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  1. Cal20sailor

    Trump will save the World

    He hasn't shot back so he's as embarrassed as every Trump voter should be.
  2. Cal20sailor

    The Kushner tapes

    I'd be ok with that. The strangest country I've ever read about.
  3. Cal20sailor

    Trump will save the World

    Theory: Bravo Bravo is older than we think and is bed-ridden, maybe at a VA hospital. He sure seems likes he doesn't get out much or read the news.
  4. Cal20sailor

    The Kushner tapes

    I can't get a single break. Actually dating a nice and very accomplished woman, just knew you could take my shit.
  5. Cal20sailor

    The Kushner tapes

    That dog has character! Only one sister?
  6. Cal20sailor

    The Kushner tapes

    I just can't get a fucking break! Cute dogs, but yappers.
  7. Cal20sailor

    Trump will save the World

  8. Cal20sailor

    Trump will save the World

    He has a talent, squeezes a three word response into 300 words. Glad you get it. More than three lines and I quit reading.
  9. Cal20sailor

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    My dilemma as well, do we pool family from around the country just to kill off my 91yo mother. It's a serious issue and why I take it more seriously than Trump pisses me off. Yet, she's 91, so how many more can she enjoy. My nephew was going to come from the Uk but their numbers are spiking and at what point do you label it irresponsible? I feel you buddy.
  10. Cal20sailor

    Trump will save the World

    Poke the dog! Expect a 300 word response and it will probably ramble into gun control. Hard to take him seriously.
  11. I'm ok if it crashes 2K tomorrow...but then, I've been in cash for a bit. Looking for buying opportunities.
  12. Cal20sailor


    You have good jokes, a beautiful basement, two fridges in the garage you once told me but probably put one downstairs, you probably always have cold beer on hand, but the past four years have made me very sensitized to Trump supporters. I'm divorced and of course on a dating site, the first line of my profile is If you are a Trump supporter, quit reading. I don't wish you bad and we'll see how the chips fall.
  13. Cal20sailor

    The Kushner tapes

    Sorry, but single? If so, pics?
  14. Cal20sailor

    Trump will save the World

    But not a Democrat!