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  1. WGWarburton

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Alex commented in his recent video update that he is trying to take it easy and protect his lead of c. 200 miles over his nearest rival. He is not racing the multis regardless of what anyone wants to believe. Cheers, W.
  2. WGWarburton

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Alex commented during the last Vendee that the foils on HB were to big and heavy to carry spares and that it would be impossible for him to install one anyway... Cheers, W.
  3. WGWarburton

    Euro electric boat in the US

    Rarely, in UK houses (workshops, farms etc do have 415V 3-phase). You can usually get one installed fairly easily if you want: a 3x415V (rather than 460) three phase supply. The normal domestic 240V supply (actually, 230V, -6%/+10%) is just one phase of that related to neutral, so the upgrade is "just" more cable and metering. It's not unusual to have all three phases presented to a distribution board but only one metered and fused. Think you'd get about 32A (40KW?) pretty easily. In this case you (obviously?) get four connections and Earth, where there is 415V(actually, 400V, -6%/+10%) between phases and 240V to neutral from each of them. I've heard that three phase is more common in Germany, where electric heating is more common. Don't know if that's true. Marinas, caravan parks etc tend to have blue "commando sockets" with 240V outlets. Bigger versions of these with additional pins are used in workshops, barns, computer data centres etc for three-phase, with the physical size increasing (and colour changing) as load capacity increases. Cheers, W.
  4. WGWarburton

    Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    ... and the proposal is turned down in favour of offshore keelboats. Ah well. Something had to give. Cheers,
  5. WGWarburton

    Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    Well, that was unexpected. Mixed singlehander proposal is for a skiff. Musto pitching for the men's boat and suggesting the women should use the same hull with a smaller rig. They had a good run in 2000, so look pretty credible... I wonder how far along development is... Anyone come across any decent sized fleets of female skiff sailors? Cheers, W.
  6. WGWarburton

    Welcome to Australia - we'll have your boat now

    I'm British and from Scotland: currently suffering under our second disastrous female prime minister... (and first female first minister). Cheers, W.
  7. WGWarburton

    Welcome to Australia - we'll have your boat now

    Him? You seem pretty sure about that... Cheers, W.
  8. WGWarburton

    Welcome to Australia - we'll have your boat now

    Dunno how relevant this is but that can be used in your favour... we were looking to fly into NZ on a one way (actually, onward to Oz but expiring) ticket but couldn't get a visa because we didn't need one... the easiest way to assure the airline was to get an Oz visa to meet the onward ticket requirement, then not leave, legally because we were issued NZ visitors visas on arrival... The airline had told us we wouldn't be able to board without a valid ticket out. Immigration were fine (apart from their frustrating but understandable refusal to issue us a visa we didn't need...), it was the Air NZ staff at LAX that were a pain. Cheers, W.
  9. WGWarburton

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Thanks.. I hadn't seen that. Bit out of left field! Would involve dumping the Finn... with 75% backing needed for the proposal to go forward, that seems unlikely on the surface but stranger things have certainly happened!! Would leave both big guys and normal sized women without a single-hander... I don't know how much that matters to the powers-that-be but it doesn't seem to tick the inclusion boxes. Anyone know how popular offshore racing is amongst less-affluent nations? I don't but my guess would be that it is even further from mass participation than dinghies... Cheers, W.
  10. WGWarburton

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Don't underestimate the second part. The cascade of money into the grass roots is great for sailing. We have safety ribs that have been bought by the club through funds raised supporting the bottom of the performance pyramid. Cheers, W.
  11. WGWarburton

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    Dunno if this is relevant but might be interesting to some. In the UK, there's a fairly clear fork in the sailing paths as you move on from school to university. If you still aspire to be part of the GBR team then your sailing will be in a pathway or Olympic boat (Laser x/4x0/x9er/Nacra-1x) but if you have relinquished that goal, or never had it, then Uni saying is mostly team racing in Fireflies - which I believe are a bit like your C420s but heavier, slower and stronger... (or alteratively fleet racing some smallish keelboats) the fun is in the race format and social scene, not the performance. "College sailing" in this context is not a well trodden route to medals. What is it you are trying to achieve for your high schoolers? Cheers, W.
  12. WGWarburton

    Rockport Disaster: Th-Th-Th-That's All Folks!

    Yeah, I can see why they call it Rockport... if that's the jetty what the Hell do the breakwaters look like! Cheers, W.
  13. WGWarburton

    Searching For The Right Boat

    Why so big? Do you need space for six? Eight? Ten? Cheers, W.
  14. WGWarburton

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    All this talk about the Laser and possible replacement. Nothing about whether the Finn will continue and what will complement it in the new mixed singlehander event. The only classes I see highlighted in the submissions are the Europe & Zoom-8. I think there's expected to be an evaluation... what boats will be evaluated? Can't see the D0 or Melges as likely candidates for this. The Aero, perhaps, though from what I've read the Aero-5 competitive weight (60-65 Kg?) is higher than the likely target. I know RS claim that you can sail an aero at 35Kg.. probably true if you don't go out when the wind's in double figures... but the target wind speed for the event runs to 25... Cheers, W.
  15. WGWarburton

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    Why would you want to sail a different boat to other teams in the area? We spend half our time on this site advising people to find local fleets to join... However, to answer the question: RS200? i420? Assuming you have a healthy budget... Otherwise, find a few old+fast boats in your area that you can fix up: Laser-2 is my usual recommendation, as there are lots rotting away in dinghy parks and they were designed as an exciting youth boat... Cheers, W.