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    Trump blames Puerto Rico for hurricains

    I've been to Puerto Rico - have you ? They have had government corruption issues long before Trump got into the white house.
  2. -Dino

    Trump blames Puerto Rico for hurricains

    If you honestly think the USA is the most corrupt place on this earth there is absolutely no help for you - we're do some of you guy's/gal's come up with this stupid shit ?
  3. Probably the only way a Democrat will win the next election
  4. -Dino

    Is Uncle Joe Slipping?

    Uncle Joe has long expired - newer thinking is needed
  5. -Dino

    What’s it’s rate?

    That's a beauty !
  6. Rand Paul and Mike Lee are just looking for some pathetic attention as both have because irrelevant politician's.
  7. -Dino

    what is it?

    Slow !
  8. -Dino

    Tampa Bay Area club racing

    Not sure if your south or north of Tampa - Sarasota Sailing Squadron is very active. This time of the year is going to have less activity due to the weather/heat but you can go on their website and look at the calendar to see what's currently going on. St. Peter Sailing Center is just SW of Tampa - I don't know much about the place but you can give them a shout to see if they have racing nights.
  9. -Dino

    US is no longer a reliable ally

    Well most American's don't really give a fuck about Australian Liberal's - just saying
  10. -Dino

    The US Flag is "racist symbolism" now?

    Old News - Stop talking smack about us old guys - last time I checked your an old guy too
  11. -Dino

    Pence returns to WH for “Emergency”

    You got issues - just saying
  12. -Dino

    Why are liberals so unhappy

    Great vehicle - best small truck out there !
  13. -Dino

    Ladies FIFA

    That's just wrong
  14. -Dino

    Caption Contest

    It's really cold - seriously !
  15. -Dino

    NRA Imploding

    Nice Pardini - one of the best triggers out there
  16. -Dino

    NRA Imploding

    The NRA is America's longest-standing civil rights organization - I don't think their going out of business anytime soon
  17. -Dino

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Wow - that's some great speed !
  18. -Dino

    "National Cleavage Day"

    She is beyond fine !
  19. -Dino

    REO 770 starts production

    Looks like an awesome boat - lot of sail area for it's weight
  20. -Dino

    J 108 - did they actually make them

    Agreed a bit pricey but If you live in a shallow areas 3 feet is priceless
  21. -Dino

    "National Cleavage Day"

    God I love pizza !
  22. -Dino

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I was trying to be PG - but I'm picking up what your putting down :)