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  1. Origami Boat Thread

    I built a 1/96 scale plastic model of the USS Constitution, a Revell kit, it is still in production. With the bowsprit it was almost 3' long. It took about 2 months to build and paint the hull and tied down all 52 cannons individually, I didn't just tie knots for the cannons, I seized them just like the real deal. Then it took almost a year and a half to do the rigging. I also hand tied all of the foot ropes on each yardarm. I made it with the sails because that involved more rigging. I guess I was a glutton for punishment. The more lines that went into the rigging, the more difficult it was to run the next ones. I became quite adept at tying knots with tweezers. The model had an amazing amount of detail on it and several sizes of black and tan thread for the standing and running rigging. It looked pretty impressive when it was finished, my parents were amazed I spent all that time on it. I started it when I was 11 and finished when I was 13. I built a lot of models of all kinds, but I liked the ship models the best. I also took apart a watch, cleaned it and reassembled it (and it worked!) when I was 11 years old, at my father's jewelry store. I still have that watch. I was quite patient when I was young. Here is a link to a PDF of the rigging instructions. http://manuals.hobbico.com/rmx/85-0398-rigging.pdf I also did the big model of the Constitution along with the big model of the Cutty Sark when I was a kid. Upstairs I have the kit for the big model of the HMS Victory, made by a different company. I bought it over 30 years ago and haven't started it. I have the Cutty Sark model un-built in storage. My dad bought it before I was born. I'm 50.
  2. When does a boat become a yacht?

    Search for Hotrod and start reading, we will see you in a month! Oh, Flyin' Hawaiian? I read a couple chunks a while back. Many pages just read the first couple posts on each page - pretty easy to see where the good parts started and jumped around from there. Some entertainment for sure.
  3. When does a boat become a yacht?

    Well, I did read the Metal Boats thread in its entirety the other day. Like most forums there are always little nuggets of wisdom in even the most wandering of threads. Sorry, late response that was partially typed and not replied to Hobie Dog's comment about mandatory reading of Hotrod.
  4. When does a boat become a yacht?

    Probably the best response.
  5. When does a boat become a yacht?

    Definition of yacht : any of various recreational watercraft: such asa : a sailboat used for racingb : a large usually motor-driven craft used for pleasure cruising So I guess my initial impression was incorrect. I really didn't think any race sailboat was a yacht. I did learn something today. Besides, who knew an Opti is a yacht? Thanks!
  6. When does a boat become a yacht?

    you plan to get most of your building materials from Lowe's or Home Depot Because you asked nicely, here you go. Now what?
  7. Been reading much, posting little, trying to learn. I read here and Woodenboat forum primarily with Bateau and Glen-L secondarily as I plan to build a boat in wood. I've built an airplane and cars, sailboat is next. Referring to smaller craft as yachts doesn't happen much here unless someone refers to a a yot or being yotty but at least on WBF I hear of 20-24 ft boats being referred to as yachts. Seems a bit pompus to me but maybe my impression of a yacht is different. To me at yacht would be 50 ft, maybe down to 40 and suitably appointed with furnishings befitting it's size and also something that I likely couldn't afford. So, SA, what is your minimum definition of a yacht? It can be in terms of length, cost, features or any other definition of the subject at hand.
  8. I must retract my first post. I did hear back from the other two today. All were friendly and invited me out to watch, talk to the sailors and possibly crew. And dogwatch's comment about normally looking for those who are already sailors as opposed to training is justified. Random, I checked the club website. Last updated in 2015. They did say that they will be having a few "fun races" for training and newbs this year so I will attend.
  9. Newb here. Been reading SA for a month or so every day and this thread intrigued me so I've been following. I'm 49 and live in Nebraska where there is virtually no water. I've sailed exactly once back in the 80's on a friend's dad's boat in a regatta. Had a good time but didn't pursue it. A few months ago I bought a second home in AR on Bull Shoals lake - 45,000 acres and 70 miles long so I've been getting interested in sailing now that I have access to "real water". Sent three emails to the local Snipe club (the only three with listed addresses on the club website) as I thought that would be a good way to get my feet wet and learn sailing and then in 3-4 years when I retire down in AR I'd get a bigger boat. Only one response out of the three. I'm basically begging them to let me get involved in Snipe racing and the one that replied indicated that attendance has been flagging. If the racers can't take care of those that express sincere interest, what can you expect? Sorry to disappoint the tits or GTFO crowd. Google will get you what you need.