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  1. He's made a lot of progress in just over a year. No idea what his plan is time wise. I know Acorn to Arabella said that their build was being slowed down because the video editing took longer than the boat building.
  2. Another "Boats and Blokes" channel.
  3. 1. I watch Delos but am not a Patreon supporter. I did send them $50 once. I don't watch La Vagabonde anymore. I don't have any animosity to the La Vag couple even if they are younger and better looking than me. 2. The lag time doesn't bother me at all. It's not a sporting event so I'm not in a hurry to find out who won. I don't understand why the lag time would matter. 3 & 4 Delos is just more interesting. Both in the sailing they do and their off boat activities. Their interactions with the locals and rotating crew has a lot to do with this. Delos also seems to take sailing more seriously. 5. No idea. 6. I've 'watched' some Delos and KTL videos multiple times. Though subsequent viewings tend to be background noise while I'm doing something else. KTL and other atmospheric channels are better for multiple viewings. 7. I'd like to see a channel that spends about 5 minutes on technical matters. Where they're sailing, the conditions, how they've setup the boat for particular conditions, etc.. followed by 10-15 minutes of 'slow tv'.
  4. You need to do something different or do the same thing as everyone else and do it better. The only lifestyle sailing vlog I really look forward to watching is Delos. Most of the sailing channels I subscribe to are more about building and fixing boats. Once a channel has finished fixing their boat and heads off I usually lose interest. Some channels will hold my interest for a while because I'm interested in their boat. When I want to watch sailing , I watch World Sailing TV or coverage of the VOR. I like technical channels and atmospheric channels. I put KTL in the latter category. Life is Like Sailing has also put out some nice atmospheric videos. I think there should be more 'slow tv' sailing channels. Delos just made an attempt at this with putting up a 3 1/2 hour video of them motoring up a river but they screwed up the sound and motoring isn't sailing.
  5. There's also Madd's from Saillife and Leo Sampson. I think the key is that the more interesting the subject matter the less need for T&A. I think if Dylan had gone for a Patreon account he would have gotten enough motley old blokes to sign up to keep him sailing.
  6. Roam

    Wooden boats thread

    The youtube channel 'My Classic Boat' is all about old wooden boats:
  7. Roam

    Coolboats to admire

    I think this is a very cool boat but I may not know what I'm talking about. What do you think?
  8. Having built a dinghy all I can say is that it's a huge amount of work, It will take at least twice as long as you expected, and you could buy a used boat for half as much as you spent building your own. I placed an order for my second build yesterday. -Hugh
  9. Roam

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    Look for 'Christian Williams' on YouTube. Did a couple CA to HI and back videos. Well done with a touch of philosophy and and pleasant timbre to the narration. No bikinis but a couple nice Ericsons.
  10. Roam

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    I've managed to travel over or around 3 continents by motorcycle. A large part of traveling by motorcycle for me was my love of riding. It was as much about the challenge of the ride and spending umpteen thousand miles in the saddle as anything else. I feel the same way about sailing. I want to sail a lot and I want to do it well. If you're only planning on a year or two trip the cost of a sailboat could fund much or all of a motorcycle trip. A lot of the cost is going to be determined on the life style you want. I like camping but I prefer sleeping in a bed. A campsite in France cost as much as a three star hotel in Buenos Aires. Someone could steal or vandalize your motorcycle as easily as break into your boat. I also think riding is more dangerous than sailing. I'm planning on spending a decade or two circumnavigating and in that scenario I think sailing would be much cheaper than traveling by motorcycle. I also really like the idea of being able to sleep in my own bed and drink coffee out of my favorite mug. When I get to Australia I still plan on buying a cheap used motorcycle there and touring that continent and then selling it when I'm done. Where do you want to travel and how do you want to live? -Hugh
  11. I sent him a few dollars a couple weeks ago. On the same day I also tipped 'Salt and Tar' and 'Acorn to Arabella'. Check them out if you're into boat building.
  12. Roam

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    I built a Nesting 11' Spindrift from B&B last year. I don't have a bigger boat to yet so I haven't had the chance to use it as a tender but it sails well. The nesting version should only be about 10'lbs heavier than the standard version. The plans are less than $100 so it's a drop in the bucket compared to the entire cost of the build. The nesting version should only be about 10'lbs heavier than the standard version. I can actually move the heavier aft end of the dinghy around on land with out using my hands. I just stand up inside of it and the seats rest on my shoulders so I can walk around wearing the dinghy like a cape. The primary reason I built a dinghy is I couldn't find any commercially built nesting dinghies. It was a ridiculous amount of work. But now that the memories and scars have started to fade I want to build another boat. My Spindrift is the blue boat with the old guy in it in the attached picture.
  13. I know you were originally looking for a manufactured boat but if you could pick up one of these used it may fill your requirements.
  14. I think Dylan should take some of his hours of footage and put together a 'Slow TV' video. You don't really watch 'Slow TV' it's more like background music with pictures. Television to read by if you will. This video is sadly only 18 minutes long and but it's a great start on the genre The original "Slow TV' video was a bit over 7 hours long and when broadcast was viewed by 1/5 of the population of Norway
  15. The soap opera comment about these vlogs gets made a lot but I don't think it could be further from the truth. Soap operas are filled with drama about who slept with who and how that person was actually the other persons long lost sister who was married to that other cat who was the twin brother of the other person who died in the mysterious car accident. The vlogs are more fairy tales or as Weezer put it in 'Island in the Sun' When you're on a golden sea You don't need no memory Just a place to call your own As we drift into the zone On an island in the sun We'll be playing and having fun And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain We'll run away together We'll spend some time forever We'll never feel bad anymore