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  1. Checksix127

    Help with a Vxone tour and demo near Portland or

    I think I’m pretty set on ordering new. I just wish I could place an order now. I heard that the wait list is growing. Next I need to work on building a local fleet. C-
  2. Checksix127

    Help with a Vxone tour and demo near Portland or

    Thanks all for the help. It’s looking like I have several options lined up for a spring demo ride. Frankly with what I’ve read im very close to pulling the trigger without a sail. The company and boat community has just been fantastic. My Lightning sold so I have the down payment. Thanks again everyone. I’ll keep mulling this over until I’m back in the states late February. best, C-
  3. Hello All, I am strongly considering buying a Vxone but they are not what you would call popular in the Portland Oregon region. I’d really like to look over a boat, talk with an owner and perhaps crew for a demo sail if the owner was wiling. I’ve heard there are boats up in Seattle and could easily take a weekend tour with the wife. I know the season in winding down, anyone interested in doing a short show and tell? I suspect the list is long for these suckers! Thank You!