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  1. Rafael

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Beautifull agree and certainly revolutionary... this authentic piece of art can't be losed in the Atlantic One year time is now little time to rebuild it and perform for the VG2020 Back In the race with the downwind Trades, Rouyant in Advens almost hitting the 500miles/24hr 450miles for Enright Bidegorry in 11th Hour Racing (old HB) at the front pack Chase hammerdown the SteelBull till the doldrums Very exciting race so far
  2. Rafael

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    03 Nov 2019 By sarah British sailor Alex Thomson and co-skipper Neal McDonald forced to retire from Transat Jacques Vabre after hitting object in the water Skippers are continuing to work to stabilise the boat in order to sail safely, without assistance to the nearest port Briton’s Alex Thomson and his co-skipper Neal McDonald have been forced to retire from the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, the team’s debut race onboard the new HUGO BOSS boat. At 09:37 GMT this morning, while sailing at approximately 25 knots, Thomson and McDonald, onboard the HUGO BOSS IMOCA 60 boat, hit a submerged unidentified object in the water. Both skippers escaped without major injuries however the boat sustained damage to its keel, marking the end of the race for the British sailing team. A statement issued by Alex Thomson Racing at 11:50am today GMT read: This morning (Sunday 3rd November 2019) at around 9:37am UK time, while Alex Thomson and Neal McDonald were sailing at around 25 knots onboard HUGO BOSS, they hit something in the water. At this stage, it is not clear what they hit. Following the incident, Alex and Neal stopped the boat and carried out an inspection to assess the damage sustained. It became apparent that the keel is now only attached by the hydraulic ram. Due to the damage sustained to the boat, the decision has been made that Alex and Neal will not continue on in the race. The Alex Thomson Racing team is now working to assist the skippers to bring the boat to the nearest port. Both Alex and Neal are currently safe inside the boat and did not sustain any major injuries. Speaking from onboard the boat after the incident, Thomson said: “This morning, Neal and I were both awake, going about 25 knots, when we hit something in the water. I was stood inside the cockpit just behind the pedestal. Neal was just behind the cockpit door. “We’re not sure what we hit but it was something big under the water, which must have been submerged to have hit our keel and physically stop the boat at 25 knots. The keel sustained a lot of damage and it was left attached only by the hydraulic ram. “Neal and I are both physically OK. No major injuries, just some bruises. We were very lucky. “If you were to get into your car, close your eyes, and drive at 40 miles an hour into a brick wall…that’s what it felt like!” Since the incident occurred, the skippers – with guidance from their technical team shore-side – have been working around the clock to stabilise the keel in order to allow them to sail safely, without assistance, to the nearest port. Ross Daniel, Technical Director, said: “After many hours of trying to stabilise the keel, Alex and Neal are understandably very tired and so we have made the decision that they should take some rest. Together, we will re-assess the situation in the morning. Both skippers are safe on board, the boat is stable, and they are in no immediate danger. “Once the keel is stabilised, our best option looks to be to sail slowly and safely to the Canary Islands however we will make that decision tomorrow. Right now, Alex and Neal are in no immediate danger, and we are under no time constraints because the boat is currently in light winds and a slight sea state, and this is likely to continue due to the high pressure over the Azores. The boat is currently sailing in a north westerly direction, which it will continue to do throughout the night”. The incident occurred on what was day seven of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, the world’s longest and toughest double-handed transatlantic race which takes skippers, in their pairs, on a 4,350 mile journey from Le Havre, France to Salvador, Brazil. When the HUGO BOSS boat hit the unknown object, Thomson and McDonald were over a third of the way into the race, and were situated around 380 miles north west of the Canary Islands.
  3. Rafael

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    The steelBull Charal right now outperforms the IMOCA fleet at midTeens and twenties reaching angles, they've got one hole year+ in the water testing (think I can remember some abandons the first races...). Plus is going to evolve with new v2 foils and maybe cockpit... Alpivia is the allround rookie by now... A shame HB is not in the trade highWay Mix peloton, would have been really interesting to see the high speeds differences as it was in the English channel. Instead of choosing a westy melonRoute maybe better staying in touch in the classic coffeeRoute. Let's see how Alex and Neil perform in the last part of the sprint to Salvador... Fantastic Race so far
  4. Rafael

    New imoca boats

    THE STEEL BULL vs THE FLYING BAT (lets not discount new Macif's Alpivia) Charal's Steel Bull has outperformed the IMOCA fleet in Fastnet, after one year of no results and fine tunning, this thing is amazing!! (alltough looks quite unstable, very wet and also demanding...) Let's wait and see the new weapon of Alex in its full glory (interiors and new pink BAT foils!)... Expext one year or so of fine tuning too! To finish in 1st Place, first you have finish... 8^)
  5. Rafael

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    LookOut my friends of Charal's Bulls and new foiling geeks, look and note my brand new revolutionary weapon... I will finally win the VG... after all these years of hard crazy work and suffering... but with tha BossStyle
  6. Rafael

    Transpac 2019

    Anything... to flavour out the bad mouthTaste of MaxiShit, hopefully this year's TransPac will be enjoyable and interesting
  7. Rafael

    Cape Horn Race 22

    What a great race and event!... would be anyone's dream to participate. Good luck to everyone and good winds
  8. Rafael

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    Putain, through my sextant I was a fucking visionary, what a ton pile of modern GuanakoShit, I'll go and stay again in Tahiti
  9. Rafael

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    Waiting in the hotel for the n`1 Witty Witty Boing Boing... Bang Bang
  10. Rafael

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    I'm Routing for the Wizards 8^) The logical is that the probability of finishing 1st w/ a 30ft vessel longer and newer than you in your stern is less than the inverse order (most probable) Said that, is true that the initial local upwind forecasted conditions will pay off the last wizards dice against Mr.Witt and Scally camarades... Fucking Stealth Mode (making even poorer the resolution of the event/race, or who knows maybe adding some stealth marketing interest/drama) Don't know the real difference in those light conditions and angles/sheets of the two boats (polars) though
  11. Rafael

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    Wizards have made a nice crossing even if they finish 2nd (most probably)... Witt ScallyWag is not enjoying at all for sure, even if they finish 1st. Other result would be a dumping gigaFuck for them... with a fleet of 13 boats and in the stern of a VO70 (blissed and touched by the seaGods, exGroupama) Meanwhile Teasing Mach. looks stronger and quicker in the breeze than JP's snob champaign raceCruiser (maybe too heavy the luxury extras)
  12. Rafael

    Ocean Globe Race 2023

    Holly Smokes, that's an Excellent idea!! Don's king rules