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  2. Vaeredil

    Dinghy Adventure Anarchy

    Went for a 5 day dinghy adventure 9n my Laser 2 about a month ago, from Terrace Bay to the Slate Islands, not anything crazy but it was super fun!
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  4. Vaeredil

    Laser 2 Cruising Mods & trip report

    I've been loving mine so far, but then again they're aren't any modern racing dinghys in my neck of the woods, so it's pretty much the best I could do for speed and capability. $650 (USD?) with a trailer sounds like a darn good deal, even sans spinnaker pole, though.
  5. Vaeredil

    Laser 2 Cruising Mods & trip report

    Not at all, paid $2000 canadian for it. Not sure if I overpayed or not but I've already got my money's worth of fun out of it I think, it's all uphill from here.
  6. Vaeredil

    Laser 2 Cruising Mods & trip report

    My jib is actually just the bead type on a wire halted that gets cranked into a bit of metal at the top of the mast, and my main is just one rack, not the version with options. You just crank on the Cunningham if you need to.
  7. Vaeredil

    Laser 2 Cruising Mods & trip report

    Camping California on a laser, that's pretty awesome! Love your pictures And thank you for the sailing tips. I was tempted to change out the halyards too, but I'm planning on selling it after this summer (heading west to liveaboard again), so not much point. They are brutal on the hands though
  8. Vaeredil

    V-berth anarchy

    Anyone decide to change a v-berth into an enlarged chain locker in the fwd part with proper stowage for sails higher up and other storage below in the aft part? Seems like for a singlehanded cruiser, especially offshore, it's often ill-used, not very helpful space. Most of the crap usually ends up there anyhow, but just in a pile and hard to access.
  9. So, just returned from my inaugural Laser 2 camping trip, 4 nights in the Slate Islands on Lake Superior, in my new to me Laser 2. Currently running white sails only, single paddle for propulsion, and no trapeze. First afternoon heading out, there was crazy fog, had okay wind for about 2 miles and then it died down to this nutty fog, so cold that the forward side of my lines was covered in frost, and dead calm. I'd try to paddle out of it with the boom hitting me in the head every time I shifted my weight or got any forward momentum, and once in a while break into a clear patch, sun, and a little wind. I'd get sailing only to plunge into another fog bank so thick that I couldn't tell which direction the sun was shining from and had a hard time steering a straight course in, especially with my one paddle propulsion setup. So, wondering if there's a more balanced, efficient way to move the L2 when there's no wind. I was considering a rowing setup, and there's a local guy with oarlocks and very nice spoon blade 8' laminated pine oars for $300 CAD asking, but I have no idea how to store those, I'm fairly sure they're longer than the cockpit. The other idea is a two piece sculling oar that would split to sit in the cockpit, but I'm not sure where one could be mounted, and I've heard they're slower than oars by a good amount. I'm guessing it would have to be offset from the centerline? Either way, I'm a little iffy on the gunwale mounted setups I've seen, because I want to start using the trapeze solo, and those get in the way! Also, is there a way to rig up a brailing line of some kind to get the boom out of the way for rowing, paddling, whatever? I think a line just to the spin pole ring and around the boom would do the trick but it would leave the sail to flap still and I'm not sure if that would be too much weight up high? Third day out I had strong west wind, heading from sunday harbor west and then downwind east and a broad reach north to the northeastern most island in the group, Delaute. Wind built steadily from 10 to 15 to 20, gusting a bit, and man was the downwind bit and the first reaching incredible. By the time I started heading north the sailing was just ridiculous, even with all the vang, downhaul, and out haul I could put on, on, I was screaming, and getting so overpowered in the gusts that I was bearing away as far downwind as I could to ease pressure, sheets of white water spray getting kicked up by the bow everytime I hit a wavetop. Definitely the craziest, most amazing run I've had in a long time. After reaching into the strait between the islands and superior's north shore, the waves were (it seemed) reaching 5 feet every once in a while, and so I ducked into a little, rocky, but very well sheltered cove for the night where the picture I posted was taken. So, definitely like to figure out solo trapeze so that I can keep a bit more control in situations like that, and not have to be luffing 3/4 of the main and jib. Any suggestions or tips? I've never been in a trapeze before! I'm assuming I need a tiller extension extension but I'm not sure if that's going to affect tacking/jibing? Are adjustable/extendable tillers a thing? I've also got to fix my bailer as it let in a steady trickle of water even when closed, which ended up being a little dangerous. That first crossing with the icy fog, my wetsuit setup ended up being just barely adequate to prevent hypothermia, and I had a fire going before even unpacking on my first beach. Like to keep a little more water out of the boat next time, i know there will always be a bit from the daggerboard but this was a good 2 inches at the back of the boat. Anyhow, all this talk is just because I'd like some input, on the whole the adventure was incredible, and I love Lake Superior. Hoping to do a longer trip from Sleeping Giant east along the shore later this summer maybe? Until then, local sailing!
  10. Vaeredil

    Single Handed roll call?

    Hard to get pictures while I'm sailing as there's no cleat on the main sheet but spent 5 days in the Slate Islands last week, solo.
  11. Vaeredil

    Tips For Being Rescued

    I would fucking love to see someone snag her. It looks, aside from the sails, to be just fine. Still floating on her lines even. I'm really disappointed that it came to that. It's a beautiful boat, inside and out. Not even that weathered.
  12. Vaeredil

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    Unfortunately, I'm 6'2". I'd probably have settled on looking for a contessa already but I hear the headroom is 5'8".... that's a hell of a stoop...
  13. Vaeredil

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    But I sure he wouldn't even think about accepting a reasonable offer for it.
  14. Vaeredil

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    From a former Cal 20 sailor and ocean voyager: Voyaging in small craft may not be for everyone, but for those who want to do it badly enough and only have a very limited budget, it's definitely feasible. An attitude of how little one needs, rather than how much one wants, is required.
  15. Vaeredil

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    I'd take the 26' haida upthread at 3.5k and be a lot happier I think. More room for my two cats, too.....