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  1. Next time however, I might jet get someone to text me a METAREA forecast every day or so. Would be more useful
  2. Accuracy is ok, they use Ocens as the provider. It’s a spot forecast and gives a 7day outlook. 7 days is Pretty useless as you’re probably past that point. Used it crossing from Faroes to Norway this summer and would get a forecast for 60-100 miles distant when out of range of other forecasts.
  3. N1772

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

  4. N1772

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    This is between Gudrun and Miller platforms.
  5. N1772

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Yes 12-2:30/3 at the moment it’s reasonably dark at 59N
  6. I've taken one of the old pylons apart - and it seems if I take of the PCB, I have a simple 3 phase winding. I'm assuming I can just throw in a bridge rectifier (100A from fleabay) and have me a towing generator. I think with the size of the pylon and an older IOR style transom I'd be better off mounting on the rail rather then in the water like a watt and sea. Does anyone know about getting hold of a suitable prop for this?
  7. Why don’t you upload them in sequence, uploading in a hodgepodge manner means they auto play in a hodge lodge manner. Disorientating.
  8. N1772

    Pros and cons of sailing to see the world vs other means.

    Your way of doing things wouldn't be life enhancing for me.
  9. Torqeedo is about 3 - 4x more expensive then a 3.5hp tohatsu for me. So not exactly a cheap alternative to start with.
  10. N1772

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    30 minutes to sunrise https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/usa/providence
  11. N1772

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

  12. E30 - spray loads of contact cleaner at it. If the E45 is intermittent - then I have no ideas, Mine were all fatal. You could take the prop off and check the breaking pin behind is in good nick.
  13. I'm waiting for drive pod #3 at the moment. Apparently there shouldn't be a need to wait between astern and forward when maneuvering, and this winter there has been another software update for the pods to mitigate E45. We shall see.
  14. 1 week in Svalbard hardly a season in Scandinavia.
  15. Not sure that applies to Norway, with 83281km of coastline there are plenty of places to tie up outside of marinas.