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  1. Cal20sailor

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    On your best day you were stupid!
  2. Cal20sailor

    Hank Aaron

    Very humble and one of my heros. RIP and beat the shit out of babe.
  3. Cal20sailor

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    Saorsa, eat your oatmeal, the dirt nap is coming.
  4. Cal20sailor

    So Where is he??

    I'm still trying to figure out how they pissed away the first two years. Does Mueller deserve credit HELL YEAH!!!!
  5. Cal20sailor

    So Where is he??

    Agreed, he would happily shit his pants diaper on live TV knowing it would go viral...or he couldn't help it. Trump fears being irrelevant more than bankruptcy or death. Would I be too obvious to put out a reward for sightings of Stephen Miller?
  6. Cal20sailor

    So Where is he??

    If someone posts that stupid fucking photo of the side-by-side .22s, I will throw up.
  7. Cal20sailor

    So Where is he??

    His dad must have made another perfect phone call.
  8. Cal20sailor

    So Where is he??

    The bald fat guy with a Big Mac in each hand wearing a dirty diaper.
  9. Cal20sailor

    Dow 50K or higher?

    What's going to happen when the no foreclosures/evictions moratorium ends? Particularly if it coincides with an end to enhanced unemployment benefits. I'm nowhere near the stage where I am optimistic about the economy. With that said, I'm optimistic about Biden being the right person at the helm during these difficult times. I think the next six months are going to be very difficult. In the meantime we are continuing to run up one hell of a deficit.
  10. Cal20sailor

    So Where is he??

    BD, calm down. If you go back to the the first mention of Barron, the joke being made was that DJT and the Whore are so self-absorbed that they forgot their kid. I thought that was funny. I believe there was only one post where Barron was 'poked at'.
  11. Does anyone know if this is unprecedented?
  12. Cal20sailor

    Ted Cruz, Cunt

    Can you imagine being at a lunch with Ted where you split the check? He'd order a $9.95 meal and throw in a ten. The Paris Agreement will cost US industry money, but it's the RIGHT thing to do. The GOP have this me and mine attitude down to a science.
  13. Cal20sailor

    congratulations USA!

    Who knew, other countries have fake news. It's shit like this that will kill Trump. 'Welcome Back America': Newspapers around the world react to Biden's inauguration
  14. Cal20sailor

    So Where is he??

    I think Jeff's point was why are we wasting our time discussing HWSNBN when we could be wasting our time discussing guns.
  15. Cal20sailor

    President Biden

    Bravo, if that was a year, I'm going on 243yo.