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  1. Hi SA gamers ! Clipper's leg 4 will start Wednesday January 2018 the 10th UTC+1: Fremantle - Whitsundays by south Tasmanie. The game interface is open, boat will be reset at the starting line at 18h00. Have a nice race !
  2. Hi; The third leg of the virtual VOR will start tonight Sunday December the 10th at 20h00 UTC+1 on It's not too late to come on board ! No ice limit, no cards game, much fun... All boats will be reset at the starting line at 18h00 UTC+1.
  3. Hi SA'ers ! The second leg of the virtual VOR will start Sunday November the 5th at 20h00 UTC+1 on Same day same time the Expresso Transat (Le Havre - Salvador) will start as well. Watch out for the traffic jam in the Atlantic !
  4. Hi SA people ! Clipper's leg 3 will start Tuesday October the 31st at 20h00 UTC+1 on Capetown - Fremantle No gamble, cards game, pay for play or whatever the F ! Wind forecasts, sails and tools are free and available to all ! See you on the starting line !
  5. Ha ? Sure it does, click the UK flag, and then the "Home" menu. The whole site and game are translated, thanks to stakk. Please report if you really can't get it.
  6. Hi ! Leg 2 will start Wednesday October the 4th 20h00 UTC+2 on The interface is open, you can try your boat now, or on the other open races and challenges. See you onboard tomorow !
  7. Hi sailing anarchy people ! The Clipper '17 - '18 is starting Sunday at 20h00 UTC+2 on You can try the game without registering by clicking the english flag and then the "Try with the demo boat" button. ( To get all the tricks, have a look at the manual by clicking the life buoy icon at the right of the top bar (Help) ) RegattaGame is a free online sailing game build by volunteers gathered in a non-profit association. But with a yearly 20 euros donation, you'll get 9 waypoints and schedule points instead of 5 and mostly the double scheduler on all races Hoping to see you on board !
  8. Hi Sailing Anarchy people; The Vendée Globe is on as well... As well as many other races and challenges. For free you've got 5 schedules and 5 waypoints. With 20 euros a year, you've got 9 schedules, 9 waypoints, and the double scheduler, very smart to compare routes. We bought a brand new server recently, and the game is running... smoothly regattagame is a non profit association, the game is developped and managed by volunteers Try it with the demo boat, and if you like it, join ! Fair winds Blaise, for regattagame