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    Family Freindly Beach Cat

    This is turning into a “can I sail to the Bahamas?” thread. Let’s assume you Always make your kids wear life jackets and you can open you eyes underwater in murky crap and hold your breath for 25 seconds in said water. Buy the biggest cheapest damn cat you can drive to with a decent trailer and then put wings on it.
  2. What does the bottom look like on her?... centerboard, dagger, 2x12” keel as Russell mentioned re the Saint Croix boat? Tryst has competed well in light airs if I recall, and you say she’s good in heavy winds too. Curious how such an older design works so very well.
  3. Geese

    bluewater multihulls

    I think this was posted to support your claim that the water is coming harder from inside the ama outward when pressed. I’d like to see some supporting evidence that darkness is better for mold prevention. I don’t think molds are photosynthetic.
  4. If I’m connecting the that place, at that price, I think you have the right idea with 2-3 hr hour fast sails in flat water and then back to the bar. If you were reliable, a big IF in the islands, Sundays should pay for the boat. Not a lot of growth potential but it should be really fun. Do it and I’ll buy a ride. I’ll send you a pm to see if I have it right.
  5. When Afterburner went for sale in the 30k$ range I did some serious soul searching, I can’t handle that boat... will I have the skills/means before I’m physically not able?... gotta raise my little baby daughter and then seek to answer a question like that.
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    Bottman the only thing we are addicted to is this stupid forum. Merry Christmas, hugs and kisses and cheers to some good sailing mate!
  7. I had seen threads on Indigo before, but I never connected it to the write up on the Stiletto website... damn what a boat! That Tennant Pil beached looked cool in Yachtworld... how did she look up close?
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    I don’t think it would be fun for you to do cocaine right now, too wound up already. I do suggest some magic mushrooms and a pretty sunset hanging out with a dog or a cow. They will understand you I promise. Then maybe the orgy.
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    How about you just take her sailing and take a few pics. Despite the old saying, at this point I’d much prefer a picture over 1000 words.
  10. Geese

    Scary Neel 45 Build Issues

    Wess, Were you aboard the 47’ which the thread has maybe become about? I’ve only been on the 45 at Annapolis... the 47’ somehow looks better in the drone footage, but you know what they can do with cameras, also I’ve had a couple beers.
  11. Geese

    Older fast Aus multies

    Bottman I think your original offer was a kind one, similar to what Multihuller offers with his wonderful Golden Oldies R2AK offers. I also think you are seeing malice where none was intended. It’s already been pointed out to you that charter/renting involves a special type of inspection and insurance. This is a separate and more bureaucratic inspection than your marine survey. In the US it’s called a COI and the boat almost needs to be purpose built to pass. Crashboxes/stability test/fire suppression,really tall lifelines. I’m involved in getting an old monohull through it and it’s quite a task, then you also have to find a company willing to insure it. Now to be fair a COI is for taking groups larger than 6 for pay so it’s not apples to apples but you get the point.I’m not up on the process in Australia but I imagine there are several charter boat captains who could get you up to speed within earshot of your mooring. Spirit is only used part of the year and I imagine they have looked into what it would take to try and get some revenue out of her when they are doing other work. Lighten up a bit mate. And again thanks for the kind offer, I’d love to rent Bullfrog someday, and if shit happens as it can/does on a boat even with a skilled crew I’d hope you’d be covered.
  12. Geese

    Aluminium Cats, any opinions? Anyone have experience with one of these? It’s fine if you tell me it’s garbage, I’m here to learn.
  13. Geese

    Aluminium Cats, any opinions?

    That boat looks dope. I used to hate on aluminum after my experience growing up with Jon boats and their rivet problems. I went to grad school in New Zealand where we used welded stabi-craft skiffs, which are far superior to anything Boston Whaler or Carolina Skiff has produced. I’m not experienced enough to evaluate sail area/displacement on multis but I’m watching this space with interest. If there are already kick ass 20’ skiffs Im not sure why we don’t have an aluminum Diam 24 like boat meant to last 50 years.
  14. Geese

    Coppercoat Redux

    Anyone tried coppercoat in the lower Chesapeake? The oyster strike here is atrocious, which for my day job as an oyster scientist is awesome, but for my beer/daycare money job is the pits. I dive on roughly a dozen boats monthly and recommend/use multiple coats of cheap ablative in the middle bay but only Trinidad south of Wolf Trap. I have to scrub so hard there won’t be nuthin’ left when you haul out anyhow.
  15. Geese

    Trimaran "wings"

    I used to surf with Terry and for the longest time I wondered if you Rasp were him. He never told me that story though, it’s incredible.
  16. I’m pretty interested in this trip/thread,. Driving from Virginia to Cabo San Lucas as a 20 year old wanna be surfer and ok sailor in college was defining. Twenty years later I’m a fair sailor/surfer who would like to return via sail. My thoughts after lots of cruising guide review, talking to old salts and thread lurking is to either get a Corsair F27 I can trailer back to SoCal or to get a cheap monohull and leave it south. I feel great about all the surfboards in the last 25% of their life I’ve given to young Central Americans instead of paying the airline fees to bring the board home. Someone tried to give me a Morgan 35 the other day with a working diesel. I think getting something like that and then giving it away in El Salvador might be the call.
  17. Geese

    Over the horizon What do folks think about putting together this kit boat? This company built Nice Pair, which has been well regarded by some on this forum. Several folks posting certainly have the skills and connections. I think they'd end up with a light, if simple, new boat for under the OP budget even if much of the work was subbed out. Maybe that last part is where I'm dreaming. 48 feet, set up the bridgedeck how you like, kids in one hull and parents in the other. I guess another problem is when a boat is set up how one likes, it runs the risk of getting weird and harder to sell. I like Pooka, the Newick open bridgedeck cat, but I understand why she was on the market so long. I think Soma is relatively young, so maybe he just gets weird and sails her for decades with no worries of resale.
  18. Geese

    Over the horizon

    So sorry man, I’ve been enjoying your enthusiasm for getting her so ready. Hope it goes well, the insurance company was good to us when a big monohull I sail on was struck. They replaced all the very dated electronics at new market prices. We think the exit was through the shaft, having lost the max prop in 40’ of water and Chesapeake muck when we put it in reverse to take her over to the travel lift. Good luck and keep us posted.
  19. Geese

    Over the horizon

    Thanks everyone, this is great. I really like the breakdown of gear versus hull depreciation. Personally, I love trimaran Spirit, she’s simple, powerful and turn key. It will be interesting to see what she sells for. That’s not the right boat for my friend though and he has the money, not me. I’m going down the hill now to clean up the free Catalina 25 I tried to turn down three times. It will be on eBay by the end of the weekend. Meeting my friend this afternoon to talk catamarans so thanks again.
  20. Geese

    Over the horizon

    Yes this is what I'm looking for, can someone else, e.g. Zonker, Soma, Veeger who has owned or managed a 40-50 foot cat chime in on these percentages.
  21. Geese

    Over the horizon

    Thanks, I’m not asking about what boats are best for a particular purpose you guys have done a great job at hashing that out. Im asking more for a formula or model for thinking about how to spend so much money on a toy. For example I think most owner operators spend about 10 days of effort in maintenance and logistics for every day they actually sail. You can turn that ratio on it’s head by going cruising or committing to a race series. Is there a good mental model/ general rule of thumb for how to purchase one of these machines or do we just allow our lust to rule?
  22. Geese

    Over the horizon

    I think he’s taking the piss, as you good folk say.
  23. Geese

    Over the horizon

    Someone please talk depreciation curves and refit costs in this price range . I totally get that there is nothing more expensive than a cheap boat, but there has got to be a sweet spot. For example, a hybrid car off the lot will often cost more per mile than the fuel it will save. I like to buy cars that will go 20,000 miles for every thousand I pay for them, impossible new, easy in the last 1/3 of their life. (My wife prefers newish cars and gets about 10,000 miles per thousand spent). I ask because an old friend with new money wants a 40+ foot cat. I’ll try to talk him out of it, but if he has the bug I’ll try to steer him in a good direction. He’s going with me to Annapolis boat show this year where he will see the new condomarans in this range, and a charter with 8 weeks personal use would likely suit home well. But where should I take him in a performance range in good conscience? TS42? Older Chris White? Or is the new Lagoon 380 the only sensible choice? Hard to get loans on multis over 20 years old right? I’ll probably be his delivery captain for a couple years, please don’t say Lagoon.