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  1. josh_bartoszuk1

    Goetz's Red Foiling Catamaran

    Personal connections make it difficult for me to talk about this too openly, but its a cool project that is actually pretty intuitive in terms of the engineering. Buzzed around Narragansett Bay all summer last year and the year before, testing different systems.
  2. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    I've done a fair amount of TF10 sailing this last summer. I sail with some pretty experienced sailors in the world of foiling, and the biggest problem we always have is getting the owner to steer to the power less so we have to do less grinding and easing on the kite and main. Its a struggle when the driver comes from asym monohulls.
  3. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    looked very very twitchy, something you really shouldn't want even when sailing in the shiftiest of conditions. Kills flow, and doesn't give skipper any opportunity to sync up.
  4. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    At the same time, being in sync with your helm and trimming is very important. If the helm is steering too much and the trimmer is trimming too much then you get a very unstable and on-edge boat. Add active foil trimming and you add a third dimension of trim that must be balanced with helm and trim. Without constant balance in all aspect of trim, flow is disturbed, crashes become more frequent, and overall straight-line performance suffers.
  5. josh_bartoszuk1

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The way I see it, the boats are designed in such a way that durability is an extra feature, no hard wings, beam fairings, etc... However due to the fact that it is a tricycle monohull as opposed to being supported in a rectangular arrangement like the 72s and 50s, it is guaranteed to crash differently and this is something we're seeing right now. The ETNZ capsize reminded me of a big roundup in a laser where the end of the boom gets caught in the water, the boat rounds up, and it's going over regardless of what you do. We've yet to see a pitchpole, and I bet it'll stay that way. In terms of ETNZ specifically, they have undoubtedly the most time on the water with the 75, and they are going through the same learning curve as all the other teams with test boats. Remember when we saw the mule laying down in it's side? I bet if there was footage released of that we'd see similar circumstances leading to the flip. It's still relatively early in the development phase of this new class and type of foiling, so it makes total sense that there are teams eating shit and going for a swim all over the place. Without testing the limits in practice there's no way to know how far you can go on race day. Let these dudes figure their shit out and get to the race course, and then we can make judgments about who's PR was more or less accurate. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they're trying something new for the first time.
  6. josh_bartoszuk1

    Youth America's Cup

    Sounds like whoever is going to do this needs some badass connections. Good thing is there are plenty of ~30ft foilers out in the world nowadays, so practice time is at least somewhat achievable?
  7. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    Rudder foil instead of main foil? Edit: obviously from different team but very similar design and long vertical strut can be seen in Airbus video.
  8. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    You'll never find the edge unless you push past it.
  9. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    Looks like same general shape as before mods. Under the hood repairs likely
  10. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    Maybe it's not about convenience... This is the boat that will be raced in Sardinia after all. If we see footage of a substantially different boat buzzing around Pensacola, I would be surprised. If there are changes mandated by necessity (rules, measurement, etc.) then they will most likely be fairly unnoticeable. Is there not a rule similar to the foil rule about changing percentage mass of the hull? If so then I believe that they will leave changes used for performance gains to B2. Hacking away at the boat in the shop to make changes for "optional" (performance) mods seems like not the best course of action when more substantial gains could be made on the water. There is no doubt that the Kiwis scheduled the brunt of the practice time in their summer on purpose, and it will be extremely important for the other teams who builts mules to stay ahead in terms of hours on the water. Ashby and the rest of TNZ are notorious for using their time as effectively as possible, and the challengers would be stupid to let their feet off the pedal now.
  11. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    Isn't there another thread for all of this F50 vs AC75 bullshit? Have been checking out AM building in the mornings/afternoons and have not seen any significant movement. If previous comments are to be believed and there are significant changes to be made to Defiant, they might have already been finished given how long ago they moved out of Hinckley. Or maybe they've just said fuck it and cut the boat in half. I guess we'll see when they reappear in Pensacola. On the topic of amateur photography, I doubt we'll see anything out of the veritable ghost town of Pensacola in the winter. Try not to get your panties in a bunch. I'll be freezing my balls off here in Bristol while you kiwi dickheads get Christmas in the summer. Jokes.
  12. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    Sustained 30kt winds for past 2 weeks. Haven't been around thier base for a while but I would assume they're probably not sailing.
  13. josh_bartoszuk1

    Team NYYC

    Currently in the middle of the second noreaster in two weeks up here in RI. It's cold, windy, and I honestly can't blame anyone for not wanting to take their boat out for the sole benefit of an internet forum. Very little public investment in the team as well. The only thing that belongs to the American people on that boat is the flag on the sail. Maybe not as bad as Larry and his circus but still very disconnected from anyone outside of NYYC. Look at launch video. The only people there are NYYC members and team members.
  14. josh_bartoszuk1

    Boats and foils comparison

    Everyone's talking about the kiwi bulge like it's meant for reducing drag during touchdowns, but what if the flatness of Defiant's hull is meant for windward-heel touch downs? Of course I have no idea how anyone plans to sail these monsters, but based off of my limited experience sailing foiling multis, the boat sails faster with the windward hull in the water and the leeward foil working than with leeward heel. If the AM guys have calculated for this, they could just be anticipating the fact that the big ol keel hanging off the side is going to drop the windward chine before the boat falls off the foils, which would only give them contact with the water on that much more round yet still defined chine. If NZ does end up dropping to windward, they're probably making contact with the water on their hump as well as their much softer windward chine, doubling the amount of boat they would be dragging through the water. In addition, trying to modulate the cant of the windward foil to lift during a fall would most likely just slow the boat down even more due to the sheer amount of lift required to reverse the downwards acceleration of the massive ball of lead hanging 20 feet off the side of the boat. Maybe embracing the fall is the better option. By no means am I an expert on hydrodynamics, so these are just my raw thoughts. Of course, I don't happen work for airbus either, so I have basically no clue how they could have factored ground effect in, but it seems to me like the boundary layer in more disturbed water would be so thin or nonexistent that trying to gain aerodynamic lift from having a flat bottom is more or less pointless. Now these points could be totally moot, and USA 2 could look exactly like NZ 2, or even NZ1 for that matter. Then everyone on this forum is screwed. Guess we'll find out just how wrong we all are off Sardinia in a few months' time.