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  1. The live chat feature is awesome....
  2. Thanks, order placed and promptly delivered, about to try for a harder to find part !
  3. That's what seems like, I printed the relevant part of the osr for cat zero, seems that you need one as one throwable has to be permanently bouyant, not inflatable. Specs as I understand are, 90n of bouyancy. Must have reflective tape, must have boat name. Whether or not it has to have lights, drogues and a line appears to depend on what else is hanging off the stern.
  4. Thanks, that was what I needed.
  5. Hey, I need to get a replacement throwable horseshoe. It need to conform to specs for ocean racing. Any idea of where to find such info ? Thanks
  6. V21

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Like this maybe if the new boats are known for dali foils maybe the 2016 generation will be T rex foils
  7. I will check, if I can't find something off the shelf I think I will buy a cleat base that you might find for a fixed block, like you might find on a mainsheet, and then dissapear into my shed with a six pack!
  8. V21

    Shorten Lifelines

    It's new I guess someone had a bad day with a tape measure, the boat has moved, so we could take it off and mail it back, but would prefer to avoid the down time. Sounds like the best option would be to have a local company swage on a new fitting, if no one can a carefully installed sta-lock would work . thanks
  9. V21

    Shorten Lifelines

    The other end is definitely a male threaded swage on fitting that screws onto an eye for the lashing, so we can always mess with the other end.
  10. Yes, we currently do basically as described with a snatch block and various mounting points. The owner wants, and I agree mostly to be able to lock the snuffer down quickly and easily whilst hoisting or dropping, currently it gets tied off or led to a winch. You know when you see on a lot of boats where the halyards are led to clutch in the pit area but still have cleat on the mast to hold it short term. It's kind of like that idea.
  11. V21

    Shorten Lifelines

    Or I can use a sta-lock right ? Trying to avoid sending it away somewhere in order to minimize downtime.
  12. Pls see shitty drawing for explanation, a regular block and camcleat seems easy to find, but it needs to be a snatch block so that can be reversed to hold the bucket down or up. I'm struggling to find an off the shelf solution. Any wisdom ?
  13. V21

    Shorten Lifelines

    Is there some kind of DIY fitting to shorten this lifeline or do I need to find somewhere to crimp / swage ( what is the correct term ) the end back on I think the toggle part is threaded where I drew the arrow ?
  14. V21

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    This is probably known but might bear repeating. The basics have to be right and accurate before any advanced settings can be messed with or you get a garbage in - garbage out. You have to be sure that you have your instruments right first. AWA, AWS, Heading and boatspeed must be calibrated, heel angle too if you have the sensor / gyro compass. Damping needs to be about right, these can't update to slow or quick. Also the pilot needs to know where the rudder is, does the little bar gauge read full lock on both sides and straight ahead properly. All these things have to be correct and accurate before going any further into more advanced settings.
  15. V21

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Interestingly, when discussing the new boats the general consensus seemed to be that l'occitaine was interesting but lacked the work up time to be reliable. If I am right the early issues were with furlers and the like, which arguably was bad luck and could have happened to anyone not really a design or build flaw. The Tripon was forced into a light patch to effect repairs, which seem have been succesful and the boat is good.......... in fact out of all the new boats it's in the best condition, I don't think anyone preidicted that. Imagine if he could slowly reel everyone back in !