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  1. Endangered Species had a great time too. I was single handing so I decided not to fly the spinnaker. That looked like a good decision as I watched both Quantum and Dash having a little too much fun. This was the first race for Endangered Species in about a decade and only the third time I have sailed the boat. We'll be practicing a bit between now and Patos!!
  2. Endangered Species will be double handed, medium course, maximum fun
  3. That would add to the fun of getting ready for Pac Cup. I'm sure we'll meet over the next few races.
  4. If the stars align , Pac Cup 2022
  5. Endangered Species...we have been working on the boat steadily since July. Just took it for the first sail (in 7 years? 10 years? I don't know) 10 days ago. We should be out for any local races that will have us Double Handed, Shaw, Patos, Straits etc. Whatever the result, the boat will be looking good.
  6. SJIslander

    Age of Sail: A new animated sailing movie

    Miracle of miracles something good on the front page. Thanks for sharing.