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  1. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Thanks for letting me know. I imagine that if worst came to worst I could still always just anchor. Might even be more comfortable than rolling around in that damn langdale ferry's wake on my mooring ball Thank you, Ajax Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head with "compromise" Done. Cut up, and it felt good. I tried to rationalize not cutting it up by saying that I could control myself..... but that's the same thinking that got me here in the first place. Yeah, right now it's "pay the minimum payment, next month rolls around, all of a sudden it's over the limit from the interest again, repeat". Really do need some steady work and it's absolutely my first priority after the whole "staying alive" stuff. Thank you
  2. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Thank you for all the advice, it's much appreciated. I'll be honest, I've struggled for quite a while as to what I want to do for a career/job (hence the odd jobs and constant moving since I left High School). Is it kind of a "pick something and hope it works" deal? Or is there some point where I'll just magically figure it out? Yeah, once that credit card is paid off it's getting cut up and thrown away. Fuck debt and everything to do with it. Thanks for the advice, especially re: Horseshoe Bay. I'm fairly sure I did see at least a few fast food places and possibly a "real" restaurant or two hiring. That might be a really good option. Dont worry about bringing it up, I'm sure someone would have caught it My worry about Mannion is that I've been told by a few different people that the local police plan on starting to enforce their "no liveaboard" policy in January. I'm honestly not sure if that's true or not, and it seems of dubious legality, but that's a concern too. You're right though, I've made some friends and some contacts here. If I can make it work here it would be best. Not to mention we've got a dirt cheap second hand store and (for times like this weekend, when I have literally no spare money after cat food), there's a food bank. I hate using it, honestly, but that's what it's there for. If I ever get rich, that's definitely something I'll remember.
  3. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    I had a peek at a few pages about him and his theory, pretty interesting stuff. I think the main problem I'm facing is that the boat, while it is turning out pretty difficult to fix up, is absolutely fulfilling some of my basic needs right now, shelter being the main one. There's also clothing and food to consider, too: it's much more difficult to keep clothes dry and food un-spoiled if I were to go back to living in the forest. (I've done it before. The squirrels get into EVERYTHING and banana slugs crawling on you clothing isn't fun). There is Mistral, my cat, to consider too. She'd fit into the love/belonging bit of abraham's pyramid, I think. While I can still provide for her adequately I'm not going to send her to a shelter where she would either end up being put down or in limbo for a long time. But you're quite right, honestly. If you have any ideas or other options that I could consider, please let me know. But as it is, unless I manage to sell the boat for (being honest here) far more than it's worth, it's my best shot at a living spot. Rentals, even a single room here on Bowen needs $1600+ for the first month and $800 afterwards. There's work for now, the same kind of stuff that I've been doing, but come winter that drys up to nothing. Vancouver is close, and maybe if I can find a place to anchor near enough to take the bus in, I could make something work; but false creek is two weeks in two weeks out, and the city had been cracking down on dinghy and anchoring off the maritime museum. Theft is also a big problem. Not so bad when you're good on cash, but when my dinghy gets stolen and I can't get home or to shore for work, or the outboard gets cut off and I can't get into the creek in a winter gale.... it's not so good. I've been trying to find out if there's anywhere I can anchor up the Fraser, or a run-down dock to tie to. That's another option. Or there's parts unknown, comox or Campbell river? It's gotta be a larger place for winter work here on the coast, I think. I really don't know. Thought a lot about it, but if you (or anyone else) has some insight.... that would be wonderful.
  4. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    I doubt I'll get any interest, honestly. Too late in the season and it's probably not worth $2000 right now. Jim's right, the money's super thin. Worked all week last week on a fellow's property digging trenches and cutting down trees, that kinda stuff. 6 hours a day ish and 15$ an hour. Get a paycheck and bam, credit card interest and almost a l that work gone. Maybe I should just stop paying off my credit card? I doubt I'll be too much better off with a car anyhow, and I couldn't keep the cat in a car in the summer anyhow. She was loving the local swan today, but he was having none of it. Maybe I just need to get that sculling oar and go across the straight to Comox/Campbell river/wherever, boat problems and lack of gear be damned. Had the VHF receiving weather forecasts for about 3 hours last night, but couldn't transmit at all, and then blew the fuse when some bare wires got crossed accidentally. Fuck. So, after replacing the fuse, radio won't turn on. Gotta find a cheap old multimeter so I can figure this shit out. Anyhow, the ad's up but I'm still in the game, for now at least.
  5. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Definitely does feel good. Inching closer to "actual sailboat" as opposed to "sinking junk-heap" I could hear the fireworks for sure but couldn't see them :/ Fair enough, and you're right. No point in giving up too soon on it. Worst comes to worse I'll fuck it up and have lost.... oh, no money at all Hoping to have it cleared away by next spring. The way things are going Haida might have to wait though, certainly not going anywhere without fixing this rudder shaft I'll give them a shout. Thank you! I assume this is the store in Maryland? That's the one that comes up when I google it. Thanks, Ismael. Very much appreciated.
  6. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Worked for a fellow sailor today, and made 30$, two paddles (looking at a cheap canoe for the getting to shore and back problem, my loaner kayak isn't mine for much longer), a Helly Hansen slicker for the cold winter, a liter of paint, and some supplies and help with tools for some new hatch boards. I've got a bit of acrylic I'm going to put in the top one for a window, and they're all ready to go after today. Just gotta paint them up and screw in and silicone the acrylic. It's not a huge repair but it's exciting in it's own way.
  7. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    The one that's still together I'm definitely going to try and take apart and clean. The broken one though, the interior drum that the metal bit revolves around is actually cracked a a piece is missing from it. Not gunna have much luck repairing it, I don't think That's actually pretty encouraging. I was given a 4-stroke 4HP, but the rings appear to be blown on it, no compression at all. I think I'm going to take it back off the well and maybe try lashing an oar there and giving it a go. Me too, but I'm fairly sure it'll be two or four weeks at least. Gotta find some steady work and money, order in the bearings from a US company I found that has them, and buy the epoxy and additive to repair the shaft. Going to end up being at least a $300 repair, but there's no way in hell I can do without fixing it. When the SAR guys were giving me a tow, you could feel the rudder going from side to side, with this loud and scary kerthunk.... kerthunk.... The whole money situation would be easier if I wasn't in credit card debt from my "misspent youth" three or so years ago.
  8. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    hahahaha Well played, and thank you I concur The woods just north of there and between the ocean and UBC is were I spent some time when I was hopeless formerly. Kinda was nice, being able to just bath every morning without worrying about people calling the police. Hence the idea of a tarp and good cleanup I'll check it out, but yeah, I think any place I'll be doing it on the sly. Midnight grounding with a headlamp perhaps? Or should I break out my holocaust cloak (Please tell me some will get the reference) and go for the disguise in broad daylight? Ajax, it's a Lewmar 7, Single Speed. If you find one, that would be lovely, thank you! The Starboard one is the one that's broken, but I've also got to remove the port one and grease it. Yeah, "All Ways" just about describes it.
  9. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Either that or a slick oar setup like the R2AK guys! No, I'm kidding, while the kayak tow did work when necessary I think the outboard is worth it. It would be great to find a nice 9.9 with a high thrust long leg and an alternator.... For now I work and make money hopefully. The tidal grid's still there but like the fellow above mentioned, they dot allow scraping. I wonder exactly what they think people will use it for, maybe inspection? spanish banks is actually a decent thought. As long as the wind doesn't pick up before you get off you'd be ok. I had been considering the beach at the north end of Halkett bay because it's a bit more out of the way, any thoughts on that? I've heard the little pub here is hiring and I might check that out, I've done kitchen worn before and free food is usually part of the deal. I've done a few weeks of temp work here already, some brush clearing and other random stuff, but I do need something a bit more long term. (By which I mean like two months lmao) Thank you for the tip on the comox mooring balls, I've been considering holing up there for the winter, they have more jobs than the small places like Bowen which dry up when there's no tourism
  10. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    And no boatyards here on Bowen, I don't think. Perhaps something in Vancouver? That would be a hell of a commute though, every day. I could consider moving the boat down there..... once the tiller/rudder are fixed and I have an outboard.
  11. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Yes, I've been struggling with that paradox for a while. I actually was considering careening it at a high tide and doing a few day's work on it. Scrape both sides of barnacles, paint, replace my head's through-hull fitting, etc. Not sure if that's a good idea. I'd have to have a huge tarp to contain all the old paint, wouldn't want to get that all over the beach. Definitely would need a month or two of work first, to get an outboard, paint, through hulls, etc... and by then It'll be late august.... maybe still dry enough to try it. My rudder post suffers from the classic P26 problems with the bushings, and it's bad enough that I'm going to have to remove it and fix that before I go anywhere serious. Another useful lesson from the test sail last night. It looks like work for the winter and maybe next fall will be the big trips. Oh well, hopefully I can do right by this boat.
  12. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Hahaha well yes, that sure does fit mine. Although I hit a little over 4 knots with the little bit of good wind I got yesterday. And hell you might be right, he's been a lot less inspiring lately. I must admit that the test sail was... interesting.... to say the least. wind was supposed to be 10-20 until late evening, but died to about 3 knots about 45 minutes after I went out. I realized quite quickly I'm going to need to find a starboard winch (my current one is broken), and despite the "engineless sailors" of yore I do need an outboard. Got pushed around by current and managed to get a little too close for comfort to the ferry lanes. So, I now know that I can tow the boat with my tiny kayak... Went about a mile at 1 knot, stayed clear of the langdale ferry. Then I see a boat coming up... annddd it's the RCM-SAR boat. Apparently they got a call from someone on shore who saw my headlamp, and thought I was in trouble. So, they offered a tow and in the interest of not wasting their trip out, I accepted. Of course, ten minutes after we hook up, I get the 15 knots of wind I was supposed to have all night. Oh well. They were quite friendly and loved little Mistral, but i do feel a little like Rimas, and not in a good way. Gotta attempt to find another good bit of work on the island here, don't want that to happen again.
  13. An Idiot, a cat, and a sailboat

    Mistral gets first dibs on food money. Only way she'll be in need is if I'm dead or sunk. I've been known to do stupid things from time to time, yes, but do you have a better option for me and the cat? I mean, rentals are more expensive than anything has a right to be. the $1200 I spent on the boat would pay for about a month and a half's worth of apartment..... and this way I'll hopefully get to sail as well. Thanks for the support, friend I've gotta ask, what does a "4ktsb" mean?