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  1. Reciprocity Inequality

    Member of a wyc as well and this is the exact feeling I have (except we are fortunate to be year round and maintain a real family feel with most of the staff, so service is usually very good)
  2. Best trailerable sailboat for family of 6

    Harpoon 5.9 or 6.2
  3. Hatch Replacement

    Yeah, Frame around it cracked at the hinge
  4. Hatch Replacement

    Well, the forward hatch on our Cal 34 bit the dust again. Hatch was likely not original, but did maintain all the molded parts of the deck. I really don't want to cut the deck apart to fit a new standard hatch. I suppose I could have a new one fabricated like the current one which is just Thick Acrylic with a Glued on Flange around the outside. Any ideas?
  5. PAC 52

    The other missing part is that by optimizing to an ORR Max, the boats will be competitive in a mixed fleet often seen on the west coast for the coastal and offshore events. If you have to race against a Santa Cruz 70 for the Cabo Race, it helps when you have optimized to the rating system used and not have to spend a bunch to fully re-mode the boat.
  6. Skiffs in San Diego

  7. Hiking Pants

    Sea from aus
  8. VOR 2017-18

    Boat is in Alicante and branded.
  9. Transpac 2017

    Fast Exit = ex. Bien Roule, i.e. kind of a turd...
  10. How deep was the fix

    Where is Joe?
  11. Cool good looking Cruiser/Racers from 80s early 90s

    http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1988/Oyster-Lightwave-48-3044193/Ft-Lauderdale/FL/United-States#.WPWMhxllBnE My pick
  12. What about a painted name? I tried a bit of sanding, but that seemed like it wasnt working well...
  13. Cal 40 Spar Replacement

  14. Olson 30 Assym?