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  1. Does kinda look like the house is on the boat in that pic, eh
  2. Not sure if this is worthy of mockery, but here's a "home-build, self designed" catamaran near me in Ontario. https://toronto.craigslist.ca/yrk/boa/6131842490.html
  3. Are there any Sailors in Owen Sound, Ontario? I've got about 6 months of experience (Solo sailed my Coronado 25 around BC), looking for anything from keelboat rail meat duty to the chance to doublehand on a dinghy. Just want to get back on the water this summer. Shoot me an email at liam@vaeredil.com or text me at (807)-220-3123.
  4. Funny story, went in for an internship to do that a few years back. Apparently you can't just pick all the nice ones to look at. Just like everything in Canada <3 I heard they switched over to candy coal, actually.....
  5. Well, shit's looking up, boys! Got a call back from the Coast Guard this morning, and it looks like I've made it through another round of eliminations. Phone interview later this week, wish me luck!
  6. Steps to being a rich bastard: 1) Get a sex change 2) Find Men's size 13 stripper heels 3) ???????? 4) Profit
  7. This is pretty encouraging, thank you. That also seems like a very good option. I guess the biggest thing I'm wondering now is how to get the education necessary to bill out at $100/hour. Obviously you don't start out that high, but do you buy a few outboards and teach yourself? Is there a Canadian college course for that kind of thing? BCIT has a Marine Mechanical Technician program: http://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/4630appr Another place:https://www.tradestrainingbc.ca/Trades/Equipment-Repair/Inboard-Outboard-Mechanic I'm sure Ontario has similar programs if you don't mind spending 5 minutes on Google. i doubt you can teach yourself, except maybe on old 2 strokes in which case you'll likely end up posting on Craigslist @ $20/hr. The guy I used was referred to me and he was a Yamaha specialist. He knew the parts backwards and forwards and how to source new and used parts quickly. And he apprenticed (or at least worked at a Yamaha dealer) for about 10 years. I'm pretty sure that is how he was able to charge $100/hr Don't get me wrong, I think it could be a very good career and you'd have skills that are required just about anywhere there are boats, but it's not as easy or simple as it may seem at first blush. The Marine mechanical technician program I've been having a look at. Apparently I've got to find a place to apprentice at for that, but it could be a great idea.
  8. This seems to be one of the best ideas. Sent off to TC for my CDN and I'm looking into booking my seafarer's medical. Seems like these certs are needed for pretty much every sea-going job, so I don't see any reason not to get them. BC Ferries would be a great job.
  9. See, that sounds right up my alley. Lived out of a small backpack for a couple years and I have basic skills in pretty much everything you mentioned. (Except perhaps not banging the captain's wife...). Could be a fun way to spend a year or ten
  10. That also seems like a very good option. I guess the biggest thing I'm wondering now is how to get the education necessary to bill out at $100/hour. Obviously you don't start out that high, but do you buy a few outboards and teach yourself? Is there a Canadian college course for that kind of thing?
  11. I've actually already started the application process for the coast guard officer training program in Nova Scotia, for the Marine Engineering program. My grades and resume were good enough that I'm into the third round so far, still waiting to see if I make it farther. This post here is part of my attempt to find a back-up plan! Does the NMC certification hold true up in Canada as well? Or is that for US vessels only?
  12. Seems like it's a decent idea, but isn't the training to be a doctor both very time-consuming as well as extremely expensive? I don't say this lightly, but that is the funniest fucking thing I have read in my entire life... It's entirely possible I'm naive and uselessly hopeful... but I was kinda hoping to avoid massive (>$100,000) debt after an education like that. That's why I was looking into something like a sailmaking apprenticeship. Little to no debt hopefully at the end, and enough money that I can live, as well as a skill that will be both useful in my own life as well as marketable damn near anywhere there's a sailboat. work really hard, get married, have kids, get divorced, lose all money, get hit by a bus crossing the street and die never having lived your dreams. lots of avenues to take in this life, not all are inherently wrong. ^ That's the attitude I have. No idea when you're going to die, so I'd rather not spend what time I do behind a desk at a "real job". Canvas work/Diesel mechanic is exactly along the lines of what I was thinking. Apparently you can get a one-year "diesel technology certificate" which doesn't exactly focus on marine diesels, but is a good way to get into the industry. I'm really not sure which (if any) qualifications you'd need to do canvas work. Is experience and a hefty sewing machine enough?
  13. Seems like it's a decent idea, but isn't the training to be a doctor both very time-consuming as well as extremely expensive? PM sent! I'd be very interested in this idea. Looks like about $1500 to get the STCW basic safety, that's not bad at all.
  14. So, I want to eventually do some long-distance sailing, maybe around the world, or possibly just extended cruising, but I'm currently without a career, 21, Canadian, and unsure of the direction I should take. Any suggestions for a universally in-demand job that's related to sailing? I was thinking something like becoming a sailmaker's apprentice, or possibly a diesel mechanic? Any suggestions or information that could help me? When I graduated from high school almost 4 years ago, I had 90+ averages in many of my subjects, so I shouldn't have a problem with entry requirements for any courses or programs I might have to take.
  15. ??????????????