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  1. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    Must admit I did not see this coming thought he would ride off into the sunset. Been a crazy silly season this year.
  2. vibroman

    TS Gordon, central Gulf

    Glad All OK Rasper. Good buddy saw 70 ish at his house on pensacola bay 18mph Max at the house just 35 miles N of you ! go figure? got 10 in of rain though and still its coming
  3. vibroman

    Cape Verde Hurricane in the making

    6” rain overnight and max wind gust of 20 mph here. Not sure how things were on the beach...Rasper? All ok down there?
  4. vibroman

    College Football 2018

    Perhaps if they stop asking stupid questions designed to stir up a non-existant QB controversy. I think its enteraining to watch him unload on unwary members of the media. I think more celebs and dignitaries should do it.
  5. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    Err no. The video footage showed quite clearly that LH gave the required Car width of space, (after, all the contact did not occur till after the apex of the first part of the chicane)and MV did not hence the non penalty and the penalty. I tend to agree with most of the pundits that SV was somewhat at fault in the LH incident. The notion that the stewards would favor anyone, let alone Mercedes in Monza of all places is a little bit Silly. I think once the red mists subside both MV and SV will realise their mistakes. Great race with lots of cars running close for long periods. Shows what can be done if they take all the downforce off the cars. (And have more tracks like monza)
  6. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    Wow Race of the year !!! Who'd a thunk it !!!!
  7. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    I heard the Hamilton piece and his words were they (Ferrari) must have some trick parts on the car. I believe the context of the rest of the conversation, and the way I interpreted the word "trick" was to describe fancy or cool parts, not cheating parts. Perhaps envy rather than accusatory was the mood.
  8. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    Been like that for the last 4 GP's only luck (lack thereof) preventing Ferrari victory. Merc troubled by lack of traction out of slow speed corners leading to lower top end and high Deg on rears. Next two will be tough as well. Ferrari must have some trick mapping going on and rumored to have found extra HP in the battery deploy. Monza may not be the slam dunk everyone is thinking about however as fewer slow speed corners. All to play for
  9. vibroman

    F1 2018...

    Stroll seems to make force India independent Merc B team seems a logical choice? Not sure if Frank would go for that as they have been the most vocal against the B team Concept
  10. vibroman

    holy christ!

    Think I was there that year too. Was that the year when the capri 24 and the J22 rolled in to each other in one of them things? As they death rolled towards each other Capri's masthead launched J22 Kite from the companionway and both headed down hill fast tied together at the masthead! Miraculously the mess untangled itself without assistance before getting to the dam. Capri wind meter Pegged at 50knts before blowing off just before they tagged the 22. We were in prestart in an S20 saw the pollen coming off the trees up lake (down wind) and heading towards us? so managed to get the sails mostly off before it hits. Put spreader in water anyway. Bunch of kids in lasers sunfish etc saw it coming and each turtled and kid on boat hanging on to CB before it hit. Quick thinking support boat there. All good no injuries apart from the Capri masthead unit. Lots of Stories though !!
  11. Dirt is absolutely the enemy of hydraulics but compared to your mobile equipment I doubt the vang wiper seals see that much dirt. Anyway it seems to be the piston seals that are the problem, which shouldn't see too much dirt unless it is developed internally. Moisture can degrade the system. To check for moisture ingress take a small sample of the oil (drop or two) and drop it on a hot plate at 300 degs+ (fry pan on stove will work well.) If it sizzles it has water in it. Milky look is not the best indicator as you can have significant water without the milky look. 200ppm reduces life of bearings etc by 50% milky at 1200ppm.
  12. Car suspension probably never sees the extended heat (in your locale) or the heat due to direct sunlight
  13. vibroman

    holy christ!

    Heh heh believe it or not I have had that call in similar conditions!! didn’t take it though
  14. Seals in hydrauluc systems dont like heat. Every 10 c increase in temp reduces life by 50%. (Basic law of chemistry) Typical Lip seal only has 2-3000 hrs of operatioan life to start with. Vang seal in baking sunlight all day its life probably a couple of years is all you get. Preventive maintenance or non elasotmeric seal is solution. VM
  15. vibroman

    holy christ!

    BTDT in an S20 Looks like Pinotage on Lake Dillon. not sure when but those microbursts are not a terribly unusual occurrence. Welcome to hign mtn lakes VM