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  1. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Greetings from Iowa, Louisiana. Lounge Act made it thru New Mexico and Texas today. No stops for BBQ yet. Maybe tomorrow. Time for some ZZZS. L
  2. Santa Barbara Sailing

    I misplaced quite a bit of red wine and rum last weekend. Both were last seen with some people I know from the harbor!
  3. Santa Barbara Sailing

    We have always considered C G as part of the Lounge Act crew, and he was with us on our adventures Sunday. It was his superb motorboat skills that allowed us to pluck those guys out of the water.
  4. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Lounge Act and a couple of Lizards will be there. Pray for sun.
  5. Santa Barbara Sailing

    The boat is back. Now I have to go sit in the sun and warm up.
  6. Santa Barbara Sailing

    So Max, what color was the kite you flew on Sunday. I didn't see it up. Did I miss it? BTW, we didn't get to eat our shrimp. We still had a few pounds to shed for class weight.
  7. Santa Barbara Sailing

    How about A 77. Ought to be able to get it cheap and whip Taxi with it.
  8. Santa Barbara Sailing

    $1000.00 equals a week of great racing with 3 buds. Lounge Act will be at the Worlds.
  9. Santa Barbara Sailing

    I think that when the boat heels, a tight line will make it hard for the crew to hang on. Tighten it up when a boats crew weight is more than the class maximum. I also think that it's best to practice using the class rules. Let's make those hiking straps more comfortable!
  10. Santa Barbara Sailing

    So it seems that the YC board whishes to boot the Taxi cargo trailer from the boat yard. Any thoughts on cargo trailers in the boat yard? I'd like to see the used car lot be removed first.
  11. Santa Barbara Sailing

    That slip that you tied up at in SB is worth more than your boat was. If you really want to see rude people in SB, try our freeways.
  12. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Congrats melonheads. Wasn't 303 named Rabbit Muncher or Cruncher or Killer Rabbit Or Wiley Coyote or something like that?
  13. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Let's see, New dress, $200.00. Ticket to the Commodores ball, $130.00. Cab ride home, $40.00. Seeing the Lonely Boys after a rainy day of drinking at the club, priceless.