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  1. why am i here?

    Benny and decided to take a wave about half way back to lands end. I picked a small one. Only about 40 foot or so scared the crap out of the off watch! Coming back to the UK for a.few months this spring. The old haunts. Lymington.
  2. why am i here?

    What time did u round fastnet? We were about midnight
  3. why am i here?

    79 fastest "la pantera" and upside down 1250 miles southwest of Perth on sayula. Reportedly lost at sea two times. My mother told me to just stop honor, sorry bout your experiences with the wicked med witch of the new i had the misfortune to be the sail maker
  4. East facing Harbors SO CAL- Time to leave

    I just spoke to Skottt, and he doesn't think it will come his way, but you never know with these things. If anyone needing, due to issues, I have two places where evacuated local sailors can stay here in Coronado. You just don't want to room with Skottt. Trust me on this one!!
  5. East facing Harbors SO CAL- Time to leave

    Oh, and there is a large fire just South of TJ. I can see the smoke Shu, I hope you're house and family are ok.
  6. East facing Harbors SO CAL- Time to leave

    The fire SHU mentioned has tripled in size in the last hour. It's just west of the 15 North of Temecula. Big on the news, as it;s the first in SD county. For those of you who go to Avalon, god forbid, when I was 5 or so, my dad took us there on his "only once every 5 years" or so obligatory visit. I saw in one of the shops on Front? street the B/W photos of a particularly disastrous Santa Ana in the early 50's. It can be really ugly there. I was at the Isthmus in 1974 for the Christmas S/A and had to run over to big fisherman's, where we watched the powerboats wash up on the beach in front of the palm trees.
  7. Deep vs. shallow keel

    Perhaps friend Bob can enlighten us as to how or why a symmetrical keel creates lift..
  8. Frankenfoiler

    This is the same guy who sailed himself from the North heads of Sydney to RSYC with an ironing board for a keel and an umbrella for a sail. and didnt get eaten!! He also made a slot on rowing machine apparatus for a sailboard in Currabinney. he was also instrumental in winning the first Whitbread RTWR. Should be a fun sail-for Butch!
  9. Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    On this day after Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Doug,s 43 "La Pantera", the prototype for the Serendipity 43 She got us through the fastnet unharmed!
  10. The best sailing film for a long time

    Ya'all may have missed "the weekend sailor" An award winning documentary about Mexican Ramon Carlin's remarkable win in the very first Whitbread round the world race. It is highly regarded as brilliant!!
  11. J-34 IOR

    Plus, you can still find fleets of J 35's in some areas.
  12. J-34 IOR

    sounds good till you look at rig sizes. I'll take the 35.
  13. New Sails

    Yes. Tape drive sails were invented by Sobstad sailmakers and quickly discarded as not the right way to go.
  14. New Sails

    I worked with Kenny Watts at Watts sails. Kenny, along with Bob Dupont, were chemical engineers, and invented dacron as an alternative to rayon.. Fun times as the Texlon mills were on the same property. We would wander out to the weaving room and watch till our ears hurt!