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  1. Roam

    The Future of Propulsion
  2. Roam

    Great 35-footers

    Congrats on the new boat. Ericson 35s are on my short list. Is there a reason why you chose a Mk 2 over a Mk 3?
  3. Didn't Matt Rutherford already do this ?
  4. Roam


    I apologize for triggering you. Be better.
  5. Roam


  6. No bikinis but there is a festering wound
  7. Roam

    Great 35-footers

    Do you know if the E35 Mk3 had the same issues with the rudder? I'm going to look at one this weekend.
  8. Roam

    Super Bowl champ, doctor, even a sailor

    Some lineman are apparently pretty smart
  9. People really love those MacGregors !
  10. Since the bikini clad beauties are no longer allowed to sail to hot places, I'm stuck watching old seadogs waxing eloquent about past glories.
  11. Roam

    Acorn to Arabella & Sail Cargo

    More boat builders Salt & Tar - They're five years in now and on the water SV Tapatya - Middle aged bloke builds a 32' boat in his backyard
  12. Girl with Patreon account sails from hot place to cold place and decides building boats in a hot place is more fun than sailing in a cold place.
  13. If you like watching people build boats you should also check out Acorn to Arabella, Salt and Tar, and my personal favorite SV Tapatya.
  14. Roam

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    Nice Spindrift. I'm boat shopping now and I'm hoping to get something that will allow me to carry my Spindrift assembled but if not, well that's why I built a nesting dinghy. The solution to water leaking in around the bolts is to have a rubber washer between the hulls. I believe Chesapeake Light Craft puts a rubber sheet between the hulls. I'll get around to this eventually but right now just having rubber washers between the hulls is working to keep the water out. A few pictures of my Spindrift 11N.