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  1. readyjimm

    Santana 20/tuna 20

    I know someone looking for a new deck. Is this a new deck?
  2. readyjimm

    Just faired my keel

    I’m working on fairing my keel on my Santana 20. But some areas were taken down to bare fiberglass. So so my questions are: do I need to repaint the keel? Can I race with bare glass? (It is going to be dry sailed next year.) Should I paint it with a VC racing bottom?
  3. readyjimm

    Santana 20/tuna 20

    Come on man, I’m looking for that new deck.
  4. readyjimm

    Santana 20/tuna 20

    There were only about 1,000 santanas made. Nor did the have asym.
  5. readyjimm

    Santana 20/tuna 20

    I’ll send you a message.
  6. readyjimm

    Santana 20/tuna 20

    So, we’re looking for all of the abandoned Santana 20’s to grow the Colorado fleet. Let me know if you see one. Also, I personally am looking for a new deck or a new deck Santana ready to go.