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  1. vibroman

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Mostly a curse. Have done several both big and small. Smallest was 60 PAX to the Yasawa group in Fiji.Several decades ago ..Awesome very laid back. Put the bow on a beach and tie to a tree every night. Worst...Alaska out of Seattle... Walmart bus. We never do excursions, preferring to have a rental car delivered to the port so we can head out to get away from the crowds and investigate the country ourselves. Did the Nile a couple of decades ago and we had our own guide for 2 weeks. It was awesome. Another thing we have done that was awesome is self drive on canals of France. Doing something a little different next month. Group of 20 or so from the club so should be good. VM
  2. vibroman

    F1 2019 and E too

    Interesting Race Multi 21 Seb is back but Karmas a bitch!
  3. vibroman

    How many hours on your diesel marine engine?

    Way Too many variables to be specific but using an auto/truck analogy 300000 miles @ 60 mph is 5000 hrs ...not an unusual longevity for a truck application. Marine diesels tend to rev slower and run under much more steady state conditions than their land based brethren which will increase longevity. Countering that are the extended periods sitting idle in a moist corrosive environment. 5-6000 hrs is prob ok. Look for smoke, noises, and signs that routine maint. has been done. Unlikely replacement needed more likely service work needed, fuel injectors, fuel pump. Alternator etc.
  5. vibroman

    Travel to Europe from US - Best GPS Ap?

    copilot Used it many times. No internet required
  6. vibroman


    you Don't you photoshop it out of there
  7. vibroman


    Someone also needs better photoshop skills
  8. vibroman


  9. vibroman

    College Football 2019

    Gamecocks playing bama hard
  10. vibroman

    F1 2019 and E too

    Who would have him? It appears that he can only be successful with the best car in the field and a docile team mate. Perhaps married life is not suiting him? Cant see him playing 2nd fiddle to CL for long but I doubt he will look at mid fielders either. The second coming of Williams in 21?
  11. vibroman

    F1 2019 and E too

    Typical Helmut Marko play. They will definitely know who’s got game by the end of the year. It will be interesting to see how kvyat responds. Perhaps he is driving for a seat somewhere else now.
  12. vibroman

    F1 2019 and E too

    no cable or sat or any on that stuff here so I ponied up for the f1 app works fine and the have replays etc. I aldo use the vpn to access The channel 4 highlight show.
  13. vibroman

    F1 2019 and E too

    Bottas might fit at Renault or possibly Willams (again). Especially if he thinks Williams might be resurgent next year. Does not look like Kubica has it any more I think Ocon is a shoe in for Merc alongside LH Not sure RBR ready to do Kvyat again but Gasly has to go. So Albon? I doubt there is a seat for Alonso too much baggage
  14. vibroman

    wiper blade anarchy

    rain x We don need no stiiiiiiinkin wiper blades
  15. in this case you wouldn’t need to do the whole shaft just the relatively small heat affected zone created by the tig weld. I have seen this successfully accomplished on SS pump shafts after repair with nothing more sophisticated than some wet rags and good ole latent heat of evaporation. The area of concern for scc is the edge of the weld. If we were putting in significant heat then yes the whole shaft would need to be done. afterwards I would compare the hardness of the repair vs the shaft.