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  1. NETFLIX ??

    If you into vintage British comedy Allo Allo! is there
  2. stormy petrel

    We must also spend time understanding physics. Photo Voltaics/solar are currently a relatively low density power source so not viable on large scale I think the largest in the world in india is only 600 mw or so. and that is 10 km2 ! All told I think Solar/PV represents about 0.64% of total capacity. Ok on small scale domestic/sma;ll consumer level but not viable to run an industrial plant. It is horribly inefficient to transmit AC any more than 300-450 miles due to line losses. Our National distribution system is mostly AC. Most of the Large scale wind projects are located where the wind is, ie some distance from population centers, Wyoming, Dakotas, Oklahoma etc. Where the Wind farms are close to population Centers (eg LA basin California, Europe etc) they are viable. The rest are just there for "carbon credits" from the government for the utilities to trade and really do not contribute to the consumer as much as some claim. I'm with BlueH20 nuclear is the way to go if we are worried about the effects of CO2 (peronally I am not but thats a whole other debate). Interesting thought from SOMA up thread that boat building is a form of carbon sequestration. They are pretty inert once completed.
  3. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Ha ! same here. I ain't moving till that's melted! Lots to do inside today. Having lived in Denver and Canada its amazing how soon we adapt! (or De-adapt)
  4. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Cold front through last night 17 deg F this am in LA 7 deg with the wind. I am ready for this shit to be done. How's it on the coast Rasper?
  5. F1 2018...

    Its finally official Sirotkin at Williams with Kubica as reserve. Pretty Astute by Paddy to keep Kubica around IMO
  6. College Football 2017

    Sign up for Free Trial of Sling TV via Amazon Prime Roll Tide !!!!!
  7. Proper technique for single handed jibes?

    No need to tack unless breeze / seaway is excessive. Turn down wind, sheet in main and gybe ease main. You should now be wing on wing. Gybe Jib.
  8. Average American worker productive only 2:53 a day

    Did not watch video in OP However Typical wrench time in industry for skilled trades is about 2.5-3.5 hrs. Not the craftsmans fault... poor planning and scheduling etc. "world class" wrench time is barely above 50% so 2:53 is probably pretty close
  9. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    WD Mom nice race Nice Work Blue Mountains!!! Thought I had ya VM
  10. F1 2018...

    Well I guess its that time again. Ferrari will reveal Feb 22 https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/ferrari-sets-february-launch-date-for-2018-f1-car-989455/ Merc will likely have 1000 HP to go with their 50% Efficiency https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/mercedes-close-breaking-1000bhp-barrier-engine-989330/ can anyone touch them? Renault in the back of a McLaren and Honda in the back of a Torro Rosso, who will finish more races? Will they really only have 3 engines for next year? Will Seb exorcise his demons and eliminate the occasional red mists? Will Valterri emerge to be a true contender? Will we finally get "legal" live streaming without a cable package here in US? Lots of Questions Merry Christmas and Happy New Year VM
  11. Manly Ferry & Yacht Collide On Sydney Harbour

    Wow Yacht clearly in the wrong and I understand that the Sydney Ferries seem to have ROW everywhere, but, surely the ferry skipper had a responsibility under 2b to avoid? Video does not indicate traffic to Starboard that would preclude this.
  12. Alternator pulley replacement - sizing?

    Be carefull with these. All the separate parts in them mean they are very difficulat to balance properly and often do not run true. This leads to belt wear and forces that will reduce the life of bearings.
  13. the grand tour premieres this week

    Ebola drome still there they use it for testing cars. EP2 they have a new driver to replace mike Skinner .... the "Girl". New track is used for celebs
  14. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Wooo Hoooo! Here we go!
  15. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    That was nice while it lasted! programmed the tack wrong and lost a few I suspect. Oh well plenty more ocean to go. Travelling all week this week but hopefully no too many manouvres needed go the Stu