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  1. Geese

    new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    The rep at Annapolis, who was super friendly said they had at least one sold and on its way to Europe on its trailer. Also to the folks who don’t like the look the hatch covers etc, I have to say it shows way better than its looks in photos. I went from not thinking much of it on the screen to sitting on the deck and scheming how to quit my job and start a day charter with one somewhere. That they were offering financing was pretty cool too. My brother works the bar at Rainbow in STX, it would be great to go off the beach there and tear out to Sandy Point with a margarita in my drink sling. Ok back to the cold murky Virginia reality.
  2. Geese

    new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    I went aboard in Annapolis and it showed really well. I missed out on the demo sail and was hoping to try one next year. The 1 year old, 20 million dollar brewery/ beer garden in my town just closed yesterday too.
  3. Geese

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    I live in VB, totally down for this race... who has a boat? Details on the OD charter?
  4. Geese

    Connecticut-Puerto Rico

    Cruising along from Connecticut to Norfolk is a fun easy way to get used to the rhythms of cruising this boat and have a nice shakedown with some options to stop in Cape May and Chincoteague to break up the trip and get some real sleep on the hook. You can strike out from there or keep heading south on the Icw and jump out to cross the stream whenever appropriate, Beaufort, Wrightsville. I second sugarbirds approach to set out on the rhumb line for PR and be prepared to divert to Bermuda, which is a welcoming place. Just be sure to have good paper charts and a backup handheld GPS in case lightning or something else kills the chart plotter and make your approach to Saint George's Harbor in the day with assistance from Maritime Operations center on vhf 16. Also read The farther south you heading on the ICW the harder it will be to sail south once you launch. Once offshore, don't be discouraged to go east and east and east before you get to go south.
  5. I've done the loop from the US to Bermuda to VI a couple times and back in a 5 foot draft sloop and up to Maine in a 12 foot draft. The friend/owner of the boat needing 12 feet is interested in sailing the Caribbean next winter. I've never been "Down island" from BVI. Can anyone suggest good places to visit with deep draft marinas and anchorages. Perhaps a place that you might safely leave the boat (i.e. a travel lift that can haul a 12 foot draft 55' sloop) or a comfortable mooring spot for say 6 weeks at a time? I've got another friend interested in chartering out his 90 foot motorsailer (formerly a Galapagos tour boat) that needs 9 feet. Think of a Willy T that sails ok, has a few air con staterooms and motors at 9 kts. Any ideas of a good base for that? These are big deep boats, but they don't really belong with the megayachts or in the commercial ports. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the offer,

    where and how wide is your slip?

    My 41 Maine cat is heading your way and i would love to get the Antrim back to the west coast.

     i have advertised everywhere to find assistance, The drive alone takes two trips, i need a driver and a place to assemble, all before winter.



    Ps, still thinking about the little tri


    1. Geese


      108 Betts View Lane Burgess VA 22432

      Stephen, the image shows the dock available. That's a J 24 on the left side to give you an idea of scale and ~6 feet of water on the end. You could tie up side-to or Mediterranean style to the end. The only problem is a ~55? foot bridge between here and the bay.  I think a Maine Cat is 57'? There is safe anchoring outside the bridge and the best DIY marina on the east coast a few miles away in Reedville, called Jennings Boat Yard where masts can go up and down. When might the Maine Cat be up east? Is it the one from ebay? Does it even have a rig?  I'm having my first baby in a few weeks but I could volunteer some work at the place in Burgess (its my parents place, old sailors in their sixties, I actually live in VA Beach but go up there to sail/work on my boats on weekends ). They are more interested in having us around than actually sailing these days, only reason they haven't already downsized to a condo somewhere. Where is the Antrim? I could help do some driving/assembling/sailing after we get in the groove of having a baby wherever she is. You're a mad man for looking at yet another boat down under, but I guess them I'm an enabler for egging you on. 



      108 betts view.jpg

  7. Geese

    Tri for sale in NZ

    multihuler- I went to grad school in New Zealand and worked for a few years after, I still have a trademe account and Westpac bank account with like 0.16 NZD. If you are serous about making an offer and want me to contact the seller, pm me. Likewise if you ever want to stage/prep one of your fine boats from a free boat slip in Virginia.