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  1. The brainwashing of my father ( or Dad ) ?
  2. V21

    Bill Gates on Infectious Diseases

    His netflix docuseries was interesting.
  3. V21

    The Transat CIC 2020

    Finishing in Savannah ???
  4. V21

    Time to impeach?

    Or Sharpies ?
  5. V21

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Was that the record for keelless sailing ? 800 ish nm.
  6. V21

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Yep, fricken awesome.
  7. V21

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    I'm not sure that the latest generation foiling boats know their polars yet.
  8. So it seems that the basic answer is that I submit the info and measurements of the modifications to the RC and they give me the rating ? I don't provide it to them ?
  9. Ha, I normally race opb and let those owners do the bitching about the ratings, it bores me to tears. Anyway a sort of bar room agreement came about with another guy who owns a small shitbox that I will enter the next race if he will and boost participation. I truly don't care what my number turns out to be or what position is get corrected into. I just want to show that made somewhat of a good faith attempt to get it somewhere close, because you know someones going bitch about it.
  10. How does one start to figure this out. Don't laugh, but have a venture 21, the hull and keel are standard, the mast and boom are standard. it has an over sized main, slightly undersized jib and a deck mounted sprit and asym. I just allowed myself to be talked into racing it. How do I go about figuring a PHRF rating ?
  11. V21

    Used Rudder ??

    It might not be too small, the current rudder is a lifting deal and the pivot is down by the water line, so the whole blade would be in the water,unlike on the Hobie, They certainly are easy to find and cheap...
  12. V21

    Used Rudder ??

    I am looking for a used rudder for a modified venture 21. I am hoping that something with a proper foil section will help reduce weather helm. Does anyone know of a sportsboat grave yard ? An OD class that upgraded rules at one point ? Located in SE USA. Thanks
  13. V21

    New imoca boats

    Was Hot Rod the designer for this one. Bold choice Alex.