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  1. Weyalan

    How do you define bad crew?

    Last 40 or so miles of a 300 mile offshore race. Blowing 35 gusting 40+.... absolutely hard on the wind (pointing like a Japanese Tour Guide) slightly too much sail up, but laying the headland 4 or 5 miles to windward, after which we can crack-off 10 degrees and send it, so decision is to stick with what we had (working jib) and live with it, because we'd lose enough changing down to heavy weather jib that we'd have to tack back out to lay the headland. So we have a crew of 10... all sitting on the rail, legs over, except driver and main trim who had their backs hard against the liferlines... it was cold and wet and we were wearing plenty of green ones.... except for the one crew who was sitting down below on the saloon setee.... because they were cold. Also, any crew who walks on your sails
  2. Weyalan

    everybody doin' it?

    Maybe they sailing as high as they can to lay a mark without having to put in 2 tacks
  3. Weyalan

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    ... same old salt finds himself in a house of ill-repute, doing what you do in such places. How am I doing he asks the "girl" About 3 knots, she replies What do you mean, he says She replies Your knot in, your knot hard and your knot getting your money back....
  4. Weyalan

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    and he said to say that he "loves yous all"
  5. Weyalan

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Don't go there
  6. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    G'day mate. (Slow response due to having been away in Greece) Back in Oz sometime mid August, most likely. Beers will definitely be on the agenda, oh yes! Boat project plans are a definite maybe (pending viewing of said tub). Rumor is you 'n J have added a somewhat luxurious vessel to your fleet?!
  7. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    A little back-story. I have a 40' 1-tonner, with a in-line spreader rig, running backstays, checkstays the whole nine-yards. Its a lot of boat for 2 people (wife & I) to handle, especially offshore in a decent sea. And we ain't getting any younger. The S&S 36 comes with a swept-back rig, and can, potentially, be purchased for very cheap... maybe 1/4 of what I will get for the Vandestadt 40 1-tonner (and I am pretty realistic about how little I'm gonna get for it), and the difference will easily cover the work to get it up to scratch (inc new keel) and really, its about downsizing to a boat that will be easier to sail 2-up, especially as we slide further into old-fart-dom and both the reduction in size and the swept back rig tend to facillitate this (plus ongoing upkeep should be cheaper on a 36 versus a 40). Not totally convinced yet, especially with the poor rep of Prestige built boats (but not sure if its a Prestige or a Swarbrick at this stage), but still giving it some serious consideration. Will be taking a serious look at the boat when we get back to Australia in about 3 months...
  8. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    and the S&S 36?
  9. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    totally get that. Currently have an IOR 40' 1 tonner that we have made into our house / live aboard cruiser. Not like I am a total newbie. If what I am being told is correct, there is nothing that we can't do ourselves (including casting anew keel).
  10. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    Totally get that. This is not just a hull. It is somebody's dream (sadface) that has not reached final achievement. as far as I have been able to ascertain (bearing in mind I'm currently on the other side of the planet) is that the boat is "finished" except for the keel...
  11. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    Somebody's dream project, 90% finished, but broke the camel's back... I don't own it, but am considering it
  12. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    The keel thing is because the boat under consideration doesn't have a keel... just a large pile of lead ingots....
  13. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    It is the 36 foot version of the much loved 34. A few were built in Australia http://sparkmanstephens.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/design-2432-prestige-36.html Early 80's IOR
  14. Weyalan

    S&S 36... thoughts

    Does anyone here have any experience with the S&S 36? The good, the bad, the ugly? Any known problems? Also, hypothetically, if you had to build a new keel for an S&S 36, would you go with the stock-standard, as designed, or would you "modernise" and if so, with what, designed by whom?