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  1. Sheetinmaxout

    Corsair 970

    I have always believed that a production boat/trailer package give the purchaser the best chance of satisfaction if there are problems after handover. Not really interested in having to sort out home builder problems or deal with neglect or lack of maintenance. i guess Corsair and Farrier are my options. Was hoping for some feedback from someone who owns one of the recent designs. Brochures arent always realistic.
  2. Sheetinmaxout

    Corsair 970

    Thanks for the advice so far. I think i would prefer to buy a production boat on a trailer (maybe new). Don’t want to race, don’t want a gin palace, just something big enough to spend a week at a time on and small enough to tow to the starting point, for coastal cruising adventures.
  3. Sheetinmaxout

    Corsair 970

    Ok, not much action on this one. Any other suggestions for a decent sized trailerable cruising multi?
  4. Sheetinmaxout

    Corsair 970

    Thinking about a large trailerable tri. Any recent intel? Are these worth a look? Any other suggestions for an aging, Aussie, retired multihull cruiser?