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  1. WGWarburton

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Why do you think he would be concerned that their sizes match? He can just drill different sized holes, after all. Overlong ones can be cut to length...and I can picture him welding a couple together because they were a bit shorter than needed... after all they've been welded so will be plenty strong enough... Cheers, W.
  2. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Quoted for posterity... sorry Leo! :-) Think your autocorrect is getting you into trouble.... Cheers, W.
  3. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Maybe a good analogy is tendering your resignation: We're at the point where the letter's gone to the board and you're committed to leaving but still have your notice period to work out. You're starting to realise that actually it was a pretty good gig and that you've just given up quite a lot of nice perks. It's also become clear that the guy down the pub that promised you a great opportunity when you left is a bit of a chancer, and isn't in any rush to pick up the phone, now. Your colleagues are a bit sad to see you go, 'cos while you could be a bit of a jerk you did pull your weight and actually had some pretty good ideas sometimes. Out of their hands now, sadly, 'cos you've burnt your bridges. ..and vacancies seem to be a bit thin on the ground. Going to be tricky keeping up the school fees, and the car repayments, might have to cut back a bit. Maybe you won't be taking that fancy holiday you've been promising the family. The sleepless nights are looming... but better reassure them that it'll all be OK. Everything will be fine again soon. Cheers, W.
  4. Maybe they aren't planning a separate association, just a manufacturer-backed series of regattas open to Laser sailors (presumably including their Club Lasers? ILCAs too?). They may have in mind to do exactly the sort of grassroots, fun based class development that others have suggested, away from the pressure of rankings and squad qualification. Will be interesting to see what's proposed and how it interfaces with what the UKLA are doing. Anyone know if they've been talking? I haven't seen anything elsewhere, either... wonder if it'll just be UK and if it will help or hinder their dealers... One of their UK dealers is based in Scotland but I'm skeptical that LP will want to invest in events so far from their core South Coast activity. Lots of questions... presumably why they are trailing the announcement... to generate some chat. As to reinstatement... anyone else think the documents they've been asked to sign are likely to be unpalatable? Must be pretty galling to have the rug pulled out from under your business like this. Cheers, W.
  5. WGWarburton

    Checking them off...

    Daughter doing nails:
  6. WGWarburton

    Greta Rides Again?

    1) Hire a car, same as from an airport. Perhaps only needed as a local runabout, so could be a little electric thing. Maybe autonomous. Whatever's convenient, really... 2) Most people don't tow boats about... the thinking isn't to mandate that everyone has to use the bus, it's to set up cleaner, convenient alternatives so that most people can make most journeys most of the time without having to pump fumes into the air to do it. China didn't have fast trains thirty years ago. It built them, as Europe & Japan did before them.. just more quickly and more of them... and it's only one suggestion... maybe hyperloop will work? If I need to take my daughter's boat to the south coast, I'll drive. If I'm just heading south for business I can fly or take the train... with sleeper services, on board wifi, city centre connections and a car parked (free, not at rip-off airport prices) ready for the last few miles the train is a better option for most of this (432 mile each way) trip... and cheaper, unless I use an inconvenient airport to save a few pounds. Cheers, W.
  7. WGWarburton

    Butts on Lasers Working Group

    I can try and answer those questions but I'm not sure that they are pertinent...? I'm currently a member at two small dinghy clubs. Turnout is pretty low but Lasers are more frequently seen than most other classes. One of the clubs has a couple of decent Lasers for hire with a mix of older legal sails and generics. Most Laser sailors have pre loved class legal sails that have been handed down with their boats or from others campaigning at bigger events. Often youths. Our youth sailors have often placed well at National and International events. One or two of the masters age will do local class events but the National masters ones are a long way from us and few seem to make the trip. No Laser Olympians, though there are a couple of sailors I've met nearby who are or have recently been campaigning (eg Charlotte Dobson is ex-Radial, now FX and occasionally makes it back to Helensburgh. As does Luke Patience, though he's not a Laser sailor). Lorenzo Chiavarni has guested at youth events but I don't think he has any reason to sail here now. All the youths and some of their parents are ILCA members. The club sailors probably not. The masters just sail interclub or local, I think, as above, and I would guess not members but don't know. The big benefit we have is the trickle down from the pathway programme, which is funded because of the Olympics. There is open Laser training with very good coaches and the youth sailors that are involved tend to have newish boats & sails that trickle down to ordinary Laser sailors (eg I use a fair condition Standard sail that came with a boat I bought for my daughter). The clubs make useful amounts of money hosting these training events. The critical mass of kids on the scheme makes it fun for them, so their parents support them, buy boats, training, take them to events etc. Most of that would be gone with no Olympics. Many benefit from the fact that the aspiring youth sailors are using the same boat that the clubs have kicking about the dinghy park and that parents can pick up at any price point from free to new... many of the youths used dads old Laser when they first stepped out of Junior boats, buying newer ones once committed. Cheers, W.
  8. WGWarburton

    Greta Rides Again?

    Agreed. You are describing the present situation. It doesn't have to be that way, though. There could be fast, comfortable trains between major cities, overnight if preferred for longer journeys. Air travel could be priced to reflect its carbon footprint. America is no bigger than China, or Europe. Look at the distances Americans drive... take a step back and think about whether that's good use of your time. It's not even as if the roads are fast. There are better ways... some of which may create less pollution. Cheers, W.
  9. WGWarburton

    Butts on Lasers Working Group

    There would be less kids sailing around here, less training available (adult and youth), fewer new boats cascading down, less parental enthusiasm, less opportunity for the clubs to host training and hence offset membership fees.... Might not change your club's activities but it would change mine. Cheers, W.
  10. WGWarburton

    Greta Rides Again?

    Agreed, as long as you are heading for somewhere on the single tram line. Rural Scotland to Central London by air is a series of disjointed short connections where there's a bit of hassle and a fee at every stage. If (and, to be fair, it's a big if when we're talking about rural Scotland), you are close to a rail line you can do it with minimal fuss, at about the same price, by train. If the sleeper stops nearby you have another option but these days a bed (as opposed to a reclining seat) on the sleeper is significantly more expensive than flying (as Bruce highlighted and I glossed over... :-( ). Cheers, W.
  11. WGWarburton

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Be sure to steer clear of Into the Wild. Cheers, W.
  12. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I wonder how many Britons are expecting a return to pounds, shillings & pence and looking forward to the 33% increase in countries using imperial units.. joining the ranks courageous few fighting back against the evils of metrication...? Depressingly, it's probably more than none. Cheers, W.
  13. WGWarburton

    Greta Rides Again?

    The flight is cheaper, flying not so much... unless you live by an airport you need to get there... in the UK, at least, more people live close to railways station than airports... My impression is that's true over most of continental Europe, Japan and possibly China. In NZ or the USA, definitely not but then, that's part of the point that's being made. The USA (well, most of it) and Oz don't even have the excuse of the, um, dynamic topology that makes rail challenging in NZ... don't think there's going to be any HSTs running on 3'6 gauge there anytime soon... In the UK, a £35 airfare for an hour and a half flight rapidly becomes a £120, four-hour-each-way journey when you add in airport shuttles, parking, last mile connectivity etc. In that light a £130 return train ticket for a five hour journey where you can work at your seat can start to look much better value... and, frankly, if you really need to save money you'll take a coach over either and cope with the inconvenience... ..but maybe one-size doesn't fit all: if NZ geography and demographics don't suit high speed rail then maybe we should be making more effort to cut down air travel where it does. If suburbs are too dense then tunneling to the outskirts might be worthwhile, though that could mean a LOT of concrete! Cheers, W.
  14. WGWarburton

    Greta Rides Again?

    China is perhaps a better example, it's about the same size as the continental US but has the biggest high speed rail network in the world. Long distance trains run at decent average speeds, eg Wuhan-Guanzhou close to 200mph over 600miles. They are still burning fossil fuels to generate the power, though. If the USA wanted to keep up with Chinese technology they could probably copy what's been done there to their benefit but I don't see that happening. Too much Faith in cars & planes. Cheers, W.
  15. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Indeed, very true in England, I think. The narrative may be different in other home Nations: Ties to GB are very strong and there's a strong reluctance to break them, vying with a strong reluctance to be dragged into a sewer after it was made very clear that we didn't like the smell. If that sewer turns out to be shortcut to the aforementioned sunlit uplands all will be well... If not, things may get strident. What happens in the EU will be bound to have some impact too, of course. The challenges the Euro was facing in the run up to 2014 didn't help the Nationalists cause. Cheers, W.