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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Last time I tried to get a cylinder approved for use in Australia (for some kit for RAN clearance divers), the importer/supplier (Luxfer Australia) offered to get the approvals for me... provided I purchased several hundred (can't remember the exact figure, but I need 40-ish)
  2. caption contest

    What was the name of that Doctor lady again?
  3. Not a big fan of steel either, but they are, I think, great boats (my father in law built one and he and his wife lived on it for about 20 years, the last few based in Oyster Cove, for what its worth)... they certainly sail well and you do see them, occasionally for around the $US 50k mark. the problem, for me, is that they are invariably home built, so they vary hugely in build quality - the good ones are very good, the bad ones... not so much
  4. Pittwater Info

    The launching ramp at Shoal Bay definitely facilitates disembarking from a dinghy without getting your feet wet...
  5. Pittwater Info

    Oh, and we caught a heap of squid in Shoal Bay too... yum!
  6. Pittwater Info

    Re dinghy docks & piers: We anchored or grabbed courtesty moorings and went ashore in, variously: Shoal Bay (the first bay inside the heads, on the South side)... great for a walk up Tomaree Head, also access to restaurants, pubs, bottle shops. Nelson Bay, access to bottle shop (close) & supermarket (quite a walk) Corlette Bay (a.k.a. Salamander Bay) also access to Supermarket, not quite so long a walk) In each of these there was not a dinghy dock per se, but there was a place wherew we could pull the dinghy up on the beach sufficiently close to something large and fixed to get a chain and padlock onto it. I'm sure there'd be plenty of facilities in the various marinas too, but we tended to stay out of them as much as possible, so we never used any in Port Stevens.
  7. Pittwater Info

    Assuming that you might be continuing north, and stopping by Port Stevens, then just outside and south of the entrance, if you get the right breeze (anything with an N in it), Fingal Bay is an incredible, beautiful anchorage (we generally anchored in the NE corner of the bay at the east end of the isthmus). There are heaps of good anchorages in Port Stevens, but Fame Cove is worth a special mention. A few miles north of Port Stevens, the anchorage on the north side of Broughton Island (maybe Providence Bay?) is fantastic too (and plenty fish around too, including snapper). If you are heading to Port Stevens north side, ask around with locals because there is a fairly shallow reef when entering the bay from the NW corner of Broughton, so a little local knowledge beforehand is worth having.
  8. Pittwater Info

    FYI the prawns from the fishermans co-op just along from the marina in Newcastle are as fresh as I have ever had... they were still alive when I got them back to the boat!
  9. O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    What's that about swingers and the missus? TMI!
  10. O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Maybe you are charging too much, or need to work on your technique?
  11. Couple sleeping in same berth underway?

    When we cruise it is generally 2-up, so while we share the same bed, the watchkeeping schedule means that while under way we are never actually sharing it at the same time.
  12. Mountain Bikers Seek to Gut Wilderness Act

    I was talking to my Dad about this... he's in his 80's. He said (slightly paraphrased)... "Son, I brought you up to have consideration about how your actions impact on other people. These days most people don't care one iota about their impact on other people, and if that is something thats gonna upset you, you are gonna spend an awful lot of time upset. But I also brought you up to know how to get to places where other people rarely go, and those places are still out there". The old bastard's right too, just I'm at a stage in life where "those places" are getting harder for me to get to (I walked quite a lot of miles over the weekend, with a heavy pack, mostly in the rain. Never saw anybody on Saturday, and less than a handful on Sunday). Damn, but my knees hurt today.
  13. It was a perfectly reasonable question to ask, but an unreasonbable place to ask it. I'm not sufficently net-savvy to know whether that constitutes trolling.
  14. Mountain Bikers Seek to Gut Wilderness Act

    Speaking as an occasional visitor to the USA, and one who always takes a wander into whatever National Parks are near where I'm visiting, I cannot emphasise enough the above. I currently find myself in the Highlands of Scotland, UK, and since I was last here, some 20+ years ago, mountain bike access (and number of mountain bikers) has increased dramatically, making it far, far easier to access many hitherto remote areas. And the increase in litter and damage is significantly increased. Not blaming mountain bikers in general, but it only takes a tiny minority to fuck it up for everyone. While you have to pack your gear in, on your back, by foot there's a chance that unspoiled wilderness will remain unspoiled... when anyone with a decent mountian bike can ride in 40+ miles in a day, not so much. I was spending a night recently in a bothy (if you don't know what that is, Google) and 5 young lads turned up in a 4WD... Christ on a skateboard, bothys are supposed to be remote mountain shelters, not free party locations