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  1. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    PCYC has started racing around the cans. Looks like the first race with any wind will be tonight. SHTR (going to be cold) has 81 entered and the 300 has 77......can't wait!
  2. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    I'd love to hear from the Gramps guys how their race went. Must have really kept her moving. I'm curious what times they rounded marks and point of sail.
  3. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Based on the results looks like there were a few shockers.
  4. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    100 boats registered for the 100 miler this weekend....Predict Wind isn't getting any better but still an awesome race.
  5. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    LOSHRS Race to Youngstown......Sat looks like it's going to be a long one. Sun looks good. Either way the dock party and The Jug will be fun!
  6. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    The Hood was super light and patchy. Lot's struggled to get to Burlington and then across the South shore. Much better pressure coming back to PC. Spitfire led the way from the start and never looked back. Sunday's LOSHRS race was awesome. Winds and weather held off until after the race was over, then it turned into a shit show. We saw 4 fronts come through which got stronger and stronger. The multi flipped during one of them. Fortunately, both on board were reported to be okay with some bumps and bruises. I wasn't close to it and haven't heard the story from them directly. Sounded pretty scary.
  7. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    100+ boats entered in the Hood. Extended forecast looks light. Can't wait to get out there. Love this race
  8. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    The GP26?
  9. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Hadn't heard about it. Should be fun to watch. Looks quick. Where is it located?
  10. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Okay.....it's finally sailing season. Anybody splashed yet? I think we are still 2 weeks away. Itching to get out there.
  11. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Anyone do the CAN AM Challenge at YYC last year? I'm trying to set up our calendar of events for this year and am considering it. I don't have a 1 design boat and am concerned that it won't be worth it.
  12. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    A dump of snow right after a weekend with 16+ degrees. This is a nutty winter. I'm really looking forward to launch....is it too soon to start a countdown?
  13. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Epic race on Sat with great conditions. Where else on the planet can you still get $2 pints? Love the Jug! Sun left me wet and cold (and really hungover) but still a great sail. Congrats to Pearl for winning 1st overall both ways at this weekends LOSH race. Doesn't seem to matter what the conditions are.....he just wins. Awesome stuff!
  14. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Sunday may have been the coldest race ever! Why is it that I have to keep learning how important it is to consolidate with the fleet? Left paid big time the 1st time....and killed us the 2nd.
  15. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    2/3rd's was spectacular. The drift to Burlington...UGH!