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  1. Rhumb Runner

    Offshore Nav station lighting

    I’m just about to start a rewrite of my entire boat. This is the fixture I settled on for the nav station. https://store.marinebeam.com/led-chart-light-dual-color-red-white-output/ I have marinebeam replacement red/white LED lamps in all the stock fixtures and have several other fixtures of theirs as well. I have been very happy with them and when I had a shipping error their customer service was great.
  2. Rhumb Runner

    Older well known IOR Boats

    A pic from my early days... That’s me in the after guard spot. Decision - Serendipity 43 (Peterson) built at Palmer Johnson. Dave Howell was the owner. This would have been ‘84 the year of my first Chi-Mac. By the end of 85 was doing foredeck full time. Still love the older boats... Got myself an ‘83 J/29 now. Not an IOR boat but an oldie but a goodie.
  3. Rhumb Runner

    COG vs Magnetic heading

    On my J/29 I’ve been having instrument problems. Been reduced to using and IPad with a starting app similar to what you would get with the Sailmon for COG/SOG and start timing. Use my old fashion mag compasses to give me header/lifts. Haven’t raced a star in 20 years. Can’t you put on a small Ritchie compass like I used to have on my laser to track shifts and the Max or Prostart and have the best of both worlds?
  4. Rhumb Runner

    AIS gear required of racing boats 1/1/2024

    I’d tend to agree with playing it straight and having full Tx/Rx strength at all times. Done a few races with the yellow bricks aboard. Only got updates on the hour but still allowed us to play with tactics just like around the buoys. The AIS would just give us a better feel of what’s happening around us and able to make better decisions. Better info makes for tighter racing and that’s better in my book.
  5. Rhumb Runner

    Ultrasonic Wind...

    Has anyone any experience with these... https://calypsoinstruments.com/shop/product/ultrasonic-portable-7 With no moving parts they should be quiet. + Less than 5 oz without mounting. + 25m/s (48 kts) spec max. - Wireless, + or - depends on range and ease of pairing. Possible landing pad for the GU11 flying rats - Biggest question, are they accurate? I’d assume they have the same drawbacks with upwash etc. based on where they are mounted as anything else would. Thoughts???
  6. Rhumb Runner

    Soft Storage

    Joe.barry’s setup looks sweet, might use a similar setup myself. I made hanging sheet bags for the companionway using keder awning track and a couple of snaps so they could slide in and out. Works well for us. Had been thinking using the same setup to make larger bags to go along the hull for berth storage. But Joe’s setup might be a better way... Back to the drawing board.
  7. Rhumb Runner

    Signet Thru Hulls

    Might be easy just to add the 425 pack but it still relies on the other packs to hand the data to it. With the corrosion and bad data that the others are putting out. It’s a non starter for me. If I replace all the packs and add the 425 to get the nema 0183 out I still have no displays. Their displays are 20+ year old tech and only show 2 pieces of data at a time. I need more than that. The 4 regions of my old displays was just passable. Carcrash... I use iPads for Navigation. But what I need most is good accurate wind data and speed to judge if we’re on our game for racing. I could almost get away with a wireless wind setup that put out Bluetooth combined with my external 10Hz GPS puck that could be displayed on an iPad but iPads can’t be read in full sun as I have found. Indecision may or may not be my problem... That and a limited bank account...
  8. Rhumb Runner

    Signet Thru Hulls

    The problem with my System isn’t the sensors... Both displays and the “brains” are having issues. Opened up one of them, 25+ years of Salt air has resulted in corrosion in the circuit traces and on many of the components. Could Invest in new brains and displays but the Signet tech hasn’t been updated in 20 years and their new displays are old style monochrome lcd’s with only 2 lines of numerical readings. My old displays could at least show a quad data array. I’d like to move up to something like the B&G Triton 2’s with the wireless wind. It’s at the high end of what I can afford. But having to pull the boat to replace the thru hulls to get speed and depth puts it out of my price range. I could still get it and deal with only gps speed and no depth until bottom paint time or more $ fall from the sky. I’ve thought about trying to rig my own Signal K setup and a Pi to take the analog data from the wheels and the wind and create my own system but it seems like a pain to get it all dialed in and working. Then have to find sunlight readable displays, etc. I am fairly tech savvy but that would really stretch my abilities. Not to mention the time. I just want things to work. Been fighting with the current stuff for 3+ years now. Had everything up to Signet 3 times. Will work for a few weeks then more problems. I’m not married to the B&G, if I could find something to work with my existing sensors and just give me updated displays or as I was hoping that there is a drop in replacement system to use the existing thru hulls. As for the off center paddle wheel anyone know if the B&G or another system could handle more than one paddle wheel and avg the 2 like the Signet does. Thanks for the help...
  9. Rhumb Runner

    Signet Thru Hulls

    My aging Signet instruments are driving me nuts... Looking hard at replacing everything. To keep it short. Is anyone aware if there are any other mfg’s who’s speed transducers would drop right into the existing Signet thru hulls? I’d like to not have to pull the boat to replace the thru hulls. I’m in SD so, until the bottom needs paint again in a couple of years (Fingers crossed) she’s not coming out anytime soon. The Signet also had dual paddle wheels each about 1’ off of centerline. Any concerns with just picking one of them to go with the new system? Thanks everyone, Chuck Rhumb Runner J/29
  10. Rhumb Runner

    J29 Seeking Practice Sails

    Try contacting Chip Buck of Point Sails. He own a J/29 FROB “Shadow” and may have some old sails he may part with. My old sails from my MHOB won’t do you any good... — Chuck Bowers Rhumb Runner J/29 MHOB Hull #47
  11. Rhumb Runner

    Gear Question - Night sailing - illuminating telltales

    For my first overnight distance race on my J/29, the Newport to San Diego (hopefully Ensenada next year). I found a 4 pack of focusable Red LED Flashlights that ran off of a single AA Battery and used bicycle handlebar mounts to hold them to the stanchion closest to the shrouds. With the genoa was able to zoom it down to just the telltale window and with the chute zoom out to pretty much the full luff. Made keeping us on point through the night easy. Due to gybes and such we traded off between the ones we set up on each side. Surprisingly the single AA batteries in those lights held up all night long. The lights were supposedly waterproof but didn’t get to put that to the test. Spent less than $40 on everything from Amazon and don’t think I will be changing anything for next years race. Have to admit though I hadn’t thought about the UV lights. While I can see it working well on a genoa being able to light up the whole luff of the chute was I feel was one of the reasons we were the first to finish in our section despite racing against some much bigger/faster boats. Hope our experience helps...