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  1. Seascape 18 outboard

    Hi there, thinking about changing my Torqueedo 1003 to a small petrol outboard for a Seacsape 18, preferably 2 stroke as it is lighter, but open to suggestions. Has anyone had experience with a 2 or 3hp unit? Thx.
  2. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    It was launched in 1988 in Melbourne and was sold in 1995. I was the original owner. We called it X-Rated as my partner was a radiographer. We also added an extra 70 Kg of lead in the keel for extra stability as we were avid 2 handed sailors......a little bit of history.
  3. Seascape 18

    Hi there, had a horrific sail 2 days ago south of Darge, Croatia and happened to get caught in the Bura with full sail main up. Problem is the line for winching the keel up is caught in the side of the keelcase. From what I can see it has jumped off the forward pulley due to the slack not being taken up. Has anyone got any ideas how to free this? The keel is fully down at this point in time.
  4. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    X-Rated was launched in 1988........
  5. Seascape 18

    Sorry, is this question directed at me, and if so, I'm not quite sure what it means?
  6. Seascape 18

    Ok, the Seascape 18 will only be sailed in Croatian waters. I'll give Ivan at Free Spirit a call. Thanks for your help.
  7. Seascape 18

    Just out of interest, can anyone tell me the minimum safety equipment that one must have on board for sailing in Croatian waters? I've tried searching Google but nothing comes up. Thanks, John.
  8. Seascape 18

    Thx Kristian, lots of info to think about. I'm assuming the boat in the photo is anti-fouled? Looks like the town of Jezera to me. I think I am tending towards the hard anti-fouling over an epoxy primer. Thank you both for your valuable input.
  9. Seascape 18

    Kristian, you can't be serious about a hull being clean for 6 months without antifouling, especially in Croatia ??? I assumed a warm water temp would only cause faster fouling!
  10. Seascape 18

    Ok, the boat will be in salt water on the Dalmation Coast and we intend leaving it in the water from Easter through to the end of August. The boat would be used mainly during the 2 months of summer plus about 2 weeks between Easter and the beginning of July. Sorry if this is too specific but I like a nice smooth hull without pulling it out cleaning it every few weeks.
  11. Seascape 18

    I'm looking at antifouling our Seascape 18 after we take delivery to Croatia. I've been doing a little reading on the subject and have been leaning towards a self polishing paint such as Micron 66. Any thoughts about this paint and whether this would be a good choice?
  12. Seascape 18

    I'm happy to say that our Seascape 18 has been ordered.....can't wait.
  13. Seascape 18

    Ok, thank you both for your valuable input......I guess I need to get the "keelboat mentality" out of my head. Having also owned two trailerable yachts in my time, the topping lift was always standard equipment.
  14. Trailer sailer/Keelboat and back again......for the speed.

  15. Seascape 18

    Love the comments on here re the Seascape 18. Any thoughts on the installation of a topping lift, mainly in regards to reefing?