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  1. No conspiracy at all, and I think you know what shuffling a deck of cards means but in case you don't, 52 start and 52 are still there afterwards, just in a different order. So far, I've seen two women vaporize and another moves to another boat (shuffle). So, presumably two didn't work out, fine. But, I tend to agree with Miffy as far as Annemieke is concerned. Although I'm not gutted, I was surprised that after several months of being posted "on board", it took Miffy's post to announce that Annemieke was no longer "on board", a fact that a review of AkzoNobel's crew on the VOR website the following day confirmed. Perhaps Potter's subsequent post is right. So what does that mean? If Annemieke didn't fit for SCA, and if the same people are coaching, why was she on AkzoNobel's "on board" list almost from the start? I appreciate that these are all professionals and I don't know any of them personally, but it must be professionally disadvantaging for them to be publically declined nevertheless. A certain amount of respect is due to anyone being considered, that is if you're trying out, but more so if you're listed as "on board" for months, and get dropped. Hopefully, we will soon know who is actually "on board" each boat, at least before each leg.
  2. Not so much shuffling, more like there are stacked decks (and not boat decks, more's the pity).
  3. Good point, but if any of the crews happen to catch a bus in either Newcastle or South Shields (which I doubt) and the conductor is a woman, I hope that they won't take offence at being called hinny, whatever gender the crew happen to be!
  4. Be as pedantic as you like, but VOR said Newcastle, and South Shields is just down the river. I know that area of England particularly well, but not because of sailing. However, you missed my point, which was that anyone going on the race has to be there for survival training, unless there's a dispensation for those who have recently qualified already. So that should reveal who is on the teams, even if they haven't been officially announced. Well 6 teams with women already did finish well in front of Scallywag in Leg Zero, so what's your point?
  5. I don't believe what is going on now has anything to do with the strength of women vs men. I think it has everything to do with who or what fits best. Five days to go before the boats have to show up for the "Assembly Period" and then the crews have to go to Newcastle UK for survival training. So, I'm going out on a limb here, (no videos please Jack) and speculate that Chuny is going to TToP, along with Libby. Dee does not need muscle, she already has five strong keen guys, but Chuny could be the "somewhat older guy" that I mentioned I was waiting for in a previous post. I figured he would be the navigator, but Libby would do that admirably, so he would be the experienced "somewhat older guy" to add balance to those already named The build up to the forthcoming race is much more a cliff hanger than the previous one. Must be hell out there for everyone involved.
  6. Certainly looks as if there is some shuffling going on, because Abby Ehler was named on Vestas/11th Hour, not Mapfre or Dongfeng. Perhaps the difference in the views on mixed gender crews between Abby and Phil Harmer in their interview on UK YouTube came to a head? Either that or there is some poaching going on, i.e. getting a better offer?
  7. Seems to me, that with Dongfeng/Mapfre and Akzo/Vestas two boat testing, Dee and Bouwe should get together two boat testing and shut the door on Scallywag!!
  8. I, for one, was expecting to see Libby somewhere in the Fastnet (or Leg Zero), but she seemed to be doing her own thing, i.e. advertising weather forecasting for anyone who wanted it. Let's wait patiently and see! Me, I'm waiting for the relatively old guy to get named. Why, because we have an equal squad announced of 5w a 5m, all except two of which I think are under 30 although I haven't revisited the ages. But Libby is 37, so if she comes on board full time then there have to be at least one or two over 30 males to keep gender and age parity on each leg! Just speculating, because Dee's full complement is still to be announced, as is Senor Witt's. I'm not waiting for the latter. We shall see.
  9. I'm going to ask a dumb question, in the hope that somebody on this forum knows the answer. Who is going to be the navigator on TToP? While I'm sure Dee could handle it after all her solo experience, being skipper and navigator would seem to be an unnecessary additional burden given the predominantly young crew? I tried checking the bios of those named to date, but no-one else stood out as having navigational experience.
  10. Thank you Jack, for providing some exciting footage while we wait for the next race. It does tend to show, as have many other videos, why some would not consider a VOR 65 as 'life at the extreme'. However, I suspect that there are some who will do the forthcoming race who would not agree afterwards that their experience was not 'life at the extreme' as they had previously experienced sailing.
  11. WADR the proposed VOR 60 isn't a trimaran, it's a mono-hull with foils. However, I totally agree with 2). I don't agree with 3) because canting the rig to leeward simply increases the overturning moment because the power of the sail plan is projected partially downward and to leeward, albeit with less force, because of 2). As to 1), I agree with the first part, righting moment, but not the more power part, because as you state in 2) having the rig upright to the apparent wind is more efficient, i.e. more powerful!
  12. Okay, so explain what is the benefit, to someone like me who was prevented from canting the mast that way simply by physical rigging and mounting restrictions.
  13. Canting masts have been done before, fore and aft that is, I sailed on an IOR boat so equipped, very effective in moving the center of effort of the sail plan both upwind and downwind. So can the mast cant port to starboard as well, (a) to keep the sail plan perpendicular to the apparent wind and/or (b) to provide lift?
  14. Hello again, Well, since we still seem to be discussing French designers and sailors at the moment, while waiting for more VOR news, it is interesting, to me at least, to note that while pursuing the post by southerncross about Gitana 17, I came across the fact that in the Fastnet, 7 of 10 classes were won by French crews, 8 if you count Dongfeng, skippered by Charles Caudrelier, and the overall IRC winner was Frenchman Didier Gaudoux in a JND 39! Sometimes, like it or not, one just has to love handicap sailboat racing. And especially an overall win by a Corinthian, family and friends, crew!!!! Behold them approaching the finish.
  15. I thought that had a lot to do with the fact that some people on board had experienced delamination in the bow section in a previous VOR (VO70?), i.e. there was some doubt about the ruggedness of the VOR65. It proved to be unnecessary doubt, but they didn't know that at the time. Even with the OD aspect, what would you have done in that situation, gone on sailing and hoped for the best?