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  1. vibroman

    College Football 2018

    Roll Tide !
  2. vibroman

    College Football 2018

    Oh my UGA up at half time. Looks like I need to head to the bar. Watching in hotel room is not working Rusty Moose Spokane Roll Tide
  3. N In the short term and in terms of ppl participating maybe. However longer term the folks who get into the habit of racing regularly may start to bring more folks along and gravitate to the fully crewed classes. Its all about building the habit of getting the boat out on the water regularly. I agree with the comments up thread that short handed for most boats should be 2 or 3 ppl. We used to race the wavo very effectively 3 up against fully crewed boats, provided we did not need the rail meat. To simplify say sub 30’ max 2 greater than 30 max 3. Most sports boats should cap at 2. Now where was that add for the JS9000? in terms of practical implementation do you ger a rating credit of so many minutes a mile for the percentage of crew below the PHRF stated crew limit?
  4. what is the corrosion rate of 15g of Aluminum in Saltwater anyway?
  5. vibroman

    College Football 2018

    Almost wanting Clem, UGA, OSU and OKLA to lose this weekend to give the committee something to think about. I kind of hope that UCF gets a shot against a top team, if only to quiet the incessant whining and bogus championship claims.
  6. vibroman

    Tea Anarchy

    Not sure the teabag being inferior myth is real any more. As a kid of course we used bulk tea and always considered strainers were for wimps BTW. Always whole milk, never cream or any of the watered down muck thats available today. How sad is this. Living at 8500ft in CO for years it was always difficult to get a decent cuppa because you could not get the water hot enough to properly infuse. Enter a pressure cooker and some superheated water.. problem solved. Actually made a pressure regulator for the cooker that maintained sea level pressure. There were a few sporty moments at first but if you got the water to the tea quick enough you ended up with a fairly decent cup. and the burns weren't too bad after a while.
  7. vibroman

    Tea Anarchy

    Tetleys Orange Pekoe. Not the stuff you can buy here but imported from Canada or UK. Packaging here looks identical but the blend is very different. Ordered some Typhoo from Amazon earlier this year was pretty good. Also PG Tips is available in some grocery stores here as well
  8. vibroman

    Funny Comments while Racing

    Ha good times! I had forgotten about that. That windward leg was like one of those golf shots you hear about that keep you coming back ! I have a vague recollection of the gals being hypothermic the next day because it was so cold and proving that you could get 30 ppl in a 29 ft motorhome (viper mobile) for boat drinks.
  9. vibroman

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Really ?? FFS has the entire planet been lobotomized to remove their common sense and context glands. Professional protesters find yet another way to be offended. BTW Technically in the image posted upthread the sign was upside down so presumably means delightful masturbation. NTTIAWWT YMMV I am getting too old for this shit
  10. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    Rob Smedley Back to the Scuderia? Interesting development not sure if car development is their issue but Rob's one of the good guys.
  11. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    Well done Merc for the Constructors championship! Next year will be interesting if Honda can provide. You can argue that Ocon should have not been there, but as LH said Max had more to lose than Ocon and should have driven accordingly. With his pace, Max had he would have got it back in a few laps anyway as Ocon's tire went off. When Max grows up a bit he will no doubt be the heir apparent to Lewis. Anyone else finding it weird looking at LH becoming one of F1's "elder statesmen".
  12. vibroman

    Five for $40- It has been a great year but...

    Same here Mark great service and quick turn around Thanks
  13. vibroman

    what is it?

    Are you sure ? it looks more like the coptic marzel vane actuator
  14. vibroman

    Front Page: "Ban Them!"

    But significantly deeper than 300 right? I understand that casing failures can lead to ground water issues but what is the risk of fractured casing? remembering that risk is defined as probability x consequence