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  1. Weyalan

    Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    "under his own steam" is a stretch... the prevailing breeze and ocean current pretty much determined the destination, he went along for the ride
  2. Weyalan

    Climate news

    Random has an elk? Who knew?
  3. I think Seaquesta was renamed "Lipstick on my Collar" or somesuch and is now in NZ
  4. Nadia IV is, I think, in Kettering these days, and competed a couple of years ago in BYC's IOR Cup, along with, amongst others, Ultimate Challenge, and Black Magic
  5. Weyalan

    Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Funeral today, wake at RYCT after
  6. Weyalan

    Need a new vehicle

    Is that code for "I drove my car into a cement pole"?
  7. Weyalan

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    To each there own.... plenty of room for the fully watered / powered site at one end of the scale and the wild camping at the other. Besides, if there's plenty of powered sites available the wild camping spots are probably less crowded
  8. My bad, I linked the wrong link... I was talking about Young Magic, linked a little further up the page. Ooops (And Young Magic is definitely in the DSS marina, or was at 6:15am this morning at least)
  9. Heh... this boat is in the DSS marina berth immediately alongside mine.
  10. The davo 34 was in Hobart for a few years. The guy who had her spent a lot of money on her and had her in really good condition. He sold her and bought the inglis 39 that he renamed to Shes the Culprit. The boat still looked in pretty good nick for what it was when I had a look on board about 2 years ago, but I believe her trip north from Hobart for its (then) new owner was "interesting" (i.e. was abandoned off the east coast of Tasmania after the owner got scared)...
  11. Weyalan

    How do you define bad crew?

    Last 40 or so miles of a 300 mile offshore race. Blowing 35 gusting 40+.... absolutely hard on the wind (pointing like a Japanese Tour Guide) slightly too much sail up, but laying the headland 4 or 5 miles to windward, after which we can crack-off 10 degrees and send it, so decision is to stick with what we had (working jib) and live with it, because we'd lose enough changing down to heavy weather jib that we'd have to tack back out to lay the headland. So we have a crew of 10... all sitting on the rail, legs over, except driver and main trim who had their backs hard against the liferlines... it was cold and wet and we were wearing plenty of green ones.... except for the one crew who was sitting down below on the saloon setee.... because they were cold. Also, any crew who walks on your sails
  12. Weyalan

    everybody doin' it?

    Maybe they sailing as high as they can to lay a mark without having to put in 2 tacks
  13. Weyalan

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    ... same old salt finds himself in a house of ill-repute, doing what you do in such places. How am I doing he asks the "girl" About 3 knots, she replies What do you mean, he says She replies Your knot in, your knot hard and your knot getting your money back....
  14. Weyalan

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    and he said to say that he "loves yous all"