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  1. Thanks for your kind words. We put a lot of time and effort into the refit and have had years of fun, but the time has come. Its a tough market to sell a boat right now, but hopefully somebody will see her and like it enough to make an offer
  2. Weyalan

    Sizing lines and blocks

    Completely agree with this... use the calculators provided for free in the Harken Catalog
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    pining for the fjords
  4. Thanks for the plug
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    ground up, in the freezer?
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    Oz Music

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    Oz Music

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    Oz Music

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    Oz Music

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    Random PicThread

    You currently get around 12 "good" days per year to get to the summit of Everest (and it's not as though you get to pick which ones they are). The Nepali government sees fit to issue almost 400 permits per year. It isn't hard to see why that particular shit show happens and why people lose their lives. Why people find attache cachet to the "achievement" beats the hell outta me. I've spent a bit of time in that area, even climbed some reasonably large mountains there, but never seen anyone other than my one or two travel companions... it doesn't have to be like that pictured
  11. Weyalan

    Yacht Club Lifejacket Rules for Kids

    Perhaps you could get them all to carry and continuously ring a bell, too
  12. Weyalan

    Lost everything

    You want to fuck Inka's elk? You monster. P.S. Maybe "ilk"?
  13. I guess that "bated" is a contraction of "abated", so I'm gonna call the Shorter Oxford an ass
  14. I'm just speaking from my experience.... living aboard a 40' boat (with my wife) for 2 or 3 years... you think you don't have much stuff, but it kinda sneaks up on you... and even more so if you go cruising at the same time (more anchors, chain, safety gear etc)
  15. This is a good point... and even a relatively heavy boat quickly loses performance when you make it a live-aboard, even if you (think you) are relatively spartan.