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  1. HotSnail

    Sun Fast 3300

    the bulb fel off?
  2. HotSnail

    How many fids to splice a double-braid line?

    I used these instructions . It seems to be a bit different in mythology and I found it a lot easier to get a good slice using this one. Don't try a used piece of rope to practice on, it took me 4 times as long as when I did it with new rope... One fid should be enough, using tape to attach the core and cover to the splice works very well.
  3. HotSnail

    what are they?

    The front one looks like a plug for mold construction.
  4. HotSnail

    Avon Dinghy...Too Much HP?

    .... the 30% extra thrust on the transom. It could rip the transom from the tubes.
  5. Won't the rudder drop down if you remove the helm fixture?
  6. HotSnail

    New imoca boats

    If that's the stern section we're looking at in the third picture it's a different hull shape compared to previous boats, looks like a fairly rond short radius bottom with straight angled "Bilges" Almost shows some similarities to the center hull of a tri... Would make sense...
  7. HotSnail

    Do I need spreaders?

    Make a rack that connects the mast step and the stays and just bult the hull underneath. In that way the hull won't have to deal with the forces of the rig, and you'll have the added benefit of the extra righting moment of the rack (which you'll probably need because of the extra say area. A bit more work but it will probably make a workable setup...
  8. HotSnail

    Using propane on a butane installation

    for what I know it is interchangeable (used both on board ) What you need is a different pressure regulator as the storage pressure is different. Where will you be using it (geographically)? Butane will stop evaporating at lower temperatures (basically below 0 degrees Celsius). If you want to cook below that temperature (temperature of the canister) you'll need Propane Caloric value is also different so you may burn your food a bit quicker or need a longer cooking time depending on the switch you make.
  9. HotSnail

    onboard coffee??

    we use a small handheld manual coffee grinder and a mocha pot. Works really well. Aprox. 2 min of grinding fills the pot, we use an alcohol burner on board for the cooking.
  10. HotSnail

    Pole control

    Or loop the uphaul through the bottom eye and the downhaul through the upper eye. That way the eyes won't be pulled away from the pole and are only loaded in shear.
  11. HotSnail

    Carbon fiber hull - corrosion

    If the Carbon is coated properly it shouldn’t give any galvanic problems. As long as the sea water does not touch the carbon (the barrier coat should take care of this) there won’t be a galvanic chain. I suspect the copper will be a bigger problem, lower on the galvanic chain than carbon but a big area and a small area of Aluminium (the bigger the ratio the bigger the corrosion) Big steel structures could be a problem depending on the shore power connection you are using, earthing, galvanic transformer, etc... the picture below is for copper and stainless, but you can change those to carbon and Aluminium, or copper and Aluminium. The picture gives an indication of the different ways you can try to avoid galvanic corrosion.
  12. HotSnail

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    Make a neoprene sleeve around the block? Bit of work but it should work.
  13. HotSnail

    what was it?

    For what I can see on the photo's the rear also fell of...
  14. HotSnail

    what was it?

    ....fell off?
  15. HotSnail

    Coolboats to admire

    well... if it means I could sail on without using a gen or an engine to top up the batteries, it would work for me!