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  1. WGWarburton

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Biggest issue with that Ad is that the rudder (and c/b) that's shown in the pictures wouldn't meet class rules when the measurement certificate shows them having been signed off... If your kid won a significant race in that boat, some smartarse would get 'em binned... The measurer needs to watch their back. Wonder what happened to the ones that came with the hull... Cheers, W.
  2. Maybe get two boats. Those requirements are a long way apart and I think you'd need to make some significant compromises to have one boat try to cover them all... get a performance single-hander (Vareo? MPS? Waszp? Contender?) and a small cruising dinghy (Wanderer?). Each will do its job a lot better... Cheers, W.
  3. WGWarburton

    Should Carbon Monoxide Alarms Be Mandatory?

    Hmm, seems a bit intrusive. What next, legislation to force you to carry lifejackets on board? Harnesses? Sun cream? Sheesh, they'll be insisting on licenses next! Cheers, W.
  4. WGWarburton

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    Apologies for the misattribution. Incompetence, not malice. Cheers, W.
  5. WGWarburton

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    See my earlier post commending your solution. For our club (and I dare say others), a simple-to-use start system increases the number of volunteers that can start a race and an automatic one means that the number of people to run a club race is reduced by ~40%: often enough that can translate to a 20%-40% increase in start-line numbers(!). We insist on two people in the safety boat, thinking being that a helm alone can't do much. I'm not suggesting that the solution scales (the percentages are a joke) but that doesn't mean it's not worth implementing. Cheers, W.
  6. WGWarburton

    Best Sailing Knife

    Anyone familiar with the Victorinox Skipper? I'm a lifelong fan of Victorinox and usually carry a Cybertool off the boat and a locking one (Forester/Picnicker) on it. Thanks, W.
  7. WGWarburton

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    Our club has an automated start system run from an ancient PC and operating a light board. It's shore based, which is fine for what we do but an updated system as you describe would obviously be useable from a committee boat and hence more useful. The board has panels representing our most common classes for multiple starts but is usually only used to run a simple start sequence for handicap racing. Easy to use for the inexperienced and means no one actually needs to be in the race box at the start... the racing isn't hard-core, we self police the line. Cheers, W.
  8. WGWarburton

    Racing/family dinghy

    What is sailed at clubs in your area? What wind strengths will you typically sail in? I believe that a 2000 (formerly Laser 2000) could work, or an RS400. Neither has a trapeze but both have kites. The 400 is a racer with a powerful rig. The 2000 needs a decent wind to get exciting. I've seen them both sailed quite a bit and think they would work for you but have not actually sailed either myself, so take this advice with a generous pinch of salt! Cheers, W.
  9. WGWarburton

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Not so useful: no towbar for the boat. Cheers, W.
  10. Hi, Anyone have good/bad experience with trying to re-seal Houdini super 50s? These are pretty common on (British?) boats of a certain age. The seal around the glass is cracked and leaking on both of mine (foredeck & cabin). Replacements are available- either original or substitute. Prices around £300-£350 each, and Houdini say on their website that the glass seal isn't repairable ("...if the leak is between the glass and the frame, this seal cannot be replaced as the glass is sprung into the frame during the manufacturing process."). I've been told that it is, in fact, possible but it looks like it's pretty challenging to dismantle and rebuild the hatch (presumably why Houdini say no). There's a video on youtube that shows the glass being re-sealed. No info on dismantling and/or reinstallation. Even the re-sealing looks pretty hard work, TBH, but I'd prefer not to throw away the old ones and spend a fair bit of money on replacements if the difficulty of the job is being overstated. How hard is it to separate the hatch part from the frame? Thanks. Cheers, W.
  11. WGWarburton

    canister gas stoves - how do people deal with safety ?

  12. WGWarburton

    Crewsaver Offshore vs Pro PFDs

    I think you'll find there are only three auto inflators in common use. My crewsavers have the UML cartridge. To convert to manual you remove the auto part (black plastic with an expiry date printed on it) and replace with a plastic cap. If you have hammar auto inflators then there's a different manual conversion system that's widely available. The parts are not specific to the lifejacket maker but to the release mechanism maker. Cheers, W.
  13. WGWarburton

    PFD Upgrade Time

    We use Gill pro-racers (standard 50N BA for dinghy sailing). if they fit you they are good buoyancy aids (not lifejackets, obviously): comfortable, unobtrusive.effective at letting you focus on sorting the boat instead of staying afloat. Low profile zip pocket has room for a couple of odd bits of rope, whistle, snacks, shackles etc without snagging lines. Cheers, W.
  14. WGWarburton

    PFD Upgrade Time

    He's exaggerating if he says a heart attack is a direct result but the current teaching is certainly focussed on "Cold Shock": if you unexpectedly fall into cold water (and we're talking chilly, not freezing) then your reflex is to gasp and thrash, the gasping increases the risk of choking and drowning, the shock increases the risk of a heart attack. http://completeguide.rnli.org/cold-water-shock.html There are posters on noticeboards warning you to "float to live", give yourself time to overcome the shock of immersion by floating in your lifejacket. for a minute or two before talking any action. Hospitalisation is generally advised after immersion,to avoid delayed onset of shock becoming fatal...if you survive long enough to die of hypothermia, you've done well... Cheers, W.
  15. WGWarburton

    PFD Upgrade Time

    You certainly can in the UK. Though the UML type is a screw in cartridge with the release tab buried in it. If you have a "pill", it may be a Halkey Roberts, not UML. UML: https://rt-supplies.co.uk/product/uml-mk5i-cartridge-uma-5000/ H-K: https://rt-supplies.co.uk/product/halkey-roberts-super-bobbin/ Cheers, W.