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  1. is that really painted like a 1950's thermos flask?
  2. Weyalan

    Is Jack Sparrow (more) mentally ill?

    We make plenty of fine beer. We export the shite stuff to the idiots that will drink it...
  3. Weyalan

    Assholes behaving badly

    I'd send her back, with a bill for her stay in quarantine and a bill for the flight home, and a bill for anything else I could think of, plus a hefty fine. Being a pig-ignorant, entitled, selfish, delusional cunt isn't a crime. But it should be.
  4. Weyalan

    Is Jack Sparrow (more) mentally ill?

    If he is mentally ill, and I reserve judgement, than this thread isn't going to help If you are just trolling, then ... ... very good, as you were
  5. Weyalan

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Am I the only person here not sniggering at the idea of a Ms. H(a)rdlicka? Come on, this is Sailing Anarchy... act your shoe size, not age
  6. You stupid cockwomble, I work 50 hours per week currently, I don't give a damn when I get the vaccine, I'll take it when its offered, but I'm guessing that won't be this year. I sold my boat. I am nowhere near 65 and I don't have any significant comorbidities. How about you stick to talking about things about which you know something... that's a pretty small oeuvre, I grant.
  7. Oh, so you are a climate change denialist as well as a covid denialist.... how cute.
  8. This is what passes for "Peer Review" in KsfB's world, obviously.
  9. Did you really just quote yourself and agree with yourself, with no added content? YCMTSU, there just isn't a rolleye emoticon big enough... where's the Patrick Stewart facepalm gif?
  10. Weyalan

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Sorry, this is being hit on the head lessons...
  11. Weyalan

    The UK Variant

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Paging Mr. Kettle, Mr. Pot is here to see you.
  12. We are lucky to have been born in a 1st world country. Around here all the Somalian ecomomic migrants / refugees (tomato / tomayto, pick one) I see are hard working people, more than happy to do the jobs we are too proud / lazy to take on. Those that I know personally have all shown me their scars (bullet wounds, machete scars, torture wounds) from their home country. They wash dishes, pick fruit, drive taxis, bus tables (sometimes all 3 in the same 24 hours) and pay their taxes.
  13. If you are dirt poor, hungry most of the time, subsisting on hand-outs / welfare, people shoot at your regularly and rape your kids, so you pay money to relocate to where you don't get shot at, kids raped and have a chance at a better life... ... if you are from LA projects its fine ... if you are from NE Africa its totally unacceptable Go figure
  14. Weyalan

    How to remedy corroded mast base?

    Cannot speak to your specific case, but my boat showed signs of similar paint bubbling and corrosion at the mast base at pre-purchase inspection. Being young(er) and (more) foolish (than I am now) I crossed my fingers and paid-up. Subsequently, I pulled the mast and sanded off all the paint. Underneath the paint, in the corroded areas, the damage to the mast was minimal... slight surface pitting / corrosion, but not sufficient to cause any alarm with a couple of shipwrights and an Insurance Surveyor who inspected... If you do strip the mast and repaint, it is worth putting effort into cleaning the corroded areas very thoroughly or the paint will most likely just bubble again. YMMV
  15. Weyalan

    The Swedish Experiment

    Interestingly, but tangentially, I have first hand that vaccination clinics in Tayside, Scotland are being forced to stay open, maintaining full staff roster, even though they currently have almost no vaccines to inject (they have so little vaccine left that they are working at 1/30th capacity). The staff in the clinics have been working long shifts, 7 days a week, and are currently sucking their shoe-laces at work, to make the pollies look good, when they could be actually having a day or 2 off, while waiting for re-supply
  16. My dislike of Donnie and his gun toting sycophants notwithstanding... The crux of the problem is that Trump and his Elk have convinced a sizeable majority of Usa-ians that "society" means "look after no.1 and only no.1". There seems absolutely no concept of "for the greater good", nor even the remotest trust in the gubmint (even if its the clowns they elected). So yes, I take your point, but your point is essentially just re-iterating that which you quoted.
  17. Weyalan

    Coolboats to admire

    Yesterday I noticed a (the?) Bob Perry designed catamaran (43') tied up on the end finger of the DSS (Hobart). Interesting design... would never be mistaken for a F-pajot or Laggon etc. that's for sure
  18. Weyalan

    Are Mount Gay Hats Cool?

    That's pretty rich considering how fucking irredeemably awful Bundy is
  19. Weyalan

    American Dumbass

    Man, you got me... I know slightly less than bugger all about the USA*, so I defer to your obviously superior knowledge. Can't resist a chance to make a funny though. * I will mention, just quietly (given the thread topic) that on the occasions I have visisted the USA (maybe 5 or 6 times, totaling maybe 2-3 months), I have always had an amazing time, met great people and come away with happy memories and new friends.
  20. Weyalan

    American Dumbass

    One that gets dropped off at school at the start of the term... ... either that or Mexico / Canada
  21. Weyalan

    American Dumbass

    Dance Monkey, Dance. However you spin it, you 100% advocated getting stuff done by incentivising GST avoidance. Obfuscate all you want (and you would, I think, continue to argue underwater with a mouthful of marbles) but you are just continuing to dig that hole...
  22. Weyalan

    American Dumbass

    This is what you wrote: <Quote> As for tradies, their work ethic indeed sucks but can often be improved by the magic words 'this is a cash job' <Unquote> I am not interested in a pissing contest, but at least own your shit. If that isn't advocating GST payment avoidance, what is?
  23. Weyalan

    American Dumbass

    It is amusing that, while berating BJ for wanting to avoid paying GST, in the same breath FKT admits that the only way he gets jobs done is to pay cash... i.e. by avoiding paying the GST. Comedy Gold Right There.
  24. Weyalan

    American Dumbass

    Its got a decent iron topsail though