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  1. poncho

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    I am going to root thru under a bunk for one and wear it on Anarchy tomorrow!
  2. poncho

    USS Midway 1, Sea Esta 0

    the recurring theme here is BENETEAU. nuff said.
  3. poncho

    Joe Adams - Ferrocement Helsal Drawings, Sharing and Owner

    In the early boats, you could see the chicken wire. Really crude. BTW, I've been round longer than you!!! Haha.
  4. poncho

    Joe Adams - Ferrocement Helsal Drawings, Sharing and Owner

    We saw the "flying footpath" when new in Aus. in 73. Couldn't believe it!
  5. poncho

    What's your boat beer?

    Whitbread was the beer of coice of the winner of the round the world race. Cases were deposited prior. After, an Irish car bomb, was tested with negative results.
  6. poncho

    holy christ!

    It was mark Laura. Age sets in sometimes
  7. poncho

    holy christ!

    Ask Mark from syc about sinking a j 24 in the first race in a Japan national champ. They raised it and went on to win the regretta!
  8. poncho

    holy christ!

    One of Brinks best lines was "what does RIP mean" after using the head at the loft. In the shitter someone wrote John Lennon, dates, and RIP. I think my quote was from the islander 40 that we pitchpoled in a 3 tree point race where I prayed the top would blow up. And spell the name right!!
  9. poncho

    Chesapeake Bay Debris Cancelling Racing

    Yeah, kind of moots out the prop issue. Send water!
  10. poncho

    Chesapeake Bay Debris Cancelling Racing

    Think about motoring out to the start. Broken props everywhere. We'll take some of your extra water here in so cal. I watched as one after another case of those small water bottles left the Costco here. I want to believe sailors try to be eco friendly, but with millions of these horrible things out there, many are bound to hit the water, as seen in your pics. Styrofoam coffee cups as found in many yc's are just as bad. Sorry for the rant, but I'm a surfer, sailor, live aboard, and I see firsthand the careless acts of people who abuse the easy access to these pollutants.
  11. poncho

    Dennis Choate or his boats

    I did the original sails for snake eyes. It was in the Seattle area at the time. Owner's name. Stu? Had lots of fun with them.
  12. poncho

    Roller furling question

    It's always best to have a smaller sail that fits your foil for those windy days. Shouldn't need a cover as it's your backup sail. Make sure if it's shorter hoist to make a head pennant to get the swivle to the top. Your sailmakers will need a too block dimension to recut if too tall
  13. poncho

    How do you define bad crew?

    While we're fixing up our Olson 30 in the yard, a 20 something came up to us and asked if he could crew. Referred to me, I asked him what he liked to do. He said I usually drive. After I digested this, I informed him that that position was filled. We did ask him once, and he was not to bueno. I hope he CAN drive. On a C&C 61, we had a full of himself east coaster who thought he was God's gift. After we put his boots in the deep freeze, he didn't get the hint. So on another off watch, we put handfulls of powdered sugar in his sleeping bag. Try it some time. It makes a suspiciously white stickygoo. He was never invited back. We