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  1. A week passed, more news from the construction of Lion 870, the deck is covered with a second layer of plastic, now putty and coloring. more info
  2. The construction of the yacht has been resumed, this week the deck of the yacht is peeled from the outside with two layers of fiberglass based on epoxy resin, for pasting A glass cloth with a weight of about 300 g / m2 is used More info
  3. Winter, snow and frost do not allow to work, but the weather is changing, and already next week the work is resuming.
  4. November, the air temperature does not allow you to work outside, so the yacht construction work is moved inside the yacht, the use of an electric heater allows you to get a comfortable temperature in the yacht for work. Work began on the interior decoration of the yacht, we published many photos of the yacht, you can now look at the yacht Lion 870 from the inside. http://unikyachts.com/en/lion-800-construction-part-3/8/
  5. –ź small announcement of a new yacht over which we are currently working Lion 1050 http://unikyachts.com/ru/lion-series/
  6. The joints of all the parts of the deck were plastered, in the places of installation of the hatch coamings, fillets were made, the deck was polished and prepared for gluing with fiberglass. more info
  7. Before the deck was covered with fiberglass, all the cutouts for the installation of manholes and portholes were cut. More info
  8. News from the construction yachts Lion 870 After the completion of the deck assembly, all joints between the parts were sealed with epoxy resin mixed with wood dust, after polymerization a complete grinding of the deck and pasting with two layers of fiberglass on an epoxy binder will be carried out. More info
  9. This week, the assembly of the deck, deckhouse and cockpit deck in the cockpit is complete, a large bulkheads are installed behind the aft bulkhead to store equipment and things. More info
  10. yes it's true, properly designed modern wood / epoxy boat super stiff
  11. Frames are connected to the fillet assistance and fiberglass coating
  12. September was quite fruitful, a longitudinal set of deck and felling was installed, and the outer plating was started. More info
  13. –°ontinues construction of the Lion 550 Received the ordered materials, the work continues, on the approach the second part of the cutting is also 15 sheets. Almost all hull structures are assembled, straps are installed, in the places of joints and intersections of plywood parts, fillets are made and pasted with fiberglass tape. More info
  14. Carbon is an expensive pleasure, we design boats that will be accessible to everyone, so aluminum is used as the base material for the mast. But if anyone wants to use carbon, we will not object. The use of carbon fiber will have many positive moments for such a boat. You can find out the price by sending an e-mail inquiry unikyachts@gmail.com
  15. Forced simple, in anticipation of delivery of ordered materials, fiberglass, epoxy and the second part of the cutting.But the work continues, took several hours to install the straps for fixing the lining of the lockers in the case. More info