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  1. WGWarburton

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Welcome to the British class system. Many subtle layers, some regional variations, snobbery, inverse snobbery, aspiration, condescension, inclusion, exclusion, affluence, influence... Accent as a signpost. Cheers, W.
  2. WGWarburton

    best mag for sailing binos

    Yes, I can live with glasses; in fact I feel safer with a barrier in front of my eyes... I don't want laser surgery. My biggest concern at the moment is relatively rapid age related short distance vision. Having to take them off to see detail is far more hassle than wearing them had ever been! Need new varifocals again :-( Cheers, W.
  3. WGWarburton

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Whoosh! For the pedants... the first Lancaster squadron was equipped in early 1942 and the Mosquito had only been in service for a few weeks prior to PH... most of the German offensive action was in the Mediterranean/North Africa and on the Eastern front at this point in WW2. I wonder when Hitler realised what Japan's entry into the war would mean for him... Cheers, W.
  4. WGWarburton

    best mag for sailing binos

    It's been a while but I think I found those didn't work well with my glasses (see eye relief comment above). Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong about that! Astigmatism means I need the glasses on to help distinguish shapes accurately... which way are those triangles pointing? Cheers, W.
  5. WGWarburton

    Can you buy an old/new sailboat without an MSO?

    Out of curiosity (and somewhat tangential to the topic, I appreciate)... why is the DMV involved in this process at all? I'm not seeing anything resembling a motor... nor can I think of any good reasons why the state should need to have a record of all the little boats it's inhabitants want to play with. Is this type of toy considered somehow dangerous? Do they also hold titles for every bicycle in the state? You guys are weird... :-) Cheers, W.
  6. WGWarburton

    My season just ended, and...

    You are missing the tone of respect for a tool (the Whale) that is, perhaps, inelegant but highly functional and well suited to the task in hand... keeping the cold and damp outside, while Dylan is warm and dry inside. Cheers, W.
  7. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    How would that be worse? Unless the settled will of the Scottish people is to become independent it shouldn't and won't, happen. Support has grown from 45% in 2014 to 58% today... it seems unlikely that the end of the transition period will reverse that trend. Again, you misunderstand. I'm no Nationalist. Cheers, W.
  8. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    No. Think it through. No, it'll be set up to need a supermajority for a victory. A marginal victory would not be sufficient, as it should not have been for Brexit. As per my comment above that you seem to have misunderstood. Cheers, W.
  9. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I'd like to live in a better version of this one, where a minority is not able to grant a mandate to screw the country (a majority should be needed for that, otherwise it's not really a democracy, is it?) . Unfortunately, that was rejected for Westminster in 2011. Cheers, W.
  10. WGWarburton

    best mag for sailing binos

    I'd agree with 7x50... Active stabilisation would offer higher stable magnification but at cost of duller image, since the technology relies on being able to shift the viewpoint around a larger field of view instead of using that to maximise the brightness of the image... and the price hike is hefty! The popularity of this spec helps keep the pricing competitive, too. I was given a pair like these as a present: https://www.force4.co.uk/item/Force-4/Floating-Waterproof-Compass-Binoculars/B9V Think they are available with varying branding and with or without the compass, so worth shopping around... when I compared them to the cheaper alternatives they seemed significantly better, without the really scary price tags of the top end ones... One other thing: you say shortsighted. If you wear glasses, you want good "eye relief", so you can see through them properly. Definitely worth testing this, if you can, it makes a big difference that the non-myopic do not understand!!!! Cheers, W.
  11. WGWarburton

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    We are all (in the UK and many also outwith it) taking our chances with the 17 million, whether we like it or not, whether they understood it or not and whether they are dumbfucks or not. Apparently, that's "democracy". W.
  12. WGWarburton

    very few and confused ideas: advices on a small dinghy

    Toppers are heavily used in the UK as a transition boat between the Optimist and the Laser. They work for weights from about 40/45 Kg up to 55 or so, after which sailors are encouraged to move up to the 4.7 or Radial, depending on anticipated growth and fitness (Note that the Laser 4.7 rig is quite noticeably more powerful than the Topper 5.3, despite being nominally smaller.). When you say "the smaller sail", do you mean the 4.2? If so, then getting a 5.3 would definitely improve things. There's an oversized sail being trialled but from what I've heard it's not a great option (makes some of the flexing problems worse, extra cost, "twitchy")... better to change boats, really. For racing they are rigged with centre mainsheets and high purchase controls (that quickly stretch the sails out of shape but make adjustment much easier, especially for smaller sailors). There are big fleets and close racing with lots of very high quality coaching available. If you are over 65Kg the boat will tend to stick when it's light and bend when it's windy... maybe newer designs like the Topaz/Taz etc are less prone to this?? I think in your situation, I would buy a cheap Laser, probably a Radial, and good padded covers to protect it from the storms and prying eyes. Needs to be cheap enough not to worry too much about it getting scratched... ideally with the XD controls that make it a bit of a faff to rig but much easier to adjust in changeable winds. It'll be much more fun than the Topper, especially in light winds, and they are available at whatever price-point you need to choose... (If you are too light for the Radial (under 64Kg) then the 4.7 is the obvious alternative but the newer ILCA-5 carbon rig is likely to be a better option if it's ever available in your area at an affordable price!!). Cheers, W.
  13. WGWarburton

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Umm, yeah: so with eight pints to a gallon (everywhere?), a US gallon that's made up from 16 fl oz pints is ~3.75l and an imperial gallon (20 oz pints) is ~4.55l... Cheers, W.
  14. WGWarburton

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Liberia and Myanmar still use imperial units, but I think even they have 20 fl oz (4.55l) gallons. Fuel is measured in litres but land distance is miles and most people probably still think in miles per gallon for their car... boats more likely litres per hour, though, as the numbers work better... expect there are still quite a few old salts thinking in gallons but dying off steadily.... Cheers, W.
  15. WGWarburton

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Is that a 3.75 litre gallon or a 4.55 litre gallon? Cheers, W.