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  1. notallthere

    RUTGERSON jib horizontal rollerbattens

    The only roller battens I suggest are the c techs. They are not cheap. All the other ones are crap. I don't love vertical ones as they offer less support for lots of weight , but they are ok for most uses My 2cts as a 20+ yr sailmaker FYI, on my 34' cruiser, I have no battens in the small jib to make handling easier and one less failure point.
  2. notallthere

    you're not helping!

    Nelson asks Scot to be forward hand on the etchells for the weekend. Bruce gets his revenge... *I know it's not an etchells, but close enough
  3. notallthere

    Who will be Democrat nominee in 2020?

    AOC not eligible, she's 29...
  4. notallthere

    Catalina 27

    Reinforce the transom. In laws 27 got fucking dodgy there on us once on a coastal trip...
  5. notallthere

    Performance boat as a family daysailer

    B32 J92 a good call as well
  6. notallthere

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Mills 78 prospector
  7. notallthere

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Pretty funny as I have used the pole attached to the sheet on a whisker pole a bunch in the normal context (jam racing, wing on)
  8. notallthere

    J70 ticks the boxs BUT

    No it's an od boat B and hotfoot are better handicap boats The 242 is a nice boat too...
  9. notallthere

    Second boat advice?

    Cal 29
  10. notallthere

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    Interlodge is superseries spec. Rio (j/v) fully inshore spec as well. BG and fox both came out of 2015 sled mold, but with a bit more structure than full inshore. I would not hesitate to take either of those 2 offshore, though the hand and badpak are set up to be a bit more comfy.
  11. notallthere

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Short answer, yes. It's worth it
  12. notallthere

    which one?

  13. notallthere

    Trying to find out who makes this???

    There were a few at sdyc in the 90's. Likely that one was one of them.