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    81,000,000 to 74,000,000

    Remove CA and NY and it's about a dead heat over the other 48.
  2. Cal20sailor

    New radio telescope in Nevada?

    Pwop: I worked in SAR my entire career. I think where you said synthetic aperture array you really wanted to say phased array. The principle of SAR is to use a small antenna and the motion between the transmitter and target to 'synthesize' a larger antenna. In thirty years, I've never heard the term synthetic aperture array. There are other issues using smaller dishes such as antenna gain and having enough SNR to do any good. Someone would have to work the numbers for a given application.
  3. Why? Because he finally didn't kowtow to Trump's whims? Barr may be looking for a job in the private sector and this shows that he is not a complete puppet. So what, he gets to clean his office out a few weeks early. More time to work on his book.
  4. Cal20sailor

    Old Brit Chance Maxi in Mazatlan

    There was a sistership on the lakes called Masker as well.
  5. Cal20sailor

    buying a boat to live on and sail

    You picked a phenomenal boat, not a houseboat with a mast.
  6. Cal20sailor


    Nice dissertation subject.
  7. Cal20sailor

    buying a boat to live on and sail

    Ancient Mariner? 1st rule, do not throw stones at any birds, particularly the Albatross.
  8. Cal20sailor

    Mid-Night Train To Georgia

    They sent ballot applications, not ballots. That might seem like nitpicking but it's a huge difference.
  9. Cal20sailor

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    So you didn't get it either?
  10. Cal20sailor

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Could someone explain this one to me like I'm a 4yo?
  11. Cal20sailor

    Trump 2024?

    They filed suit in Michigan asking a Federal Court to force Whitmer to overturn the election for Trump...despite him losing by 154K votes. One more for the loss column. I wonder what % cut Rudy is getting from this?
  12. Cal20sailor

    Mid-Night Train To Georgia

    These were ballot applications. Look into the process and see that there are many checks that would have caught an illegal ballot either being sent out or received and counted. Trump lost, get over it.
  13. Cal20sailor

    8 Bells for Dave Irish

    That is very sad, he was a great competitor, and very gracious in victory or defeat. Condolences to his family and friends.
  14. Cal20sailor

    Trump 2024?

    After he spontaneously shits in the shower a few times, Bubba may be a little reluctant.
  15. Cal20sailor

    Trump 2024?

    That's his mate, no running involved.
  16. Cal20sailor

    College Football 2020

    Gotta be Mich. Harbaugh can't last.
  17. Cal20sailor

    Bell End or Legend?

    This killed me at the time and it's still damn funny.
  18. Cal20sailor

    NFL 2020

    This is pretty damn funny. NFL denies Broncos' request to start offensive assistant Rob Calabrese at QB, per report
  19. Cal20sailor

    Dooough Shit! Hugo Boss Cracking Up

    First to finish or whoever gets the farthest without breaking again?
  20. Cal20sailor

    NFL 2020

    Found one at Manpower. The next Wally Pipp!
  21. Cal20sailor


    I have made a bet with Bravo Bravo that I will leave for a year if Trump wins and he will do the same if Biden wins. I think this will be a rout. My predictions: Electoral: Biden around 310 Popular: Biden wins by around 8M What say you?
  22. Call me an idiot, but I think our country lost four years.
  23. Cal20sailor

    Let the Bitch Burning begin.....

    Trump's actions in the past few weeks make me want him jailed! Fuck the losers!
  24. I still have the fond memory of watching my dad (RIP) trying to couple a propane tank for 20 minutes. He finally gave up and the steaks were done 10 minutes later. We routinely would hide his tools to keep him out of trouble.
  25. Cal20sailor

    Where will Donald Jr, Eric, and Ivanka Trump run?

    For those who didn't think Prince wasn't the second coming of Hendix, Prince was good.