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  1. Don't have cable or Satellite any more. I usually watch them live using Cricfree.tv (need firewall, adblockers and virus protection) and I get the Sky feed. Its pretty good coverage and No commercials during the race. I personally don't care for Brundle but the coverage is still good. Occasionally the Sky feed gets a bit laggy so I switch to the NBC feed and the commercials drive me nuts. It seems they always cut away when something significant is about to happen. Agin Hobbs an Matchet aren't too bad. For replays I use Channel 4 in the UK (with a VPN). Coulthard and Mark Webber usually have some pretty good insights. They have commercials too, but they time them properly. If (when) F1 gets their act together and gives us a legal interweb subscription option I for one will be all over it.
  2. Nicely done Bob! looking forward to tomorrow
  3. So did it Float? ;-) Enquiring Minds want to Know Oh and Pics or it didn't happen
  4. With Bernie gone and Ross Brawn who is a pretty good technical and political operator near the head of the org there may be light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Kind of makes sense if Honda get their shit together then the senior team will want a piece of the action. if not then off to stuttgart we go
  6. Andrew Benson is usually pretty close http://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/41265779
  7. Maybe sooner than that since they may be out of engines at the end of next year! Looks like renault pulling their plug at the end of 2018.
  8. Rasp The motor is the easy part, and yes Vibration Analysis is one of several tools we use to assess the condition of the machine. The diesels / gas turbines add a significant amount of complexity and therefore potential un reliability to the system so although you can monitor it remotely for changes in condition, even with the best CM tools failures can arise be detected and cause functional failures withing the typical passage time of such vessels. End result you will need someone to fix it when it breaks. Now eliminating the Naviguessers thats another story. We were telling them that 40 years ago!! Trouble was apparently this new thing called GPS by magnavox was not to be trusted;-). In fact we put a ship on Admiral Sterlinggraff (sp) reef in the S china sea back in the day because they would rather believe a hazy noon sight over the Magnavox ! Mike I was refering to a piece from the mythical FP which said all electric container ships. Which clearly are not feasible This is why I started the thread.
  9. Also significantly more complex and therefore less reliable than a simple electric motor. The advantage of the electric drive in autonomous applications is its reliability. Without reliability hard to be autonomous.
  10. Sidemon thanks for adding some data to the discussion. It helps understanding of the issues and is a refreshing change from the random noise, personnal attacks, and "you have to believe me I am a sceintist" arguments. to summarize 1. Climate change is occurring 2. We cannot tell if Irma was caused by climate change 3. Humans are contributing to climate change 4. Computer predictive models of the earths atmospheric system do not necessarily follow direct observations 5. Humans are not responsible for all of climate change. 6. The mechanism of climate change is extreemly complex and there are many variables involved
  11. All electric autonomous container ships? really? How does that work given that a containership needs many 10's of thousands of horsepower over extended periods of time to operate? Currently we are stuggling to get a 2 tonne vehicle to travel more than 300 miles? Report seemed to reference small vessels not the big uns. Gonna need a helluva battery bank.
  12. Read somewhere that TR want to keep him for the rest of the year.
  13. Pretty Bad some info here. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-41235494 Seems like Havana got hit pretty hard to with the surge overtopping the Malecon. If Havana was hit that hard from a glancing blow I hate to think what its like further east.
  14. It finally official McLaren to switch to Renault engines next year https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/mclaren-honda-end-engine-partnership-952183/
  15. Thanks Monsoon Unfortunately the random noise generator has drowned out any cogent discussion on the topic so I will have to continue my search for understanding elsewhere. Thanks for your input