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  1. hotdogst

    Craigslist Finds

    Yea, the GP rig was 1 spreader and that looks just like it in the pictures. This boat also has the GP bowsprit. The bowsprit for the standard rig was only 4' and came back a little past the bow tank.
  2. hotdogst

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    As noted by other posters, there are lots of obstacles in the way of moving past 420s or FJs, as well as lots of reasons those are the accepted boats in scholastic sailing. The move to more "exciting" boats for HS and college sailing is a debate that will extend far past the scope of this thread... As far as finding a faster/more twitchy/more "exciting" boat for your HS program, I'd say the Lark (a great, fun boat) is about as high performance as you'll see in any ISSA regattas. That being said, a fair argument could be made that most non-trap, non-spin boats could be reasonable practice for the 420, possibly FJ, events your kids will travel to. Practicing on Larks, or Laser 2s, or Tasars, or V15s would provide a little more "excitement" than a 420 or FJ, but wouldn't be doing them a huge disservice by being very far outside the realm of normal interscholastic sailing. Tufts practices on Larks and does great on a national level. High school sailing is both exciting and fun, but not because it's done in 18' skiffs. Since the boats are relatively slow, and all evenly matched, the fleet racing is close and tactical. Team racing is like a whole other game within sailing, in which boatspeed is only 1 factor in a long list of many including tactics, rules knowledge, team dynamics, play calling, boathandling...Find a used fleet of 420s (or FJs if you're in light breeze/protected waters), and work on getting the sailors' boathandling, boatspeed, and tactics up to par. Then go out and find a couple 29ers, OD14s, Hobies, or whatever to satisfy the need for speed that some sailors will hopefully have.