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  1. So I'm on the search for a new boat after sailing my "Lazy E" 15' Dinghy for a summer and being happy but not thrilled with it's performance. (Check out the old topic I made about it here for some pics/video ) But I don't think I'll be too happy with the little dinghy in the future. Sailed a Laser in about 18-20 knots this weekend and holy cow have I been missing out on performance. It was an old, beat up one with multiple Canadian flags sewn onto the leech for some reason... and I still got screaming downwind at around 11-12 knots, wiped out a couple times planing. Holy freakin shit it was amazing. Only problem is, I can't really carry any camping gear on a boat like that, and that's a big deal considering my plans (R2AK 2019? Other longish distance regattas & Races). I was wondering if anybody knows of a cheap (budget maybe $3000?), fast single-handed boat that can deliver performance close to that, while carrying my 175 pound self plus from 10 to 100 pounds of gear. I would also really really like it to be car-toppable or trailerable behind a small car. My little "Lazy E" did quite well for what it is, but I simply don't have the weight to keep it upright in much over 15 knots, so it's a huge disadvantage. Ideally I'd love to be able to keep up with the local sailing club's keelboats over a whole course but that's asking a lot I was looking at the potential of a Sailing outrigger similar to Wharram's Melanasia ( or maybe Gary Diekering's Ulua ( with a rudder attached. Something like a Wayfarer/CL16 would be great on the single handing/capacity side but not so much for performance. Any ideas at all?
  2. Vaeredil

    America's Cup "Shit Show"

    Better quality video of the sudden nosedive of the new Murica's Cup Races. Not sure if anybody's interested.
  3. No, plenty of time to look, and like you say I won't be looking until later this winter/early spring.
  4. Seen any recently for sale near Northern Ontario? Lol, I think there's a total of three across Canada for sale right now.
  5. Apparently there's a Hobie 17 sport in calgary.... looks possibly perfect? just gotta buy a car and travel out there
  6. Kinda thinking the same thing. I'm thinking maybe a Hobie 17 (if I can find one once I have a vehicle), because they're apparently good for single handing, don't bury the bow going downwind like the 16 does, and come with the wings so you have a shot at not being exhausted sailing it for anything more than 3 hours.
  7. Hmm, might be a bit of a stretch for trailering from Ontario to BC then. I'll definitely have a look.
  8. ??
  9. 20-30 knots of boat speed..... holy balls. Apparently it weighs 380lbs, that's actually light enough I might be able to trailer it......
  10. Holy shit these are fast May sound a bit lame but I think having hyrdofoils might be a bit of a problem considering the shallow water/rocks/etc around here/on R2AK. God that thing looks so fun though
  11. Any opinions on a Nacra 5.7?
  12. On the other hand, would the Hobie 14 handle badly when laden with the gear for R2AK?
  13. Add a masthead float and maybe some hiking wings for something like the R2AK. This might be the real solution here. Also a bit lighter and easier to move solo. I wonder where I can get one. EDIT:
  14. I just found out about these things a few weeks ago! I hear they're almost impossible to find for sale though? It does look close to perfect for what I want.
  15. Really neat account of a fellow Sailing to Alaska on a DIY outrigger canoe Haven't read the whole thing yet but so far it's fascinating.
  16. I think I may have seen all of his videos already, Roger is a gem and I love the cruising he does. That dinghy's pretty much a floating home too, he's got all the comforts
  17. Looks like a fantastic boat Alex, but as you say both a little pricey and slightly too heavy for my purposes.
  18. I'm almost thinking a Hobie 16 might be the answer, they're cheap and readily available, plus tough as hell. I'll have to do some research. As to the Laser, I would be very impressed if someone managed that. I think sailing a laser with paddles or oars for secondary propulsion ( pedal drive would probably be too heavy unless made out of some space age materials) and all the necessary gear would really put you at a disadvantage in all ways. You'd have a boat with very limited upwind ability, and it tends to be lots of headwinds along that course, you'd wallow going downwind with all the extra weight, you don't really have the length to deal with short choppy waves.... I think Kruger on his stand up paddle board has a much better platform for the open ocean. On the other hand, everyone said that the SUP couldn't be done, so I very much look forward to being proven wrong about the Laser
  19. As in on my current boat? That Lazy E of mine is surprisingly seaworthy, even in some crazy wind singlehanding. My sailing this summer has been on a smaller (like 20km long at farthest point) lake, and so for the couple of camping trips I took I tied my bag to the centreboard case. it probably weighs about 30 pounds dry and 40ish wet? So the one time I did have decent wind, about 20 knots gusting to 25, I was basically sailing hiked out all the way with the main slacked wayyyy off and the jib still pulling. Never capsized, had a few close calls but that bag weight in the bottom did help a little bit, and when it got gusting up to 30 knots I sheltered behind an island. It was kind of an unusual weather patten to be honest, had thunderstorms the whole previous night but this was at about 6 AM sailing back and it was the gusty, squall like conditions for about two hours, with this super fine mist. Anyhow, like you say when I'm in larger water and don't have any convenient islands to shelter behind I will absolutely want a bit more of a safety net.
  20. And you know what? I won't even need a water maker. See all you fools in Hawaii
  21. Oh man would one of those be fun up here near Lake Superior. Could have a really great time bombing over to islands in early spring. And yeah, you're spot on about reefing points and a mast float. I'd probably be inclined to add some even to a rebel or mutineer, as sometimes you can't just "go home" when it gets above 20 knots. I love sailing in big wind and waves, too.
  22. I think the price might be the tough spot on this one, though it does look close to what I had in mind. Looks like almost all the offerings in the used market are 6-7k
  23. This isn't adventure islands, but tandem islands: I imagine the performance is similar.
  24. Might be the best idea, I guess. Could probably take both with as well, would just have to cartop one and trailer the other. Thank you for the idea!