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  1. HotSnail

    what is it?

    Dehler 30
  2. HotSnail

    Favourite Boat pic?

    I think the boat is hove to to survive the weather.
  3. HotSnail

    Reaching sheets for Jib

    Out boat is a fair bit shorter (24ft), so can't give a definite awnser to the loads for your case, but the loads on the reaching sheets are way lower than on the windward sheets. We use the spinnaker sheets for reaching.
  4. Here in Europe the Selden sheaves are available as spares, There is a fairly big amount of dimensions, you could have a look at that.
  5. HotSnail

    shroud tension suggestions

    You don’t mention if you have swept or straight spreaders. If your spreaders have an angle to them they will become lose if you put more tension on he backstay. If you adjust the shrouds to be at tension with the backstay tensioned they might get very tight with the backstay loose (of keep the spar bent permanently)
  6. HotSnail

    Dynema standing rigging howling in the wind

    Interesting idea. You mean like a tennis ball or smaller in size?
  7. HotSnail

    Dynema standing rigging howling in the wind

    Does it stop the rigging from resonating? It probably takes quite a bit of 2mm to wrap a stay? I think it would be a bit of a job to do with a standing rig. might be something to do when the rig goes of after a couple of years
  8. HotSnail

    Dynema standing rigging howling in the wind

    I think I was unclear in the first post. I didn’t try the winding yet, wanted to be a bit more sure that it would work since it’s a fair amount of work with the rig standing. I only found about it in one post on a forum so wanted to doublecheck.
  9. HotSnail

    Dynema standing rigging howling in the wind

    There is no cover on the rigging, juist 5 and 6mm dynema core. For the pumping of the mast I described maybe pumping is not the correct word. That doesn’t happen under sail, but the spar starts to resonate heavily with the stays.... I’ll have a look at the archery dampers. On the Dutch sailing forum a piece of shock cord spiraled around the stay was suggested, approximately 1 to 1,5m long halfway the stay. I’m also going to try that idea. Thanks for the suggestions so far!
  10. I recently changed the standing rigging I’m our boat to Dyneema. Rigging and tensioning went great, the stays keep the spar upright so so far so good. The problem we have with them is that the rig is extremely noisy. It starts at something like 6kn of wind and doesn’t stop after that. At the lower wind speeds it’s a low hum, not really annoying but as the wind picks up it gets more and more noisy to the point you have to raise your voice and pumping of the spar. Is anyone here familiar with this problem of dynema rigging, and if so, how have you solved it? So far I found changing the tension (has not helped so far) and adding a helix of a thin dynema line around the stays. Anyone other ideas, suggestions or experiences? cheers, Jan
  11. HotSnail

    Roof condensation

    Add some insulation to the roof. Water only condenses on cold spots
  12. HotSnail

    Beefing up shroud attachment points

    Sorry... something the spellchecker did. I meant backrest, so that the backrest and cabinet will form a beam from bulkhead to bulkhead.
  13. HotSnail

    Beefing up shroud attachment points

    Now you’ve Removed the backrest and top plank.... I think it would be a great improvement if you made the packet and top plank structural with a small bulkhead on the position where the attachment for the pull rod is. Attach the pull rod to the top of the top plank and the backrest and top plank will form a beam that distributes the forces across a bigger part of the hull. Best would be if you could connect the now formed beam to a transversals structure on the front and back.
  14. HotSnail

    The daggerboard fell off!

    Can you glue in the PVC parts again to keep the interior shape of the casing (PVC glue?) After that wrap it in glasfiber and epoxy, preferably all the way around the casing, otherwise only the damaged portion with a good overlap. After that a fillet on the bottom end with a nice radius which is covered by a tabbing of a couple of layers. I think this would be stronger as new. Adding floors wouldn't be a big benefit imho, the casing is connected to the deck so only needs sideways support at the bottom (and deck)
  15. HotSnail

    Sun Fast 3300

    the bulb fel off?