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  1. yikes

    TP 52 Deal?

    yup, can be done for this....or even less... but with that budget, and wanting to race, this isn't what i would pick to buy..
  2. yikes

    TP 52 Deal?

    to race that boat competitively will cost more per year than the buy-in. Sail budget is 50-75K to stay in the game. here's some rough budget annual expenses sails 50K bottom 5-10k rigging and electronics 5-10K dockage and storage 20K insurance 5K ?? crew, pro's, regatta transport, fees $$$$ you name it depreciation 25-50K
  3. yikes

    TP 52 Deal?

    is that the price of a new carbon stick for this beater?
  4. yikes

    Who fouled who?

    no harm, no foul...let them race
  5. yikes

    USS Midway hit again?

    in the age of hypersonic weapons those ships are dinosaurs...
  6. yikes

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    when he shits, it must be something to behold...
  7. yikes

    lowell north

    well done, well done!
  8. yikes

    more cowbell please

    we are setting up a gofundme campaign to get you a big selfie stick...
  9. yikes

    more cowbell please

    i am so loving all the photos of A4 and the ed... pour it on baby...
  10. $8k on your last credit card? well, what the fuck, just go for it...
  11. yikes

    Star Euros & The Grand Slam

    as a former star sailor i kept wondering if i could jump on one of those boats, all tuned ready to go....and stay with those guys for a tack or two..... no way i could...
  12. the yachtie with the moronic vessel is a douche...let the kids learn and make a few mistakes.. and you professional skippers defending this douche need to find a new line of work...life's a bit short to lower yourself for a few dollars...
  13. yikes

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    capitalism is working....the innovation on display here is hitting with a resounding "it sucks"....
  14. yeah, i hear you.... back to my point, why would you do that knowing that minor scratches are part of using the boat.....the insurance costs must be exorbitant...
  15. can you spot the us navy's oldest vessel in that photo?