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  1. Thanks for the responses. Why is a the capacity of wooden catamarans so low when a 10' minicat has a maximum payload over 500lbs?
  2. I've just about finished building my first boat (B&B yachts Spindrift 11N) and am now starting to daydream about my next project. I definitely have a need for speed so I'm looking for something that will get the adrenaline pumping. I was thinking a small catamaran would fit the bill. Does anyone know of any plans or kits of beach cats? Preferably around 10' long? I'm thinking of something like the Minicat 310 but with wooden hulls. Most of the beach cats I've found are 14' or longer and the long term plan is to live on a ~38' yacht so the shorter the better. thanks, Hugh
  3. The Brits seem to be big into dinghy cruising. Maybe this can provide you with some ideas: http://dinghycruising.org.uk/
  4. http://inflatedwingsails.com/
  5. That was a pretty fucked up episode. I can understand initially going after the guy, finding someone breaking into/onto your home and stealing your stuff would get anyone hot under the collar. Once the guy started begging that they not kill him I think I would have let it go at that point and just given the video to the authorities the next day. Joining a third world posse to hunt the guy down seemed like it could have easily ended very badly.
  6. I'm building a dinghy and so far it's only taken twice as long as planned and it's still not done. Building is fun but I'd rather be sailing.
  7. Check out SailLife. No sailing just endless boat projects. Other decent ones TotalBoat Nick Gates - His channel appears to have 15 episodes of an old TV show where he fixed up and old wooden dinghy and spends time on various classic boats. My Classic Boat - Not a lot of boat work but lots of neat old boats.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. Should I concern myself with USCG approval of the vests? The ZHIKs look practical but aren't USCG approved. Any reason not to use a horse shoe type of vest like the Eyson manually inflating life vest? I understand it wont help if you're knocked unconscious but replacing the C02 canister of an automatically inflating life vest doesn't seem practical especially if you capsize more than once a day. thanks, Hugh
  9. I'm a decent swimmer, I used to be a strong swimmer but I'm older and more well rounded then I used to be. I'd like to get vests not just for myself about also for friends and family. I'll look into the Neil Pryde. thanks, Hugh
  10. I'm hoping to start dinghy sailing soon and was wondering what sort of life vests you would recommend. As a noob I admit to knowing nothing but I expect I would want something low profile that didn't restrict movement. Starting off I'll be mostly sailing on the Potomac river. Thanks, Hugh
  11. Have you considered an Ericson? They have a reputation as fast boats.
  12. Delos has about twice the rate of Patreon supportes to subscrbers as La Vag and I suspect your ratio would be even higher. It's your choice of course but I think you're shooting yourself in the foot by ignoring an income stream. -Hugh
  13. Why don't you have a Patreon account so you could have a steady stream of income? While I haven't used Patreon to support vloggers I would be much more likely to use it to support KTL then Vag or Delos. -Hugh
  14. I've been wanting to setup a sailboat for First Person View but so far I've only done it to a tug boat. The video is too long and there's too much servo noise but I like it. https://youtu.be/SBt_aO5NmQc