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  1. Still being built. Walked past the yard the other day and they had the moulds out in the car park. The new “green” line come with eco resins and a diesel electric beta engine. As well as sustainably sourced interiors.
  2. Sailed through there last week. Saw nothing.
  3. My understanding.... and this may be very wrong. Is that the risk is only to batteries that have been over pressurised by dropping in deep water. I wouldn’t trust this though.
  4. N1772

    “PTC-2” Louisiana coast

    Nightly news would be better with an overdramtic live orchestra.
  5. @Bull City nah Travel 1003, the pod I referred to is the motor and a shaft that fits into the alu profile. I think they call it a motor pod in the spares catalogue. 2 blown PCBs. Leaving for a year long cruise in a few weeks and won’t be taking it now. New battery is a month delivery time due to ground shipping. The poor after sales really puts a downer on a decent product. Actually gutted to have to buy petrol outboard.
  6. I get it form the UK. 2 tablets before leaving and 1 every 8 hours afterwards. As per the packet.
  7. I'm jumping off the bandwaggon. This battery issues is the final nail in the coffin for me, every year we've had a warranty issue (2 pod drives and now the battery). This entails dealing with Torqeedo HQ who are not set up for B2C at all. So weeks of chasing them for call backs etc etc. As I understand it local distributors are better at this. I also understand that others have a better experience with their motors, Dylan and Bull. It was a fantastic thing when it worked!
  8. https://www.torqeedo.com/service-centre/information-and-return-shipment/safety.html check your batteries.
  9. N1772

    Another Navy ship hits a freighter

    They’ll be off to Pitcairn soon then, officers cast adrift.
  10. Yeah... saw Rolex and med...
  11. Notice of race says Category 2 OSR. https://www.rolexmiddlesearace.com/race/documents
  12. And you want the middle option. Sleeves and tight is the fastest option.
  13. Well... they do do a lot of weight lifting. Just not for bulk.
  14. N1772

    Foiling Minis 6.50 - The new Breed

    I kind of hope they keep serie a non-foiling class just for the affordability. Maybe a 3rd, series foilers class that isn't proto but allows foiling?
  15. Congratulations on winning a pedant point.