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  1. Hola!I´m looking for 5mm Dyneema ropes for my Dhingy, for the Jib and the Halyard. Cand you make me a few recomendations of good ropes? and if possible, a few online stores? I know D-Control from this site: Thanks!
  2. Flynt

    TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    I got the Topper Sport16 pdf . if anybody wants it please send me a PM
  3. Flynt

    TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    Thanks Oz and Speng!! I contact them but this they dont have much info about boat . Topper Omega seems to be the modern sequel of Sport16. Apparently it doesnt need a forestay but I think I´m going to install one anyway. Makes me feel safer than without it
  4. Flynt

    TOPPER SPORT 16 ??

    Hi Anarchists! I just bought an Dinghy that is totally discontinued: a Topper Sport16. I´m trying to contact to any owner or people who had this Dinghy because mine has no forestay. It just have the jib. But looking for some pictures like this, you can see that some of them, somehow have a forestay attached to the bow. Mine has not this Stay and I´d love to have it.(add 2 pictures of my Boat) Anyway I ´d like to know more about this Dinghy or contact to people that had it.