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  1. WGWarburton

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I see your point, I think, and agree with most of it but I think your faith in human nature is much stronger than mine... I don't see Putin's rise, for example, as a consequence of Western Imperialism and doubt that he would be constrained by a talking shop without any clout. Nor, sadly, do I think he's alone. Cheers, W.
  2. WGWarburton

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I am no fan of gung-ho expeditionary militarism but I suspect that several contributors would hold that you enjoy the luxuries of democracy and liberty as a result of the overseas exploits of their countrymen on the Continent in the forties. 2L, at the risk of invoking Godwin's, do you believe that the third Reich would have enabled Ireland to become the country you currently enjoy, if they hadn't been stopped? If so, I would be interested to know why, as I'm deeply sceptical; if not, then perhaps the big stick people have a point? Cheers, W.
  3. WGWarburton

    Home Ports: Dreams and Nightmares

    The Broads do get a bit busy in the summer, though, I understand? Mind you, that wasn't one of the OPs requirements... are house prices reasonable? Lots of people want to find somewhere that has good transport connections to civilisation and easy access to open countryside/water, so cost of living tends to be inflated by demand. Given that compromises must be made (unless sufficiently affluent that the cost of living requirement can be suspended), maybe a good way to approach the challenge is to target places that you can enjoy but which put off others: can you be comfortable with a very cold climate, or a very hot one? Happy to forgo sunshine? Can live with voracious insects? Like being in a crowd? How close to civilisation do you need to be? Commute? Long drive? Short haul flight? Sleeper train? Is language an issue? Cheers, W.
  4. WGWarburton

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    I'd agree: pellets are pretty bulky, not easy to handle, must be kept very dry, the boilers really need long cycle times for efficiency and durability (we have a buffer tank with half a tonne of water in it that acts as an intermediate heat store). No current distribution infrastructure at harbours, of course, though bagged pellets could be viable... Not saying it's impossible but there are a number of significant challenges that would need to be addressed, and the market might be quite limited. Cheers, W.
  5. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Nicola Sturgeon @NicolaSturgeon The scenes from the Capitol are utterly horrifying. Solidarity with those in [America] on the side of democracy and the peaceful and constitutional transfer of power. Shame on those who have incited this attack on democracy.
  6. WGWarburton

    Less strenuous back/hiking dinghy classes

    Alternative to the 2.4: Challenger We have a few at various local sailing clubs. Mix of able-bodied and not so able in the fleet, including an ex Finn sailor. May be further than you need to go at this point but perhaps a good long term bet, especially if you have a fleet nearby. Easier to launch than a 2.4. Cheers, W.
  7. WGWarburton

    Motors on Sailing Dinghies: discuss

    This is not a criticism of you or your post. Just a comment on the market. I'm intrigued that electric propulsion is expected to Just Work, providing reliable and robust service despite the ignorance of the user, whereas everyone is expected to know that internal combustion engines need clean fuel, regular filter changes, cooling and "monitoring" (anything from guages on cylinder heads, exhausts or fuel lines to "it doesn't sound right"). It'll change soon enough, I expect, battery knowledge is improving rapidly, and it's the batteries (or better still, the energy converters that charge then) that need focus... and we're already at the stage where many younger users don't know what a choke is, or the difference between a spark plug and a glow plug. Cheers, W.
  8. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Mostly in Scotland, some in NI+Wales... No votes to be won, hence no issue for Boris; not forgotten but immaterial in their electoral calculus, the only thing that really matters to them at this point. Cheers, W.
  9. WGWarburton

    Cristoforo is a Cunt

    He means "peeking", not "peaking"; so is accusing you of being a voyeur, watching their relationship "develop". Must be tough on this forum if you are not a native English speaker. Many of the posts are almost unintelligible even to those of us who are, because the writing is so poor. Cheers, W.
  10. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Yes, he reads them but just doesn't understand them. Cheers, W.
  11. WGWarburton

    IOR landfills?

    Kermit lives on: Were there any other Muppets? I'm sure there was an Animal somewhere, Gonzo would be a good name... Fozzie? Cheers, W.
  12. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    You have missed the point of this thread. Cheers, W.
  13. WGWarburton

    Bit breezy in the UK

    It's a winter storm. The only difference is that it's far enough south to affect England and the ground is wet enough to mean there will be some flooding... otherwise much the same as several others that blow through every year. Cheers, W.
  14. WGWarburton

    Motors on Sailing Dinghies: discuss

    That's how I understand the GP14... Also the Mirror, though a bit small for any but the smallest o/bs. ISTR, at least some Drascombes come with an outboard well. Wayfarers often have a bracket on the stern. I've seen them on the occasional "modern Wayfarer" designs, like the Laser 16/Bahia or RS designs, that try to reinvent the Wayfarer but end up with a boat that maybe does something better but fails to improve on the overall package. Cheers, W.
  15. WGWarburton

    Diesel Bug and Marine 16 treatment - is it working?

    You can't deny it makes them more attractive. Perhaps not to other people but still... Cheers, W.