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  1. notallthere

    Sailcloth Choices

    Sailmaker of 25 years not affiliated with any of your options and agree the ullman looks like best value by a fair bit
  2. notallthere

    Catalina 320 sailing characteristics offshore

    Autopilot discussion aside, I think the cat 320 is one of their better performing boats. They seem like a Good all around design
  3. notallthere

    Moms cooking... your favorite

    My mom always told us she was a good cook. It wasn't till later in life I realized she was a pretty average cook. Her family recipie for yams is good. None of that shitty marshmallow on top... her tuna salad and meatloaf were as memorable as I can think of. I am a huge fan of simple, local and fresh. Doesn't need a bunch to make it great. I am even starting to enjoy cooking, but my wife loves to and she is still better at it than me...
  4. notallthere

    SB 2 KH

    Hey Paul, nice seeing you and the whole dana point contingent again! We deployed the zero at the start and were above most of the rest of our fleet (the 1d35 being the exception). Got a full beehive on the deploy. The mc31 and j111s went to kites below us in prep for the normal lift to the island. We had to mongrel the zero down to follow suit and get the nylon up which was quite costly. It quickly became apparent that with the tigers lack of form stability, our svelte crew weight, and an a2 (all the other boats in our class had flatter reaching kites in their arsenal) that we were 30 degrees low of the waypoint. Still expecting to get lifted, we soldiered on and dropped below the mc and j boats line. Looking at fast boats ahead, we could see the lift wasn't materializing like normal. Full panic to get the kite down and go up with jib. The unfurled zero still down below, we went into a fast upwind mode with the jib and got into the task of untangling shit in prep to mongrel the zero back up. Needless to say, the bow team wasn't very happy at this stage. As we converged with our pack at the Island we found we had actually gained back a little on the j111s (mc31 had retired by now) but lost a bit on the 1d who sailed a great leg. We got back in touch down the back side and stayed in more pressure just jibing in puffs and avoiding holes that snagged the 1d and the lead 111. Lots of leverage on the exit from the Lee of the island with the 1d high and forward, 111s in the middle and us low all on port jibe. As we approached shore on the mainland, the wind continued to lift and those guys came back out on starboard. We led them back instead of taking transoms. Turned out to be a near perfect layline call from like 30 miles out. We kept pressure longer as well and that was it. Saw the 1d right at the final mark and knew we had done pretty well at that stage. As to the furler, I think it is a colligio but not certain. The setup with the 2:1 was cobbled together, so we have some improvements to do there. Also, I wish the sail was cableless as it would have had a wider range and we may not have been so quick to change to the big kite with everyone else.
  5. Soft shackled dont have any rotation mechanism, so when you get a wrap, it will be harder to get out
  6. notallthere

    TransPac 2019 Wx

    The oex already got a break. Too soon?
  7. notallthere

    Transpac 2019

    "The OEX crew experienced rudder issues and had to abandon ship. Pyewacket has picked the crew up and they are all on their way back to the mainland. Most importantly, ALL ARE SAFE. Needless to say, we are incredibly appreciative to Roy Disney and the crew of Pyewacket. We are devastated about the loss of our wonderful OEX. Will post when I have more information. Everyone is still in shock." “Had only a brief call but it sounds like she is a loss."
  8. notallthere

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    Sierra 26 fits the bill. Good luck finding one
  9. notallthere

    Carbon Spin Pole Choice Selden vs. Forte

    Bridles versus lashed rings is a consideration too. At that size, for coastal I prefer bridles, but w/l would think lashed rings better.
  10. notallthere

    Can you Dye (color) Rope?

    You are seriously the most angry old man I have ever not actually met. Honestly, dont be such a sick and folks might respect what you are saying
  11. notallthere

    Are Float Coats Better?

    Agree completely. The current rules do not encourage constant usage which really should be the goal. Cant tell you how many times I "forget" the inflatable in sub marginal conditions when the boat rule is all times at night. That said, I am a huge advocate of clipping in religiously as staying attached means I dont have to worry about floating in the first place
  12. notallthere

    Source for rope hangers?

    Or just get proper rope bags. Jesus I hate those things.
  13. notallthere

    Repairing holes from obsolete hardware

    Don't use liquid nail...
  14. notallthere

    Baltic Hybrid 220 PFD experience?

    Only have experience with the baltic brand as a dinghy buoyancy aid, but very positive regard for them. I like the concept and am eager to hear other posters thoughts
  15. notallthere

    J/24 Adjustable Mast Step

    Basically this is the best advice. If you do want to experiment to dial it in for your exact boat and rig, you can clamp the stock butt to the beam with vice grip imps and move until lightning quick wit rope, winches and persuasion. Once it gets to the magic spot, drill holes and bolt it in. Done. Fyi, dont show up to a major with the vice grips as it isnt legal, but for small events and learning, most won't care.