28-1 for $600 that I can have, but it's missing a spreader, seized atomic 4, only two sails, loose rudder (like 15 degrees of play) full of old shit, and has a TV(???!?) screwed through a Bulkhead to the wall. Doesn't seem like the best idea. I'm going at 2 tomorrow to have a look at that Coronado 27. I won't be able to afford it with the motor (I've got $1900 cash total until I start digging through bakery dumpsters) but if it's as good as it looks and has some sails I might be set. Fingers crossed. Hopefully he'll take $1200 or something. once I have a place to live I can get myself cleaned up and work on the work thing.
  9. Actually there's an identical listing now on Craigslist for the boat, selling for $475. Looks like someone bought it and now is reselling it.
  10. Well, things have not been going well here. The trip to Mexico looks to be a bust, the girl who's boat it is doesn't know enough to make it feasible and the boat itself needs a ton of work before it could leave. Not going to happen at all before the storm season. I've continued my search for a cheap *anything* to live on but haven't had any luck at all. If anyone has any thoughts or knows of any boats I'd love to hear about it. If any of y'all Canadians have a job that needs filled somewhere on the island or west coast I probably need to think about that as well. Currently homeless (again, yay) so I most likely can't fill any customer service positions but I'm reasonably strong, have previous experience in a few trades, and will work hard. If i don't find anything in the next few weeks I may grab that Haida and attempt to get it somewhere for the winter.... I figure it's better than tarps in the woods.
  11. Hell yes, camp cruising all down central could be great. And i've done some bottom scrubbing and such before. Nothing too detailed, no fancy scuba shit, I just slipped on some goggles and held my breath. Could probably lowball anyone else doing it and grab some customers. Some woodworking too. And yes, I must harness the Spirit of Rimas....... Anyone have any Starbucks??? I certainly will have fun And deliveries seems like a great idea, I'm not afraid of a little bashing upwind Thanks for the encouragement
  12. Well, I took his and your advice. Changed over my plane ticket and I'm sitting in Pearson Airport in Toronto right now. Going to be helping out my friend until we leave, just finishing a few things on her boat. I'm a bit worried about what I'll do once we run out of money/food. The plan is Vancouver --> San Fran, well out to sea, and then harbour hopping down to the Mexican peninsula. Maybe across to Hawaii after that, and god knows where after that. I mean if I got super lucky I'd find a $400 Mexican sailboat to fix up and sail back to Canada, where I can work legally. Any way it goes though, this should be quite the experience. Be my first offshore sailing, pretty excited about that. <3
  13. Good point. Thank you for the support, most of my friends and all of my family don't understand or approve of my sailing thing.
  14. Oh, poor Seileaster. She was a damn good boat. Bit of a long story, but was going North up Discovery Passage near Campbell River, and my engine (reliable up until then, although I hardly ever used it. Total of about 6 Gallons of diesel all summer :P) blew off the oil pressure sender from the top of the block while I was trying to get through. It was originally just an oil light, but the last owner had replaced it with a brass T-fitting. It wasn't up to spec I guess, and snapped off, leaving the seized threads still in the block. So yeah, Oil everywhere, middle of discovery passage and getting swept out and around. Managed to not smash into the dock at Yaculta (the res on Quadra island), but they couldn't help and didn't want me to stay there too long. I waited until slack tide that night (and I was just watching the water, no way to figure out when it was actually). Managed to sail with no lights or anything but a little "shake flashlight" over to Campbell river. and to the government marina dock there. Pretty proud of that, toughest little bit of sailing I ever did. Dodged a tug pulling a wood barge I almost didn't see, frankly was scared shitless. But anyhow, managed to get a spot for a month and started looking for a way to fix the engine. Ended up not being able to find work (Seems that not having an address is a big minus for employment in the larger cities) and couldn't afford another month in the marina. Was thinking about trying my hand at sailing out, but if you've seen my only picture of the boat sailing, she had only one set of reef points on the main and a roller furling jib. I decided that with the weather as it was (We were seeing 25-40 knots up the passage for like a week straight) and the fact that I was out of food I didn't have any choice. So yeah, sold her, probably the thing I regret most in life so far. RIP Seileaster. I hope your new owner is treating you right. Better to be on a boat there than homeless either here (Fucking no) or homeless there. I've done it before and it isn't pleasant. Propane is a big no, way too humid from what I've heard, right? I'd probably cobble together a sheet tin woodstove or something. Funny you mention Mexico though, I have an offer from a friend who's sailing to Mexico late this summer to join. Think I'd get more value for money down there? Cost of sailing down is just help with food, so it's doable for me.
  15. Gotta agree with that. Really hoping the listings will pick up later in the summer, or early fall if it comes to that. The tarp-home isn't too comfortable in winter though, so it would be great to find something before then. I assume the "hida" is a "Haida"? Seems like it could be all right. My interior design might end up with me on the UglyBoats thread, but hey it's a boat. There's also this, similar condition. https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/rds/boa/6161052328.html Bit scary, but at least you can see the whole inside. Not able to hide much in there!