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  1. Classic strawman. I didn't suggest any such thing. I merely pointed out that lockdowns are difficult, not impossible. I definitely didn't say that you should have locked down LA or even the whole of USA. Should you have? I don't know. Could you have? Yes. Saying that you didn't because it is impossible is just lazy and obfuscatory. Man up and admit that you didn't because you are stupid fuckwits, or whatever the excuse of choice is, but don't play the impossible card
  2. FIFY Melbourne has 5 million people, freeways and roads everywhere going everywhere. They managed a complete lockdown. Just stop making excuses and admit that your CIC couldn't organise a root in a monkey brothel with a suitcase full of bananas and 49% of your compatriots can't follow simple orders half as well as a retarded puppy...
  3. Weyalan

    Hobart Scene

    Interesting conditions for the Tim Malone race yesterday. Had a ball sailing on the mighty Sundowner... she loved the big breeze
  4. Weyalan

    Another reef

    We have a trisail and storm jib. The problem for us was that we did not have a separate track for the trisail, the logistics of getting it hoisted when short handed (ie cruising) were "interesting" even without allowing for the sort of weather conditions predicating the necessity (i.e. we needed to remove the whole mainsail and get it down below prior to fitting the trisail) So our compromise was to make the triple reefed mainsail the same area as the trisail, and we were pretty competent at putting in the 3rd reef 2-handed even in heavy seas and big winds
  5. Weyalan

    Another reef

    You know your boat and your sailing plans better than I do. My experience has been that occasionally, even with good planning, you gonna find yourself on a lee shore and its blowing dogs of chains. I've experienced 50 knots gusting 70 (not in the forecast) in supposedly sheltered waters. I've seen boats with 1 reef rounding up / rounding down and washing their windgear, while we sailed along (relatively) happily with 3 reefs and a heavy weather jib. In a pinch, I don't want to be rescued, I want the tools on hand to rescue myself. Put it another way... I doubt you'll ever regret getting a 2nd reef, but I sincerely hope you never have occasion to regret not having a 2nd reef.
  6. Weyalan

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    You'd be pissed off if you managed to get into Australia healthy and Covid free, were forced to quarantine for 2 weeks, only to catch corona in the quarantine hotel near the end of your 2 weeks and have to do 2 more...
  7. Weyalan

    Another reef

    If you do, or plan to do, any racing outside of sheltered waters, then I would suggest 2 reefs minimum If you plan to do any extended cruising outside of sheltered waters, I'd go for 3 reefs. (The above is from experience sailing my 40' cruiser/racer... your mileage may vary on a 28 footer) I guess my thinking is that if it gets too windy for your 1 reef, what you gonna do? You probably ain't realistically going to motor anywhere (except downwind) and you'll struggle to make way to windward with just a jib... so 2 reefs and smallest jib gives you options to control your own destiny Cruising 2 up, on a 300 NM open water passage, we experienced 12 hours of wind around 30 knots, with seas up to 15'... we were glad of our 3rd reef
  8. Weyalan

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    It depends on where your vantage point is.... I got my binoculars out and I couldn't see Darwin, let alone 28k up is back passage.... so its pretty remote to me
  9. Weyalan

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    The question is why you spout such utter, unadulterated drivel? Your question, above, is indeed a question, but the just because it is a question doesn't mean it deserves an answer. The very asking of the question is purely obfuscatory, per your usual modus operandi.
  10. Weyalan

    The UK Variant

    https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/04/20/how-anthony-fauci-became-americas-doctor I'll take Fauci's opinion on matters relating to infectious diseases, thanks. Bob Dylan is a Nobel Prize winner, don't make him an expert on anything
  11. Weyalan

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Sure, but when it says "close family only" we have a helluva lot more leeway.... And at least with face masks we don't have the arguments over who's turn it is to have the teeth today
  12. Weyalan

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Sorry, I can't hear you over the whining
  13. Weyalan

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    When somebody that half the people think is lying to them asks them to do something, there is no way that some of the people will not do what is asked, right? that's not even possible...
  14. Weyalan

    Hobart Scene

    It was great to see a good turn-out for the Nibbs Electrical / Tim Roberts Memorial Race yesterday. Fair Winds Tim
  15. Weyalan

    Launceston to Hobart

    You could ask for your money back!