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  1. Roam

    J/34c Anchor Roller?

    Thanks, I think i got the anchor properly positioned on the roller now. The port side of the "sprit" was bent in previously and I wasn't able to seat the anchor. I'd like to add a pin as insurance to keep the anchor secured but it doesn't seem possible. It seems very secure now though.
  2. Roam

    J/34c Anchor Roller?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 89 j/34c and have a question about the setup of the anchor roller. It appears that the "sprit" fort the anchor was damaged at some point. My question is the roller in the right place or should it be moved to the most forward position? If it is in the right place anyone know what went forward orginally or if the roller should be moved forward what was in it's current location. This is my first big boat so I'm sure I got a lot of the terms wrong. thanks, Hugh
  3. Roam

    Zombie Boats > Balls

    Stupid newb question, couldn't you just anchor near the mooring ball ? Is it illegal or are you just worried about getting tangled up?
  4. Not quite as pretty as a PT-11 but B&B Yachts sells plans and kits for their Spindrift 9'-12' nesting and non-nesting.
  5. Roam

    The Future of Propulsion
  6. Roam

    Great 35-footers

    Congrats on the new boat. Ericson 35s are on my short list. Is there a reason why you chose a Mk 2 over a Mk 3?
  7. Didn't Matt Rutherford already do this ?
  8. Roam


    I apologize for triggering you. Be better.
  9. Roam


  10. No bikinis but there is a festering wound
  11. Roam

    Great 35-footers

    Do you know if the E35 Mk3 had the same issues with the rudder? I'm going to look at one this weekend.
  12. Roam

    Super Bowl champ, doctor, even a sailor

    Some lineman are apparently pretty smart
  13. People really love those MacGregors !