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  1. Hugh Janus

    SailGP 2020

    clean, thanks for the heads up.... i've deleted the sailgp app, and won't be watching the show and, larry is a cunt licking trump lover....doesn't get much worse but i do enjoy watching trailer park trash come to the defense of larry and trump.....watching ignorance can be entertaining....
  2. Hugh Janus

    Trump is impeached..then what?

    so much's not good for you little man...
  3. Hugh Janus

    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    this isn't much different than rebuilding a really old house.... there comes a point where fixing it up to "new" costs a bunch more than tearing it down and starting new from scratch... this boat is close to that point...hard to tell how bad the hull really is....but the keel looks pretty bad, and that's a good starting point as to what you will find in the rest of the project.. no way i'd take on this project, and i've built several boats from scratch....this looks like a ton of bad surprises...
  4. Hugh Janus

    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    $8 grand? seriously??? If you GAVE me $8 grand i wouldn't take this shitter
  5. Hugh Janus

    Trump's Showdown With Special Warfare Command

    wow, been a while since i've landed on PA.... strikes me that groups usually in fierce opposition are generally in agreement on this topic... this is hope..
  6. Hugh Janus

    Home Depot? Just lost my Bizz

    speaking of entitled douchebags, did you buy a mirror?
  7. Hugh Janus

    Subaru Advice

    have 2 car for the money i've ever owned, and i've had a bunch of cars from a pinto, to trucks, to bimmers.... cvt tranny is fine as long as you don't overheat with lots of weight on longer hauls...the viper for just short runs would not be an issue the 6 cyl might be the engine to look at for towing longer trips
  8. Hugh Janus


    speaking of must have a mirror nearby..
  9. Hugh Janus

    DC's boat ont he front page

    when i read all of those good feelings expressed by the ed, i cried a little, then i got hard....weird, huh? I just love reading those stories about how well the ed sails in a beer can race...
  10. Hugh Janus


    yeah, sitting and typing about hypocrites is sooooo cool....
  11. Hugh Janus

    american tragic, is really the future

    reading this thread is worse than seeing the ed's boat on the FP.... couple of you morons need a serious gut check....
  12. Hugh Janus

    american tragic, is really the future

    i kinda like seeing photos on FP of the ed sailing his rebuilt chinese SB with the latest GF winning a beercan race against a cal 30....that's real sailing anarchy stuff..
  13. Hugh Janus

    Team NYYC

    wtf is scot talking abt on FP? this thing is pretty interesting, and at least its not some rehash of a 7 knot shitbox like he's slumming around on in the FP
  14. Hugh Janus

    TP 52 Deal?

    yup, can be done for this....or even less... but with that budget, and wanting to race, this isn't what i would pick to buy..
  15. Hugh Janus

    TP 52 Deal?

    to race that boat competitively will cost more per year than the buy-in. Sail budget is 50-75K to stay in the game. here's some rough budget annual expenses sails 50K bottom 5-10k rigging and electronics 5-10K dockage and storage 20K insurance 5K ?? crew, pro's, regatta transport, fees $$$$ you name it depreciation 25-50K