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  1. Geese

    Topic disappeared

    Maybe not in this thread specifically, but he was suffering some unwarranted and quite nasty abuse about falling off the dock while solo launching, something that could happen to anyone. I love singlehanding and there are a lot of folks, including all of my workmates and managers who disapprove. He probably should not have deleted useful info but I can understand if a certain Aussie trimaran shitposter is bothering you wishing to take some action. As a multihull novice, I also appreciate his offering to take people sailing, which he has done so gonna cut him some slack.
  2. Geese

    Dazcat 9.2 listed the new 35k price on Mutlihull buy swap and sell Facebook group
  3. Geese

    Dazcat 9.2

    That's what is published online and in the 2020 Waterway Guide. The bridge came in on time and within budget, nice to see on a road project. The (very strong by Virginia standards) current against the wind and pilot boat wake can get you bouncing, but you should be fine now at 41'? in an F-27. I think there's a F 28 R rig on Terrapin, will have to wait for confirmation.
  4. Geese

    Dazcat 9.2

    I've been watching @paxfish videos of Terrapin while "working". Incredible light air performance. Back when she was advertised we had a 35' bridge , now rebuilt to 45' vertical bridge on the Lynnhaven. What is her clearance, Clarence?
  5. Geese

    Pro Surfers on a Gunboat

    After family, Surfing is my fist love, and sailing is my second. It's so cool to see people who have everything actually enjoying it. How many "successful" people don't know how to have fun? And how many fun-lovers self destruct too young. I have known too many people who live in the islands and rarely play in the water. This is great.
  6. Not that she is ratty, but I’ve developed a crush on this boat, that has been rebuilt many times. I think there is one on Saint Croix that has an ok hull but needs a deck. You skippered her at one point, yeah? I wish my brother would rebuild her. He is out of work because of covid. Idleness down there can make one rum dumb pretty quick.
  7. Geese

    Used cat market

    Tom you’ve been on the hunt for a trailerable tri for awhile have you looked at the foldable marples in Florida on sailboatlistings? Price seeemsd right before.
  8. Geese

    Cheap Multi 23

    I think he means at what point were the returns diminishing? You were prepping for a winner take all/ possible survival conditions so it perhaps all made sense for you... but what might a decent sailor looking to get decent performance in 0-25 knots do to improve this boat/ plan on having to fix if failing to proactively modify?
  9. Geese

    Older fast Aus multies

    There was a Corsair 36’ catamaran named Parallax for sale in Hampton Virginia around 2015. I peeked at it from another boat but yes the bridge deck clearance seemed low to me even back then as I was just getting interested in multi hulls. Pil I wish I was around for one of those surf trips! Rented an Athena 38 and did that in Nicaragua last summer.
  10. Geese

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Please report on the sleeping situation on Windswept, have a friend starting to search for his RTW Cat. Can't tell from the pictures if there is a proper berth for a couple to live on or if it's gonna be one of those "you can snuggle with your guitar" boats. I think that was a factor in Tri Spirit's decision to sell, and when I lived aboard I bought a boat with a nice aft cabin that didn't really sail too great, no regrets. Being able to get out of bed to check how the ground tackle is holding and how other boats are swinging on anchor, pee, etc. without disturbing your partner is a big part of quality of life aboard. Also, if Rosinante is your dream boat, you could put the wrecked Spindrift rig and sails on her to get her to where you could install your 20k rig. That would be an adventure and a story I'd enjoy following.
  11. Geese

    Family Freindly Beach Cat

    This is turning into a “can I sail to the Bahamas?” thread. Let’s assume you Always make your kids wear life jackets and you can open you eyes underwater in murky crap and hold your breath for 25 seconds in said water. Buy the biggest cheapest damn cat you can drive to with a decent trailer and then put wings on it.
  12. What does the bottom look like on her?... centerboard, dagger, 2x12” keel as Russell mentioned re the Saint Croix boat? Tryst has competed well in light airs if I recall, and you say she’s good in heavy winds too. Curious how such an older design works so very well.
  13. Geese

    bluewater multihulls

    I think this was posted to support your claim that the water is coming harder from inside the ama outward when pressed. I’d like to see some supporting evidence that darkness is better for mold prevention. I don’t think molds are photosynthetic.
  14. If I’m connecting the that place, at that price, I think you have the right idea with 2-3 hr hour fast sails in flat water and then back to the bar. If you were reliable, a big IF in the islands, Sundays should pay for the boat. Not a lot of growth potential but it should be really fun. Do it and I’ll buy a ride. I’ll send you a pm to see if I have it right.
  15. When Afterburner went for sale in the 30k$ range I did some serious soul searching, I can’t handle that boat... will I have the skills/means before I’m physically not able?... gotta raise my little baby daughter and then seek to answer a question like that.