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  1. poncho

    Precision Sails

    called 'incompetence" wrinkles
  2. poncho

    Mainsheet bridle to clear up cockpit?

    Why does a cruiser need a traveller? Onliest time is when you are racing in under 12 K. upwind. Most production sailboats have a wider sheeting angle, and don't need to pull the main away from the jib Take it off. Cleaner deck, fewer stubbed toes, less crap on the deck. I cannot see why everyone believes they need one.
  3. poncho

    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    And, ( this is not USA, but Sagami bay, Japan, had the most condoms, plastic, boxes and shit than most place I've sailed.
  4. poncho

    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    whats wrong with point conception? Just cause the breeze comes on sometimes?
  5. poncho

    Large Roach Headsails

    con. You would need a piece of sheet metal to stand with the positive leach shown in their drawings. The picture of the boat shown, shows a slightly hollow leach, (although very little). if built in something like CZ or firmer stuff, it would need battens, or an amsteel leach cord to get to their drawings. and battens are not an option. That being said, if you are a frac, and sprit boat, a masthead genoa is a powerful weapon for these conditions.
  6. turning a swan 65 upside down (170 degrees) 1385 miles southwest of perth. You do the math! 17 broken masts. Dont sail with me!! Helping design my boat with Tom Wylie, then cruising deep south Mexico for a year. Those are near the top!
  7. poncho

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    I always put them in the hot tub next to the houseboat in Seattle for as long as it took for it to unroll nicely. Or move to San Diego!!!
  8. poncho

    "Dis is Sayula"

    We lived at 2019-B from 77 to 95. My sail loft was in Mariners sq, a short summer Laser sail to work. On the rare 90 degree days, we hung a sign on the door saying "gone swimming" over the lunch time. Customers knew this and never came around on hot hot days.
  9. poncho

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Well, I did spend some time at CYC. Was married there! Lived on my houseboat on Fairview for 20 years. Loved it in Seattle.
  10. poncho

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Wow, I'm surprised this is still going! I've been showing to friends lately
  11. my insurance company tells me if I charter my boat for transpac, it will cost about 4 times as much. If I am listed as co skipper, its just a small rider for beyond coastal sailing.
  12. poncho

    Sail or Bail?

    Or why not just pick up one that has actually won something? For a quarter the price? Its not as perfect, but our boat has actually won something, and has GOOD sails on it.
  13. poncho

    Evening Glass

    Yes. Named Valentine and all red
  14. poncho

    He Died In The Saddle.

    Note that one of the few things still intact is the plastic flag chart
  15. poncho

    Urgent help about new membrane jib

    The above is good advice. try the tack down (won't be enough) Forward groove will not make enough difference. If I had this issue, I would be happy if the sailmaker would trim the 2-3 cm at that spot. Looks fine up top. I stand under sail and look closely, then lower sail, stick on a piece of blue tape, re hoist and adjust accordingly till I get the leach mark right on. Of course one could go up and do the same, but sometimes you're short on help. Disregard the whiners who tell you to return sail, and count yourself lucky that you will have a full size sail.. Still looks a might full full for a code 2, but the forestay looks a might soft...