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  1. yikes

    everybody doin' it?

    i dont think it works for boats built in rockport maine.
  2. yikes

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    i'm going to buy a car...want one with easily changed tires....suggestions?
  3. yikes

    The Deep State Conspiracy; How to Subvert Democracy

    when you only watch fox news, your brain slowly turns to mush, and you only become capable of mindlessly repeating what you hear .....kinda like what happened to the poor people of russia....completely unable to think for themselves....
  4. yikes

    Trump is a Genius. China blinked.

    ahh...the much vaunted tariffs of the orange clown were just put on hold.... case closed....trump blinked and folded before he even got started playing the game.. what a moron..
  5. yikes

    how fast is it?

    oh, and how cute is it that they all wear the same black outfits?
  6. yikes

    how fast is it?

    9 on the rail, 3 look like they are puking...sure does look like fun...
  7. yikes

    how fast is it?

    dude wearing white sunglasses needs a talking to....
  8. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    oh god....nobody cares dude... get a drink and chill out
  9. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    give it a rest dude....20K posts and its all a fucking waste of your time
  10. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    hindsight is perfect, however in this case there were plenty of warning signs.... people love sailing, and this site is amusing to read.....just don't get too close to the inmates in this asylum, cause they are not well....
  11. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    like i said, lay down with dogs, you gonna get fleas.... starting at the top, this place has always been crazy....expect it.
  12. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    tiresome? that's what this place exists for dude...
  13. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    is this how it gets announced that you are moving on after being the face of the site for 5+ years.. good luck....i'm sure there is an ugly story to be told what happened here...too bad really.
  14. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    lay down with dogs, you gonna get up with fleas....
  15. yikes

    Is Clean gone ?

    his photo skills aren't bad, but he obviously skipped all of his writing, english, and logic classes in whatever short time he spent in school...