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  1. gobigkahuna

    Craigslist Finds

    I picked up a beater Fireball for $400 years ago in Hawaii. We sailed it out in the ocean, surfing and planing in the waves. Not the safest thing I've ever done, but we had a blast.
  2. gobigkahuna

    Waterproof Deck Plates?

    Anyone have any experience with deck plates by "Rabud" in Florida? Four of the six deck plates in my boat were made by them and they seem to still be in pretty good shape. Thicker and stronger than the other two (one Beckson and one West Marine) and unaffected by UV. They are pop ins so I may replace them with "Twist-N-Lock" models just to be safe.
  3. gobigkahuna

    Sea Rescue in the Azores Goes Very Wrong!

    I've done dozens of small craft launch and recoveries from a ship underway. Both as a civilian and in the Navy. Just about everything you could possibly do wrong is exactly what you're seeing in this video. If set up and performed correctly there isn't any reason why this maneuver can't be done safely. Professional mariners have done far more in far worse conditions.
  4. gobigkahuna

    Waterproof Deck Plates?

    I gave the suspect hatches a closer look and they were not mounted on a flat surface. There's a small amount of camber to the deck, but enough so that the cover doesn't seat properly. I will have to build up the surface so that the mount will be flat. Surprising just how much rain water accumulated from such a tiny gap, but I can't see anywhere else it might be coming in from.
  5. gobigkahuna

    Waterproof Deck Plates?

    I've thought about Armstrong deck plates but not sure they will work on my boat, the deck is balsa cored and has non-skid. I would probably take a lot of work to make the surface smooth enough for the gasket to seal.
  6. gobigkahuna

    Express 34 hits submerged object, now what?

    I owned a late model Express 37. That boat was beautifully constructed, better than any boat I've owned before or since. Hull and deck were both balsa cored. Fortunate for me, the previous took good care of her and there were no delams or wetspots typically associated with older, balsa cored construction. Looking at your photos, my first reaction is that you were going a heckofalot faster than 5 knots, but anything is possible. These (Alsberg Brothers) boats are rare and, in my opinion, worth the effort to preserve.
  7. gobigkahuna

    Waterproof Deck Plates?

    My amas each have two 6 inch deck inspection plates that are dated and appear to be leaking. Some are the "screw in" type and the others "pop in". Both appear to be leaking and I'd like to replace them. I found these at a local boat supply store, price is right and they appear to be no worse than what WM sells. What's your experience?
  8. gobigkahuna

    Multihull Team with Radical boats

    @multihuler I'm 45 minutes from Beaufort, NC if you need a set of local eyes / ears to check on the Maine Cat, etc.
  9. gobigkahuna

    Crew/Skipper available in N.C.

    Experienced sailor recently relocated from the West coast to Swansboro, NC. Extensive racing and cruising history, licensed captain, and ASA certs. I'm currently boat-less and looking for a fast boat and fun crew to join.
  10. gobigkahuna

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    Seems like beach cats are accomplishing some pretty impressive feats:
  11. gobigkahuna

    Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    Unless you have a flat bottom skiff, better get used to watching the depth sounder. Best advice anyone can give!
  12. gobigkahuna

    Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    If you're going to restrict yourself to the ICW, 6-6.5 feet should be OK all the way to Georgia. There are many boats moored in Oriental that draw that much and sail in and around the Neuse River on a regular basis. But having a draft less than 5 feet definitely opens up your options if you want to travel elsewhere.
  13. gobigkahuna

    Any wisdom for sailing Pamlico Sound?

    Better or average compared to where? I lived on the West coast and spent a lot of time on and around boats there from Washington down to Mexico and all the way out to Hawaii. I've also shopped for boats in the midwest. I've yet to find an 80's vintage boat here in NC that even comes close to the condition of similar boats over there. Humidity, no doubt, has a big effect on the condition of the boat, especially if it has a balsa / wood core. Wealth could also be part of the problem, lots of people with money to burn on the West coast. But it also seems that many boat owners here just don't put any effort into maintaining their boats. They don't clean their bottoms, check their zincs, change engine oil, air and dry sails, paint rusty anchors, pump water out of the bilge, empty holding tanks, etc. etc. etc. As for distance from the water, there's a significant percentage of boats in San Diego that are owned by people who live in Arizona and Nevada (to escape the summer's heat), yet their boats don't look anywhere's near as bad as I've seen here. If you follow the "Mocking Ads on Craigslist" thread, it seems a disproportionate number of the boats there are in NC. I've only been shopping for a boat here in NC for 8 months but I've given up on finding anything in decent shape locally.
  14. gobigkahuna

    Outer Banks Anarchists

    I thought it might be. Been chatting with your buddy about it. It looks to be pretty filthy / moldy, but might be a worthwhile project for someone for the right price.
  15. gobigkahuna

    Outer Banks Anarchists

    Is it the Cox Trimaran on Craigslist?